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Privacy Impact Assessment Final



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Our Privacy impact Assessment tool is a web based solution that allows you to manage the risks associated with their projects or changes in the organisation.

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Privacy Impact Assessment Final

  1. 1. Privacy impact assessment A web based tool for Privacy/Legal/Compliance teams to engage projects and changes to their organisation By Ben Oguntala
  2. 2. Introduction Project manager or business units - Start cycle can create a project and manage the progress of their project through its milestones and can oversee how all its risks are identified and managed. Engage Approval project team Privacy/legal/compliance - can interface with the project team and have new projects, changes or business unit ideas assessed for risks and provide resolution. Privacy Risk Complete This solution is a web based, effective management survey and collaborative solution for privacy risk management. It allows for an effective business process that allows Privacy both the project management teams impact and compliance teams to address assessment project privacy issues as it progresses through its lifecycle.
  3. 3. Privacy impact assessment cycle 3rd party Detail Privacy impact assessment Privacy Business unit Med & policies high risks Information Project asset 1 2 4 management Data PIA security 5 Log on to PIA initial PIA tool survey Change ISA request team 3 6 Contract Low risk register register Privacy Project Risk 1 PIA tool will be located on your intranet , accessible by all business units and Project Managers 2 PIA initial survey will be completed by projects and risk assessed. You can customise your PIA initial survey 3 Projects that score Low on the PIA Initial survey will have low privacy impact and be stored in the register. 4 Projects that score Medium or High will require a full Privacy impact assessment by the compliance team 5 Projects will be rated after their detailed PIA, those with mitigations = Low and those without Med/High 5 Privacy risk register will contains all the projects with risks associated awaiting review and resolution.
  4. 4. Process overview Capturing project/change privacy risk management lifecycle Risk assurance Privacy/compliance team Forum 3rd party Privacy Risk Risk Project policies Acceptance review PIA form (online) form Privacy Risk mitigation Engagement Information Change asset Suppliers Data security register Business Privacy Risk units ISA Contract register Project
  5. 5. Privacy project engagement solution overview Project Privacy Risk Project Business management Compliance assurance manager analyst office or Legal forum Project register Project Project PIA initial Risk Manager PIA Risk registration documentation survey mitigation allocation acceptance Risk review form Risk register Project A simple web based tool that capture changes to your organisation’s framework providing a consolidated platform to manage potential risks to your estate.
  6. 6. The key participants Privacy Programme Project Privacy Impact Risk Assurance compliance or management management Assessment forum legal Light touch Project Project Senior PIA survey option (Fast approval management management track) Privacy Change PIA project Project team impact Risk Register approval allocation assessment Supplier or Project Risk Project PIA business unit Milestone acceptance milestone stakeholders approval Gate approval form Project Risk funding Risk review identification control The web based tool ensures that the key participants are engaged and the business processes ensures a consistent approach to all projects/changes.
  7. 7. The business process SPMB RAF Privacy Sys admin Programme Project office Risk consultant Risk Assurance manager office forum Assess Project project risk Accept Review System allocation to survey assigned project risk administration Project PM projects register initiation results SPMB Assess Risk (Programme Upload Privacy Project cost resource project and acceptance office) users code project allocation carry out form allocation details risk approval assessment Privacy Project Legal/Compliance Handover to Update project privacy Find risk project management resources mitigations RAF management Periodic (Risk Assurance Assign review of the Forum) projects to Raise project risk register Complete Users risk risk in the FRS survey consultant risk register The tool ensures that the business process engages the right units at the right time and ensures that there are no redundant or neglected elements within the operation.
  8. 8. snapshots Initial PIA Survey with Score
  9. 9. Project register Project Project PIA initial Risk Privacy Manager PIA Risk registration documentation survey mitigation allocation PIA
  10. 10. The lifecycle Project register Project Project PIA initial Risk Privacy Manager PIA Risk registration documentation survey mitigation allocation For more information about implementing Privacy Impact Assessment for your projects please contact: Ben Oguntala 07812 039 867