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8.2.6 gourmet vegan recipes

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8.2.6 gourmet vegan recipes

  1. 1. In the culinary world, gourmet may be compared to haute couture or avant- garde in fashion. Simply put, it pertains to food that uses high-quality materials and prepared with much more care and precision as regular cookery. Naturally, this also connotes expensive ingredients, fancy presentation and an overall fine dining experience this is usually reserved for special occasions.During special occasions, many vegan connoisseurs are excited to showcase theiradvance techniques like dehydration and fancy ingredients like flower essences,exotic oils, and exorbitantly priced spices like saffron. These alone are enough toimpress even those who are not vegetarian. In gourmet cuisine, simplicity takes aback seat and the sky’s the limit in creating an unforgettable gustatory delight. Withvegan food though, sometimes the ingredients alone are enough to create a lastingimpression.As motivations for turning to a vegan lifestyle vary from health, religious, cultural orethical reasons, the range of culinary creations also encompass a gamut of dishesfrom the expected vegetable and fruit salads to the exotic dish made withseaweed, mosses and even algae. In a looser definition, unusual ingredientspresented in a unique fashion can perhaps be considered as gourmet. A spirulinasmoothie or an cheesecake made with Irish moss may be viewed by some as suchwhile others will classify this under the exotic food category. Professional chefs mayalso disagree on this as their definition of gourmet is stricter based on their years ofculinary education and experience.
  2. 2. It’s not uncommon for creative chef to decorate a salad with edible flowers;deepen the flavor of a soup, spread and pasta with exotic mushrooms and truffle oil;or use aromatic botanical essences in desserts and beverages. This can beconsidered gourmet in some aspects.Organic produce, usually though just simple fruits and vegetables, is priced muchmuch more than conventional produce. As such, these are prepared with morecare to retain their nutrients and showcase their fresh taste. Presentation of the finaldish is also carefully considered to be able to give recognition to the care farmershave grown it.A vegan lifestyle’s diet is immensely healthy as long as it is prepared correctly andsustainably. Nutrition may not necessarily be the top priority when coming up withgourmet food. However, as vegan cuisine’s pantry is stocked up with fiber-rich,nutrient-dense ingredients, sometimes it cannot be helped that any dish that comesout of the kitchen full of healthy wholesome goodness.


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