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40.5 belgium

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40.5 belgium

  1. 1. Belgium is a country that produces fine food. With influences both from France andGermany, Belgian cuisinehas the finest gourmandselections with a widearray of choices for thefood lover to enjoy.Belgium is famous for itschocolates, which arewidely considered to begourmet standard otherchocolate confectionsare benchmarked. Thequality of ingredients ofBelgian chocolate is whatmakes it unique. Despitetoday’s modern-dayequipment, most of theirchocolates are made byhand, using the originalequipment. They cost more, but compared with other chocolates, especially mass-produced chocolate, the price really speaks for the quality.Belgian chocolate in its cuisine is just icing in the cake. There are other deliciousfoods to savor when one visits Belgium such as fries, which are potatoes cut intostrips, deep fried and served with a variety of sauces. These fries (or pommes frites)are served in rolled up cardboard topped with sauce instead of having a separatecontainer like the fries in American fast foods. However, just like American fast food,Belgian fries are also served with other snacks like sandwiches and burgers. Thereare mainstream stands today that serve fries this way. Fries may also be served withmussels, and this dish is called moules-frites, quite similar to fish and chips.
  2. 2. Hearty stews such as waterzooi (made of fish or chicken, vegetables, potatoes, andherbs) or Vlaamse stoofkarbonaden (a beef stew made out of beer) are popularmeals for those who are hungry and want something filling. They may be served withbread and other sidings.Another popular dessert in Belgium, are the waffles. These waffles may be simplydusted with sugar or topped with whipped cream and fruit and sometimes a bit ofsauce. Pancakes, sometimes referred as a breakfast food, takes a different role inthe dessert section topped with ice cream, honey, as well as sliced fruit and candiedginger. The hot fudge sundae in today’s soda fountains has a Belgian version, the ladame blanche consisting of vanilla ice cream, fresh Chantilly cream, and cherrieswith chocolate fudge sauce on the side.Travelling to Belgium can be a gastronomical experience as it contains a lot of therichest and most flavorful dishes unimaginable. Some popular favorites have Belgianversions, or probably these popular dishes may have gotten inspiration there. Eitherway, it shows that food is indeed a universal language that unites a lot of nations inone common interest.


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