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Digital Transformation in Transportation
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Trends In The Automotive Industry

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We may not have flying cars yet, but we already have a lot of science fiction technology happening today or in the near future.

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Trends In The Automotive Industry

  1. Trends In The Automotive Space @marcusnelson
 APRIL 1st, 2015
  2. –HenryFord "Mark my word: a combination airplane and motorcar is coming. You may smile, but it will come.”
  3. We were promised flying cars
  4. Yesteryear’s challenges • Feasibility of a flying car: • ENGINEERING - Must safely take off, fly and land throughout urban environments • SAFETY - Pilot training, safety checks, 3 dimensional space are all problematic • ECONOMICS - Small but powerful propulsion costs millions to produce
  5. 90 Years Later… AeroMobil 3.0 —- maybe in 2017
  6. Today’s automotive challenges • Automaker competencies are focussed around making engines and auto bodies, designing and marketing cars • Still rebuilding their workforces after having shed more than 470,000 jobs during the Great Recession • This may mean creating and empowering smaller, more nimble teams and developing a higher tolerance for risk • Big players in the space may no longer dominate the future of mobility
  7. Looking forward… • Emissions concerns • Smart cars • Connected car data • Self-driving cars • Consumer Preferences • Access over ownership • Rise of ride/car sharing • 3D printing
  8. Emissions concerns • EFFICIENT — Burning less fuel, generates fewer emissions • CLEANER — Biofuels reduce emissions by 80 percent • ELECTRIC — Renewable sources produce zero emissions
  9. Smart Cars • COMPLEXITY — High-end cars now have more lines of code
 than fighter jets make intelligent decisions for the drivers and passengers • AUTOMATION — Sensors enable changes in driving conditions, parking, braking and ground clearance without human interference • ADD-ONS — new interfaces and connections to mobile devices • COSTS — The value of a car increasingly resides in software and electronics
  10. Connected car data • COMPUTERS — In-car Internet and the array of sensors collecting data on speed, driving skills and traffic conditions • DOCKING — Smartphone integration is more important than ‘smart’ standalone services such as GPS or entertainment systems • REPORTING — Notifications push to mobile devices to indicate changes in mechanical conditions of automobile or analyze driving habits
  11. Self-Driving Cars • DRIVERLESS — Already appearing automatic parking spaces, maintaining safe following distances and stay in lane in steady traffic • RACE — Google, Cisco, Tesla, and even Apple are rumored to be working on autonomous technologies • BENEFITS — Reduction in traffic accidents, disabled given new freedoms to travel, driving becomes a leisure activity or possible productive rather than a chore
  12. Consumer Preferences • INFOTAINMENT — A recent Consumer Reports survey found that infotainment equipment was the most troublesome feature in 2014 vehicles, suggesting a powerful upside for companies that can devise superior systems • SMARTPHONES — Consumers want to integrate with their connected cars rather than purchase an additional, sub-standard technology ecosystem • ATTITUDES — Millennials in particular are comfortable without ownership of transportation, yet wish to control mobility
  13. Access over ownership • MOBILITY — 91% of Millennials surveyed say owning a car is very important to their life, though access to and owning a car are synonymous for most • LICENSES — declining number of 16-year-olds with drivers licenses • CONVENIENCE — As access trumps ownership for more car drivers, the notion of the vehicle as docking station will become even more critical.
  14. Rise of ride/car sharing • BIAS — Appeals to younger, urban male and single. Half of consumers consider such services, so still more education and trust-building needed • EFFICIENCY — Smartphone make ridesharing significantly more convenient to browse, book and pay for a car or ride • ACCOUNTABILITY — Part of the sharing economy is developing a good reputation that situates one as trustworthy and reliable. • DATA — Personal profiles and transaction transparency build strong and connected communities for sharing.
  15. 3-D Printing • PROTOTYPING — Manufacturers now able to turn around ideas in close to real time meaning faster time to delivery • MATERIALS — Evolutionary changes in composite materials are making product modeling stronger and more durable • CUSTOMIZATION — After-market and consumers able to design and build modifications to existing specifications to create the cars they desire
  16. Summary • OPPORTUNITY — Boost renewable energy to promote zero emissions • OPPORTUNITY — Simplifying code and streamlining user experience • OPPORTUNITY — Treat vehicle as mobile docking station for interoperability • OPPORTUNITY — Reduce dependency on ownership, focus on mobility • OPPORTUNITY — Incorporate ride sharing as an evolving marketplace • OPPORTUNITY — Manufacture with aftermarket modifications in mind
  17. And this time… Can we not take 90 years to get there please?
  18. Thank you
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We may not have flying cars yet, but we already have a lot of science fiction technology happening today or in the near future.


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