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Brand Proposal
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Brand Building 101

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Building A Brand: creating provocative brands that people care about. From brand architecture to fulfilling emotional needs to the path through purchase this is a creative guide to developing brand ideas.

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Brand Building 101

  1. 1. YOUR BRAND S GENETIC CODE every great brand has substance. a brand s DNA is timeless. a brand s blue print is a unique set of values that originally defined them. Great brands can remain relevant through creativity.
  2. 2. WHO ARE YOU? all great brands have human attributes. a brand is the sum of the good, the bad, and the ugly. your brand s DNA is not strictly about the product, service, the past or even about research -- its about tapping in to an essence or story that defines who you are to the people that matter most, your core customers.
  3. 3. WHAT DO YOU STAND FOR? take a stand and be clear. decide early and stay true to that mission.
  4. 4. YOUR BRAND S MANTRA man⋅tra –noun Hinduism. a word or formula, as from the Veda, chanted or sung as an incantation or prayer. In the Indian religions, a mantra is a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that are considered capable of "creating transformation” in branding, a mantra is capturing the irrefutable essence of spirit of a brand’s positioning. a brand mantra is not slogan, tag-line or even a campaign idea. It is the touchstones expressed in marketing short-hand.
  5. 5. WHAT DOES YOUR BRAND LOOK LIKE? a part of your DNA contains what you look like to others. what are your core physical attributes? through design you can have visual meaning. logo ! + ! product design! +! function! color ! X ! meaning! +! context! typography ! +! Hierarchy! x! metaphor!
  6. 6. IS YOUR BRAND USEFUL? all people have a mission. how will your brand appeal to a persons mission? your uses must appeal to both the emotional and practical sides of a consumers essential needs. Mantra: Healthy Living Consumer Use: Emotional: Improves self-esteem Practical: Weight loss Mantra: Authentic Athletic Performance Consumer Use: Emotional: Advance my athletic prowess Practical: Improve athletic performance Mantra: Quality Home Entertainment Consumer Use: Emotional: Rewards me with social intelligence Practical: Provides provocative entertainment
  7. 7. WHAT ARE YOU GOOD AT? you cannot be great at everything. what do you promise and how do you deliver it? be great at one thing then expand from there. from your mobile applications to the design of your website, to how you speak to the public in your advertising, you must be true to your core purpose. Michael Jordan + Basketball Michael Jordan + Basketball + Nike
  8. 8. OWN YOUR EMOTION don t tell me ! how to feel.! ! just make me feel something!! when you transcend a product or service a relationship can be built with your customers.
  9. 9. Human Emotions Science: Abraham Maslow s Hierarchy of Needs
  10. 10. EMOTIONAL PATH THROUGH PURCHASE emotionally driven brands need to be visionary, integrated, visceral and reflective of a true commitment to the personal values of its core consumers. value is not built through price alone. Cultural ! Relevance! Meaning! Emotional ! Connection! Loyalty!>! >! =! I need a high-heel ! Jimmy Choo is a hip & fashionable brand ! I will feel sexy ! Jimmy Choo can also guess my other needs ! NEEDS! DESIRE! I need it I Want It I WillTake It I WillTake More
  12. 12. WHAT S YOUR STORY? everyone & everything has one. there are only 12 to speak of. if you buy in to Carl Gustav Jung's theories there are 12 core "archetypes". They are universal, mythic characters reside within the collective unconscious of people the world over. Archetypal images represent fundamental human desires and evoke deep emotions. The 12 archetypes symbolizes a basic human need, aspiration or motivation. Innocent! Regular ! Guy / Girl! Explorer ! Sage! Hero! Outlaw! Magician! Lover! Jester! Caregiver! Creator! Ruler!
  13. 13. BRAND STEWARDSHIP great brands have great leadership at the top and in the trenches. it s everyone s job. marketers are the yin(the left brain). a good agency is the yang (the right brain). the left and right brain thinking within a company will profoundly influence what kind of brand it builds.
  14. 14. WHO ARE YOUR FRIENDS ? friends, associations and partnerships help define who your are to others. Your connections are your path to a larger audience.
  16. 16. BUILDING BRAND ADVOCATES people who buy your products and their stories, conversations, recommendations and perceptions are the most powerful branding tools. remember we are product marketers. consumers are the real brand managers.
  17. 17. BRAND LAUNCH & DISTRIBUTION the new creative agency must be image builders with technical prowess to publish at a moments notice, with influential connections to the outside world. it must also be able to measure response, listen to comments and evolve as the audience evolves. TV + ! Internet! Mobile ! + Retail! Direct Mail! +! Internet! P.R.=! product ! placement!
  18. 18. ~JOANNA PENA-BICKLEY Chief Creative Officer | @jojobickley NEW YORK, NEW YORK

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Building A Brand: creating provocative brands that people care about. From brand architecture to fulfilling emotional needs to the path through purchase this is a creative guide to developing brand ideas.


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