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Dunkin' Brands: Dunkin' and influencers, presented by Melanie Cohn

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In her Member Meeting case study presentation, Dunkin' Brands' Melanie Cohn explains how they work with influencers to produce beautiful content, test new innovations, drive loyalty, and achieve scalable reach.

She talks specifically about influencer campaigns connected with pumpkin season, Valentine's Day, and their own loyalty program.

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Dunkin' Brands: Dunkin' and influencers, presented by Melanie Cohn

  1. 1. MEM BER MEETIN G 39 SOC IALMEDIA. ORG Dunkin’ Brands Melanie Cohn Dunkin’ and influencers Learn more about Member Meetings SOCIALMEDIA.ORG CASE STUDIES Member Meeting 39 Chicago 5-3-2016
  2. 2. Confidentialinformation:Copying,disseminationordistributionofthisinformationisstrictlyprohibited.Confidentialinformation:Copying,disseminationordistributionofthisinformationisstrictlyprohibited. Dunkin’ & Influencers
  3. 3. Confidentialinformation:Copying,disseminationordistributionofthisinformationisstrictlyprohibited. Prime Influencer Example? Here’s My Story.
  4. 4. Confidentialinformation:Copying,disseminationordistributionofthisinformationisstrictlyprohibited. Mission: Take Cube from Drab to  Fab
  5. 5. Confidentialinformation:Copying,disseminationordistributionofthisinformationisstrictlyprohibited. I Turned to Instagram, Landing on this ‘Grammer Whose Style I Love
  6. 6. Confidentialinformation:Copying,disseminationordistributionofthisinformationisstrictlyprohibited. Instaprint Desk Decorations…Genius!
  7. 7. Confidentialinformation:Copying,disseminationordistributionofthisinformationisstrictlyprohibited. She Attributes These to @socialps
  8. 8. Confidentialinformation:Copying,disseminationordistributionofthisinformationisstrictlyprohibited. I Clicked On Their Instagram...
  9. 9. Confidentialinformation:Copying,disseminationordistributionofthisinformationisstrictlyprohibited. I Checked Out Their Website…
  10. 10. Confidentialinformation:Copying,disseminationordistributionofthisinformationisstrictlyprohibited. And Here’s My Desk Now. Influencer’s Desk Melanie’s Desk See the Similarities?
  11. 11. Confidentialinformation:Copying,disseminationordistributionofthisinformationisstrictlyprohibited. This Happens Millions of Times/Day, Generating Purchase! These are Micro-moments we can capture. At Dunkin’, we aim to do this, at scale.
  12. 12. Confidentialinformation:Copying,disseminationordistributionofthisinformationisstrictlyprohibited. Influencer Purpose: To Connect More Directly & Organically with Consumers Goals are Scale, Loyalty, better Content and Redistribution across Dunkin’ channels.
  13. 13. Confidentialinformation:Copying,disseminationordistributionofthisinformationisstrictlyprohibited. We Leverage External and Internal Influencers InternalExternal Culinary TeamContent Creators External Fan/Advocates UGC
  14. 14. Confidentialinformation:Copying,disseminationordistributionofthisinformationisstrictlyprohibited. 3 Ways Dunkin’ Works with Influencers 1. Pumpkin Season: Integration 2. Valentine’s Day: Innovation 3. Loyalty: Driving downloads
  15. 15. Confidentialinformation:Copying,disseminationordistributionofthisinformationisstrictlyprohibited. 1. Dunkin’s Approach for Pumpkin
  16. 16. Confidentialinformation:Copying,disseminationordistributionofthisinformationisstrictlyprohibited. Goal: Build on the Excitement Over Pumpkin 15 1. Content Creators Generate content around Fall season using creators with scale + love for DD. 2. Integration of Content Leverage content across our owned, earned and paid channels.
  17. 17. Confidentialinformation:Copying,disseminationordistributionofthisinformationisstrictlyprohibited. Instagrammers Brought Pumpkin to the Next Level Photographers showed off colorful cheesecake squares Fashionistas brought layered messaging for new Macchiato Instagram Takeovers outperformed regular content 5.5 Million People Reached + 60,000 Actions on Content
  18. 18. Confidentialinformation:Copying,disseminationordistributionofthisinformationisstrictlyprohibited. We Used Influencer Content Across All Fronts Social Channels Email 10+ Campus Ambassadors Digital Media Paid Social Website
  19. 19. Confidentialinformation:Copying,disseminationordistributionofthisinformationisstrictlyprohibited. DD Perks Ads for Acquisition + Engagement DD Perks Engagement DD Perks Acquisition
  20. 20. Confidentialinformation:Copying,disseminationordistributionofthisinformationisstrictlyprohibited. Dedicated Social Email to Engage Advocates
  21. 21. Confidentialinformation:Copying,disseminationordistributionofthisinformationisstrictlyprohibited. We Also Took Pumpkin Offline…
  22. 22. Confidentialinformation:Copying,disseminationordistributionofthisinformationisstrictlyprohibited. First-Ever Local InstaMeet Drove National Scale 2 Instagram Hosts
  23. 23. Confidentialinformation:Copying,disseminationordistributionofthisinformationisstrictlyprohibited. Capturing a True Fall Weekend Fans Could Relate to 40+ pieces of Amazing Content: 200k+ Reach Instameet embodied our motto: Do what our fans are doing, with a Dunkin’ twist.
  24. 24. Confidentialinformation:Copying,disseminationordistributionofthisinformationisstrictlyprohibited. InstaMeet Among Top Performing Dunkin’ Content in 2015: 64,000+ actions
  25. 25. Confidentialinformation:Copying,disseminationordistributionofthisinformationisstrictlyprohibited. 2. Dunkin’s Approach for Valentine’s Season
  26. 26. Confidentialinformation:Copying,disseminationordistributionofthisinformationisstrictlyprohibited. We Built a Diverse Brand Experience Incorporating 3 Different Influencer Groups 2. High Reach Influencers to Build Love theme1. Advocates to Create UGC 3. Internal Influencers to Drive Content Innovation
  27. 27. Confidentialinformation:Copying,disseminationordistributionofthisinformationisstrictlyprohibited. 1. Advocates to Create UGC
  28. 28. Confidentialinformation:Copying,disseminationordistributionofthisinformationisstrictlyprohibited. Created Snapchat Geofilters as a Fun Tool to Encourage Sharing Only unlocked INSIDE our over 8,000+ Dunkin stores!
  29. 29. Confidentialinformation:Copying,disseminationordistributionofthisinformationisstrictlyprohibited. Resulting in Many Millions of peer to peer brand impressions. This Tied the In-Store Experience with Social 5 days leading up to VDay Valentine’s Day, February 14
  30. 30. Confidentialinformation:Copying,disseminationordistributionofthisinformationisstrictlyprohibited. 2. Reach Influencers
  31. 31. Confidentialinformation:Copying,disseminationordistributionofthisinformationisstrictlyprohibited. Overall Results Drove Scale & Love Theme With our Heart Shaped Donuts Aww.Sam 106k followers Insta Amy Tangerine 62k followers Insta Shawn Booth 881k followers Insta Kaitlyn Bristowe 1.64M followers Insta + Snapchat Us The Duo 4.8M followers Insta, Snap, FB Total Impressions ~4M Total Engagements 220K
  32. 32. Confidentialinformation:Copying,disseminationordistributionofthisinformationisstrictlyprohibited. In-Store Event Led to Fresh Content & Earned Media Kaitlyn’s in-store Snap story utilizing our Geofilter Kaitlyn and Shawn came to an LA store to hand out heart shaped donuts and roses to dedicated fans.
  33. 33. Confidentialinformation:Copying,disseminationordistributionofthisinformationisstrictlyprohibited. 3. Internal Influencers: Culinary Team
  34. 34. Confidentialinformation:Copying,disseminationordistributionofthisinformationisstrictlyprohibited. In 13 minutes of live content, we held audiences’ attention 15x longer than our average video content. Among First Brands to Use Facebook Live, Proving to be a Major Success Introduction + Tour of Dunkin’ Brands University Epic Wedding Cake How-to Heart Shaped Donut Cake Engagements 21K 3K Avg Viewing 1:56m Live Viewers
  35. 35. Confidentialinformation:Copying,disseminationordistributionofthisinformationisstrictlyprohibited. Our Culinary Team Crafted Content Unique to Dunkin’ Nearly 100K Social Actions
  36. 36. Confidentialinformation:Copying,disseminationordistributionofthisinformationisstrictlyprohibited. 3. Influencers to Drive Loyalty
  37. 37. Confidentialinformation:Copying,disseminationordistributionofthisinformationisstrictlyprohibited. Logan Paul Drove Results for DD Perks • The Logan Paul campaign contributed to a 92% lift in average daily installs over 3-day period • Logan Paul cards led all virtual and mGift cards in November accounting for 32% of all DD Card Sales • Over 6MM+ Impressions or video views (Snapchat and Vine) and over 193K engagements
  38. 38. Confidentialinformation:Copying,disseminationordistributionofthisinformationisstrictlyprohibited. Thank You! Melanie Cohn, Social Media Manager @SocialMel @DunkinDonuts
  39. 39. MEM BER MEETIN G 39 SOC IALMEDIA. ORG Learn more about Member Meetings SOCIALMEDIA.ORG CASE STUDIES Member Meeting 39 Chicago 5-3-2016 Learn more about past and upcoming Member Meetings

In her Member Meeting case study presentation, Dunkin' Brands' Melanie Cohn explains how they work with influencers to produce beautiful content, test new innovations, drive loyalty, and achieve scalable reach. She talks specifically about influencer campaigns connected with pumpkin season, Valentine's Day, and their own loyalty program.


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