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The Guide to NYC Tech



Guide to nyc techv3

An all inclusive guide to NYC tech by Lerer Venture's Steve Schlafman.

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Guide to nyc techv3

  1. Entrepreneur’s Guide To NYC Tech
  2. Disclaimers• I do not know everything about nyc tech• I am not an academic or graphic designer• I did not purposefully make omissions• I could not include every person and biz• I will evolve this deck monthly
  3. @schlaf
  4. We respect and seek out entrepreneurs with product vision, consumer insight,focused execution and unwavering ambition. When we are lucky enough to meetfounders with these qualities we hope they will choose us as a partner. Everyonehere starts and runs companies for a living. Lerer Ventures is where we invest inour peers.• Est. January 2010• Based in Soho• Active Seed Fund• Internet Enabled Services, Apps and Devices• Consumer + B2B• Value Add Advisors• Entrepreneur Friendly• Extensive Experience• More Info:
  5. Some Numbers
  6. Source: CB Insights
  7. Source: CB Insights
  8. Source: CB Insights
  9. News + Info Partners CommunitySupport Capital NYC Tech People & Edu Places The Mayor’s Startups Office
  10. News + Info
  11. the tech beat Jordan Crook Erin Griffith Nitasha Tiku Henry Blodgett TechCrunch Pando Daily BetaBeat SAIErick Shoenfeld Alyson Shontell Ben Popper Jenna WorthamFmr. TechCrunch SAI The Verge NY Times
  12. Community
  13. Women in tech
  14. Conferences + Events
  15. The Money
  16. Accelerators
  17. Incubators
  18. notable angels Chis Dixon Rick Webb Kal Vepuri Ben Sun Hunch / Ebay Barbarian Group Trisiras Group LaunchTime Mike Lazerow David Lerner David Rose Esther Dyson Buddy Media Columbia NY Angels Angel
  19. notable angelsGary Vanyerchuk Joanne Wilson Jeff Pulver Josh Stylman Vanyermedia The Gotham Gal 140 Conference Reprise MediaPeter Hershberg David Tisch Jerry Neumann Fabrice Grinda Reprise Media TechStars Root Markets OLX
  20. notable vcs Eric Hippeau Alan Patricof Howard Morgan Mo KoyfmanLerer Ventures Greycroft First Round Spark Capital Joe Medved Mike Brown Larry Lenihan Eric Wiesen Softbank AOL FirstMark RRE
  21. vc / angel bloggersRoger Ehrenberg Fred Wilson Chris Dixon Phin Barnes IA Ventures USV Founder Collective First RoundCharlie O’Donnell Jordan Cooper Andy Weissman David Lerner Brooklyn Bridge Lerer Ventures USV Columbia
  22. Seed funds
  23. VC funds
  24. Strategic VCs
  25. People & Places
  26. notable founders Perry Chen John Borthwick Ben Lerer Dennis & Naveen Kickstarter Betaworks Thrillist Foursquare Chris Poole Jonah Peretti Mike “Karnj” Mike Lazerow4Chan / Canvas Buzzfeed Skillshare Buddy Media
  27. notable founders Ken Lerer Jared & Steve Hayley & Katia David KarpHuffington Post GroupMe Birchbox Tumblr Zach Sims Neil & Dave Scott Heiferman Wiley Ceril Codecademy Warby Parker Meetup Single Platform
  28. notable foundersJosh Miller Jonah Goodheart Nat Turner Joel Spolsky Branch Moat Invite Media StackExchangeBilly Chasen Bre Pettis Noah Brier Jason Makerbot Percolate Fab
  29. notable founders Barry Silberg Evan Korth Rachael Sklar Cyrus MassoumiSecond Market HackNY Change The Raio Zoc DocBrian O’Kelley Susan Lyne Matt Meeker Jason Baptiste AppNexus Gilt Groupe Bark Box OnSwipe
  30. notable founders Nick Denton Hillary Mason Scott Belsky Rob KalinGawker Media Behance Esty Vin Vicanti Brooke Hammerling Neil Capel Ayah Bdeir Yippit Brew PR Sail Thru LittleBits
  31. Silicon Alley
  32. Co-working spaces
  33. The Hangouts
  34. The Startups
  35. Social + Consumer
  36. e-commerce
  37. Adtech
  38. B2B / SAAS
  39. Edtech
  40. Fintech
  41. Healthtech
  42. The Mayor’s Office
  43. Michael Bloomberg Katherine Oliver Rachel Haot Mayor Commissioner Chief Digital Officer Seth Pinsky Ivy Li Seema Shah NYCDEC Communications Partnerships
  44. Source:
  45. Source:
  46. Source:
  47. Source:
  48. Education
  49. Old school
  50. New school
  51. Agencies + Firms
  52. Design + branding
  53. Development
  54. Media buying
  55. Talent representation
  56. PR Firms
  57. Legal
  58. Accounting
  59. Big Biz
  60. CPG
  61. Financial institutions
  62. Media
  63. Sports
  64. Public tech
  65. Fashion + Retail
  66. Music
  67. News + Info Partners CommunitySupport Capital NYC Tech People & Edu Places The Mayor’s Startups Office
  68. Now what?• Check out a meetup• Attend a class at Skillshare or GA• Subscribe to an event list• Read suggested blogs• Play with new tech products• Chat with people in the trenches• Get coffee w/ someone in the community• Tell someone about this class• Pay it forward one day
  69. Thank you! @schlaf
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An all inclusive guide to NYC tech by Lerer Venture's Steve Schlafman.


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