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Becoming the Lead Storyteller of your School

Presentation Slides for #MACA18
Marketing, Admission, Communication and Advancement for International Schools at the #AAIE Summer Institute

Becoming the Lead Storyteller of your School

  1. LEAD STORYTELLER Becoming the of your School
  3. literate Are you ? read write express & communicate ideas ? ? ?
  4. Illiterate Are you ?
  5. literate Are you ? 1440 Middle Ages Digital Age
  6. 1 2 3 4 5 6 read Can you ? write?
  7. Illiterate Are you ? filter bubble
  8. As theLEAD STORYTELLER TEAM build your parents community advancement communication admission marketing
  9. are theseWHO LEAD STORYTELLERS? Documentarians Curators Scientists Ambassadors Networkers of your School
  10. do they do as LEAD STORYTELLERS WHAT ? communicate what is happening in education celebrate, support & inspire lead action research build understanding & cultural cohesiveness give evidence that the school is fullfilling its promise to stakeholders make the school’s mission statement come to life document institutional memory
  11. CONTENT forSocialMediaPosts&Content for International Schools by Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano Ideas101 forLEAD STORYTELLERS
  12. STRATEGIES 2Multimedia & Transmedia forLEAD STORYTELLERS
  13. Classrooms forLEAD STORYTELLER STRATEGIES 3 School Environment Signage Hallways Website Social Media Channels #learnincommunity Share your Learning! Bulletin Boards
  14. TOOLS2018 Ripl Word Swag Adobe Sparks Clip iMovie Typorama Canva forLEAD STORYTELLERS
  15. PLATFORMS Blogs LinkedIn Twitter Instagram Facebook Snapchat Pinterest 2018 forLEAD STORYTELLERS
  16. forLEAD STORYTELLERS Organization Know your Story Inventory of past years’ media. Create a Social Media Annual Event Calendar Social Media Campaigns Collect relevant quotes List of media needed to support your story
  17. forLEAD STORYTELLERS Planning
  18. forLEAD STORYTELLERS Engagement Thereisahugedifference between"communicating"with yourstudents'familiesand ENGAGINGthem. RyanMcLaneandEricLowein“YourSchoolRocks…SoTellPeople” Inspire a reaction Likes Comments Shares Participate
  19. for LEAD STORYTELLERS Campaignsand Contests #teacherswithcameras Hashtag Campaigns Awareness Campaign
  20. for LEAD STORYTELLERS Campaignsand Contests Share to Enter Common Theme Post to Support
  21. forLEAD STORYTELLERS Planning
  22. Thereisahugedifference between"communicating" withyourstudents'families andENGAGINGthem.RyanMcLaneandEricLowein“YourSchoolRocks…SoTellPeople”
  23. forschools EngagementSocialMedia& QuotesMonthly Challenges Polls Memes Selfies/ USies Throw- Backs crowd- sourcing Create polls on Twitter or Facebok to gauge your audience level of interest & solicit their input a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc., that is copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly by Internet users a photograph that one has taken of oneself or a group, and shared via social media A sudden reminder of the past. A retro thing. Could be a song or an image that was posted a while back the practice of obtaining information or input into a task or project by enlisting the services of a large number of people Social Media contests inspire users to try new things Share your favorite quote encouraged your users to react to what you share on various levels Inspirea reaction
  24. forschools EngagementSocialMedia& Inspirea reaction ShowussomeLOVEon Instagram,ifyouthink ourschoolhasthemost deliciousLunches Like,LoveorWoWthis photo onFacebook,ifyou hadanamazingtimeatthe eggdroptoday! Winanhourof iPhonographycoaching,if youLoveandsharethis photoofouryoung iphonographystudents
  25. forschools EngagementSocialMedia& Memes
  26. forschools EngagementSocialMedia& Selfies/ USsies YourFavoriteTRAVELSpot ReadingaBook PARTICIPATINGIN GLOBAL CHALLENGES
  27. forschools EngagementSocialMedia& Throw- Backs ThrowbackAlumni -Shareapictureofyour favoriteSchoolMemory ThrowbackTuesday- YourfirstDayofSchool
  28. forschools EngagementSocialMedia& crowd- sourcing the“blueChallenge” TakephotosofsomethingBluefor24hs. Sharethebestone… Askaquestion: “WhatdoesDocumenting Learningmeantoyou?” 1-WordVideos
  29. forschools EngagementSocialMedia& Monthly Challenges Description:CreateaBookSnap.Share asnapshotofaquoteinabookyou arereading Posecompletelystillandlife-less,likea mannequin
  30. forschools EngagementSocialMedia& Quotes
  31. forschools EngagementSocialMedia& Polls What do you value most about our school? Sense of community International Mindedness Twitter Likethispost,ifyouareplanning ondonating…
  32. … LastdayofsummerBreak,remindsmeof… Whattypeoftechwillchangetheworld? forschools EngagementSocialMedia& IDEAS WhenwesayPASB…yousay… MyfavoriteClassinHighSchoolwas…
  33. 6 word Memoir Takecontroloftellingyourschool’sStory
  34. 6 word Memoir Takecontroloftellingyourschool’sStory Whatwouldagraduatefromyour schoolsayinaSixwordMemoir abouthisexperienceatyourschool? UseaBackgroundtoyourText(observeCopyright)
  35. website YouTube Wikipedia Instagram Twitter LinkedIn Facebook #Hashtags Snapchat Google Search School Blogs School Ambassadors Pinterest SocialMedia Auditfor your School
  36. SocialMedia Auditfor your School Amount of Followers and Following. Engagement: Likes, Share, Comments, conversation Variety of Media Content: Text, Images, Video, infographics, etc. Appropriate Use of #Hashtags? Is content supporting and showing evidence of school’s mission, vision and values? Is content coherent and telling an overall story? Does public content online paint an accurate picture of your school? Does your Social Media presence attract new families & faculty? Are you sharing a healthy balance of original content and outside content?
  37. It is no longer enough to do powerful work if Chris Lehman ” “ sees one
  38. HashtagsDocumenting and Sharing School Learning
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    Jul. 31, 2020
  • SeemaSharma295

    Jul. 27, 2020

Presentation Slides for #MACA18 Marketing, Admission, Communication and Advancement for International Schools at the #AAIE Summer Institute


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