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Context Marketing, arenas, utilities and the convergence of them
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We need change

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A loosely structured collection of quotes and references regarding the (mediocre) but promising state of market research.

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We need change

  1. change we need a loosely structured collection of quotes and references regarding the (mediocre) but promising state of market research. ""it is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change."" is the knowledge that today`s solutions rest upon misleading question mark if the research methodology haven`t evolved in concert with the technological evolution comma are we out of sync with the costumers question mark market research = articulated answers the bally game show i also think that we should be angered by the accountability mindset that means we're making more and more decisions based on what can be measured rather than what's really important. """"""i'm not sure who discovered water, but i'm certain it wasn't the fish"""""" if i was ceo of a company i would have read the ssb [norway state statistics agency] webpages long before taking advice from people who think we are living in a dream society or insists that people don't know the price of the products available in the market. """"""each time a new technology comes along, new designers make the same horrible mistakes as their predecessors. technologists are not noted for learning the errors of the past. they look forward, not behind, so the repeat the same problems over and over again."""""" """"""an interesting fenomenon in the western world is that as we grow up we tend to deny the irrational. in the western understanding of reason it is rational desicions that drive the purchase of products. we are living in the age of post rationalising."" lotteries almost single-handedly prove that people are not rational. chapter 1. people donå«t know what they want """"""we must try to put ourselves inside their skin and look at us through their eyes just to understand the thoughts that lie behind their decisions and their actions"""""" """"""think about what it means to take unconcious seriously in marketing and decision-making. this is also a project which is concerning much of psychology at the moment. it is a kind of return of the unconcious after a gap of 55 years and in a much more sophisticated way. when you take the unconcious seriously you undermine virtually all quantitative market research and its focus."""" malcolm gladwell blink"" ""humans practice a highly selective and critical attention ‰ÛÓ they compartmentalize words and experience ‰ÛÓ and commonly see the world in ways consistent with their own anticipation, biases and presuppositions. as edward hall 1977 has argued language the system most used to describe culture is by nature poorly adapted to this difficult task it is too linear, not comprehensive enough, too slow, too limited, too constrained, too unnatural, too much a product of it's evolution,and to artificial. hy mariampolski ethnography of marketers a guide tom consumer immersion"" ""there is something very wrong with traditional market research. trying to get the consumer to articulate answers and solutions. the brilliant conceptual artists vitaly komar and alex melamid conducted surveys asking people questions like, what's your favorite color? do you prefer landscaes or portraits? then they produced exhibitions of perfectly """"user-centered art."""" the results were profoundly disturbing. the works were completely lacking innovation or finesse of craftmanship, disliked even by the same survey respondents. emotional design donald norman why we love (or hate) everyday normal things"" """"""when asked direct questions about their interests and preferences, people tend to give answers they believe the questioner wants to hear. again, this is not because they intend to mislead. it is because people respond to these questions within their cortexes, the part of the brain that contains intelligence rather than emotion or instinct."""""" we tend to throw out the most meaningful and most revolutionary if we ask people about their preferences. """"""logic is not enough. if all it took was logic, no one would smoke cigarettes."""" - seth godin, really bad powerpoint storebrand"" """"""that's a good example of just how central this kind of decision making [snap decisions] is to the way we make sense of the world. and just how good we are at convincing ourselves otherwise,at pretending that what we are doing is concious and deliberat when it is not."""""" ""‰Û÷the first principle of the culture code (book) is thet the only effective way to understand what people truly mean is to ignore what thet say. this is not suggest that people intentionaly ...they simply reflect what people say,rather than what they mean‰Ûª clotaire rapaille, the culture code"" """"""the key to understanding the true meanings behind our actions is to understand the structure"""" octaine rapalle, the culture code"" dark rich hard roast or milky weak coffee ""then studies started coming out claiming to find cross-linguistic differences in color memory. for example, it was shown that if your language makes distinction between blue and green (as in english), then you're less likely to confuse a blue color chip for a green one in memory."" sophisticated forcing you to explain something when you don't necessarily have the vocabulary and the tools to explain your preference automatically shifts you towards the most conservative and the least sophisticated choice. chapter 2. outside of the box what sort of form does knowledge have #NAME? google trends prediciting the outcome of supertuesday obama clinton mccain romney huckabee showing only first 5 terms search volum google trends jan 19 2008 jan 26 2008 feb 2 2008 feb 9 2008 new reference volume source ""measuring emotions online. the beta test fieldwork was conducted entirely online. our experience shows that computer self-completion interviewing has many advantages. without an interviewer present, respondentsfeel more spontaneous, honest and willing to explore sensitive issues. peter cooper and john pawles"" lego lego digital designer nikeid the shoes don't lie make them slick make them retro make them ugly as long as you make them your own pick a model add your colors customise one of the famous five or choose from the full id range ""the product aggregated data from cell phones (obtained using telecom italia's innovative lochness platform), buses and taxis in rome to better understand urban dynamics in real time. by revealing the pulse of the city, the project aims to show how technology can help individuals make more informed decisions about their environment."" ""in the knowledge based economy companies most important asset are their employees in the effect of the knowledge and experience they are carrying . how do you manage these resources today? how do you make sure you evolve that knowledge into property, exchange knowledge between employees and how do you integrate these tools into your existing applications and work processes?"" folding at home donor name team completed current work unit name core progress performance time to completion estimated end learning through tools for user-interaction build your golf r32 250ps 5dr dsg build chapter 3. we are to complex to be described by alghorithms the number one best seller sue cowley getting the buggers to behave why do students misbehave? what can i do about it? and what should i not do about it? behavioral advertising - smart but very expensive and very complicated there is no linearity. fragmenting ""chapter 4. the solution, ethnography"" ""the evidence : car journey month 1 friend mentioned expensive upkeep month 6 acquaintance said he had gear box problems month 12 neighbour said avoid french cars parker's car chooser every popular car checked with 2 friends, goes for test drive month 18 spring"" ""chapter 4. the solution, ethnography"" ""emotional research the greatest challenge for market research nowadays is to deliver value by linking findings to the strategic bussines decisions that confront corporate decision makers. ethnography responds to this challenge by observing consumers in their """"natural"""" environments and then turning these consumer encounters into ideas that transform brands and product categories."" ""the lovemarks effect conventional research seperates qualitative and quantative approaches . to measure lovemarks we combined implicit, emotional and unconcious effects with explicit, concious rational effects and produced a metrics for both"" don't take a designer and tell them to build a bridge. bring them to the canyon and see what they come up with thank you http www. no helge tenne
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A loosely structured collection of quotes and references regarding the (mediocre) but promising state of market research.


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