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What's Next (2009) UBA 60 Edition
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2009 Themes // Ideas Are Awesome

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A presentation we used at the beginning of the year to brief various clients on key themes for 2009 that they should consider for how to connect with people as they developed their marketing campaigns, which also was part of the inspiration for

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2009 Themes // Ideas Are Awesome

  1. 2009 Outlook and Themes v22
  2. What we’ll cover: 2009 Landscape 2009 Themes
  3. 2009 Landscape
  5. In Marketing
  6. Change in marketing "Your clients are in trouble. They are looking to you to save them. The ad inventory that has been sold for the last 50 years no longer works, and marketers have started to figure that out." John Stratton CMO Verizon Wireless More Info:
  7. Change in marketing "We’re not in the business of keeping the media companies alive. We’re in the business of connecting with consumers." Trevor Edwards Vice President Global Brand & Category Management Nike More Info:
  8. Change in marketing "Your brand is no stronger than your reputation—and will increasingly depend on what comes up when you are Googled." Allan Jenkins Global Communications Consultant More Info:
  9. In Media
  10. Change in media More Info:
  11. Change in media More Info:
  12. Change in media
  13. Change in media More Info: IMAGE: FLICKR / MATTIAS PEHRSSON
  14. In Social Media
  15. Change in social media More Info:
  16. Change in social media More Info:
  17. Change in social media More Info:
  18. In Mobile
  19. Change in mobile Image: CRUNCHGEAR
  20. Change in mobile Over 17MM sold so far 6.8MM sold in Q3 4.3MM sold in Q4 Over 66% of mobile web browsing is done on an iPhone.1 Google sees 50 times more search requests coming from Apple iPhones than any other mobile handset.2 Source 1: Source 2:
  21. Change in mobile More Info:
  22. Change in mobile More Info:
  23. iPhone = New Polaroid IMAGES: LISA WISEMAN More Info:
  24. Change in mobile More Info:
  25. In Life
  26. Change in life IMAGE: POPHANGOVER.COM
  27. Change in life More Info:
  28. Change in life Image: THE FRISKY
  29. 2009 Themes
  30. Simplify Connect Give Empower Inspire Adapt
  31. Simplify
  32. Simplify Life has become overly-busy and complicated. Help people simplify their lives and they’ll appreciate you more.
  33. iPhone
  34. Kraft More Info:
  35. FedEx More Info:
  36. More Info:
  37. iTunes Genius More Info:
  38. Shazam More Info:
  39. Touchatag More Info:
  40. Eye-Fi More Info:
  41. Digital meets retail More Info:
  42. Daily Sugar More Info:
  43. Web Pop Culture More Info:
  44. One I.D. More Info:
  45. Google Friend Connect More Info:
  46. Facebook Connect More Info: IMAGE: FLICKR / B_D_SOLIS
  47. Hӓagen-Dazs five More Info: Image: PSFK
  48. Lay’s More Info:
  49. Lay’s
  50. Connect
  51. Connect As social media matures, more and more people are looking to connect with people, companies and things that share or support their interests, beliefs and values. Connect people to these things and others that are like them to build a stronger relationship with them.
  52. Nike More Info:
  53. Nike More Info:
  54. Nike More Info:
  55. Nike More Info:
  56. Nike More Info:
  57. Nike More Info:
  58. Loopt More Info:
  59. Barcamp More Info: IMAGE: FLICKR / DAVEANDSIMA
  60. Interesting Conference More Info: IMAGE: FLICKR / NOL
  61. Pecha Kucha More Info: IMAGE: FLICKR / JAMES WILLAMOR
  62. Google Docs More Info:
  63. Pop-up Businesses More Info: IMAGE: FLICKR / MIKE BURNS
  64. Give
  65. Give We’re in a recession. People like free stuff. Give people something good and your value to them will increase accordingly.
  66. Facebook More Info: IMAGE: FLICKR / B_D_SOLIS
  67. iPhone Apps More Info:
  68. Free (Book) More Info:
  69. Denny’s More Info:
  70. Quiznos More Info:
  71. Burger King More Info: IMAGE: FLICKR / JASONLAM
  72. Music Radiohead Nine Inch Nails Girl Talk More Info: Radiohead: Nine Inch Nails: Girl Talk:
  73. Xbox More Info:
  74. Free Green More Info:
  75. Paper Critters More Info:
  76. Guerilla Gardening More Info:
  77. Park(ing) Day More Info:
  78. Hacking the Wii remote
  79. Empower
  80. Empower The growth and evolution of social media is making it easier and easier for more people to collaborate with each other to build, make, think and do things they’re passionate about with each other. Empower people to do these things by providing them with tools, access and connections that make them feel like they have a role in the success of your brand.
  81. Dell IdeaStorm More Info:
  82. My Starbucks Idea More Info:
  83. More Info:
  84. Business Cards Mini-Cards Sticker Books Post Cards Note Cards Greeting Cards More Info:
  85. Blurb More Info:
  86. More Info:
  87. Lifehacker More Info:
  88. Instructables More Info:
  89. Little BIG Planet More Info:
  90. Little BIG Planet
  91. Inspire
  92. Inspire Despite the ease with which we can all create more content, being good at it still requires skill and talent. Create stuff that inspires people to tell others about you. Create stuff that inspires people with skills and talent to want to create more stuff for and with you.
  93. It’s about doing stuff More Info:
  94. Cadbury (U.K.) More Info:
  95. Cadbury (U.K.)
  96. Cadbury (U.K.)
  97. Cadbury (U.K.)
  98. Cadbury (U.K.)
  99. T-Mobile (U.K.)
  100. Augmented reality More Info:
  101. Mini Cooper (GERMANY)
  102. Twitter t-shirts More Info:
  103. Roku’s Reward
  104. UNIQLO (SOHO) More Info:
  105. LEGO® More Info:
  106. Innocent Drinks More Info: IMAGE: FLICKR / INNOCENT.DRINKS
  107. Innocent Drinks More Info:
  108. Innocent Drinks More Info: IMAGES: FLICKR / INNOCENT.DRINKS
  109. Globo Logos
  110. Bike Hero
  111. Happy Clouds More Info:
  112. Happy Clouds
  113. Adapt
  114. Adapt The world is changing. We can’t keep doing things the way we always have. Look for new ways to communicate and connect with people—show them that you “get it.”
  115. Skittles More Info:
  116. Facebook More Info:
  117. Ikeahacks More Info:
  118. Ikeahacks More Info:
  119. Mad Men on Twitter More Info:
  120. Netflix More Info:
  121. Hyundai More Info:
  122. JetBlue More Info:
  123. Grand Opening (NYC) More Info: |
  124. Grand Opening (NYC) More Info: |
  125. Adaptable Furniture More Info:
  126. Bug Labs More Info: IMAGE: FLICKR / BUG LABS INC
  127. Modu
  128. Thought starters
  129. Simplify How can we make people’s days a little easier?
  130. Connect How can we help people connect with others who share their interests, values and beliefs?
  131. Give How can we add more value to people’s lives?
  132. Empower How can we help people accomplish their goals and dreams more easily?
  133. Inspire How can we get people to want to help us build our brands by distributing and creating content?
  134. Adapt How can we change our processes, services and products to better meet people’s needs?
  135. Questions?
  136. Thank You v22
  137. Inspiration & Collaborators PSFK Marc Jensen Vice President of Technology space150 Jim Cuene General Mills Nicole Newville Director of Modern Media space150 Heidi Keel Strategic Planner space150 Bethany Iverson Associate Strategic Planner space150
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A presentation we used at the beginning of the year to brief various clients on key themes for 2009 that they should consider for how to connect with people as they developed their marketing campaigns, which also was part of the inspiration for


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