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Pitfalls on the Road to Open Science: forming a movement



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Almost 20 years into the open access journey and the destination is broader and harder to reach with open science: open data, open source and networked research outputs. Continuing to work in a disparate fashion will not achieve results. We need open science to operate as a movement.

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Pitfalls on the Road to Open Science: forming a movement

  1. 1. 28% of the scholarly literature is OA (19M out of 67M) Over half of those are “bronze” – free with no understandable license OA articles receive 18% more citations than average
  2. 2. Awareness of open datasets went up from om 73% in 2016 to 82% in 2017 Willingness to reuse open datasets went from 70% to 80% 24% shared for greater impact, 20% for public benefit, 16% due to a policy
  3. 3. Need alignment, collaboration across funders, institutions, researchers, libraries and societies Culture change begins at home (the institution) – support, rewards and training Funders and institutions must provide consistent policies, support, and infrastructure
  4. 4. Infrastructure is consolidating just as content did Still a chance to negotiate better terms for infrastructure than were done for content Is there an opportunity to reimagine
  5. 5. Airline Industry
  6. 6. Policy, new economic models, and infrastructure all required Need collective action at the funder and project level A backbone organization would crystallize strategy and coordinate activities
  7. 7. Kristen Ratan Executive Director and co-Founder Collaborative Knowledge Foundation @cokofoundation @kristenratan