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TikTok - General Playbook (short version)

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A shorter version of the official TikTok creators playbook sent to brands, advertisers, agencies, and influencers

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TikTok - General Playbook (short version)

  1. 1. TikTok Creator Playbook 【Entry Level】 Main Pages Recording Process General Skills
  2. 2. Home Page There are various of videos feeding here for your interests. The “Following” channel is to play the videos made by the creators you’ve followed. The “For you” channel is to play videos at random. The portrait links to the creator’s profile and the “+” is to follow the creator. You can show your preference by “like” and “comment” to a video. The last icon is for more actions, such as sharing, download and Duet. The disk will provide your details of the background sound in case that you want to shoot another one with the same music. Just surf what you like.
  3. 3. Discovery Page Enter the keywords here or scan the QR-codes to search videos, users, challenges and sounds. There are several banners slipped here to remind you the popular activities and announcements. Challenges list in chronological order. Touch the hashtag name to see more videos or shoot your own one. Keep up with trends.
  4. 4. Profile Page Write your profile and add your accounts like IG and FB, to let more people know you. This icon links to the Privacy and Settings page. You can see all the video you shot or made draft in the “Video” tab and those you’ve liked in the “Like” tab. The total view shows at the bottom left corner of every video. Create your own video with unified style.
  5. 5. Messages Page Pay attention to the four icons to know the reactions of your videos. TikTok Assistant will inform you the newest challenges. The system messages will come out if your video has got “hot” or other operations. Touch the white “+” icon to enter the shooting page. Try to make more interaction.
  6. 6. Recording Process Shooting Interface There are various of playlists of sounds in classification and you are also advised to upload your original sound. Interesting stickers and powerful effects will help you product more attractive videos with TikTok Style.
  7. 7. Make full use of filters and beauty adjustment to show your favorite image. Recording Process Shooting Interface
  8. 8. Speed: To control the shooting speed. Timer: To set a stop time halfway if the phone is out of your reach. Recording Process Shooting Interface Hold the red circle to shoot and then you’ll enter the editing interface.
  9. 9. Recording Process Editing Interface The Special Effects are different from the normal filters. They are professional in creating visual effects such as “shaking”.
  10. 10. Editing Interface As for the sound, you can choose it again, trim it or adjust the volume of your original sound. It’s time to post your production. Recording Process
  11. 11. Recording Process Posting Interface Don’t forget to write your title and description and make some keywords hashtag such as #travelwithme, in which way you can also join challenges. It’s all right to save your videos in Drafts in case there is not enough time for you to finish all the steps. For more shooting tips you can watch the tutorial videos through the banner with the same name “Tips Penggambaran”.
  12. 12. General Skills •Vertical screen shot is recommended •Viewing should be of sufficient light •Background will be nice if it is clear and clean. •Shoot should longer than 12 seconds. •Make sure the content you shot do not violate TikTok Community Convention( at the last page) For new comers, several tips you must know to make your new videos qualified.
  13. 13. •Share your videos to Facebook, Instagram and other social platform, which will help you gain more exposure and views. •Create videos are easy to learn and follow; •Choose music that is brainwashing and rhythmic; •Match the image with the rhythm or lyric to create synergistic effect; •Create a signature gesture or some memory points will increase chances to be recommended. For new comers, several tips you must know to make your new videos easily viral. General Skills
  14. 14. -Advanced Creator Playbook Link -More Product Tutorial Link -More Video Demos Link
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A shorter version of the official TikTok creators playbook sent to brands, advertisers, agencies, and influencers


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