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Lessons from Pro’s! 1.  The SXSW 2016: The Need To Knows

Lessons from Pro’s!
1.  The Medium Is The Message: continuous push
and pull between content, narrative, and
2.  The Fidelity Contract: The creator must set their
priorities so as not to overwhelm the audience. !
3.  Establish The North: Introduce a focal point;
people need to know where to look and how to
follow the story.!
4.  Solve The Role Of The Camera: is the camera a
character or invisible presence? !
5.  Test, Test, and Test: Make sure the story truly
engages the audience.!
Ricardo Laganaro, film director at O2 Films (and Director of Facebook’s most-
viewed 360 video) and Gabo Arora, Filmmaker and UN Senior Advisor. !
Read more: http://www.ogilvydo.com/events/sxsw-2016/is-the-future-of-storytelling-blue/ !

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