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Decentralized Autonomous Society: Cryptocommons and Abundance



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See how the cryptocommons can impact society, basic income and other problems in the world can be solved with new technology

Decentralized Autonomous Society: Cryptocommons and Abundance

  1. 1. ! ! ! Cryptcommons @ the L❤ve Nest
  2. 2. Scarce resources
 cows (violence) money (banks) land (titles/registry) stock (shares/lawyers) property (law) public goods (social convention) Traditional solutions" ! (1) religion / ethics historical arc ( 632 Torah -> 10 commandments -> self-regulation ) ! ! (2) competition / markets “survival of the fittest” institutions which compete well survive better importance of culture ! ! (3) trusted third parties governments banks / entities regulated by governamnts ! (4) “Go Local” highly robust high trust networks
  3. 3. Commons" prisoner's dilemma v commons dilemma/ assurance / stag hunt / langua tragedy of commons hardin's view south park on tragedy of commons Donald shoup <> tragedy of commons <> parking trash/recycling <> governing the commons, sustainability and environme population growth <> malthusian trap housing in sf traffic roads + parking radio <>titanic drones net neutrality language problem governing the commons" ! elinor ostrom <> tragedy of mismanaged commons tft <> forgiveness, axelrod law as commons’ trust <> social capital commons fukuyama legal property <> hence de soto tragedy commons 1bn hernando de soto, the mystery of capital social contract as commons examples" ! atoms i got 5 on it burning man <> reinvention period mad max to utopia leland stanford on coops and structures ! info tcp/ip wikipedia as commons <> smallest federated wiki prices as info commons <> hayek bitcoin <> money
  4. 4. atoms" ! universal basic income and sharing economy" labor day <> siphnian slavery creative destruction -> abundance ! prison abolition and distributed/community-based securi elinor ostrom, dunbar limit angela davis <> bpp police audit peace as a commons info" ! internet v. libraries as info commons alexandria library ip <> swarm, robotics, copyright aaron swartz
  5. 5. Abundance?