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What is Floown? A Short Overview

In this SlideShare we present an overview of what Floown is. The short answer? A SaaS platform for teams, organizations & businesses to effectively work with different people. The long answer? Well, you're gonna have to click through the SlideShare.

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What is Floown? A Short Overview

  1. 1. a short history, a modern vision & a practical solution Enjoy!
  2. 2. What is Floown? A fair question to ask.
  3. 3. The word Floown isn’t self-explanatory nor onomatopoeic. It could be a sign of the times, following a trend in weirdly spelled names for tech companies. Who knows. All that matters is that it tantalizes your fantasy. And that’s a good thing.
  4. 4. Now, for the straight answer… Floown is an internet tech startup, founded by three guys who had been bumping into problem after problem running their employment agency.
  5. 5. a Short History The three fellows recognized a huge disconnect between employer and freelancer when they tried to match the busy ever changing agendas of professional constructors with the rigid 9-5 week schedules of many organizations.
  6. 6. It just didn’t work. Something didn’t seem to fit and like anyone with a neck for entrepreneurship, they decided to tackle the problem head on. They had the opportunity to use each other as a lever, so they could achieve more than they could alone. A startup was born.
  7. 7. a Modern Vision Great ideas don’t just fall out of the sky. Whether it’s a conscious process or not, the answers humans come up with are always reactions to existing problems. So a team was assembled to map out this problem. The team started digging.
  8. 8. They found out that the problem was much bigger than they originally anticipated. It wasn’t only a problem for professional constructers, but everywhere in the world people were struggling to meet unrealistic work schedules. From lifelong career to juggling clients
  9. 9. And a shift this big in the way we live and work, calls for an innovative solution. 
 An ongoing and accelerated trend of automation is destroying tasks and displacing jobs. It’s a logical result of companies searching for ways to save money and still work efficiently and an exponential growth of technological advancement. 
 The workforce in general is growing smarter due to growing accessibility of information, while also becoming more productive thanks to the before mentioned technological advancement and the rise of SaaS-platforms.
 At the same time a lot of the physical boundaries that used to attach us to office are fading away. For most jobs or tasks, all you need is a laptop and an internet connection. 
 On-demand shifts, temporary projects, and short-term contracts are slowly becoming the new standard for work.
 Basically because:
  10. 10. a Practical Solution Which brings us to the platform. Floown's first product, which not entirely coincidentally is called Floown, strives to provide a more suitable way of working for the 21st century. It’s actually a very simple solution.
  11. 11. This is what’s happening. All current scheduling tools, agenda apps and availability platforms are internal systems for the organization. The organization decides when people have to come to work. That would make sense in a world where people work all their lives for the same company… But, as we have seen, that world will be gone not before long.
  12. 12. When you let individual people share 
 their time by filtering out the available 
 hours from the digital calendars they already use, you So,weturneditaround. have an elegant and beneficial 
 solution for teams and 
 individuals alike.
  13. 13. Plus, Floown is a real platform. That means you can connect with multiple teams and only need one tool to communicate across teams and companies. Or you can filter through the available hours of the people in all your connected teams and book the ones you need.
  14. 14. Whether you’re a freelancer working for multiple teams or a team leader for a company working with multiple people, it doesn’t matter. Organizations and team leaders get a real-time insight into the agendas of their people, while people still completely stay in control and keep their privacy. Floown only shows who’s available when. Never why someone isn’t available.
  15. 15. FLOOWN IS THE BEST WAY FOR TEAMS TO WORK TOGETHER Discover why! Sign up. It’s Free • Share & Synchronize • Filter Smartly • Book Directly More info

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In this SlideShare we present an overview of what Floown is. The short answer? A SaaS platform for teams, organizations & businesses to effectively work with different people. The long answer? Well, you're gonna have to click through the SlideShare.


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