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GHA - Hack your mind. Process your growth



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A presentation at "Growth Hacking Asia 2016" about Growth Hacking in general and applied to our early-stage startup Yesboss (now

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GHA - Hack your mind. Process your growth

  1. 1. Growth Hacking Hack Your Mind. Process your Growth. Chris Franke Co-Founder & COO at YesBoss #11
  2. 2. Studied UI/UX Design & Human Behavior at UAP Digital consultant for agencies, startups & governments Head of Design at Takeaway BV Board and CMO at social startup Co-Founder at travel app Milewards Co-Founder/COO at YesBoss responsible for Growth & BizDevChris Franke (29) Berlin, Germany
  3. 3. 01 An Introduction 02 Popular examples 03 Mindset or strategy? 04 YesBoss Growth 05 Let’s hack! What’s on today?
  4. 4. Growth Hacking (ɡrəʊθ ˈhækɪŋ)
  5. 5. 2013 2014 20152010 „A person whose true north is growth.“ – SEAN ELLIS DROPBOX, EVENTBRITE, GROWTHHACKERS.COM 2012 „A growth hacker does not stop at the first levels of a conversion funnel.“ – AARON GINN STUMBLEUPON, EVERLANE 2011
  6. 6. Growth funnel AARRR
  7. 7. Growth funnel Acquisition Activation Retention Referral Revenue (Essential like coffee)
  8. 8. JULY 1997 NOVEMBER 1997JULY 1996 Registered User Growth 20.000 1,5M Get Your Free Email at Hotmail PS: I love you. Get your free E-mail at Hotmail
  10. 10. MAU Growth AUGUST 2011 SEPTEMBER 2011 5.3M 3.4M
  11. 11. Mindset or Strategy?
  12. 12. „Growth hacking is a strategy for quickly and effectively optimizing the social reach and user growth of a company/brand by using short cuts of traditional marketing.“ „This mindset of data, creativity, and curiosity allows a growth hacker to accomplish the feat of growing a user base into the millions.“ Strategy Mindset
  13. 13. Growth Hacking is about… Marketing Data Science Ideation Process FailuresTestingTiming Tools Learning KnowledgeTracking and… User
  14. 14. Mindset Growth Hacking is about…
  15. 15. Be curious …about everything.
  16. 16. Be innovative …for quick wins as well as for your strategy.
  17. 17. Be focused …otherwise you loose track.
  18. 18. Be bold …no risk, no growth.
  19. 19. Creative Marketing Data Analytics & Testing Engineering & Automation Growth Hacking
  20. 20. Growth Hacker Growth Engineer Growth Analyst 3xGto start your team!
  21. 21. Our mission is to help people use their valuable time for more important things in life. 
  22. 22. Our vision is High Touch & High Tech: Providing a WOW! customer experience while building a sophisticated technology on top of it.
  23. 23. How does it work? Send YesBoss a SMS with your demands We get you the best deal we can find You get your goods or services delivered1 2 3
  24. 24. JUNE JULY AUGUST 78% AVG MAU growth 90% AVG signup growth SEPTEMBER OCTOBER
  25. 25. Hacks we use(d) Waiting list Referral Program A/B Testing Tuesday Influencer Hack CEO Mail Retention Algorithm Linkedin Hack Tweet Beat Follow up
  26. 26. Framework IMPACT CONFIDENCE EASE by Sean Ellis I C E
  27. 27. Framework
  28. 28. Linkedin Hack HYPOTHESIS People will answer with their email if we tell them we have what serves their needs. GOAL Validate the target group young professionals for our service and get influential users.
  29. 29. EASE 1
  30. 30. Twitter Hack HYPOTHESIS People will share or like their favorite service to show their brand loyalty. GOAL Get a reach of 100 shares and 20 likes. LEARNING people like to compare and are don’t see it as advertising. 264 Tweets, 59 Likes.
  31. 31. Share ASO Hack HYPOTHESIS After a successful order people are more willing to share experience on social networks. GOAL 25 out of 100 People share. LEARNING 75 out of 100 People share after successful order but they do it only once. When we ask the 2nd time the conversion rate goes down on 10%.
  32. 32. Waiting list Hack I HYPOTHESIS People are willing to share if it is a requirement to use the service. GOAL 30% of users will share to more than 5 friends. LEARNING 35% people share.
  33. 33. Waiting list Hack II HYPOTHESIS People are willing to share if it is a requirement to use the service. GOAL 40% of users will share to more than 1friend. LEARNING 45% people share. 1
  34. 34. E-Mail A/B Testing 26%OR 35%OR est.65%OR New design (soon)
  35. 35. Website A/B Testing 25%CTR35%CTR 50% est. CTR New website design (soon)
  36. 36. Tools we use(d)
  37. 37. Ressources about GH
  38. 38. Thanks :) P.S. We’re hiring! Jr. Growth Hacker Jr. Growth Engineer Growth Hacking, intern Jr. PPC Specialist Software Engineer Software Development, intern