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Need to Optimize the Landing Page



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Have the Best Way to optimize your landing page to have more visitors on your website to have more leads and increase your ROI.

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Need to Optimize the Landing Page

  1. 1. LANDING PAGE- DO YOU REALLY NEED TO OPTIMIZE IT? Lead for Revenue Generation(L4RG)
  2. 2. A landing page is the last stage of (Marketing-Funnel), where an unknown person turning into your potential customer. It’s a long journey to bring the customer from top of the funnel at the bottom. Your Landing page is the last obstacle between you and your customer., and you make sure that there will be no error on your landing page. Lead for Revenue Generation(L4RG)
  3. 3. THE LEAKY BUCKET THEORY ? Let’s make this more clear! Have you ever heard of Andrew Ehrenberg
  4. 4. THE LEAKY BUCK THEORY IS MORE OF AN ANALOGY THAN A THEORY it’s theory is to understand the customer relationship management and how to escalate customer review. This effect is more about- acquiring the customer and turning them into potential customers.
  5. 5. IN SIMPLE WORDS The leaky bucket concept works on the principle to describe the customer outcomes of dividend or debt rather than customer swirl…. Most companies and marketers indulge themselves in recruiting customers rather than retaining the old ones.
  6. 6. Yes! You need to optimize your Landing page as much efficiency as you can. Unless you want to acquire your every single customer rather than losing them unknowingly. DON’T TURN YOUR LANDING PAGE INTO A LEAKY BUCKET- WHERE YOU LOSING CUSTOMERS, AFTER ALL, THAT EFFORT!
  7. 7. What is the motive of your landing page. It could be anything- Want to generate leads, Sell an E-book, subscribe them to your newsletter or blog BE PRECISE! THINGS TO REMEMBER WHILE OPTIMIZING YOUR LANDING PAGE THE OUTCOME ANALYSIS! THE JOURNEY! UNDERSTAND YOUR AUDIENCE THE WAY This would be the first thing you were doing before planning any marketing strategy or even designing your landing page. Understanding your audience’s behavior can bring you immense growth in a short period. After knowing your audience you need to align the way to your landing page. What would be your marketing strategy, and from you’ve gone acquire the lead. If it’s from Linkedin, Google, or any other social media platform
  8. 8. That’s a Wrap! It is a very brief description; why landing pages are important and why you need to optimize them in the best possible way. We also shared some ways to remember and apply them. While creating or optimizing your landing page. This is not it! We have a lot more to share. Want to know more about Landing pages and how exactly it works? IN THE END
  9. 9. GET IN TOUCH 4005, Banister LN #190C, Austin, TX USA ADDRESS 872 204 0620 PHONE EMAIL