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Overview of the P&G Social Media Lab

My talk from CM Summit 2008 on the P&G Social Media Lab that I developed with P&G - an approach to learning and innovation

Overview of the P&G Social Media Lab

  1. 1. Procter & Gamble’s Social Media Lab collaborate, learn, deploy CM Summit 2008, SF Deborah Schultz Strategic Advisor, P&G Social Media & Emerging Technology
  2. 2. What is it about? ‣ Developing new brand building models ‣ Accelerate learning ‣ Broad, focused active experimentation ‣ Multi-functional collaboration
  3. 3. The Forces at Work Live Web - 24/7 Decentralized lives Global reach & effects Transparency & authenticity Democratization of tools Velocity of information Media fragmentation Empowered individuals
  4. 4. Structure silos, physical goods, transactions, earnings
  5. 5. People Organic & social
  6. 6. This is a fundamental culture shift ...not about the tech bling [or even about marketing]
  7. 7. OK, so where’s the manual umm, there isn’t one
  8. 8. But here’s a good initial framework But here’s a good initial framework Objective Example -Develop a sounding board - private community Listening -Monitor buzz for ongoing assessment of trends and perceptions [buzzmetrics] -Enable fans to spread message [widgets, embeds] Talking -Continually communicate directly with consumers & monitor feedback [blogs] -Designate fans to lead others - brand ambassadors Energizing -Enable reviews, ratings to harness fans as sales -Enable customers to help each other [wikis, community] Supporting -Enable customers to build solutions together -Harvest customer ideas in public setting Embracing -Engage in co-creation of products & services © Groundswell 2008
  9. 9. What makes a good experiment? ‣ Addresses Critical Issue ‣ Starts from clear Hypotheses ‣ Doable, measurable ‣ Wide Applicability ‣ Leads to Action
  10. 10. Social Media Lab Guiding Principles ‣ Social Media is NOT about technology or traditional advertising, it is about facilitating interactions between people. ‣ The “love you give is equal to the love you get” – in other words – the more you put into the Lab the more you will get out of it.
  11. 11. The Social Media Lab Pledge Our promise to you Your promise to us ‣ We pledge to create a culture that ‣ You pledge to join the Lab without any encourages original thinking, inventive preconceived notions on specific brands or problem solving and transparent customers knowledge sharing. ‣ You promise to engage openly and ‣ We will put the customer front and center enthusiastically on the opportunities and of all of our decisions potential of social media to facilitate interactions between people ‣ We will use social media tools in inventive ways to facilitate learning amongst ‣ We have chosen innovation partners for members of the Lab their creativity and character, therefore you pledge to share your knowledge and ‣ We will work to proactively address any insight amongst members of the Lab potential conflicts or miscommunication. ‣ We will facilitate interaction between partners and brands ‣ No idea is too “out there” if it supports the business and customers needs
  12. 12. The future Pause for a reality check and a request
  13. 13. Thanks [on behalf of myself and the P&G SML Lab Team] Social Media Lab Deborah Schultz
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My talk from CM Summit 2008 on the P&G Social Media Lab that I developed with P&G - an approach to learning and innovation


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