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Lucas Levitan: Photo Invasion

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Lucas Levitan: Photo Invasion

  1. 1. Lucas Levitan: Photo Invasion
  2. 2. Photo Invasion is my Instagram project. I steal pictures from Instagramers and add an illustrative touch on them. For me it's a playful way to see photography, apart of admiring the image itself, I look for a new story hidden on it. That way I create a new narrative and an unexpected partnership with the photographer.
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  4. 4. By day, Lucas Levitan works as a creative director for an advertising company … but, by night, he makes hilarious drawings that give a dimension of much needed hilarity to otherwise boring photographs. Levitan has been drawing his entire life, but never considered doing it professionally until he had a near death experience. While walking down Redchurch Street in London, a brick fell off the scaffolding of a fourth floor building and missed Levitan by mere inches. Having been faced directly with his impending mortality, Levitan decided it was time he started to do the things that he loves in life … one of which being drawing. While certainly, we would not wish any sort of harm on this incredible artist – we have to say we are rather thankful for that brick, because it inspired Levitan to make these fantastic works of art!
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