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Social Media Optimization: An Easy Guide to Marketing and Distributing Your Content Online

A presentation originally created in 2006, and updated in 2014 with 8 NEW SLIDES and tips on how to promote, market and distribute your content marketing online.

Social Media Optimization: An Easy Guide to Marketing and Distributing Your Content Online

  1. HOW TO USE SOCIAL MEDIA OPTIMIZATION CREATED BY ROHIT BHARGAVA Best-Selling Author of Non-Obvious O R I G I N A L I D E A S . A L W A Y S U S E F U L . N E V E R O B V I O U S . AnEasyGuideToMarketing& DistributingContentOnline 2nd EDITION – FEATURING 8 NEW SLIDES!
  2. @ROHITBHARGAVAFOR MORE FREE PRESENTATIONS, VISIT WWW.ROHITBHARGAVA.COM ABOUT THIS PRESENTATION: THE BACKSTORY In2006,Ipublishedablogpostthatobservedanelementofdigitalmarketingthatseemedtobe emergingwhichIthencalled“SocialMediaOptimization.” Thatoriginalpostwentviral,tosaythe least,beingsharedhundredsofthousandsoftimes,sparkinganewacronym(SMO)thatwould eventuallybeaddedtoWikimedia,andinspiringdozensoftranslationsoftheoriginalpostinto multiplelanguages. Fouryearsaftertheoriginalpost,Ipublishedanupdatein2010inthatreimaginedthe“5rules”in lightofthegrowingimportanceofsocialnetworkingtoolslikeTwitterandFacebook. Now,anotherfouryearslaterin2014–thispresentationsharesthosenewrules,revisitedonce moreforaworldspeedingpastitssophomoreexcitementaboutsocialmediatoolsandkareening intothenascentpromiseofwearabletechnology,virtualreality,andthecomingInternetofthings thatpromisestosurroundeveryoneateverymomentwithaninescapableembraceoftechnology. RohitBhargava Author,5BestSellingBooks Professor,GeorgetownUniversity
  3. What is Social Media Optimization? A process of optimizing your site/blog to be more visible in social media searches and sites, more easily linked by other sites, and more frequently discussed online in blog posts and other social media ORIGINAL SLIDE - 2006
  4. Why do we need it? The Shifting Media Landscape • Everyone is a content creator • Technorati currently indexes nearly 60 million blogs • Google searches for most terms return millions of results • The rise of human filtered search • The long tail, meganiche and wisdom of crowds Bottom Line: There is an increasing amount of “noise” online – which is leading to … ORIGINAL SLIDE - 2006
  5. And then comes … Marketing What we will cover today: • How to Implement Social Media Optimization • A Case Study of SMO • Using Typepad for Marketing • A Checklist for Marketing Blog Posts Marketing Your Blog The Basic Elements Branding  Positioning  Integrating  Claiming  Syndicating ORIGINAL SLIDE - 2006
  6. Getting Started with Implementing SMO 5 rules to consider … 1. Increase your linkability 2. Make tagging and bookmarking easy 3. Reward inbound links 4. Help your content travel 5. Encourage the mashup ORIGINAL SLIDE - 2006
  7. Increase Your Linkability Focusing on sticky content and links … • Update your content as often as possible • Create sticky content features – Downloads – Lists/Rules • Use catchy headlines and branding • Follow the Permalink conventions ORIGINAL SLIDE - 2006
  8. Make Tagging and Bookmarking Easy Increase your visibility with new tool … • Use quick buttons to let people save your blog to any social bookmarking tool they use • Add relevant tags to each blog post so these posts can appear in aggregations listed by keyword on sites like Technorati • “Claim” your posts first by bookmarking them in ORIGINAL SLIDE - 2006
  9. Reward Inbound Links Making it worthwhile for others to link … • Display trackbacks, comments on your blog automatically • Add a list of “blogs that link here” or “recent comments” to feature contributors to your blog more highly (and therefore potentially send more of your traffic to them) • Offer thanks by adding a comment to a linking blog post or directly thanking linkers • Add links to further thoughts as updates on your original post ORIGINAL SLIDE - 2006
  10. Help Your Content Travel Syndicating and submitting your content … • Syndicate your content in RSS and provide direct links for visitors to subscribe • Offer email subscriptions to content through services like Feedburner • Don’t be afraid to submit your own posts to sites like Digg or Marktd, assuming the content is relevant (relevancy is key) • Tell other bloggers about your blog or a recent post – especially bloggers you admire ORIGINAL SLIDE - 2006
  11. Encourage the Mashup Sharing and distributing your blog … • Choose a Creative Commons license for your content (and don’t get ruled by your lawyers) • Find blog networks that can help you distribute your content and fit the premise of your blog • Pursue guest author or contributor arrangements with blogs in your industry to spread the word about your own blog (be sure to retain rights to republish your work on your blog, if you choose to) ORIGINAL SLIDE - 2006
  12. Using Typepad for Marketing The Swiss Army Sidebar & Widget Marketing Basics:  Categories  Blogrolls  Recent posts  RSS Feeds  Site Search  About Page Other Ideas:  Auto-translate buttons  Email subscriptions  Top 10 Most Popular or Favourite Posts  Widgets: • Feed Crier • Squidoo Lenses • Tagrolls • WhoLinked • Lots more in the Typepad Widget Gallery … ORIGINAL SLIDE - 2006
  13. Marketing Your Blog Posts A Checklist for Individual Posts Within Typepad (or other SixApart platforms):  Send trackbacks & pings  Add tags and keywords (in form + in post)  Use categories Other tactics:  Click your own links  Add your entry to relevant social bookmarking and news sites (note: relevancy is key – make sure your content fits the site) – Examples include: Digg,, Marktd, New PR, etc.  Directly contact bloggers that you think will be interested  Submit your post to get covered on megablogs: – Examples include: Slashdot, BoingBoing, PSFK, etc. ORIGINAL SLIDE - 2006
  14. Case Study: Social Media Optimization How SMO Caught Fire … • 5 Rules of Social Media Optimization – 08/10/06 • Added tags, bookmarked, emailed and submitted post to other social bookmarking sites • Within two weeks, 5 others added rules 5-16 to the original post and built on the original idea • Over the span of 3 months since the original post: – More than 100 other marketing pros discussed or bookmarked the original post, and Technorati shows 215 links to the original article – 8 others translated all 16 rules into French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, German, Japanese, Greek and Portuguese over the span of 3 months – SMO was added to Wikipedia as a term over two years ago and still exists as a growing entry ORIGINAL SLIDE - 2006
  15. Evolution: Social Media Optimization How SMO Has Been Updated … • 5 New Rules of Social Media Optimization – 08/10/06 • rules-of-social-media-optimization-smo.html • Over the 4 years since the original post – the Internet has become a place where far more focus is devoted to sharing content than commenting or having robust conversations. This fact more than any other prompted the creation of the NEW Rules of Social Media Optimization. • The following slides describe these new rules. UPDATED SLIDE - 2010
  16. UPDATED SLIDE - 2010 The Evolution Of Social Media Optimization • Over the 4 years since the original post –the Internet has become a place where far more focus is devoted to sharing content than commenting or having robust conversations. This fact more than any other prompted the creation of the NEW Rules of Social Media Optimization. • 5 New Rules of Social Media Optimization – 08/10/06 • rules-of-social-media-optimization-smo.html • The following slides describe these new rules …
  17. UPDATED SLIDE - 2010 Old Rule #1 – Increase Your Linkability New Rule #1 – Create Shareable Content Four years ago I focused on linkability because the main currency that could drive up your traffic was how many people were linking to your content. Today content can be liked or tweeted and it is about more than links – it is about creating content that is shareable. The better your content is, the more people will want to share it with their entire social networks whether they link it, like it, dig it or share it.
  18. UPDATED SLIDE - 2010 Old Rule #2 – Make Tagging & Bookmarking Easy New Rule #2 – Make sharing easy Following from the previous point, tagging and bookmarking only scratch the surface of the many ways that people can share content with others. They can post a short link to their profile, embed a video, send out a tweet or create a hashtag for a conversation. Limiting the ways of sharing to just tagging or bookmarking doesn't make sense anymore. The core of this rule, however, was the point about making it easy and that is still at the heart of this new rule. Once you have shareable content, it has to be one-button- easy so people will do it with minimal effort or thinking.
  19. UPDATED SLIDE - 2010 Old Rule #3 – Reward Inbound Links New Rule #3 – Reward Engagement In 2006, the main thing most marketers were concerned about were inbound links. It was a time when Technorati was the standard by which we all measured the performance of our content and many bloggers focused more on their number of inbound links than their readership or traffic numbers. Today the real currency is around conversation or engagement. While there are a million definitions for "engagement" ranging from comments and discussion to posting or sharing content – this is the behaviour that matters most in the social web and the one that we should all focus on rewarding when it happens.
  20. UPDATED SLIDE - 2010 Old Rule #4 – Help Your Content Travel New Rule #4 – Proactively Share Content This was the weakest of the original 5 rules, as the original rule simply talked about publishing your content in other formats such as PDFs or videos and submitting them to other sites. Instead, the essence of the new version of this rule is all about proactively sharing content in a different way. This encompasses everything from creating slides to post on Slideshare or documents to share on Scribd –as well as tweeting about your content or offering embeddable versions of it, or using RSS feedsto syndicate it. Proactively sharing even includes posting your content to social networking profiles or creating profiles on video sharing sites.
  21. UPDATED SLIDE - 2010 Old Rule #5 – Encourage The Mashup New Rule #5 – Encourage The Mashup The last original rule of SMO is the one that Iwould leave intact. The concept of the "mashup" where people take and remix your content by adding their own input and voice has only grown over the past four years. The mashup will be around to stay, whether the termcontinues to beused or not. Allowing people to take an ownership over the social content you publish will continue to bea key way that you can optimize your content for the social web.
  22. UPDATED SLIDE - 2014 Final Author’s Note Despite having written hundreds of blog posts since the one introducing SMO back in 2006, the original and “New Rules” posts remain among my top ten blog posts every single week. Perhaps the most surprising aspect of SMO’s evolution over the past decade is just how many new agencies, marketing professionals and freelancers are actively using the term and practice as a way to describe their own expertise. In what may have been the perfect “full circle” moment, I once sat in a room back in 2012 listening to a small agency describe their digital marketing approach as using “Social Media Optimization 2.0.” When I asked what that was – he referred the question to a 20 something year old team member he called their “SMO specialist.” Which is perhaps the greatest sign of adoption anyone could expect. After all, it’s relatively easy to invent a digital marketing acrononym … but when you see the earliest adopters starting to promote themselves as experts in doing it, you know it will probably be around for a while.
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A presentation originally created in 2006, and updated in 2014 with 8 NEW SLIDES and tips on how to promote, market and distribute your content marketing online.


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