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Taking your Startup from Free to Paid

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Taking your Startup from Free to Paid

  1. REVENUE MODEL: What best way to charge your customers?<br />Bonus Topic: (Startup) Company/Office Culture<br />Dave Schappell - @daveschappell<br />
  2. Who am I?<br />Founder – TeachStreet<br />Angel-funded / VC-backed<br />Founded in ‘07 – Profitable in ‘11<br />ex-Amazon, JibJab<br />Former CPA<br />NEVER built a profitable business on my own (yet)<br />
  3. Transform the Lifelong Learning Marketplace<br />49M College Grads / 77M Baby Boomers / 31M Retirees<br />>$30B/year spent by 54M in U.S. taking personal interest classes<br />$5B/year TAM (Marketing, Transaction Fees, Affiliate Sales)<br />
  4. Why Should You Listen to Me?<br />You<br />I’ve<br /><ul><li>Want to start a (web) business
  5. Don’t want biz to go bankrupt
  6. Think customers will pay
  7. Aren’t sure how they’ll pay
  8. Not sure how to find out/test</li></ul>done that<br />almost did that<br />thought that too (& was wrong)<br />wasn’t positive either<br />
  9. What Type of Business?<br />Direct<br />Indirect<br /><ul><li>E-commerce
  10. Subscriptions
  11. Virtual Goods</li></ul>Ads<br />Lead-Gen<br />Affiliates/CPA<br />
  12. 5 Steps to Business Planning<br />Plan next 2-3 Years of your Biz<br />What HAS to come first?<br /> - Features, Assets, Office, Employees<br />* Make a Good/Great Product!<br /> * What’s your MVP (Minimum Viable Product)?<br />Remove unnecessary items<br />Create a timeline<br />Add 3-6 months to everything<br /><br />
  13. Product / Market Fit<br />
  14. 80% on Optimization<br />
  15. Revenue When?<br />
  16. Don’t Put Ads on your Site!<br />
  17. Don’t Worry about Viral<br />
  18. 5 Tips to TransitionfromFree to PAID<br />
  19. 5 Tips to go Free to PAID<br />Give plenty of notice & (real) chance for feedback<br />Price it ‘fairly’ (probably still at a deep discount)<br />Offer customers a way to get product for free<br />Provide Grandfather’d Pricing<br />Make transition gradual<br />People should/will only pay if you’re delivering value<br />
  20. #1-Give Notice & Chance for Feedback<br /><br />
  21. #2-Price it Fairly<br /><br />
  22. #3-Give Customers a Way to get Free<br /><br />
  23. #4-Provide Grandfather’d Pricing<br /><br />
  24. #5-Make Transition Gradual<br /><br />
  25. So, How’s TeachStreet?<br />Launched ‘All Paid’ in late April 2010<br />Pro/Sub Revenue up 56%<br />Listing Fee Rev is now 75% of Pro/Sub Rev<br />And, it’s 2x’d since May 2010<br />Operational Revenue up >120%<br />Leads to Teachers up >115%<br />
  26. “Overnight” Timeline to ‘Semi-Success’<br />Jun ‘07 - founded company; raised Angel $<br />Apr ’08 - ~25k classes & teachers in Seattle – teachers could add unlimited classes; students could contact teachers. Limited functionality. Let us demonstrate value & learn (100% free)<br />Apr ’09 - +7 cities; expanded tools (phone tracking, teacher metrics) (100% free)<br />Jul ‘09 - Student-to-Teacher payments. 15 months to launch?!? Believed needed to demonstrate value-add. Students paid small booking fee (to cover costs); Teachers paid commission (still free to add listings)<br />Sep ‘09 - Pro teacher $29.99/month; extra promo, marketing tools, free payments. (still 100% free to add listings; revenues are building from services)<br /> Apr ‘10 - optimize/weblab – addt’l lead-tracking – believed we’d never earn biz if didn’t deliver value (more, new students) to teachers (still free to add listings)<br />Apr 7, 2010 - “pre-announce” introduction of fees for all new class listings<br />April 27, 2010 - “turned on” listing fees (100% new listings paid; All rev-enabled)<br />May 12, 2010 - last day of $10/month “Pro”-motion (100% new listings paid)<br />At present - Traffic’s growing, Revenue's ramped sharply, and we’re 100% sure that we’re going to have to keep pivoting. Because that’s what startups do.<br />
  27. Rules We Break<br />Both Direct & Indirect<br />Subscriptions & Listing Fees<br />Lead-Gen, Affiliates & Ads<br />We have (some) Ads<br />We don’t Weblab/test enough<br />Too few resources / too many ideas <br />Still are attracted to shiny objects<br />
  28. Startup Culture(Myths & Reality)<br />
  29. Startup Culture Conundrum<br />
  30. Office Culture Reco’s<br />Office Space for Cheap / Free<br />Real Estate advisors work for free!<br />Door Desks + Craigslist = Awesome<br />Salary = $$$  Snacks = “nothing”<br />Paint (and big-screen TV) are cheap<br />Office Cleaning saves Marriages<br />Weekly Beers & ‘vision connect’<br />Dogs, Art & Fun<br />Rent out your space!<br />
  31. Resources<br />Andrew Chen –<br />Dave McClure –<br />Alyssa Royse – Seattle 2.0 Post(s)<br />My TechCrunch Post on ‘Free to Paid’<br />My 500Startups Office Culture post:<br />Hops & Chops Startup Happy Hour (Thursdays)<br /><br />
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