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Great Presentations Are Like Ads by @slidecomet @itseugenec @kaixinspeaking

Great Presentations have features that resemble great ads. It's all one big package that hit hard and strong!

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Great Presentations Are Like Ads by @slidecomet @itseugenec @kaixinspeaking

  1. Great are Presentations likeAds Great are likeAds Presentations
  2. in 3Rs There are A gnisitrevd
  3. These can be Applied to Presenta stion too.
  4. Grab Their Attention REACTION 1
  5. AdsareBrief Just enough to cover what’s important.
  6. Muchlike how Preso Slides should be TheCreativeBrief:
  7. But they still Intrigue &Interest.
  8. Ads are glance media.
  9. Applies to Slides too. Keep it simple.
  10. Seconds 3 AVisualshould convey themessagein:
  11. Inject Dramato capture attention It should also:
  12. That’s where come in Images&Type a
  13. Type Image Ad/Slide Impact
  14. RELEVANT Knowing the Audience 2
  15. Advertsusually target a specific group & their needs. Yum!
  16. Hook To find your First, understandthefish. Yuck!
  17. Choose your OneKey Message to bring across
  18. BuildEmotional Connection through humanstories
  19. - Nielsen Research Nothing helps consumers feel connected to an ad like a Good Laugh & tugging at the Heart Strings or presentation
  20. RESPONSE Make Things Happen 3
  21. Influencetheirbehavior Aim to
  22. Changetheirattitudes
  23. Think What do you want them to:
  24. Think Act What do you want them to:
  25. Think What do you want them to: Act Feel
  26. React Relate Respond Cover Slide Content Call to Action Adverts Presos
  27. React Relate Respond Cover Slide Content Call to Action Adverts Presos Don’t forget this!
  28. That’s It!Thanks for Viewing! Some symbols from the Noun Project Inspirations: Here’s Some Credits Ethos3 Emiland De Cubber Nancy Duarte Finding Nemo Burger King
  29. Click the Fish To Download Deck Click me!
  30. Sizzle up your next preso Like this pair of nice briefs Let us help you
  31. Different name. Same awesome team. We’re now HighSpark. Visit New Site