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Citrix Enterprise Mobility Solutions



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Citrix Enterprise Mobility Solutions

  1. 1. Soluções para Mobilidade Corporativa Nov 8, 2012
  2. 2. Agenda • Introdução • Desafios & oportunidades • Implementando mobilidade corporativa com uma loja de serviços • Demonstrações • Q&A 2 © 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute
  3. 3. Mobilidade: Desafios & oportunidades
  4. 4. Aplicações Aplicações SaaS & Armazenamento Smartphone BYO de dados PC Corporativo Aplicações móveis Tablet BYO Dados © 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute
  5. 5. Mobilidade Corporativa hoje Dispositivos Multiplas Proliferação Dados não BYO localidades de aplicações gerenciados 3 65% 200+ 80%+ Dispositivos usuários Aplicações Fortune 500 Médio por Trabalham em Portfólio médio dos Utilizam funcionário multiplos lugares clientes Citrix armazenamento não gerenciado Source: Citrix and leading analysts © 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute
  6. 6. Gartner – CIO Top 10 Prioridades em 2012 © 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute
  7. 7. Soluções essenciais para Mobilidade Corporativa • Qualquer dispositivo, pessoal ou da empresa • Loja de aplicações self-service • “Siga-me” para aplicações e dados • Single sign-on • Provisionamento/desprovisionamento automatizado • Acesso seguro com controles contextuais © 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute
  8. 8. Solução Citrix para Mobilidade Corporativa Acesso seguro e simples para todas as aplicações e dados em qualquer dispositivo XA/XD Content Controllers SaaS Gateway services PC StoreFront™ Mac services Smartphone Tablet Thin Client Sharefile Receiver /Mobile © 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute
  9. 9. Citrix Receiver Acesse todas aplicações corporativas através de mais de 3 bilhões de dispositivos • “Siga-me” para aplicações e dados • Aplicações auto-provisionadas • Self Service • Requisição de acesso a aplicações • Acesso remoto seguro SSL • Single Sign on • Configuração com um-click • Interface descomplicada • HDX (Experiencia em alta definição) © 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute • Suporte a Windows 8
  10. 10. • Loja de aplicações Móveis, Web, SaaS e Windows self- service • Suporte nativo a HTML5, iOS and Android • Politicas de controle e acesso para Apps & dados • Single sign-on paraapps & dados • Remoção remota de apps & dados • Acessível por qualquer dispositivo executando Citrix Receiver © 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute
  11. 11. Mobile StoreFront™ services Web & HTML5 Content Controllers Windows Data Gateway services © 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute
  12. 12. Gerenciamento, segurança e controle para aplicações móveis nativas MDX MDX MDX MDX App Vault Web Connect Micro VPN* Policy Orchestration *Available for Web Connect today, App – Do Q4 Distribute © 2012 Citrix | Confidential Vault Not
  13. 13. Implementação de CloudGateway – Adoção faseada Citrix CloudGateway Mobile Web NetScaler AppController Access Gateway Web Interface SaaS Citrix Receiver FMD ShareFile Virtual © 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute Windows
  14. 14. Implementação de CloudGateway – Adoção faseada Citrix CloudGateway Mobile Web NetScaler StoreFront AppController Access Gateway SaaS Citrix Receiver Web Interface FMD ShareFile Virtual © 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute Windows
  15. 15. CloudGateway Express Enterprise + ShareFile Implemente uma loja de Extenda sua loja de Uma loja completa de aplicações para seu ambiente aplicações para todas serivços com XenApp/XenDesktop apps aplicações, desktops e dados © 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute
  16. 16. Compartilhe qualquer arquivo instantaneamente com qualquer pessoa E acesse imediatamente de qualquer dispositivo © 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute
  17. 17. ShareFile com StorageZones • Escolha onde seus dados serão armazenados • Zonas podem ser definidas em nuvens publicas ou privadas • Gerencie sua própria zona sob suas regras e políticas Citrix-managed StorageZone (AWS) Customer-managed StorageZone (example) StorageZones is available in Tech Preview © 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute
  18. 18. Citrix Receiver e CloudGateway entregam mobilidade com segurança Mobile Container Mobile App Wrapping Secure Browser Contained Data Single Sign-On Mobile Optimized © 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute
  19. 19. XenApp Líder e padrão em virtualização de aplicações Windows sob-demanda • Reduz custos de suporte por centralizar o gerenciamento de aplicações • Self service de aplicações 24 x 7 • Seguro por design • Experiencia de usuário HDX • Alto ROI, valor comprovado Incluído no XenDesktop © 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute
  20. 20. Porque migrar para o XA 6.5? • Alta densidade de usuários por servidor (64 bits) • Acesso instantaneo em aplicações • Experiencia multimidia com HDX • Melhor QoS (Multi-stream ICA) • Otimização de impressão embutida • Integração total com Citrix Receiver e Cloud Gateway • Desktop Director © 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute
  21. 21. Migração de aplicações rápida e segura DISCOVER • Rápida migração de aplicações ᵒTransições físicas para virtuais ᵒUpgrades de OS e browser MODEL ᵒAplicações existentes para novas plataformas • Análises rápidas de portfolio AUTOMATE • Remediação inteligente • Empacotamento automatico de apps MANAGE • Gerenciamento de ciclo de vida © 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute
  22. 22. Soluções Citrix Any Device Any Cloud © 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute
  23. 23. Demonstrações
  24. 24. Q&A Sample Calls
  25. 25. Work better. Live better.

Editor's Notes

  • Thank you for joining and welcome to our Q4 Partner Shark Days training! I don’t want to stand in the way of you and the great content we have prepared for you today but I did want to take a few minutes to remind of you of some key points, takeaways and incentives we have in place for you!
  • What we’ll be covering todaySecure data and app store is known in Citrix by Unified Storefront.
  • Intro (two bubbles w/ green locks): Life was simple during the PC era. We in IT had a single use case in the ‘90s – users worked in the office with a PC chosen and procured by IT, and apps were either local to the PC or delivered from the datacenter. It was easy to secure the PC and the apps. Users worked in the office from devices provided by IT, and IT chose and delivered the apps for the users.Key Points: What does IT deal with today? Proliferation of devices, apps, and data. All of it unsecured.Sometimes users are in the office with their laptop, but many users are just as likely to be out and about leveraging their smartphone between meetings or in the airport with their tablet waiting to catch a flight. While some apps are still delivered out of the datacenter more and more businesses and departments are taking advantage of the rise in SaaS app services, mobile apps and cloud-based data solutions. In many cases IT might not even know about these apps until they take a user’s help desk call. The result can be both chaos and risk: untrusted devices, unmanaged apps & data; IT losing control over the new predominant use cases for work. You end up with untrusted devices accessing potentially unmanaged apps and data.
  • Intro: But we’ve now experienced an immense transition from the PC era to the cloud era, and the rules and assumptions have all changed.Key Points: According to recent studies and reports, the average worker uses 3 different devices on a daily basis. (Suggestion: Add a personal anecdote, e.g. “In fact my 12-year-old daughter uses 3 devices on a daily basis – her laptop, a cell phone and an iTouch”.) People may work in the office some of the time but at least 50% work across multiple locations – they might be at home working after the kids go to bed or in an airport or at a customer site. Different types of apps are growing at rapid rates – according to a recent Citrix survey taken at Synergy SF 2012, Citrix customers are managing a large portfolio of apps (the next slide will show how this portfolio breaks down). Finally, almost every organization has problems today with employees leveraging free, insecure, unmanaged cloud-based storage.Supporting Data and/or Stories: We invited one customer under strict regulatory requirements to simply contact and dropbox and ask how many accounts had their corporate suffix on the end (e.g. <email> and the blood drained from their faces when they realized how many employees were sharing data using unsecure, unmanaged, unsupported cloud services.
  • The result of BYO, consumerization of IT, and the proliferation of apps and data is, according to Gartner, Enterprise Mobility ranking #2 this year in terms of CIO priorities.
  • The starting point of the Citrix enterprise mobility strategy is Citrix ReceiverThe universal software client. Available for free on consumer app stores, Receiver gives employees secure, self-service access to all the apps and data they need to work from any device – all with a beautifully designed user experience tailored to the device they are using. Citrix announced at Synergy Barcelona that Receiver now supports more than three billion devices, including all major tablet, smartphone, laptop, Mac and PC platforms – and will add support for new Windows 8 tablets and laptops as they come on the market.Some of the Receiver enhancements. The key capabilities that have been added to all of the receivers are: 1)clientless VPN access to web, SaaS, mobile apps and data (ShareFile); 2) HDX enhancements, suchas optimization pack for Lync and HDX SoC v2; and 3) 2-factor authentication for mobile receiversHDX: 3D Appsconsume less bandwidth. HDX System in a Chip. The device does HDX job. Audio and video are processed by the device. Keep in mind that some of the folks you’ll be calling down may not be using Receiver at all, and rely solely on the Online plugin to access their virtual apps, introduce them to Receiver----------General features:Easy to install and useCitrix Receiver is available from many popular app stores and is so easy to install that users can do it themselves. To make it even easier, the new release of Citrix Receiver enables users to only enter their email address which will automatically configure Citrix Receiver. Once it’s installed and configured, workers can simply login and choose their apps and access their docs. Learn moreOptimized for each deviceCitrix Receiver leverages the native capabilities of each device to ensure an optimal and intuitive user experience. If a device is touch-enabled, those same touch commands work with Receiver and are translated to the virtual desktop or application.On the go productivityCitrix Receiver together with CloudGateway and ShareFile enables users to be as productive on the go as they are in the office. The new release of Citrix Receiver allows users to run their corporate mobile apps and access their docs directly on their mobile devices, even when not connected to a network.Mobile user experienceCitrix MDX enables IT to provide a true native mobile experience to users though the management, security, and control of corporate web and native mobile applications, including iOS, Android and HTML 5 apps. Citrix Receiver with MDX enables IT to deliver mobile, web and Windows applications, as well as data to any device, separated from the user’s personal apps and data, while maintaining security policy integrity and adhering to regulatory compliance requirements. Well talk more about this later----------We all know that Citrix Receiver is the easy-to-install client software that lets you access your docs, applications and desktops from any of your devices including smartphones, tablets and PCs.Great for users:- Work anywhere, on any device including your favorite smartphone and tablet platforms, such as Apple, Android, HP and RIM in addition to your Windows PCs and Macs.- Increase flexibility through an enterprise app store that gives you self-service access to your docs, apps and desktops across all of your mobile and desktop devices.- Experience rich, high-definition desktop and application performance that is fine-tuned for your network connection and device capabilities.Great for IT:- Enable workers' favorite devices and mobilize their content to support on the go productivity without adding complexity and layers of management.- Securely deliver virtual desktops and enterprise apps -- including mobile, web and Windows -- over any desktop or mobile platform.Provide a high-performance HDX experience over any network by adapting each device’s processing, graphics and network capabilities with the native capabilities of the desktops, applications and IT services they access.
  • The next piece of a comprehensive Mobile Enterprise strategy for IT is an integrated solution that brings together the management of mobile apps, data and devices into a single, unified control point. That’s where Citrix CloudGateway comes in – A Single Control Point for Mobile Apps and Data.• CloudGateway 2 adds mobile application management, in addition to Windows, web and SaaS apps, andprovides role-based ShareFile document management so employees can easily view, edit, sync, and sharefiles from any device and among multiple devices with secure, document-level control.• CloudGateway ensures secure delivery and use of mobile apps and data through two new technologies.For iOS and Android apps, CloudGateway wraps the app to secure access and enforce policy. For appswritten in HTML5, CloudGateway puts a container around the web app to allow for secure online and offlineaccess• This allows employees to be as productive “on the go” as they are in the office with access to theirpersonalized set of applications and data when and where they need them.-----You’ll likely find many customers still using Web Interface. Storefront is a natural progression from thereterminated employees and remote wipe for data and apps stored on lost devices.  Self-serve app storeAllow employees to self-select their mobile, web and Windows apps from an IT provisioned, managed and updated set of applications that have been approved for their use.Learn moreFollow-me data with ShareFileDeliver ultimate productivity for mobile users by allowing them access to all of their corporate data with the ability to edit, sync, and securely share files from any device.Learn moreMobile security and control with MDXManage, secure and control web and native mobile applications through a secure mobile container, seamless app integration, and policy-based access controls, including an application-specific VPN.Learn more  Scenario-based accessDefine comprehensive access and control policies using endpoint analysis and user roles to determine which apps and data to deliver, and what level of content access should be provided.Identity-based provisioning
  • Add statistics around data.• New mobile workstyles and the consumerization of IT have been instrumental in driving user adoption ofconsumer grade data-sharing services. However, the use of these services (e.g. Dropbox) presents serioussecurity challenges for organizations.• IT organizations would like to replace the use of these tools with enterprise-class solutions that deliver onthe mobility, data sharing and collaboration requirements of the workforce while providing managementand security features businesses expect.Empower users with Instant access to data, synced across all devicesImprove collaboration and productivity through secure file sharingMeet corporate security and compliance standards with a secure serviceDeliver an enterprise-class service that meets workflow and productivity needsEnable IT to retain control and deliver a managed serviceAccess data wherever its stored, on/of premises, and existing data platformsMENTION COMPLIANCE.
  • The innovative StorageZones feature gives IT the flexibility to choose between Citrix ShareFile-managed secure cloud storage options in multiple worldwide locations, or lets IT leverage on-premise storage within their private cloud or a hybrid of the two. StorageZones enable optimal performance, by giving IT the ability to store data in close proximity to the user. With the On-Premise option, Storage Zones also allows IT to place data in their own data center to meet unique data sovereignty and compliance requirements. With the option to store data in multiple locations, StorageZones allows IT to build the most cost-effective solution for their organization.
  • MAKE SURE HERMAN EXPLAINS THESE FEATURES IN A PRACTICAL WAY.Mobile container for apps, browser, data, and emailNative iOS, Android, and HTML5 apps wrapped with policySecure network access from app through Receiver to CloudGatewayRemote wipe/lockMonitoringThe next piece of a comprehensive Mobile Enterprise strategy for IT is an integrated solution that brings together the management of mobile apps, data and devices into a single, unified control point. That’s where Citrix CloudGateway comes in – A Single Control Point for Mobile Apps and Data.One slide: explain cg 2 key features, benefits, editions. Mention: leverage cloud gateway express to open doors○ At Synergy, Citrix conducted the first live public demonstration of the new CloudGateway 2 with its groundbreaking MDX “mobile device experience” technology. The addition of MDX gives CloudGateway a rich set of mobile app technologies that enable centralized management, security and control over native iOS, Android and HTML 5 apps.○ The new CloudGateway release also includes integration with Citrix ShareFile, giving customers a unified way to control the delivery of apps and data to mobile deviceWith these new additions, CloudGateway becomes the first product in the industry to offer customers a single unified control point for any mix of mobile, web, SaaS and Windows apps and data, delivered to any mix of corporate and personal devices.○ CloudGateway also features a fully unified storefront capability; making it easy to give employees secure, self-service access to the apps they need though an intuitive consumer-like “app store”.----------CloudGateway adds mobile application management, in addition to Windows, web and SaaS apps, andprovides role-based ShareFile document management so employees can easily view, edit, sync, and sharefiles from any device and among multiple devices with secure, document-level control.• CloudGateway ensures secure delivery and use of mobile apps and data through two new technologies.For iOS and Android apps, CloudGateway wraps the app to secure access and enforce policy. For appswritten in HTML5, CloudGateway puts a container around the web app to allow for secure online and offlineaccess• This allows employees to be as productive “on the go” as they are in the office with access to theirpersonalized set of applications and data when and where they need them.
  • So, we covered the data, we’re only missing Windows apps, this would be the last component of our solution to enable Enterprise Mobility.Citrix has always been known for application delivery and XenApp has always been the de-facto standard for on demand app delivery. We know what it can do: Centralized app management, self service apps that are secure by design and perform in a high definition environment (all of this is included in XenDesktop now)When we consider the best way to deliver these applications to tablets and mobile devices, a way that is secure and easy to deploy, we need to have the customer consider what they are already doing with XenApp. XenApp will enable them to take the existing applications that they are already delivering to your endpoints (desktops) and extend them for mobile devices Additionally, help them understand the benefits of using XenApp beyond the one or two problematic apps they may have, extending it to more departments throughout the organization…MENTION IT IS ALSO AVAILABLE IN A STANDALONE VERSION------Intro: Desktop virtualization addresses many of IT’s most pressing concerns simultaneously.Key Points:We can free people from the constraints of a more traditional enterprise computing model. Our approach is already enabling people to work and collaborate from anywhere, and to access any IT service from any device. It is a new, more people-centric approach that spans from desktop to datacenter. IT has the ability to centralize, virtualize and deliver apps, desktops and data with greater control, security, and efficiency and ultimately lower operating costs. Any data center becomes a delivery center and where all aspects of computing become cloud-based services. For IT, Citrix technology enables a virtual datacenter – where computing resources are always available to users with the security, performance and control that IT requires to manage desktops and apps. It is the foundation of the new, transformed people-centric IT – easier and simpler.For end-users, Citrix technology offers virtual workstyles with the flexibility to balance work and life – the freedom to collaborate and work anywhere, on any device – achieving the freedom employees want with the control IT requires. For the business, Citrix provides the agility needed to seize new growth opportunities – organic and inorganic, deliver exceptional customer service and create a more efficient business.Illustration/Anecdotes/Proof:(Bring in Citrix examples that demonstrate the claims made above.)
  • XA 4.5 is getting to its EOL in March 2013.Why is it important for customers to migrate and what’s in it for you (Partner)?It’s important because they’ll get even more benefits and explain consequences of not having support to critical/core apps. What’s in it for Partners?AppDna Migration Product sells and Migration Consulting Services with APPDNA.Mention Windows XP extended support very expensive.XenApp 6.5. Whether included as a component of XenDesktop Enterprise and Platinum or deployed as a standalone product, XenApp has long been recognized as the de-facto standard in on-demand app delivery. Now with turbo-charged app launches and a seamless multimedia experience over any network, XenApp 6.5 makes the user experience better than ever.Higher user density per server: less servers, better ROI: XA 4.5 runs on WS2003 which runs on 32 bits. This allows less users per server than WS2008 servers which run in 64 bits.Instant App Access (now we can launch apps faster)The XenApp 6.5 feature generating the most excitement among customers is Instant App Access. Gone are the days when users would have to wait several seconds for the creation of an ICA session before their application launched. By creating an ICA session immediately upon user log-in to Citrix Receiver, Session Pre-Launch dramatically reduces overall application launch times. Since the ICA session is created even before the user clicks the application icon, the only remaining time to wait is for the application launch itself. Depending on the application, this can be nearly instantaneous.Similar technology allows an ICA session to linger after users close their last published app so that the next application launch is just as instantaneous. While these features do consume a license, the time periods for lingering or pre-launch are configurable by the IT admin.Seamless multimedia experience with HDXWith only a few exceptions, all of the HDX enhancements seen in XenDesktop 5.5 are also applicable for XenApp 6.5. For example, significant updates to HDX MediaStream for Flash mean that Adobe® Flash® content can be rendered locally over more network conditions than before. This dynamically takes advantage of computing resources at the end point, resulting in even higher server scalability and a great user experience even at up to 300ms round-trip latency.Multi-Stream ICAIT administrators now have the option of delivering XenApp ICA traffic over up to four TCP/IP streams. Now instead of prioritizing the entire ICA pipeline over HTTP traffic, this feature enables more granular control for Quality of Service (QoS) routing. Now customers can provide superior audio/visual quality for apps delivered over the WAN for example without disrupting other HTTP traffic.Any Device, Anywhere with Citrix ReceiverXenApp 6.5 takes advantage of new Citrix Receiver enhancements for extreme multi-tasking, faster Windows app performance and advanced Linux device support. Customers can now deliver self-service apps to more than one billion devices, including PCs, Macs, tablets, smartphones, and thin clients – and all major device operating platforms, including new environments like iOS, Android, and Google ChromeOS. Add it all up and we’re talking about over 1 Billion devices.Enhanced Desktop ExperiencePreviously provided as an add-on pack for XenApp 6.0, support for an enhanced desktop experience is now included as an integrated feature of XenApp 6.5. IT can transform the typical server desktop published by XenApp. This feature enables support for themes, installs accessory apps, and allows for the display of high-res wallpapers. With a Windows-7 like Start Menu and taskbar, users can enjoy the look and feel of a Windows 7 desktop, while IT can benefit from the server density and locked down image management of a hosted shared desktopDesktop DirectorWhen end-users need support help with their XenApp delivered apps, help desk support staffs can use the popular Desktop Director console that now includes the integrated capability to assist users with applications delivered by XenApp and with desktops delivered by XenDesktop. Dynamic Data Center ProvisioningNow XenApp 6.5 deployments can be scaled in record time by creating “controller” or “worker” roles in a XenApp server farm. Because workers in the farm need to sync much less data, fewer overall database transactions are required. Plus, these new roles make the process of joining a large number of servers to a XenApp farm faster and easier.These are just a few of the new features in XenApp 6.5. For a full list of all features and a comparison to previous versions, you can refer to the new comparative feature matrix.For a free interactive overview of XenApp 6.5 be sure to check out this new online course.XA 6.5 migration?Compatibilidad de las apps con SO.4.5 corre en 2003 32 bitsPero version 5 funciona en W2008 a 32 bits. 6.5 corre en W2008 con 64 bits.Otroargumento, Sistema de archivos de 2008 esdistinto al de 2003.AppDna.Migration tool de 4.5 a 6 y 6.5. Miguel no sabe. Averiguar! DEBE ESTAR BIEN PROBADA.HORAS DE CONSULTING. NO ESTAN USANDO O PARTNER NO HIZO BUEN TRABAJO Y PRODUCTO NO ESTA FUNCIONANDO.XA 6.5 BENEFITS:64 bits van a tener mayor densidad de users per server, menos HW paraatender a los queatendia.XA 6.5 vienen con mejoras (con Cisco) soporte a Cisco UCS (Unif communication system, softphones) y MSFT Lync en vozsobreip. Call Centers, compraban PC con MSFT Lync y no funcionaba, ahorasi.Duraba mucho en lanzar la app. Antes. Esoesporquehabia un preoceso de fondoparaautenticar al ususario.En XA 6.5 pre-launch apps. Este proceso de autya lo hizopreviamente. Pero consume maslicencias XA. Usalic sin que el user esteconectado.Universal Print : proceso de impresionmasrapido. Incluso en la WAN. Consume menosancho de banda la impresion. Reconoce en dispmoviles, lasfuncionalidades del dispmovil. Teclado, camara, resolucionajuste solo.APPDNA ayuda:Mensajeayudacuando hay incompat de apps con Sos.Analizas la app con AppDnate dice quetienesquemodificar en el SO o en la app paraquefuncione en W2008. Entoncesluegocomprelaslicencias en 6.5.CompreAppDnaservicio. Lo resuelves 1 o 2 veces.Para esocompramosAppDna.Hay muchosclientesparadosporesto.Si comprasestaslicenciastedamos el servicio de appdna.Claves:Banca
  • Lastly, we also wanted to mention our AppDNA solution. As customers migrate to application virtualization, off of 4.5, and even to windows 8-- they will need assistance with moving those virtual apps overThe Citrix AppDNA software platform enables organizations to quickly and intelligently assess their application portfolio and migration plans. As part of the Citrix Desktop Transformation Model, this gives customers important information that helps them plan and more rapidly implement a strategy to deliver Desktops as a service to all users in the enterprise. The key benefits include: Rapid application portfolio analysis – To determine any potential install and/or runtime issues associated with application migration. A report is generated that provides the assessment in an easy-to-read format (red, amber, green) along with an effort calculator that provides project sizing in terms of resources required to complete.Intelligent application remediation – AppDNA provides guidance to an organization for those applications that are determined to have potential compatibility issues. In many cases, the remediation can be provided directly via the AppDNA tools. Organizations now have a confirmed starting point for their migrations as well as a path forward to ensure the success of the project. Automated application packaging – AppDNA enables organizations to rapidly deploy applications through automated packaging of applications in Microsoft Windows Installer
  • Introdução: Tudo isso faz parte da nossa visão de possibilitar estilos de trabalho móveis e os serviços em nuvem. Pontos Chave:As soluçõs BYOD Citrix que englobam o Citrix Receiver™, Citrix® XenDesktop®, Citrix® CloudGateway™ e o Citrix ShareFile™ oferecem virtualização de desktop, uma loja de aplicativos corporativa unificada e compartilhamento de arquivos, tudo isso para tornar o BYOD simples e seguro para qualquer organização. Transição: E nossa s soluções BYOD já estão causando um profundo impacto na Citrix e em muitos dos nossos clientes.
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