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You Can't Live Without Female Engineers

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You Can't Live Without Female Engineers

  1. 1. H HackerRank You Can't Live Without Female Engineers Even though women make up 16% of software engineers, it's hard to go an hour without feeling their influence. 7:00AM Kim Vorrath VP at Apple of iOS team & more Hit snooze on your phone 22 Store Contacts Alarm Priya Poolavari Director of engineering at Samsung Catch up with friends Ruchi Sangvhi Co-creator of Facebook newsfeed W‘: no-or how a you punnv. out I 31' -so-arnnq one he rrovu n-cute zivooc-no 4-‘.511’; rug LO. Cnmnan! E 7£0AM 8:00 AM Check traffic Jen Fitzpatrick VP of engineering at Google, leading Local & Maps team 9:00 AM Check your email Sabrina Farmer I boogie One accounr All Goiagle, iii’ . ii Senior engineering manager at Google, responsible for Gmail 8. more 10:00 AM Visit company website Elissa Murphy CTO & EVP of GoDaddy 12:00 PM Order lunch Aaratee Rao Engineering leader of UberEats execution in SF 1:00 PM Update customer contact info Josie Gillan I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ; Previously director of core : infrastructure engineering I at Salesforce; currently I o : leader at Atlassian I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 2:00PM Sign important documents Robin Ducot SVP of product engineering at DocuSign 3:00 PM Send TPS reports : ) Kimber Lockhart Previously senior director of web app engineering at Box; now CTO at One Medical Group ()VI3YV. ‘i8W T 5:00 PM Turn up thermostat on the way home. Yoky Matsuoka VP of technology at Nest fin T Living Room Downstairs 33 6:00 PM Pay the bills Danese Cooper Paypa| 's head of open source a https www. paypa| .com : fl Amst Mani-ew_Bau. .. My Account send Puymem Reuaesl Honey Ienthnrl Se 7:00 PM Vivian H. Lee Engineering manager at Netflix Nlllllll #codelikeagirl Women's Cup: Oct 10, 2015 wvvw. hackerrank. com/ Sources: Linkedln. com https: //wvvw. crunchbase. com/ person/ robin-ducot https: //hackbrightacademy. com/ blog/ women-watch-meet-20-technica| —women-leaders-futu re-ctos/ http: //www. goo | ecapita| .com/ #/ https: //puppetla s. com/ blog/ engineer-it~once-never—again-sabrina-fa rmer-of-google @ HackerRank
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