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6 fixable mistakes that make your company newsletter suck

Newsletters are a fantastic way to keep your business at the top of the mind of your prospects and customers. With so many businesses publishing blogs and newsletters, how do you make yours stand out?

If your subscriber count has stagnated, you might be making one of these (very fixable) newsletter mistakes.

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6 fixable mistakes that make your company newsletter suck

  1. 1. Your Company Newsletter Sucks! 6 Newsletter Mistakes You're Making and How to Fix 'Em @CopywriteMattrs
  2. 2. Newsletters help remind prospects & customers how awesome you are.
  3. 3. But your subscriber count has stagnated.
  4. 4. No one is opening or clicking anything.
  5. 5. The good news is, there's a way to rescue your company newsletter…
  6. 6. 1 It’s too long between drinks.
  7. 7. Your newsletters are so infrequent that your readers forget about you between issues...
  8. 8. … which means they won’t remember you when they need you.
  9. 9. Come up with a realistic schedule you can maintain consistently.
  10. 10. 2 Your newsletter is too long & complicated.
  11. 11. Company newsletters don’t have to be ‘W ar and Peace’.
  12. 12. Put yourself in your readers’ shoes. How much time do they have to read?
  13. 13. Include multiple stories but mix & match the lengths so your reader can choose.
  14. 14. 3 You don’t say anything interesting or helpful.
  15. 15. You have plenty of interesting stories and advice to share.
  16. 16. It’s just a matter of finding the right angle that gives your newsletter some zing.
  17. 17. W rite newsletter stories that actively help your readers.
  18. 18. 4 Your newsletter headlines are dull.
  19. 19. Headlines should act as enticing signposts for your stories.
  20. 20. Most readers will skim & jump from headline to headline to decide if they should spend time reading more
  21. 21. Check out this list of awesome headline resources.
  22. 22. 5 Your formatting is a hodge-podge.
  23. 23. Your newsletter content needs to be visually appealing.
  24. 24. Too many fonts and sizes can be a real turn-off.
  25. 25. Keep things simple with only a few fonts and sizes and use them consistently.
  26. 26. 6 You don’t promote your company newsletter.
  27. 27. Show people what they’re missing out on!
  28. 28. Share your newsletter across lots of social media platforms.
  29. 29. Include a signup form on your website to entice new subscribers.
  30. 30. So now it’s over to you to make your company newsletter spectacular,interesting worthy of handing over a name and an email address. & worthy
  31. 31. Grab this handy cheat sheet:
  32. 32. Grab this handy cheat sheet: