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New Samasource Overview

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Samasource connects women, youth, and refugees living in poverty to computer-based work. Read more to find out what we do and how you can help.

New Samasource Overview

  1. 1. give work.
  2. 2. Paul’s Story Paul Parach Dadaab, Kenya Refugee Work Program 24 years old, born in South Sudan Walked to Kakuma refugee camp at age nine Denied formal employment Learned how to use a computer one month ago Earning money with Samasource TM give work samasource
  3. 3. Wasted talent is one of poverty’s greatest ills. 1 billion youth will face 50% unemployment in the next decade 60% of the world’s working poor are women Computer-based work provides decent jobs. Basic technology tasks like data entry and image tagging can pay up to $5 an hour, over 10 times the average wage in low-income regions Samasource brings work to women, youth, and refugees to lift them out of poverty. TM give work samasource
  4. 4. The Consequence of Inaction “I joined the militia because I thought I could get paid after the war. I knew I was risking my life but I had no other choice. My mother was finding it hard to feed us. I joined to have a job.” Sylvestre, 18, Congo-Brazzaville. TM give work samasource
  5. 5. the samasource model screen train market + select 1 2 3 18 partners (16 existing, 2 incubated) 6 countries 500+ people
  6. 6. Expanding Work Opportunities for Partners Facebook iPhone Channel Application Application Buyers • Selected out of 50+ startups to receive funding from Facebook Fund • Facebook app allows refugee and Kenyan youth workers to test Facebook apps. • $2-$5/hr earning potential. • $210,000 in contracts • Partnership w/ Dolores secured Labs • 5 core services, • QA on refugee tasks refining to 3 with Bain team • $1.50-$2.50/hr earning potential • 1% campaign - 2010 TM give work samasource
  7. 7. Impact to Date • $210,000 in work for our partners since September 2008 • $90K raised to support operational expenses in 2009 (private donors, Cisco) • 18 Service Partners, 500+ people served in Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Pakistan and Uganda since September 2008 • 300 people trained in application development, project management, and customer service since March 2008 • Partnerships with Inveneo and Cisco to expand in East Africa • Winner, Facebook Fund REV, Stanford Social Enterprise Challenge, Business in Development Challenge Press Coverage TM give work samasource
  8. 8. Samasource-Incubated Service Partners Maria Islamabad, Pakistan Founder, Women’s Digital League "For me and other women in Pakistan, Samasource is our own ray of light, our way of escaping the claustrophobic environment surrounding us." Cannot work outside her home Master’s Degree in English Before Samasource: <$150/month After Samasource: $850+/month, own company with 3 employees TM give work samasource
  9. 9. Training Program: Samasource-Incubated SPs virtual site paying project quality identify training visits work mgmt assurance 1 2 3 4 5 6 • Send • Begin paying • Project • Identify rural and • Supply training management • QA by slum communities Samasource projects with manuals, testing from Samasource with computing Fellows/staff to trained partners infrastructure, Samasource Fellows and infrastructure and and dummy each site to staff/volunteers monitor quality • 2 channel buyers volunteers and access to projects in SF and deliver already secured staff workers targeted training • 150+ to start • 2 weeks per site • Basecamp and • 100% (Inveneo) • Rates between transparency and SS platform • 1 week and $2 and $3.50 per feedback from $3.5K per site hour automation clients Current Partners/Funders Potential Partners TM give work samasource
  10. 10. Expanding Samasource-Incubated SPs • Total projected sites from Sept 2009- Sept 2010: 50 • Sites located in sub-Saharan Africa (45 from Inveneo; 1 from FORGE; 2 from UNIDO), South Asia (2 from UM Healthcare trust in Pakistan IDP area) • Cost per site: $2,500 - flight cost plus one week budget accommodation • Additional sales and marketing overhead: approx. $1K per SP • Total project cost: $175,000 TM give work samasource
  11. 11. Our Team Leila Chirayath Janah Jess McCarter Founder and CEO VP of Sales Former Visiting Scholar, Stanford University Founder. Sagebit Consultant, Katzenbach Partners Founder, RideBit World Bank Development Research Group Consultant, BA, Harvard University (African BA, Dartmouth University Development Studies) Expertise: Start-ups, 10 years in software Expertise: Remote work, social sales and development enterprise, development Alex Onsager Kate Brennan Marketing and Sales MBA Intern Tech Lead Investment Banking, JPMorgan Developer, Send Hotness and Graffiti Private Equity, Shamrock Capital Advisors (leading Facebook applications) BBA & BA, University of Iowa Co-founder, Demigo pursuing MBA, Stanford Graduate School of BS, Stanford Business Expertise: Web application Expertise: Media, entertainment and development, product management technology investing Advisory Board Ken Banks Darren Berkowitz Katherine Barr Bruce Cahan CEO, Frontline SMS Founder & CEO, Partner, Mohr Davidow Ventures Founder, Urban Logic Mohamoud Jibrell Robert Hockett Premal Shah Emeka Okafor CIO, Ford Foundation Professor, Cornell Law School President, Director, TED Global Melissa Lau Joy Sun Associate, Revolution Ventures Director, Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative
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Samasource connects women, youth, and refugees living in poverty to computer-based work. Read more to find out what we do and how you can help.


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