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Lead Generation Overtaking SEO?



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Being the best way to generate organic leads, SEO didn't contribute much in generating revenue for your business. So, Opt for Lead Generation with SEO to get more Revenue for your Business

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Lead Generation Overtaking SEO?

  1. 1. WHY LEAD GENERATION OVERTAKING SEO? A guide to understand Lead Generation Lead for Revenue Generation(L4RG)
  2. 2. Lead for Revenue Generation(L4RG) You’ve been hearing this from a lot of marketing “Gurus” or influencer or even your marketing team talking about this. Is SEO DEAD?Is it Real? Do--SEO dead or going to be in future. Well, I’ve been scrutinizing about this for, a long time.
  4. 4. Lead for Revenue Generation(L4RG) Why we are saying Lead Generation Overtaking SEO? With time technology advances and SEO is a long and time taking process; which requires a lot of consistency and man-power.
  5. 5. Where on the other side Putting that much effort on this activity; does the outcome are worth it? Lead for Revenue Generation(L4RG) Where SEO is still very important and much- needed activity for your website.
  6. 6. extract potential audiences from the customer base and turn them into a lead and then a loyal customer LEAD GENERATION SEO is all about your Keyword Ranking and increasing your organic reach. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION(SEO)
  7. 7. THE “LEAD GENERATION” WORKS ON 5-PRINCIPLES SPECIFIC MEASURABLE ACHIEVABLE RELEVANT TIME-ORIENTED Lead for Revenue Generation(L4RG) S M A R T Eventually, turn-out to be “SMART”-- Yes! Lead Generation is all about working Smart like a (Dolphins) rather than working hard as a (Turkey)...
  8. 8. Lead for Revenue Generation(L4RG) Well, these things are both interconnected with each other. Revenue or Traffic?Yes, we used to say that!
  9. 9. Getting huge traffic at your website--that doesn’t mean you are creating much revenue--On the other side-getting, a precise and descent traffic can bring you more revenue. But I don’t think so… Lead for Revenue Generation(L4RG)
  10. 10. I DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU BUT I WILL GO FOR THE REVENUE FOR SURE… Lead for Revenue Generation(L4RG)
  11. 11. Lead-Generation is working on Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) DAY ONE LEAD Generation--is all about your Revenue and providing you the potential customers from- Lead for Revenue Generation(L4RG)
  12. 12. Which eventually--low’s down your budget; you were spending on SEO and hoping for better results and getting disappointed most of the time. Want to know your Cost Acquisition Cost? -- Suppose-Your marketing budget is 6000$ per month and you acquire 3,000 new customers then your CAC will be $2-per customer. Lead for Revenue Generation(L4RG)
  13. 13. CONCLUSION That’s not it! We have a lot more--How Lead Generation can be your next best decision you’ve taken to enhance your ROI, and turn your Business into a Brand. It’s a very short brief of Lead Generation--and there is much to tell--you about the process, procedure--benefits and escalate your revenue--even you are Start-up, Small-business, MNC or Enterprises.
  14. 14. COME IN FOR A CHAT! 4005, Banister LN, #190C Austin, Texas 78704 MAIN BRANCH ADDRESS 872 204 0620 PHONE NUMBER EMAIL ADDRESS Lead for Revenue Generation(L4RG)