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Literanza 2017 Open General Quiz Prelims+Answers

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Prelims with Answers, of the Open General Quiz conducted as part of IIT Hyderabad's first literary festival, conducted on 7th January, 2017. No audio/video content, so it can be run directly on Slideshare. Feedback welcome!

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Literanza 2017 Open General Quiz Prelims+Answers

  1. 1. Open General Quiz 7th January, 2017 Researched and conducted by Lokesh Kaza
  2. 2. Acknowledgments • Anand Swain, Abhinau Kumar and IIT Hyderabad, for the invitation. • K-Circle, Hyderabad.
  3. 3. What is K-Circle? K-Circle is India’s oldest quiz club and was formed in 1972 in Hyderabad. Every Saturday at 4:30 pm, a group of quizzing enthusiasts (of all age groups) from across the twin cities meet up at a pre-designated venue to engage in fun and informative quiz sessions. Membership is free for all school students. For more information, log on to or send in a mail to You can also join the K-Circle group on Facebook to stay updated with information regarding our weekly sessions and other quizzes.
  4. 4. Preliminary Round 32 questions, 38 points in all. Top 8 teams to qualify. Part points applicable. Questions 1-26 are for 1 point each, questions 27-32 are for 2 points apiece. Questions 11-20 are star-marked and will be used to break ties, if any. If the tie still persists, sudden death will apply. No negative marking, feel free to guess. Kindly switch off mobile phones and other electronic devices. Quizmaster’s decision is final.
  5. 5. 1. Whose recently launched apparel range is this?
  6. 6. David Warner
  7. 7. 2. Which person’s name has been blanked out in this official Guinness World Record, the description for which has been given here? “The wedding is reported to have cost over 750 million rupees with the dining area alone costing an estimated Rs 15 million and the menu an estimated Rs 20 million. A fortress topped with cannons and winged mythological creatures was constructed from plywood at the entrance of the wedding grounds. The 5 km drive from the temple to the grounds was strewn with rose petals and lined with 600 Grecian columns strung with coloured lights along with giant papier mache models of ancient Indian princes in erotic poses.”
  8. 8. Jayalalitha
  9. 9. 3. Arthakranti Pratishthan is a Pune-based NGO which has proposed what it calls a “well-researched scientific approach to transform the current Indian socio-economic scenario.” Over time, they have proposed that all 56 taxes, barring customs duty and import levies, should be abolished and replaced with a single banking transaction tax (or BTT) on all transactions. What was supposedly influenced by the head of this NGO?
  10. 10. Demonetization
  11. 11. 4. In 2003, a team of scientists from NASA and other research organizations discovered clues from here which gave an insight into why past missions to Mars may have failed to detect life. The scientists called the findings "highly unusual" in an environment exposed to the atmosphere. “We found that, if Viking had landed there instead of on Mars and done exactly the same experiments, we would also have been shut out," said Dr. Chris McKay, the expedition's principal investigator. The aridity is explained by it being situated between two mountain chains of sufficient height to prevent moisture advection from either the Pacific or the Atlantic Ocean. Which place were these studies conducted in, which is one of the best regions in the world to conduct astronomical observations?
  12. 12. Atacama Desert, Chile
  13. 13. 5. A certain decision taken in 2016 was met with instant criticism with consumers describing it as a wrong move and saying that it looked “stupid”. The entity in question said it had to decide between changing the look or raising the price, and therefore opted for the former. As opposed to the common belief, the original look was modelled on the red and cream- frilled line of dancers at the Folies Bergères in Paris, at the end of a show. What decision was this?
  14. 14. Reshaping Toblerone’s Chocolate Bars
  15. 15. 6. The Padma Vibhushan, India’s second highest civilian award has been bestowed on 294 individuals so far, of which 34 have been given the award for Science and Engineering. Of these 34, there are 4 Indian-Americans who have won the award, two of whom are theoretical physicist George Sudarshan and mathematician C.R. Rao. Who are the other two?
  16. 16. Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, Har Gobind Khorana
  17. 17. 7. X was named in honour of the ancestral inhabitants of the area, and their description of the area when looked at from afar: ________, which in their language means "spotted," an apt description for the circles of trees, scrub, savannah, and cloud shadows that mark the area. X is contiguous with Y, which is an approximation of the word used by the inhabitants to describe the area as "the place where the land runs on forever“ or “endless plains”. What are X and Y?
  18. 18. X- Maasai Mara, Y-Serengeti
  19. 19. 8. It was created in 2006 by veteran toy maker Jay Horowitz after he decided to combine the main concepts of two different things to create one single challenge. In what he calls a moment of inspiration, Horowitz cashed in on the nostalgic value of something created in the 1980s and merged it with a new fad that had people waking up in the early mornings, eagerly waiting for something. Since peddling it to a worldwide audience at the American International Toy Fair, Horowitz has sold thousands of his ‘hybrids’. What did he create?
  20. 20. Sudokube/Sudoku Cube
  21. 21. 9. In 1939, the submarine U.S.S. Squalus was conducting a test dive when it sank. After a daring undersea rescue of surviving members, the Navy undertook a salvage operation. Divers worked to pass cables underneath the submarine and attach pontoons for buoyancy. However, the vessel began to rise far too quickly, slipping its cables. It ascended vertically, breaking the surface, and 30 feet of the bow reached into the air. A photograph of the above mentioned incident was shown to President Roosevelt who said that it looked like a ________ jumping out of the water, possibly because the submarine’s bow resembled the characteristic erectile dorsal fin and body structure of this marine being. The name stuck and was given to the recommisioned submarine after repairs. What name did Roosevelt give?
  22. 22. Sailfish
  23. 23. 10. The books X and Y have been suspended from the curriculum in some Virginia schools, after a parent complained about the use of racial slurs. At the centre of the complaint was the use of the N-word, which appears frequently in both books. As a committee has yet to discuss the future of the books, a permanent ban has not yet been placed. However, they have already been removed from classrooms in the district, a move the National Coalition Against Censorship described as “particularly egregious”. These classics are high on the list of most frequently challenged Young Adult books in the US, according to the American Libraries Association. However, critics regard both works as scathing rejections of racism. What two books are these?
  24. 24. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, To Kill A Mockingbird
  25. 25. * marked questions begin Qs 11-20
  26. 26. 11*. The Hollywood Canteen was a club offering food, dancing and entertainment for a certain group of people in the first half of the 20th century. It was operated and staffed completely by volunteers from the entertainment industry. Everything at the canteen was free of charge, with various guilds and unions of the entertainment industry donating labour and money for building renovations. For which group of people was the canteen set up, and what was the price of admission?
  27. 27. Servicemen(usually on their way overseas), their uniform
  28. 28. In 2016, X was recognised with a commemorative 50-cent coin. The coin has a limited product mintage of 95,929 coins, a number inspired by adding various statistics from X’s career. The minting of the coin means that both X and Y, who helmed their respective sides in a memorable series (which included a historic first) are now represented on national currency. Who are X and Y? What historic first were they a part of? 12*.
  29. 29. Richie Benaud, Frank Worrell First ever tied Test
  30. 30. 13*. In 2010, a signed, aerial photograph, the ‘Tobolsk Kremlin’ depicting the 18th-century fortress was sold for 51 million rubles at a charity auction. Experts said the stunning price tag for the photo was indeed more charity than a reflection of the work’s artistic merit. “This photo has nothing to do with art, because photography is X’s hobby. Buying this photo was a political gesture”. The price tag for the photograph surpassed the highest price at the previous year’s auction, paid for Y’s painting ‘Uzor’ or Pattern which featured a frosty window framed by embroidered curtains in a traditional Russian hut. Who are X and Y, who are known for other reasons beyond the creative arts?
  31. 31. Dmitry Medvedev, Vladimir Putin
  32. 32. 14*. In Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Nick Fury fakes his death in order to deceive Hydra. Towards the end of the film, we see Captain America and Falcon stand at the foot of Fury’s fake grave, and observe the front of the tombstone, including the epitaph. About the epitaph, directors Anthony and Joe Russo stated that they couldn’t initially settle on anything but went on to put this stating, “We’re geeks and we love that kind of stuff. We’re always trying to put it in the movies and our TV shows. So it’s better to put something in there that is a wink and a smile and excites people than just something bland, you know?” What did Nick Fury’s epitaph contain?
  33. 33. Verse from Ezekiel 25:17 in Pulp Fiction
  34. 34. 15.* On 9th December 1805, an envoy from the chieftain of Tunis named Sidi Soliman Mellimelli met with the then President Thomas Jefferson in the White House. The context of Mellimelli’s visit to the United States was a tense dispute over piracy on American merchant vessels by the Barbary states and the capture of Tunisian vessels trying to run an American blockade of Tripoli. During this visit, Jefferson went on to do something for his guest, the knowledge of which most likely came from his legal studies of natural law. Many such as Barack Obama and the Houston Chronicle call it the first time this was done at the White House. What did Jefferson do, which has become an annual White House tradition since 1996?
  35. 35. White House Iftar Dinner
  36. 36. 16.* Blaine Gibson is a U.S. lawyer from Seattle who is spearheading a self-funded exercise that has taken him from the Maldives to Mauritius and Myanmar. Discussions in Facebook groups intrigued him initially, and after being impacted by a support group in Kuala Lumpur, he embarked on his mission. Gibson has stated that he is doing it just out of personal interest and not in a for-profit or journalistic way. As part of his journey, he has interviewed several people and has also discovered numerous personal items including backpacks and computer cases. He also has a set of detractors who allege his findings are ‘planted’, and has also received veiled threats, one of which said, “No _______, no Blaine.” What is Gibson trying to do with his individual mission?
  37. 37. Investigating the disappearance of MH 370.
  38. 38. 17*. Names can be assigned by eight countries for this, namely India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Myanmar, Oman and Thailand. The process began in 2004, fours years after the global body agreed in principle to allow the countries to do so. The alphabet system is used to designate the name, which means the name of the first one of the year begins with ‘A.’ Previously, till 1979, they were only given female names. Male names were only introduced in the same year. There are six lists of names used in rotation and they are recycled every six years. a) What names are these countries allowed to give? b) What name, meaning ‘red rose’ was given by Pakistan and became familiar to us in December 2016?
  39. 39. Names given to cyclones, Vardah
  40. 40. 18*. As she prepared for their first official meeting in January 1973, she remarked to her aides, “Imagine, I, the daughter of Moshe Mabovitch, who was just an ordinary carpenter, am actually on my way to meet him.” "Don't forget," retorted her assistant, "carpenters have a special standing there." After the meeting which lasted for 80 minutes, a spokesman issued a blunt statement to say that “The ___________ has not changed its attitude over the Middle East and there was no reason whatsoever for such a change.” Who was she and whom was she meeting?
  41. 41. Golda Meyer, Pope Paul VI
  42. 42. 19*., a genealogy website recently discovered that X, 40 is distantly related to Y, who died in 1930. The connection is a direct, albeit a distant one and the two were found to be 16th cousins, twice removed. Their common ancestor was John of Gaunt, the duke of Lancaster and the fourth son of King Edward III of England, who lived in the 14th Century, the website said. John of Gaunt was Y's 15th great-grandfather and X's 17th great-grandfather. "Making family history connections is similar to piecing together a mysterious puzzle," said the site making an obvious reference to the relation between the two individuals. Who are X and Y?
  43. 43. Benedict Cumberbatch, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  44. 44. 20* “X's Bibles” was the name given to arms that were supplied to anti-slavery immigrants in Kansas. The name was inspired by the comments and activities of the abolitionist New England minister Henry Ward X, of whom it was written: “He believed that the Sharps Rifle was a truly moral agency, and that there was more moral power in one of those instruments, so far as the slaveholders of Kansas were concerned, than in a hundred Bibles.” X himself contributed funds for the purchase of Sharps carbines and, after the interception of shipments by pro-slavery men, is said to have issued bibles and carbines to individual abolitionists bound for Kansas. What was Henry Ward’s surname, which we may know owing to his more famous sibling? (or) Who was his sibling?
  45. 45. Beecher’s Bibles, Harriet Beecher Stowe
  46. 46. * marked questions end.
  47. 47. 21. Josh Herdman began his MMA career on 23 April 2016 in Romford with a decision win over Janusz Walachowski. He said, "I chose MMA because I love the sport. It's raw, exciting and unpredictable. I find it more interesting than boxing although I appreciate the beauty and art in boxing. It also made sense to move onto MMA because of my jujitsu training. I would like a few amateur fights first to get me started and where it goes from there, who knows?” However, the world knows Herdman for something else altogether. In what context did we see Herdman from 2001-2011?
  48. 48. Played Gregory Goyle in the Harry Potter films
  49. 49. 22. In 2009, when she was given a lifetime achievement award, it was rather conservatively estimated that she had generated $10 million for the local economy. A postage stamp featuring her was also brought out a few years ago. Her children are now well established, and some of them are expected to carry on her legacy. In the sunset of her life, she was provided with a lot of assistance for her daily routines and while this faced flak, it was deemed to be necessary. After her passing last year, she was cremated in observance with traditional Hindu rituals in a public ceremony. Who was this?
  50. 50. Machli, the Queen of Ranthambore
  51. 51. 23. Akira is a 1988 science fiction anime film which depicts a dystopian, cyberpunk-based future. It is set against the backdrop of something, which is now an assured certainty with several commentators claiming that Akira had predicted it correctly. In a trailer for the film, a sign outside a particular site reads: “147 Days Until the ______ ________.” Under that, it reads, “With everyone’s effort, let’s make this a success.” What did Akira predict, which became a reality on September 7th, 2013?
  52. 52. Tokyo hosting the 2020 Olympics
  53. 53. 24. La Vie Claire was a professional road bicycle racing team active from 1984-1991. Their jersey design is considered one of the most memorable jerseys in cycling and was originally designed by Benetton. What/who inspired the design of the jersey?
  54. 54. Artworks of Piet Mondrian
  55. 55. 25. Karel Čapek introduced and made popular this word, in his play in 1920. While it is frequently thought that he came up with it, he wrote a letter in reference to an article on etymological origins, in which he named his brother, Josef as its actual inventor. In a later article, he also explained that he had originally wanted to call the creatures in his play, laboři (from Latin labor, work). However, he did not like the word, seeing it as too artificial, and then sought advice from his brother. The word literally means "serf labour", and figuratively "drudgery" or "hard work" in Czech. What word was thus coined?
  56. 56. Robot
  57. 57. 26. Ricarimpex is a French company which was the first to request and receive a Food and Drug Administration clearance to market an age-old ‘medical device’ in the United States. Under the law, a medical device is any article designed to diagnose, cure, treat, prevent, or mitigate a disease or condition; or to affect the function or structure of the body that does not achieve its effect primarily through a chemical action and is not metabolized. While granting the approval, the FDA noted that the ‘devices’ were used in medicine throughout the world as tools in skin grafts and reattachment surgery. What does the company supply to hospitals and clinics?
  58. 58. Leeches
  59. 59. Questions 27-32 carry 2 points each.
  60. 60. 27. Frenchman Louis Réard debuted his creation in Paris on July 5, 1946 and named the “four triangles of nothing” after a location where something had begun a few days before. This rather bold marketing ploy led to it receiving international attention. The inspiration for his creation’s name is part of a larger entity, which has been a United Nations member state since 1991. Incidentally, Réard’s creation violates certain modern customs of the entity itself and you would only see it today in restricted-access locations at private resorts over there or on United States government facilities in the region. a) What was this creation? b) Which entity is being spoken of?
  61. 61. 27. a. Bikini 27. b. Marshall Islands
  62. 62. 28. a. The word comes from "Old _______," which was the nickname sailors gave to Admiral Vernon, the commander in chief of the West Indies. Back then, British sailors used to have a daily allowance of rum. In 1740, flushed from victory at Porto Bello, Vernon ordered that the rum be watered down. This concoction of rum, water and citrus juice was also adopted by the U.S. Navy as a way to make stagnant water more palatable and to fight scurvy. What is the word, which has now come to mean someone who is dazed, weak, or unsteady?
  63. 63. 28. b. To ________ while on a ship meant to soak and rinse an empty cask in water. Sailors who needed more alcohol than their allotted ration would drink the ________ water from rum casks in hopes that it would contain at least a few drops of booze. It also caused the wood to absorb water, and over time, is now attributed to those who can absorb heavy units over short periods of time. What’s the good word?
  64. 64. 28. a Groggy 28. b. Binge
  65. 65. 29. Recent research suggests that, by thinking about death so often, the residents of this country may be on to something. One reason they think about it so often is that it is all around them. For a small nation, it offers many ways to die. You can meet your demise on the winding, treacherous roads. You can be mauled by a bear; eat poisonous mushrooms; or die of exposure. Another reason could be attributed to its deeply felt religious beliefs. a) What country is this, where one is expected to think about death five times a day? b) Which innovative policy/philosophy, introduced in 1972 is it known for, which focuses on non-economic aspects of wellbeing such as resilience and psychological wellbeing?
  66. 66. 29. a. Bhutan 29. b. Gross National Happiness
  67. 67. 30. In 1998, X, then 71, was taking a tour of Barbados along with the Prime Minister Owen Arthur. Suddenly, all the cars and media were asked to divert towards a cricket pitch. X took up a bat and asked the PM to bowl. He was utterly foxed by the bouncing ball and asked Arthur to deliver it chest-high instead. Arthur did, and X duly clobbered a shot down the ground. X then decided to try bowling. He had been pitcher a when he was studying and much as Arthur tried to appeal, X insisted on throwing the ball in on the full. “Like his life,” eyewitness added, “he played the game but with his rules.” X’s government suddenly decided that there might be something to be gained from playing cricket after all, which led to a Cricket Commission being set up in his country and saw the development of a grassroots programme. Today, there are 1,150 registered players across six provinces. a) Who was X? b) Which unlikely country took to playing cricket because of this?
  68. 68. 30. a. Fidel Castro 30. b. Cuba
  69. 69. 31. Just how chic it once was can be judged by the fact that a US Olympic gold medallist was a lifeguard here. He'd won three gold medals at the Paris and Amsterdam Olympics, after which he chose to spend a season here giving swimming lessons and rescuing bathers in distress. The rowing machines and punchballs here meanwhile, helped him stay in the right shape to land something iconic a couple of years later. The place was closed in 1989, after the city decided to replace it with a new housing development, but was saved from destruction after protests from local associations and was re-opened in 2014. a) Who was the American, and what iconic role did he land? b) In what context did this place enter popular consciousness in 2001, and 2012?
  70. 70. 31. a. Johnny Weissmuller, Tarzan
  71. 71. 31. b. He trained at the Piscine Molitor, which we saw/read about in Life of Pi
  72. 72. 32. Jeanne Louise Calment, a resident of Arles in France became internationally famous in 1988 when the centenary of X's visit there provided an occasion for reporters to meet her. She told them that she had met X in her uncle's shop, where he wanted to buy some canvas, later describing him as "dirty, badly dressed and disagreeable", and "very ugly, ungracious, impolite, sick". X himself was diagnosed to have "acute mania with generalised delirium“ and spent time at Arles between hospital and home suffering from hallucinations and delusions that he was being poisoned. Hospital at Arles is the subject of two paintings that he made of the hospital in which he stayed in, at that time. a) What Guinness World Record is attributed to Calment? b) Who was X?
  73. 73. 32. a. Longest confirmed human lifespan/oldest person ever
  74. 74. 32. b. Vincent Van Gogh
  75. 75. Stay tuned for the finals!
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Prelims with Answers, of the Open General Quiz conducted as part of IIT Hyderabad's first literary festival, conducted on 7th January, 2017. No audio/video content, so it can be run directly on Slideshare. Feedback welcome!


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