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ISTE Leadership Forum Keynote

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Slides from the keynote address at the ISTE Leadership Forum - Oct. 21, 2012 - Indianapolis, IN

ISTE Leadership Forum Keynote

  1. Modern Schools, Modern Leaders Chris Lehmann Founding Principal Science Leadership Academy @chrislehmann
  2. It was the best of times....
  3. It was the worst of times...
  4. It was a really, really confusing time...
  5. Tw ols it ter Scho Lay C harter offs MO nol ogy O Tech Cs Rub rics Kh an Ac ven ade Dri ata- ons my D De cisi Hig hS Tes tak ts es eform Ed- R
  6. Is School Relevant? (am I relevant?)
  7. It Doesn’t Have to Be That Way.
  8. School Can Teach Us How To Learn.
  9. School Can Help Us Learn to Live.
  10. And This Matters (to everyone.)
  11. School was designed for this:
  12. But We Can’t Replace It With This...
  13. Because It Belongs To This.
  14. The Modern School:
  15. Dream Bigger: This isn’t personalized.
  16. Care: “Care For” means more than “Care About”
  17. Ask Questions: That we didn’t know the answers to.
  18. Seek Out Answers: Complexity is good.
  19. Optimize Person to Person Time: Technology should never isolate us.
  20. Talk and Listen: Turns Out We Learn That Way.
  21. Enable Collaboration: Ideas are made better when they are shared.
  22. Empower Citizenship: We need citizens more than workers.
  23. Unlock Passion: School Is Real Life
  24. Synthesize Information: We have to make sense of the world.
  25. Build Real Stuff: School Has To Matter.
  26. Share: We are all important voices.
  27. Leadership: How do we get there?
  28. Visioning: Developing The Ideas.
  29. Modeling: How can leaders publicly live these ideas?
  30. Sustaining: Build Systems and Structures Around What You Believe.
  31. Servant Leadership: Top Down Support for Bottom Up Ideas
  32. Leading: How do we get everyone on the bus?
  33. Building Community: People Do Care About Your School.
  34. Sharing: People must see what kids and schools can do.
  35. Be One School: Do not have two sets of values.
  36. Human(e) Institutions: Leverage the tools toward a human end.
  37. Join us: Twitter: @chrislehmann Science Leadership Academy
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Slides from the keynote address at the ISTE Leadership Forum - Oct. 21, 2012 - Indianapolis, IN


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