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Big Data in Education

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Presentation given at Big Data Innovation Summit 2013.

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Big Data in Education

  1. Alfred EssaDirector, Analytics Research and StrategyDesire2Learn Inc.alfred.essa@desire2learn.comhttp://alfredessa.comB(ig) D(ata) in E(ducation)∳
  2. Why? problems we expect to solveWhat? approach in educationDemo student success system
  3. Less Data, More Insights
  4. Preliminaries∳
  5. • Education needs an enduringtechnology partner• Supporting learners lifelong• 24/7 service and support• 14 available languages• Now over 800 employees worldwide• Global SaaS capabilities• Over 8 Million Clients WWDesire2Learn Inc.
  6. Full Suite of Learning TechnologyDesire2Learn  Learning  Pla.ormLearning  EnvironmentLifelongePor.olioRepository  &  DiscoveryAdvanced  Analy<csBinder  &  Mobile  AppsCapture  &  Mul<mediaOther  Analy<cs  and    Data  Sources3rd  PartyApplica<onsPublisher  ContentAuthen<ca<onSystemsSIS  and  HRSystemsDesire2Learn  Valence  -­‐  Open  Web  Services,  APIs,  Integra<on  Packs  and  Standards
  7. Why?∳
  8. “As a disruptive innovation—aninnovation that transforms a sector from onethat was previously complicated andexpensive into one that is far simpler andmore affordable—the rise of online learningcarries with it an unprecedented opportunityto transform the schooling system into astudent-centric one that can affordablycustomize for different student needs byallowing all students to learn at theirappropriate pace and path, thereby allowingeach student to realize her fullest potential.”Clayton Christensen
  9. Seth Godin“As we get ready for the ninety-third year ofuniversal public education, here’s thequestion every parent and taxpayer needs towrestle with: Are we going to applaud, push,or even permit our schools (including most ofthe private ones) to continue the safe butultimately doomed strategy ofchurning out predictable, testable, andmediocre factory workers?”
  10. “The next stops, I believe, areeducation, financial services, healthcare, and then ultimately government—the huge swaths of the economy thathistorically have not been addressableby technology, that haven’t beenamenable to the entrance of SiliconValley-style software companies. Butincreasingly I think they’re going tobe.”Marc Andreessen
  11. Problem: Iron Triangle in Education
  12. QualityCostAccess
  13. solution: analytics at scale
  14. problem: changing business model
  15. volume value
  16. solution: analytics as accountability
  17. problem: diversity of learners
  18. homogeneous heterogeneous
  19. solution: analytics as personalization
  20. problem: education sucks
  21. solution: analytics powersinteractive, immersive learning
  22. conclusion: analytics is focalpoint of innovation in education
  23. What?∳
  24. Every breath you takeEvery move you makeEvery bond you breakEvery step you takeI will be watching youDataInternet Philosopher Sting
  25. informationvalueinsightRiskForecastingPredictiveModelingwhat will happen?STAGE TWOReportingData Accesswhat happened?what is happening?STAGE ONEOptimizationStrategywhat do i want to happen?STAGE THREEAnalytics Maturity
  26. optimization means finding the best pathamong multiple options
  27. who is under-preparedfor college?who is under-preparedfor class?who won’t remainin class?who won’t re-register?who won’t passa class?who won’t havea high GPA?who won’t passa class?who won’t remainin a program?who won’tgraduate?who won’t geta jobwho won’t get ahigh-paying job?Student Success LifecycleIdentify the StudentsUnderstand the CauseApply InterventionTrack Success
  28. Demonstration∳
  29. a 360-view of studentacademic progress, including riskStudent Success System
  30. interrogate the dataunderstand the problemconsult with othersprescribe a course of treatmenttrack the success
  31. Let’s Make Education Dance!Thank You∳http://alfredessa.comlinkedin: alfred essatwitter: @malpaso
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Presentation given at Big Data Innovation Summit 2013.


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