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International media landscape



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If you are looking at tapping the NRI base in UK, US, Canada & the middle East. This is for you. To get a copy write to me

International media landscape

  1. 1. International Media Landscape
  2. 2. USA  Demographics Nationality Population %age Approx Total 301139947 100 30 Cr Asians 13100000 4 1.3 Cr South Asians 4000000 1 40 Lacs Indians 2319222 0.8 23 Lacs 0.8 % of the US Population More Than 2 million in Number Largest Growing Ethnic Group @ 38% (2000-2005)
  3. 3. Key Regions with Dense Indian Populations Top 10 States Indian Dense Areas 1. California 1. Artesia 2. New York 2. Jackson Heights 3. New Jersey 3. Edison 4. Texas 4. Houston (Sugar Land) 5. Illinois 5. Chicago (Devon St) 6. Florida 6. Orlando 7. Pennsylvania 7. Pennsylvania 8. Georgia 8. Decatur 9. Maryland 9. Rockville, Baltimore 10. Virginia 10. Fairfax
  4. 4. Socio Economic Factors  Migrants can be divided into 3 main categories:  The early migrants from India in 1960’s:  mainly professionals settled in east coast of US.  Today they have a blend of the US Culture with moderate Indian values.  NY /NJ based NRIs are traditional early migrants from Gujarati/Punjabi communities  mainly traders & retailers.  Wealthy and well connected with India with high level of Indian cultural influence.  Professionals/techs based in California/Silicon valley  predominantly South Indians,  highly professional.  They are the latest clan of Indians to have entered US.  Socio economically a very developed community with the highest Monthly income among all ethnic groups  Asian Indians – Buying power of $76 million  74% own homes  74% in professional / managerial occupations  90% are graduates,  35% have master’s degree,  34% have doctoral degrees
  5. 5. Media Landscape  Indian TV Channels Available (Total 39) Channel / Network Bouquet of Penetration Feed / Rate per 10 Channels secs Zee Network Zee TV, Zee Cinema, Zee TV – 5.3 Lacs Same Feed for US ETC Punjabi, Zee (80% are Indians) Canada & the Gujarati, Zee Sports Carribean Rs.1937/- Sony Set Max, Set Asia Set Asia 1.8 Lacs Separate beams Rs.733/- Star Network Star Plus, Star News, Separate Beams Star One B4U Music & Movies B4U Music, B4U Same feed for US & Movies Cananda Rs.1200/- Sahara TV Aaj Tak NDTV 24x7 Sun TV Same feed as in India. Scheduling to Gemini TV be done to catch Asianet Asianet Plus, Asianet viewers in different t News markets
  6. 6. Viewing Habits  Strict adherence to 9-5 working hours affects the viewership pattern  Hence prime time starts as early as 5 -5:30 PM unlike India  Programming would have to cater to East & West Zones with a mix of Prime & Non Prime Time  Time gap between East & west zone is approx 3 hrs  To cater to the different time zones, prime time spots would have to start at 5 pm and end at 2:30 am (11:30 am for West Coast)  West Coast (California, being an IT hub) would have to be focussed upon
  7. 7. Zee clearly leads the way in terms of reach Connections 400 300 200 100 0 Zee TV Zee Sony TV Aaj Tak Zee Zee Cinema Punjabi Gujarati All figures in 000s Source:Channel data
  8. 8. Radio  Radio in the US is very Fragmented.  There are close to 120 radio stations in California alone  A lot of people also tune into a lot of internet radio stations  WCNJ is a popular Radio playing out of New Jersey. The first 24 hour desi radio station in the US. First one to be affiliated with the BBC for broadcasting the BBC World News in Hindi in the US
  9. 9. Some Other Popular Radio Stations – State wise State Radio Station State Radio Station California Mostly Tamil Ohio Geetanjali Florida Manoranjan Texas Ghungroo Illionis Kannada Vani Music of India Massachusetts Sargam Sounds of India Music masala Michigan Sounds of the Subcontinent Music in the Box Maryland / Virginia / Washington DC Vivid Bharti Radio South Asia Spirit of India Radio Naya Andaz NJ / Pennsylvania / Delaware Anil ki Awaaz Sangeet Radio Show Anjali Music of India Tenesse 88 Geetmala None of these is a 24 hour radio station. They play two – Five times in a week for 1 – 4 hours Recommendation: Radio is too fragmented and thus cannot be used for brand building. However, would be good to use for event marketing & promotion
  10. 10. Print & Online Magazine / Newspape Circulation Coverage Readership Rates NY, NJ, CT, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, India Abroad 50000 Canada & Toronto 2.5 Lacs Rs.3675/- per column inch Illionis, California, Gujarat Darpan 12000 Georgia Tamil Times 15000 Has special Features on Property Californai; Texas, Washington, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Colorado, India West Arizona Focussing on India & the Global Rediff US Alexa Rank 134 Indian Community USA Rank 353 Garam Chai USA Rank 59,670 Listing of Indian Information in the US Sulekha USA Rank 1794 Online Classifieds Some Other Regional Publications are: Ajit Weekly, Divya Bhaskar, India Post, India Empire,
  11. 11. Other Media  Other Media:  In Cinema Advertising  Title Driven campaigns can be used to target the Indian Audience.  Will be a focussed medium with high impact and low wastage  Outdoor Advertising
  12. 12. Recommendations:  TV should be the platform to build a campaign in the US  Mix of Zee TV & Regional Channels should give the required exposure to our brands covering the wide geographical stretch in the US  Print is an ideal medium to support & improve brand recall by increasing penetration into the regional communities  In cinema & other media need to be researched deeply through a dedicated resource / advertising agency association  Events / Road shows can be used to provide a platform for the consumers to be in direct touch with our brands.  Events centered around Diwali / Independence Day etc draw large crowds. However, one major drawback is the geographical spread of the NRI / PIO population across various regions in the US  Radio can be used while promoting events.
  13. 13. Recommendations - Claims to be apable of carrying out campaigns simultaneously in the US, UK, Canada, Europe, UAE & India c - Claims to have serviced the following clients already
  14. 14. UK  Demographics Nationality Population %Age Approx All 60776238 100 6 Cr South Asians 2330000 3.8 23 Lacs Indians 1300000 2 13 Lacs 2% of the Population
  15. 15. A Very Close Knit & Family Oriented Lot in tune with Indian Culture  Indian people came mainly from Punjab and Gujarat  UK Indians are close knit families & well connected to India. They still hold on to the Indian Traditions.  UK Indian are mainly into family business from small pharmacy shops to steel conglomerates.  Asians constitute 4% of total population – with 2% of the total wealth.  Indian Food, Indian Music & Hindi movies are even popular with the British.  Multichannel TV penetration higher within Asian households compared to national average.  Importance of Asian language TV; 39% of respondents watching it in some form.
  16. 16. Large Proportion resides in Greater London followed by South East
  17. 17. Wide Bouquet of Indian Channels available Channel / Network Bouquet of Channels Penetration Feed / Rate per 10 secs Zee Network Zee TV, Zee Cinema, Zee TV – 3 lacs Approx ETC Punjabi, Zee Rs.1937/- Music Sony Set Max, Set Asia Set Asia 1.4 Lacs Same Beam in UK, EU & Russia Star Network Star Plus, Star News, B4U Music & Movies B4U Music, B4U Movies South for You Sirasa TV Tamil Channel Sahara TV NDTV 24x7 Sun TV Same feed as in India. Scheduling to be done Gemini TV to catch viewers in Asianet Asianet Plus, Asianet t different markets News
  18. 18. Zee clearly leads in terms of reach with 77% Share Zee Sony TV Zee Cinema Zee Punjabi Zee Gujarati 13 12 77 62 34 London is the hub with more than half of the connections being there Total Indian C&S Homes – 3.25 lacs
  19. 19. Radio in UK  There are currently 5 24-hour-a-day local commercial Asian radio stations across the UK:  Sunrise Radio, London: Catering to old and young audience alike. Primary programming centered around Bolywood. Latest Hits, Bolywood gossip, Chat shows & contests  Club Asia, London: The channel is primarily targeting second & third generation Asians with the broadcast compeletly in english. The channel boasts of a very chic kind of an image. Dedicated to the Asian youth in the UK. Plays bolywood, Bhangra, Asian Pop / Rock & Fusion. Main USP is non-stop music with the most happening RJs in town  Radio XL, Birmingham : Boasts of reaching out to the working community and young asians who are either into business or working and even have small families. Broadcasting is in English, Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Benagli & even Urdu. USP of the channel is activations.  Sabras Sound, Leicester Mixed programming (multiple languages), possible weekly audience of upwards 2,20,000  Asian Sound, Manchester Primary languages where broadcast is done: Urdu, Gujarati, Bengali
  20. 20. Sunrise Radio- The Leading Asian Radio Station  The UK’s first 24 hour Asian Radio Station • Average wkly reach 536,000 nationally Listenership Profile • 53% men • 47% women • 50% ABC1’s • Core audience age 15-44 (78%) Source: RAJAR (Radio Joint Audience Research)
  21. 21. Radio more expensive than TV! Station Rate No. of Spots Duration Days of Activity Cost(INR) Sunrise 2418 150 30 30 1088100 Plan has to be compulsorily be for 30 days duration & edit has to be 30 secs Plan worked basis 5 spots per day
  22. 22. Other Asian Stations in UK Station Location Format Frequency ALL FM south Manchester Multicultural 96.9 FM Angel Radio Havant, Hampshire Over-60s 101.1 FM Awaz FM Glasgow Asian 107.2 FM BCB Bradford Multicultural 96.7 FM (now 106.6 FM) Cross Rhythms City Radio Stoke-on-Trent Christian music 101.8 FM Desi Radio Southall, west London Punjabi 1602 AM Radio Faza Nottingham Asian women's station 97.1 FM Forest of Dean Radio Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire Rural community station 1521 AM, 1503 AM GTFM Pontypridd, Glamorgan Local talk and music 106.9 FM (now 107.9 FM) New Style Radio Birmingham Afro-Caribbean talk/music 98.7 FM Northern Visions Radio Belfast general 100.6 FM (now closed) Resonance FM central London Artistic community 104.4 FM Shine FM Banbridge, county Down Christian 106.1 FM Sheffield Live Sheffield Variety 93.2FM Sound Radio Hackney, east London Multicultural 1503 AM (now closed) Takeover Radio Leicester Children's radio 103.2 FM Wythenshawe FM Wythenshawe, south Manchester Music and local talk 97.2 FM
  23. 23. DAB: Digital Audio Broadcasting  BBC also launched its Asian DAB service.  Dedicated to Asians the programming is different across different regions of the UK  Transmitted through the Sky digital network  In addition to the above, there are now a variety of stations available on DAB, and also broadcasting via satellite, including:  Yaar FM  Punjab Radio  Asian Gold  Apna Radio
  24. 24. In cinema Advertising in UK  UK: The biggest market for For a film where 81% of Indian films outside India the audience is from an Asian background. The  In 2006, Bolywood flicks made audience composition is to 7 out of the top 10 foreign as follows: language films  Asians are big cinema 4-14 21% consumers: 15-24 26%  83% of Asians go to the 25-34 25% cinema, 35+ 27%  42% of them go once a month Male 46% or more. Female 54% ABC1 81% C2DE 19%
  25. 25. Events  Crowd pullers: Allows a variety of Asian especially Indian population to come together & interact through a common platform.  Popular Events  Events centered around Bolywood  Performances by TV & Film Starts  Cultural Festivals centered around festivals like Diwali  Participating in Wedding expos in Indian dense regions  Sponsoring & participating in Dandiya Events in USA  Association with Events like the Zee Carnival can help us get a lot of mileage. As they have extensive media to promote the event.
  26. 26. Recommendations  As in US TV will play the major role in creating reach.  Zee TV will be the primary channel  Regional can be catered by scheduling spots on Sun & Gemini  Events can play a major role in the UK due to higher concentration of NRI Population within a smaller geographical spread.  In Cinema activity will help boost brand recall.  Radio not a very optimal medium due to High costs
  27. 27. Canada  Demographics Nationality Population %age Approx Total 32987532 100 3.3 Cr Indians 713330 2.2 7 Lacs 2.2% of the Population constitutes Indians Areas of Concentration Calgary ; Edmonton ; Montreal; British Columbia (Vancouver); Lower Mainland ; Southern Ontario ; Toronto
  28. 28. TV Channels in Canada (Total 27) Channel / Network Bouquet of Channels Penetration Feed / Rate per 10 secs Zee Network Zee TV, Zee Cinema, ETC Zee TV – 1.05 Lacs Same Feed for US Punjabi, Zee Gujarati, Canada & the Carribean Rs.1937/- Sony Set Max, Set Asia Set Asia, Star Network Star Plus, Star News, Star Separate Beams One B4U Music & Movies B4U Music, B4U Movies Same feed for US & Cananda Jaya TV Kairali TV Sahara One Tamil One NDTV 24x7 Sun TV Same feed as in India. Scheduling to be done to Gemini TV catch viewers in different Asianet Asianet Plus, Asianet t markets News
  29. 29. GULF Demographics Asian Expats form the most sizeable ethnic group Expatriates break-up 100% 4 3 3 1 5 4 4 75% 58 67 65 66 81 85 83 50% 25% 37 32 32 30 16 12 12 0% Total Saudi UAE Oman Kuwait Bahrain Qatar GCC Arabia Arab Expats Asian Expats Others
  30. 30. Asian Expatriates form 24% of GCC Population Arab Expats Nationals 11% 64% Asian Expats Others 24% 1% Asian Expats -70,78,800
  31. 31. Indians form the largest chunk with 68% of Asian expat popln share Total GCC population MIDDLE EAST MARKET: 29,495,000 68% Indians mostly, & 24% Pakistanis & Bangladeshis Total GCC Asian Expat pop – 69% Males 70,78,800 14% Graduates & Post Graduates 67% 20 – 49 years
  32. 32. UAE Asian Channel Study – Zee is the undisputable No.1 35 33 30 26 25 21 20 Reach % 15 14 15 12 12 12 10 5 0 Star Plus Sony ZEE TV B4U Ary Digital Sahara Zee Arabiya Zee Cinema
  33. 33. Dubai  Dubai  Population: 1,422,000 (census 2006)  UAE Nationals – 17%  Expat Population – 71%  51% of expat is Indian  Labour Population: 16% not categorized by ethnicity  Internet Subscribers: 1,80,000  60% internet users are Asian  Radio is a popular medium  Popular Stations are:  Hindi / Urdu  Pulse FM • Malyalam Radio  City 1016 FM •Asianet Radio  Hum FM  Radio 4 FM •Hit 96.7 FM •UAQ Radio •Radio Asia
  34. 34. Thank You