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Snapchat Visual Marketing Strategy

Why should marketers consider Snapchat in their visual marketing strategy? Check out this presentation to learn more.

Also, you can go on my personal blog www.robertkatai.com to read my thoughts about Snapchat!

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Snapchat Visual Marketing Strategy

  1. SNA‘AT Marketing Strategy The Not—So—Perfect But Real Content in the Context ‘
  2. Why should marketers duce Snapchat in their
  3. 63 . . 3,796 1ooM daily photos daily video views Shared/ S€C0"d active users
  4. U 30°/ o of media planners include Snapchat in Super Bowl campaigns
  5. "[Snapchat] offers something unique in the world of mostly-broadcast, feed-centric social media—intimacy at scale. " Victor Pineiro, ILQL 3
  6. SNAPCHAT Visual Marketing Strategy
  7. Give Your Brand A New Touch 1
  8. consumers consumers expect to increase will back up the amount of a brand after goods and interacting services they buy with them on from socially- social media responsible brands
  9. 000 M E @@@ Q Elimlll. .. @ @ si. A%t'HAi_ kg é I/ l l success P Q l WAY TO L 649: ‘e l NO UNIVERSAL F A O l THERE IS
  11. Communicate with your EARLY CUSTOMERS 3
  12. By 2018, Millennials will have THE MOST SPENDING POWER of any generation
  13. The today millennials are THE TOMORROW CUSTOMER V ‘I. ’ ‘ V’ E I b 19
  14. Today's TV in your pocket G“, N
  15. Vertical Video Rising in Popularity
  16. 24H DEDICATED NEWS for the community
  17. Create Content To Build A Context For Your Brand @garyvee
  18. Start Stop
  19. Rate‘ www. robertkatai. com Visual Marketer Brand Evangelist Bannersnack @katairobi