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Bria Francesca. BCN Open Source, Agile Digital Transformation strategy



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Barcelona Digital Tranformation Strategy: Towards Technological sovereignty

Bria Francesca. BCN Open Source, Agile Digital Transformation strategy

  1. 1. BARCELONA DIGITAL CITY ROADMAP 2017-2020 Tecnology and Digital Innovation Commissioner @Francesca_bria                                                                                                               Beyond the Smart City: towards technological sovereignty
  2. 2. GOVERNMENT AND CITY Technologies to transform Government and the City COMPANIES AND SOCIAL SECTOR Fostering the City’s digital innovation ecosystem MAIN OBJECTIVES CITIZENS Empowering citizens Open Source Agile transformation of the City Hall, improving public services Develop a City Data infrastructure to drive innovation Diversifying and strengthening the tech economy. Facilitate SMEs/startups access to public procurement, and promote good quality jobs. Grow digital education and digital inclusion programs Facilitate large scale digital democracy and data sovereignty for citizens
  3. 3. TECHNOLOGIES TO TRANSFORM THE CITY: AFFORDABLE HOUSING, HEALTH CARE, SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY, ENERGY TRANSITION, GREEN SPACES- REDUCED CO2 EMISSIONS Start with Citizens Challenges to improve city services. Technological sovereignty means democratically shaping the direction and governance of technical change
  4. 4. 5   Technological Sovereignty Data Sovereignty Agile Methods New Procurement Frameowrk Barcelona Open Source & Agile Digital Transformation Strategy A three years strategy to create new capabilities, replacing legacy
  5. 5. OBJECTIVES 6 Digital  Services   Digital  Transforma5on  of  the  City  Hall   Technological   Sovereignty   Agile  Methods   Data  Sovereignty   New  procurement  framework   ü  Agile  Workshops  /co-­‐crea2on   ü  4  teams  of  external  experts   ü  4  Mixed  Working  Groups   ü  80  Treballadors  municipals   ü  200+  companies      
  6. 6. Digital Service Delivery Standard A set of criteria to help Barcelona create and run good digital services. Services will be consistent and of high quality Public Sector Technology Buying Guide A  set  of  guidelines  to  help  Barcelona  select  appropriate   open  technologies  and  technology  services  to  avoid   proprietary  lock-­‐in  and  closed  architectures.   Data Strategy An  approach  to  handling  the  city’s  data  with  ownership,   privacy,  sovereignty  and  ethical  use  &  innova5on  at  the   core.Defines  Data  architecture  and  infrastructure  for   Barcelona  at  City-­‐Scale   Technology Code of Practice A  set  of  criteria  to  help  Barcelona  select  appropriate  open   technologies  and  define  the  commitments  to  open-­‐source,   open  standards,  interoperability,  security  and   transparency.   New Procurement Framework & Digital Marketplace A  new  procurement  instrument  op5mized  for  buying  agile   services  from  pre-­‐evaluated  suppliers.  This  will  allow  more   efficient  procurement  cycles  and  reduce  supplier  risk.   Capability Plan & Hiring An  approach  to  developing  and  maintaining  the  skill  and   capabili5es  required  for  delivering  digital  services  and  a   staffing  approach  for  securing  new  skills  in  the  short  term.  
  7. 7. •  Migration to open software •  Licensing and copyright of publicly funded software •  Changes in public procurement to foster FOSS adoption •  Identifying quick-wins in migration to FOSS 8   OPEN SOURCE MIGRATION
  8. 8. •  Deploying open standards •  Achieving technology sovereignty •  Identifying quick-wins in migration to open architecture 9   OPEN TECHNOLOGY
  9. 9. •  New approaches, standards and platforms for technology procurement •  Adopt an agile-friendly buying process •  Open contracting •  Open source technologies over proprietary systems •  Ensure data sovereignty •  Develop innovative approaches to drive more procurement from smaller local providers and foster technical innovation 10   PROCUREMENT EFFICIENCY & SUSTAINABILITY
  10. 10. •  Transformation leaves behind capable teams •  Training & Development for existing teams •  Organisational structure supporting service-oriented teams 11   AGILE TRASFORMATION & CHANGE MANAGEMENT
  11. 11. •  Establish digital service standards •  Adoption of agile and lean methodologies •  Adoption of user-centred design practices •  Building multidisciplinary teams •  Building relevant capabilities and skills •  Mapping common user journeys and platform services •  Digital by Default for Citizens •  Appropriate Platforms for Civil Servants 12   AGILE SERVICE DELIVERY
  12. 12. Portal  Open  Data    Plataforma  de   par2cipació   Plataforma  IoT   •  Plataform  based  on:   •  CKAN  2.6.0   •  Drupal  7.52   •  UBUNTU   •  API  DCAT  catalog   •  Formats  CSV,  XML,  RDF,     JSON...     •  On  GitHub   •  RESTFull  API   •  Source  code  available   •  Mul5tenancy   •  Strong  community     •  In  use  in  several  ci5es   •   •  Images  database   •  Developed  in  Python  /  Django   •  On  GitHub     •  21/03/2017  presenta5on  to   the  community   •  Developed  in  Ruby  on  Rails   •  On  GitHub   •  Fork  of  Consul  (Madrid)   •  Mul5tenancy   •  Developed  in  agile   •  Community:  Metadecidim   Banc  d’imatges   BIMA   OPEN SOURCE SOLUTIONS
  13. 13. 14   Big Data for affordable Housing FairBnB Harnessing  city  data  on  housing  to   control  the  rising  cost  of  rent  and   mi5gate  the  nega5ve  impacts  of  tourism   City Data Analytics Office A  central  hub  for  all  city  data   analy5cs,  transparently  made   available  to  city  managers  and  ci5zens   to  make  beger  decisions  at  a  city  level   and  hold  leaders  accountable.   eProcurement/Digital Marketplace A  Digital  Marketplace  where  public  sector   buyers  find  the  services  that  the  city   needs     Suppliers  apply  to  provide  these  services   to  the  public  sector  through  ‘frameworks’   or  other  mechanisms     The  marketplace  makes  the  process   transparent,  open  and  efficient   OUR NEW FLAGSHIP PILOTS PROJECTS
  14. 14.   Today cities have more data than ever before (90% of the data that currently exists did not exist 3 years ago). It is information that is neither organized nor accessible. Part of it is on the web. And the other part is divided between the multiple departments and companies that compose a City Hall. Citizens generate and use real-time information and participatory crowdsourcing. Knowledge is distributed, not centralised. Data should be used to take better, faster, and more democratic decisions, incubate innovation and drive socio-economic growth, improve procurement and public services, and empower people.     15   DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION STARTS WITH DATA
  15. 15. •  Ethics and data innovation •  Data sovereignty & privacy •  Data architecture at City-Scale •  Beyond Data: Information and City Indicators •  Data Infrastructure •  Data quality and analytics 16   DATA STRATEGY A new city-level data strategy that has transparency, privacy, security and ethical use of data for innovation at its core  
  16. 16. BCN  Data   Ci2zens/Business/Academia   BCN  Data  Teams   Insight   Use  Cases   Insight   BCN  Data  Analy2cs  Office   BCN AGENCIES
  17. 17. OPEN  SOURCE  URBAN  PLATFORM   Sensors ...   Sensor Platform BD   Control Centres Territory Basis Info Situation room Services’ Applications Sensors ...   Other sensor platforms Scadas IRIS APPS Mycelium Control CentresControl Centre City OS Big Data Modelling Prediction Open Data Support services for SmartCity business apps Standard Interoperation Interface with Information Sources City Information Sources City Applications Open data DATA + APPS Dynamic Data Historical Data Video Social Networks b Sentilo (open source)
  18. 18.  19   SENTILO- BCN OPEN SOURCE SENSOR PLATFORM hgp://­‐catalog-­‐web/component/map     10 typologies     Energy Noise Garbage Meteo data Parking Air quality Water meter Bicycle flow People flow Vehicle flow 1.800 components/ devices 14.000 sensors/data items 30 sensor companies 3.000.000 records per day 1,62M  habitants  BCN   150.000  lampposts    40.000  garbage  containers        80.000  public  parking  spots  in  the  street  
  19. 19.  20   SENTILO APPLICATIONS 10.000 sensors in 95 municipal buildings 55 solar thermal installations   60 devices in 10city areas 50 devices in 3 city areas (Eixample, Sants, Sant Martí) Energy monitoring Noise monitoring Urban LabWater metering 10 meters
  20. 20.  21   SENTILO APPLICATIONS  1.900 sensors and 650 devices in 7 city areas 2.000 sensors and 450 devices in Les Corts Garbage collection Parking spots •  Proof of Concept with 485 components installed in outdoor public parking spaces in a specific area •  1 company involved (Worldsensing) •  Proof of Concept with 670 components installed in containers used by citizens •  5 companies involved (ID&A, TST Sistemas, Enevo, Urbiotica, Distromel)
  24. 24. 25   Mission:  Ac2onable  Insight  for  Barcelona  Government   1.  Support  more  effec5ve  delivery  of  public  services  to   ci5zens  for  greater  equity,  safety,  and  quality  of  life   2.  Grow  and  advance  Big-­‐Data  pilots  &  analy5cs  to   improve  decision-­‐making  and  ci5zens’  engagement   3.  Promote  a  genuinely  collabora5ve  and  innova5ve   economy   MAYOR’S OFFICE FOR DATA ANALYTICS
  25. 25.     (EU project – next-generation collaborative economy platforms Pilots BCN and Amsterdam) 26   DECENTRALIZED CITIZENS OWNED DATA ECOSYSTEM-
  27. 27. Access to new technologies defines a new social divide in cities. The Ateneos de Fabricación (FabLabs) are spaces for social innovation where access to new technologies. ●  Free & Open source Technology and creativity in schools ●  Digital Manufacturing for Social Inclusion and Youth Employment ●  Tech for Women ●  These programs will emphasize the participation of women in the STEAM world DIGITAL SOCIAL INCLUSION- FREE TECHNOLOGY IN SCHOOLS
  28. 28. Digital Manufacturing & Digital Skills for Youth Inclusion and Employment •  Training programs for digital production, aimed at vulnerable young people, to promote their active and participative social inclusion and the improvement of their employability. Objetives: ●  Acquire technical skills ●  Develop social and personal skills to promote their empowerment and access to work FUTURE WORK
  29. 29. Building the smart City from the ground up with citizens
  30. 30. 31