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10 ways to create an active and vibrant online group
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Online Facilitators Self Assessment

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Online Facilitators Self Assesment to be used with Learning to Fly's Performance Improvement Benchmarking

Online Facilitators Self Assessment

  1. 1. Online Community Facilitators Performance Improvement Benchmark Name Group Strategy Growth Moderation Content Relationships Events & Activities Technology Purpose, objectives and direct invites, promotion, referral initiating discussions, resolving writing content and encouraging personal participation, cultivating planning online/offline events Identifying and using other collecting/analysing data tactics etc. disputes, soliciting responses, others to contribute volunteers, befriending key regular/irregular events technology to support the steering the community members community I continually work towards I invite new members to I regularly review I introduce relevant I continue to build I plan a range of online I regularly look to ensure explicit community goals join and keep them community content, content to the group that relationships with a wide and offline events that I use new and and expectations. active/engaged. including summarising and creates conversation or range of members to throughout the year based innovative techniques and refresh areas or deleting awareness on topic area develop a sense of on the requirements of the technology to get the most I look to evolve the I continually promote the redundant content that fit the needs of the community community members, out of the environment andLevel 5 community purpose in community in various community. including hotseats, its members order to meet the changing formats ranging from I promote and signpost the I have recruited and roundtables, webinars, needs of its members by marketing, blogs to, knowledge created as a I encourage other to trained volunteers to phone conference, analysing data and success stories and case result of community activity produce content that undertake activates within competitions and face to feedback from the group studies to encourage the into a useable format to stimulates conversation the community face meet ups. right members to join show the benefits of being part of the community. I make sure the goals and I regularly refresh the I phrase discussions and I craft content and make I have regular meetings to I regularly arrange Online I adjust the technology expectations of the membership of the content in ways that members aware of content I help divided up tasks and Offline meetings for depending on the needs of community are clear and community and content encourage further that is relevant and between the facilitators to community members using the community members reinforced. inactive members and responses from important to the assist in meeting the a range of different and look to introduce devise ways to help them participants. community, including communities goals and activates based on the technology based on theLevel 4 I communicate with participate newsletters and round ups expectations needs of the members requirements of the need community members to I try and draw connections not just the technology ensure their goals and I advertise the community between participants and I comment and like content All community facilitators’ expectations are being met to other colleagues and content. . from other members to work together to facilitate encourage other members encourage them to share and monitor the to invite new members to community. the community I helped identify the need I accept members and As a facilitator I phrase I create content on a I regularly contact my I occasionally arrange I adapt the technology for the community after welcome them to the discussions and content in regular basis that is network and look to online or offline events to based on feedback from discussions with possible community. ways that encourage relevant to the community increase it as new help develop the the members and the use community stakeholders. further responses from members members join and community and mutual of the functions.Level 3 I direct new members too participants participate in the trust between members Clear goals and interesting content and I add content on a regular community expectations are present in encourage them to take I am aware that all basis that is new or the community and I the first step in contributions should not relevant to the community I discuss the community ensure community participating come from me. members and its direction with other discussion stays on track facilitators to meet these aims. I have added the goals I accept members and As a facilitator I respond to I upload content that I I have a small network of I’m aware that a I have created a and expectations of the welcome them to the discussion contributions have seen or that has people that I go to for community is not limited to collaborative environment group to the community community and seed questions and been passed onto me assistance with the an online platform and look that suits the needs andLevel 2 description. content to encourage two when I get a chance to. community to create events and the way the community way communication activities for members members communicate. I have got some level of when I can buy in from a core group before creating the community. I am unclear or ambiguous Members are accepted but As a facilitator I dip in and I batch upload content to I do not have any go-to The activities for the group I have created the basic of the communities’ I do not welcome them out of the community. the community that people when a question are limited to the online collaborative environmentLevel 1 purpose, goals or connect them to content or As a facilitator I feel that colleagues ask me to arises that I do not know platform but I’m not sure how to use expectations. people. the communication with upload the answer to it and if it is right for the the community is one-way. audience
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Online Facilitators Self Assesment to be used with Learning to Fly's Performance Improvement Benchmarking


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