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Famous Book Fairs Around The World

From Frankfurt to New Delhi, checkout these famous Book fairs from around the world

Famous Book Fairs Around The World

  1. Famous Book Fairs c1round©’rhe world In a world where information E D E many still turn to is always available on , —‘—'- books lg f Smartphones Internet Television And what’s the best place to find books? BOOK FAIRS From small book markets in medieval towns booklairs have grown into international events where book launches, rights deals, and international publishing and distribution contracts are negotiated ©MapsofWor| d2014 e-~—-~~ *"’ ' ‘ L __. j
  2. Famous Book Fairs crround©’rhe world What other thinkers believe about BOOKS “Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counsellors, and the most patient of teachers” Charles W. Eliot (President of Harvard University 1869-1909) “Books can be dangerous. The best ones should be labeled ‘This could change your life Helen Exley (Writer and motivational thinker 1943) Ema. in-. ri I-me ~‘l! i=l| l: in um-rr tr um-‘ u-r-its air ml :1: u-rrtrr-lytllnllll: Hullit. ‘ oi} liulir uvu (0 lull; in-. m aim-. hull ‘ll-‘1l| ll ‘Mills -llilzm Mahatma Gandhi Nelson Mandela (9 Mapsotworld 2014
  3. oround@the world USA Y@New York City W A 1 ‘:1’, Guadalajara , N g ' ohannesburg Buenos Al Cape Town OUTH ARGI (NA AFRICA -El lr1ap3ot'I. v“-lorld 2'IZI'14
  4. Famous Book Fairs oround©rhe world Cairo International Book Fair Organized every year by the General Egyptian Book Organization EGYPT 45th edition this year "' Features: 7- Booths of private publishers and several retailers are set up ’lt»__ Outdoor events and fireworks are organized Where a specific section was 2006: Acclaimed as the World's second biggest book fair dedicated t° Children Biggest and the oldest book fair of the Arab world ' Mapsotworld 2014
  5. Famous Book Fairs oround@the world International Kolkata Book Fair Previously known as the Calcutta Book Fair and now International Kolkata Book Fair West Bengal Ko| kata@ I N D I A World’s largest non—trade book fair Integral part of the cultural life of the city prirnarily for general public and not for Wh°1e'5a1e distributors 38th International Kolkata Book Fair 2014 Wikipedia. made its debut for the Bengali language version of Vkiikipedia known as Over 2 visitors worldwide “Bai-|81aPedi8” © Mapsofworld 2014 Largest book fair in Asia
  6. Famous Book Fairs oround@rhe world New Delhi World Book Fair Oldest book fair in India First held in 1972 thew Dem, » INDIA Organized by (119 Country third—1argest market for National Book Trust English language publications India Trade Promotion Organisation In 2014 as many as New Delhi Rights Table [l6—17 Feb 2015) Indian 86 3 1 International To enhance collaborations between Indian 1' companies publishers and International publishers exhibited their books ' Mapsotworld 2014
  7. Fnmnuc P. nnl( I-"flirt: QrQUnd©fhe Wortd Bologna Children's Book Fair a Held since 1963 and in its 51st edition this year Bo|0gna© ' World's biggest fair for Children's publishing and multimedia products ITALY Place to discover the best educational materials for children Awards in children’s publishing are also presented Bologna Ragazzi Awards Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award which are given in 4 Categories Hans Christian Andersen Awards Fiction, Non—fiction, New Horizons, 85 Opera Prima ' Mapsofworld 2014
  8. Famnuc Pnnlr Eairr: QrQUnd©fhe Wortd London Book Fair 5th Nov197l: Originally started as The Specialist Publishers Exhibition for Librarians | SPEX) by Lionel Leventhal M. World’s 2nd most important book fair after the A Frankfurt Book Fair I p . UNITED ‘ KINGDOM V _ London@ Considered a Mecca for European Publishers Booksellers Rights Agents Media Trendspottcrs Every year a country is highlighted with the aim to promote collaborations with its publishing industry Market Focus country for 2015: Mexico ' Mapsofworld 2014
  9. .}? :IsIjI. l1l. Ib: «i ii1l. !l. f:: ,.t.7*: i], i~fiiia; ' . ‘+3ue; -4,105 £t. i.: res 3300?: Fair Meant for all — -A i 1:] {N ‘ Publishing Industry, Literary community. and General Public . .€V’’‘_r_“. §ER ‘' C A Largest book fair in the Spanish~speaking world A. 1- ‘: _,]. _._: “ ‘Buenos Aires _- ARGENTINA Organized by - Fundacién El Libro, a non—profit organization set up by the Argentine Society of Writers (SADE) One of the longest book fairs in the world with almost 3 weeks duration 2014 event . ‘ fa . ‘ f‘ f‘ f‘ . .o, {,' 85 . .i ‘. ’‘I mmion visitors exhibitors from countries Cr: Imizisrziyliw-idtirElm!
  10. Famnllo Rnnl( Fqirtr QrQUnd©fhe Wortd Abu Dhabi International Book Fair Started in 2007 Orgaxlized by _ Abu Dh. hi© KITAB. a collaboration between the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage and the Frankfurt Book Fair I F Umfagisfi Fair 2014 1 exhibitors from 50 Countries titles on display Special feature of the fair started in 2009/ 10 — “Spotlight on Rights” Program The program grants a subsidy of $ 1 ,000 to publishers to promote copyright licenses to and from the Arabic language ' Mapsofworld 2014
  11. Famous Rook Fairs oround@ihe world BookExpo America (BEA) _ T T _ From 1947-71 held as the Chmq°V© ~ American Booksellers Association Convention M 1 ‘V 3"/ dSh'n91L*)? P '5 and Trade Show _ , _ A __ I lus Avqvlvs © , ft‘ '7 I ' J ‘ i 1 W —~—' Previously held in Chicago, Washington DC, and Los Angeles Since 2009 held in New York City _ Biggest annual book trade fair in the USA Event 1S attended by — PUBLISHERS, AGENTS, AUTHORS, DISTRIBUTORS, AND LIBRARIANS Who use this forum to conduct business and explore new opportunities ' Mapsofworld 2014
  12. Famn--<‘ Pmir Fairs oround©ihe world South African Book Fair 1 Started in 2006 - A joint venture between the Frankfurt Book Fair and the Johannesburg@ Publishers Association of South Africa (PASA) was meant Ca pe to replace the Harare Book Fair AFR| C A Most significant book fair in sub—Saharan Africa From 2014 onwards - F3“ 2014 Event has become an alternating annual event shifting 1 events between Cape Town and Johannesburg participation of over 100 authors. critics. and publishing professionals ' Mapsofworld 2014
  13. Famous Book Fairs oround@ihe world Tokyo International Book Fair Organized by - Tokyo Book Fair Executive Committee and Reed Exhibitions Japan One of the premier book fairs in East Asia Tokyo 3 _ , 4 ‘ @ g~~JAPAN Highlights of the 2015 fair Biggest publishing event of Japan e-books expo. and exhibitions for with Over licensing. content creators. content solutions. and production companies visitors and publishing companies from 2 5 nations ' Mapsofworld 2014
  14. Fqmnuc. Rnnlr Fairs c1round@’rhe world Hong Kong Book Fair Organized by Hong Kong Trade Development Council Celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2014 CHINA Hong Kong V 1 (SAR) . D Provides a forum for publishers and distributors > Cultural and literary activities for the general public are held to promote a culture of reading 20 14 event Record attendance of over 1 visitors cultural events exhibitors from} nations ' Mapsofworld 2014
  15. Fqmnuc Rnnlr Fairs QrQund@’rhe world Beijing International Book Fair Started in 1986 - Premier book fair in Asia providing a significant opportunity for international publishers ‘ _ ~‘ 3 —v* fa‘ wB'eijing' «s. s «m - Motto: Introducing excellent books from 21“ Cdition was held around the world into China and leading Overall exhibition area covered Chmese books to the world 53 sq meters Iapsomorld 2014 Guest of Honor country was Turkey
  16. Famnllc Rnnk Fqirtr QrQUnd©fhe Wortd Moscow International Book Fair Started in 1977 Biggest book fair in Russia extends over 30,000 sq meters with the participation of over 1,000 publishers R ©Moscow USSIA . if: _‘ Highlights of the fair Knigabite forum: To discuss the influence of Chitay-ka! forum: Showcases _ _ Digital technologr on the publishing industry the best of children's literature ' Mapsofworld 2014
  17. Famnus Rnnk Fairs: oround@The wortd Frankfurt Book Fair : ~ . . World's largest and most important book fair V GERMANY 1439 - First book fair was held " ' Frankfurt 20 1 3 edition hosted 7 , 2 exhibitors from 1 nations © Mapsofworld 2D14 ‘1 COntd-
  18. |. 'Inn1nnr~ D. nn, lr Fniwr Frankfurt Book Fair Most significant book fair in the world for international book rights First three days are meant only for trade visitors For other two days fair opens its doors to the general public Organized for over 60 years by — Several prizes are awarded — The German Publishers and Peace Prize of the German Book Trade Booksellers Association Bookseller / Diagram Prize for Oddest Title of the Year Recent winners of the prize for oddest book title 2012 — Goblinproofing One's Chicken Coop 2013 — How to P00 on a Date 'v1apsofI. /‘-Iorld 2014
  19. Famous Book Fairs ciround©ihe wortd Guadalajara International Book Fair Started in 1987 4 J *‘ by the University of Guadalajara. the fair also called FIL ' 4’ . ‘ p . / | Feria Internacional del Libro de Guadalajara) ' ‘ ‘M E X ' C 3 _GuadaIa; 'hra Second most important annual book fair in the Spanish- speaking world 2013 €‘—V€‘—11t TCC€iV€d 801118 > Promotes the business of publishing > Hosts :1 Cultural festival with literary events for authors > Academic discussions are held on -—. ,~: -ta. ..” topical issues - Mapsoiworld 2014
  20. v 2.10 J ‘ ’z‘°r/ dl, ‘,“. ~i Disclaimer: The slideshow is prepared after collecting data from various reliable sources and believed to be true. The Data / logo I imagesl marks of certain Organizations are used here merely for reference and used in good faith Copyright 2014, MapsOfNor|, All Rights Reserved with no intention to infringe the intellectual property rights ofthe Organizations.
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From Frankfurt to New Delhi, checkout these famous Book fairs from around the world


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