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Co-creating Coworking Spaces

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An overview of the Origin of Spaces EU project which is bringing together great CoWorking projects; in Bilbao ZAWP, Bordeaux Projet Darwin, Lewisham Capture Arts, Lisbon LX Factory and Pula (Croatia) ROJCnet.In order to better understand our individual successes and share our practice with others.

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Co-creating Coworking Spaces

  1. 1. The Origin of Spaces #oosEU Co-Creating Coworking Spaces
  2. 2. A Curated Conversation Scoping the project & its aspirations
  3. 3. Overview • We are a group of people from across Europe passionate about developing a new economy for the 21st Century • We see coworking as a key dimension of what could be a collaborative networked economy • Bilbao, Bordeaux, Lewisham, Lisboa, Pula (Croatia)
  4. 4. Co-Creating Coworking Spaces • So what are we co-creating ? 1. What is Coworking (Jean-pierre, Fernando, PaulH, Marino) 2. Building knowledge (Filipa, Manuel, Ruth, Debs) 3. Ecological Values (Sylvain, Fred, Daniela) 4. Transition Models (Christiaan, PaulC, Camille) 5. Project aspirations 6. Project resources and links
  5. 5. Bilbao; Project ZAWP Experimentation, Production Investigation
  6. 6. 1. What is Coworking? • Jean-Pierre • This project aims at collecting new practices of working in Europe, and share them with other organizations and stakeholders to intend to foster the creation of shared and sustainable places • Creative laboratory experiences for coworking methods, co-deciding in trans-sectorial places (governance), co-responsibility on ecological issues, and social entrepreneurship.
  7. 7. What is Coworking? • Fernando • Coworking is neither a consequence or a reaction; It is both in REALITY. • It is a consequence because we face a massive growing contingent of freelancers. • It is a reaction also because these freelancers are embracing new paradigms of life, work, leisure and education towards an individual collective new “co-perma-circular-life”
  8. 8. What is Coworking? • Marino ROJC • My professional expectations are to broaden up knowledge and know-how on; ecological sustainability, coworking, social entrepreneurship, partnership & participatory governance. • Get new ideas, change ways of thinking & creating in a real international project network team. To build the relevant toolbox to help other colleagues. • Personal; meet inspiring people, places, stories.
  9. 9. What is Coworking? • Paul Hadfield • The aim of the project is to understand what coworking is, to explain the benefits of coworking and explain how coworking can be developed elsewhere. • We should disseminate our learning, educate and influence a wide audience of stakeholders about coworking
  10. 10. Lisboa; LX Factory An experience factory for everyone
  11. 11. 2. Building Coworking Knowledge • Filipa • Trying out new methodologies, communicating better, understanding our accomplishments, where we are heading and what we can improve; knowledge exchange that builds opportunities for similar projects to emerge… • It’s an opportunity to grow on a personal level learning languages, and more about ecological know-how, a theme that is not very developed in Portugal.
  12. 12. 2. Building Coworking Knowledge • Ruth • My motivation is sharing knowledge & experiences with other European organisations. • Most important is communicating information with others in open platforms to bring Europe closer to local institutions; our organisation works like a canal. • We create good practices in new models in governance, ecological transition and coworking knowledge involving local communities.
  13. 13. Building Coworking Knowledge • Manuel Larania • Contribute to setting up an interesting framework that enables a better understanding of how new innovation spaces can be promoted. • What role for governance, policy and different kinds of actors? • How can creation and growth processes be managed? • I hope to contribute to consolidate a pan-Europe work group focused on these issues..
  14. 14. Building Coworking Knowledge • Debs Astell • My key motivational driver is knowledge and the sharing of that knowledge to further societal change and transition. • If we can take the amazing values of the partnership coworking hubs and clusters, learn and replicate them in other places that will be a meaningful and profound measure of success.
  15. 15. Bordeaux; Projet Darwin Enabling Ecological Transitions,
  16. 16. 3. Developing Ecological values & Civil Society • Sylvain • Developing participation into wider thinking around ecological transition. • Designing a professional European network of entrepreneurs and stakeholders. • Designing a rational and useable toolbox enabling anyone who wants to create a coworking place to find the tools and the people to put it in place.
  17. 17. Ecological values & Civil Society • Danijela • I am interested in innovative social models, cooperation in art, new economics and transition initiatives and possibilities to travel. • Meeting people of common interests, values and occupations, sharing knowledge, experiences and goodwill, having fun and getting new friends. It is a good way to improve our lives giving something to our communities.
  18. 18. Ecological values & Civil Society • Fred • To create a model of best practice in coworking, co-creation & ecological know-how that can be shared across Europe through a toolbox to help transform abandoned places. • All this reflecting our understanding of participatory governance, how to build civil society and the networked economy through trust, collaboration and human creativity.
  19. 19. PULA (HR) ROJCnet Developing Participatory Governance
  20. 20. 4. How do we transition? • Camille • To create professional European communities around innovative ecological and economical practices. • To share know-how in a collaborative toolbox to gather anyone who wants to work in a participative approach and promote it to others. • Inspire new collaborative thinking and together get used to the changes of the current climate.
  21. 21. How do we transition? • Paul Chapman • To learn about the value of the coworking approach and it’s relevance (locally) and to Lewisham. To be in a position to impact the way the Council utilises the approach. • To improve my project management skills and find opportunities for new partners, projects and possibilities for myself and Lewisham
  22. 22. How do we transition? • Christiaan • Create a critical frame on transitional practices for optimisation and effectiveness towards ecological and economical transition. • Create real world credibility for alternative and complementary transitional practices. • Develop know-how for real space planning issues in the fluid and dispersed real time organisation of these practices. • Establish social and spatial relevance of small scale incremental development.
  23. 23. 5. The Origin of Spaces aspirations • We have experience of coworking in specific localities in various European countries • The Origin of Spaces project will identify best practice in coworking, social enterprise, participatory governance, ecological transitions & working with local communities • We will share our experience and develop new guidance tools. Watch out for our DOODle 2015
  24. 24. The Origin of Spaces Resources • ZAWP in Bilbao • Projet Darwin in Bordeaux • Capture Arts in Lewisham • LX Factory in Lisboa • Rojcnet in Pula • Research Planning Document (PDF) • Innovative Practices planing ideas • Origin of Spaces Facebook page • Twitter List & #hashtag #oosEU
  25. 25. The Origin of Spaces Next Steps 2015- 2016 • Toolbox to share our practice; see • Third Place EU (Toolbox blog - ongoing) • Toolbox Vision (presentation) • Toolbox Design (presentation) • Origin of Spaces Facebook page • Twitter List & #hashtag #oosEU “An encouraging, community, sharing platform of different practice”
  26. 26. The Origin of Spaces #oosEU Co-Creating Coworking Spaces
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An overview of the Origin of Spaces EU project which is bringing together great CoWorking projects; in Bilbao ZAWP, Bordeaux Projet Darwin, Lewisham Capture Arts, Lisbon LX Factory and Pula (Croatia) ROJCnet.In order to better understand our individual successes and share our practice with others.


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