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Jenner And Smallpox
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edward jenner

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edward jenner

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edward jenner

  1. 1. Edward Jenner Gopisankar.M.G. 2008 MBBS
  2. 2. Edward Jenner(1749-1823)  Pioneer of small pox vaccine  Father of immunology
  3. 3. life of Jenner….  Born on 17th May 1749(Berkeley)  From the age of 14yrs ,trained as apprentice to Daniel Ludlow, a surgeon  In 1770-worked under surgeon John Hunter at St.George’s hospital.  Returned to Berkeley in 1773,practised as GP & surgeon.  Edward Jenner died of stroke at the age of 73, on 26 January 1823
  4. 4. Small pox  Disease goes through stages of macules ,papules, vesicles,pustules over the skin.  Severe forms- hemorrhagic
  5. 5.  Greatly feared disease for thousands of years  Caused by Variola virus  1/3rd of the patients died  Survivors –badly disfigured  10 yrs before eradication ,the disease was present in 44 countries, with a global incidence of around 10 million cases annually !!!
  6. 6. Jenner Vs Pox  Jenner’s initial theory- The initial source of infection was a disease of horses, called "the grease", and that this was transferred to cows by farm workers, transformed, and then manifested as cowpox.  He noted-Milkmaids don't generally get small pox  He theorized it-pus in the blisters which milkmaids received from cowpox (a disease similar to smallpox, but much less virulent) protected the milkmaids from smallpox.
  7. 7.  On 14 May 1796,  Inoculated James Phipps, a young boy of 8 years (the son of Jenner's gardener), with material from the cowpox blisters of the hand of Sarah Nelmes, a milkmaid who had caught cowpox from a cow called Blossom  produced a fever and some uneasiness but no great illness  Injected Phipps with variolous material –No disease followed  Again challenged with variolous material-but no sign of infection
  8. 8. Why Jenner was successful??  Not only inoculated cowpox ,but also proved that they are immune to small pox  Demonstrated that the protective cowpox could be effectively inoculated from person to person, not just directly from cattle.  He tested his theory on a series of 23 subjects. This aspect of his research method increased the validity of his evidence.
  9. 9.  He continued his research and reported it to the Royal Society, who did not publish the initial report.  After improvement and further work, he published a report of twenty-three cases  In 1803 in London he became involved with the Jennerian Institution, a society concerned with promoting vaccination to eradicate smallpox.
  10. 10. Post- Jenner era  17 yrs after his death(1840), British government banned variolation ( the use of smallpox itself)  and provided vaccination (using cowpox )free of charge.  In 1976,Global eradication programme of Smallpox –initiated by WHO.  After 10 years-disease was wiped out ,
  11. 11.  .  Last stock is in – USA and Russia  They were to be destroyed by June 30 , 1999.  But fears of the possible use of small pox in bioterrorism led to an indefinite extension of the deadline.  Whole world was certified “small pox free area” in October 1979.  Formally declared by WHO in 8th May 1980
  12. 12. Remembering the great man….. -Jenner's house is now a small museum housing among other things the horns of the cow, Blossom (Berkeley). -Near the small Gloucestershire village of Uley, Downham Hill is locally known as 'Smallpox Hill', with a possible connection to Jenner's local work with the disease.
  13. 13.  A statue was erected in Trafalgar Square, later moved to Kensington Gardens. 

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