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online marketing proposal

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online marketing proposal

  1. 1. Online Marketing Proposal
  2. 2. WHO WE ARE? Online Marketing Service Mantra Fundamental belief • SEO*, • Relevant Traffic & Leads that • Online presence is about • SMM and convert to meet Business marketing. Technology is only • PPC Services Objectives an enabler *Top Internet marketing solutions company. Gillian Muessig (SEOMoz founder) sits on board as an advisor
  3. 3. Our Vision Vision Acquisition and loyalty of profitable customers Customer Centric Digital Marketing Program SEO & SEM Direct Marketing Rich Media Search Engine Social Media EDMS, SMS Viral Blogging Virtual ORM Chat Marketing Marketing Campaign Marketing Services Seminars
  5. 5. “Develop capability for people to contact you online.” - Actual sale may not be online. Sales, Increasing Maturity of Online Marketing Leads “Build Trust & Credibility with potential customer” - Online Reputation Management Brand Promotion “Generate awareness of your products or services” - Make yourself omnipresent online. Awareness Through Videos, presentations, blogs, photos, articles, etc. “Provide information to engage people Interactivity, ongoingly” Engagement “You are there only if they can find you” Generate visibility with the relevant Visibility (Online promotion) community. Anyone looking for similar services should be able to find it UNDERSTANDING ONLINE MARKETING?
  6. 6. Digital Marketing Plan
  7. 7. Online Reputation 1 Engaged Customer 1 Management Paid Ads at Content Sites 3 Personal Networks Banner Social Networking Ads Sites 2 Paid Ads at SNS SEO 2 Engaged Prospect Application, Community DIGITAL STRATEGY
  8. 8. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Visibility, Awareness & Lead Generation Understanding SEO Relevant Traffic Understanding Market Measurability • All our SEO resources • Its not about rankings, • Conduct “Marketing • Build End-to-end are seasoned SEO its about relevant driven SEO measurability for professionals. traffic and conversions. promotions” rather successful than “optimization implementation and driven SEO ROI based decision promotions”. making. We ensure our customers are able to best leverage the search engines
  9. 9. Pay-Per-Click Advertisements (PPC) Lead Generation Google Adwords Landing page experts PPC Optimization Measurability • All our PPC resources • Our experts ensure • Use Google adwords • Build End-to-end are Google Adwords your ad-copy as well as and multiple other PPC measurability for certified. landing pages are best alternatives (MSN, successful suited for causing Yahoo, Miva, Baidu, implementation and conversions niche search portals, ROI based decision Ad-Networks) for best making. ROI. We ensure our customers get the best traffic at the lowest per-click costs to meet their growth objectives
  10. 10. Social Media Marketing (SMM) Interactivity, Engagement & Brand Promotion Customer Define message Blogging is must Build brands Measure SMM Communication • Define the “right • Develop virality • Develop • Build & leverage • Build End-to-end customer in the message corporate blog, a corporate measurability for communication” and Promote build brand, as well as successful message in the communities and brand for key implementation social media leverage existing individuals in the and ROI based world forums, blogs company decision making. We help our customers reach their targets and build branding
  11. 11. Bad Customer Unsolved Bad Lost Revenue Experience Issues Reputation Solution? Connect Discover Collaborate Publish ONLINE REPUTATION Engagement & Brand building Engage with potential Ensure you only use Ensure people don’t Your opportunity to Integrate ORM as part and existing experts for content talk negative in other set record straight - of customer service customers seeding forums. • Be as authentic as •Accept the negative •If you like us, tell •Community backfire • Promote providing possible feedback and consider others. If you don’t, can be very strong negative feedback to it as opportunity to tell us you only improve your product or service
  12. 12. HOW CAN YOU LEVERAGE ONLINE MARKETING? Community Content Online Reputation Forums and Blogs Viral Campaigns Development Proliferation Management
  13. 13. WHAT CAN YOU ACHIEVE Community Online Presence - Online Reputation platform - Ongoing Reach & Brand Brand Building Lead Generation Sales Management engagement Promotion
  14. 14. HOW CAN YOU EXECUTE Content Proliferation Community Presence & participation across the internet- development for brand at top forums, blogs Moderation & Viral Campaigns for News, Photos, Videos, promotion and sales where relevant reputation management reach and engagement PPTs, Polls, Contests, generation customers visit. Feedback
  15. 15. Social Media Marketing Plan SEO Online Reputation Blog Management Social network community KEY TO SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING IS NOT TO REACH OUT TO PEOPLE, BUT TO KEEP THEM ENGAGED.
  16. 16. WHAT DOES ONLINE MEAN Promotion in Reach TG where Develop Targeted Optimizaion Paid Ads blogs/forums they are communities • Reach out to • Interact with • Review sites • Build communities • Accomplish short- people via SEO and audience on • Local city sites on Facebook, term lead SMO relevant blogs, • Engage, interact, Orkut and other generation • Spreading content forums, and and promote with community objectives via paid where it reaches communities help of Awards, platforms. ads. the TG for them to • SELL THE CONCEPT Polls, Contests • Inside peeks, engage with it. stories, gossips, etc
  17. 17. WHAT CAN BE EXPECTED? Direct Visibility across Up selling new Competitive Ultimately, New leads feedback from channels services. research more revenue customers
  18. 18. Measurement and Reporting SEO and SMM Measurement & Reporting PPC Measurement & Reporting • SEO implementation progress • PPC implementation progress • Organic rankings on major search engines • Conversion Metrics • Website traffic • Total Clicks and Spending • Conversion report. • CPC (Cost Per Click) • Accomplishments of the month • CTR (Click Through Rate) • Next month plan • Total No of Conversions • Social Media Reports based on channels selected • Conversion % • Other specifics measurability parameters identified during • Cost Per Conversion measurability implementation • Accomplishments of the month • Next month plan • Other specifics measurability parameters identified during measurability implementation. Measure Lead Generation and Sales+ Brand Promotion + Engagement + Brand Recall + Increased probability of Sales MEASUREMENT AND REPORTING
  19. 19. Responsibilities Customer We • Business knowledge transfer • Overall online marketing roadmap • Content & creatives creation (Raw content including • Support conceptualization of new campaigns Videos) and applications • Web-design and development • Social media marketing execution • Support conceptualization for new campaigns • Online reputation management • Define messaging and product positioning • Lead Community Participation • Community participation support / Domain expertise • Search Engine Optimization (Engage with community) • Paid Ads • Promotion (leveraging other channels including offline) • Online PRs & social bookmarking • Feedback & reviews • Measurability, analysis & recommendations Measure [Results | Rankings | Traffic | Members | Engagements | Feedbacks | Tonality | Queries | Customers] RESPONSIBILITIES
  20. 20. Ready to realize the full potential of Online Marketing? We would like to be your partner! Thank You! Braj Mohan Chaturvedi +91 9958166889
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