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Highlights This Year
•  Obama on technology!
•  Branded experiences, not just content!
•  Artificial intelligence!
•  New influence!
•  Revitaliz...
Obama on technology!
How can we use data, analytics and tech more effectively?!
“It is much easier to order
pizza or a trip than it is for you
What does it mean?!
Branded experiences,!
Not just content!
Is 2016 (finally) the year of VR and AR?!
“A new computing
platform always
emerges every 10
or 15 years… [and]
VR is curren...
Exponential growth expected!
What does this mean for brands?!
•  Brands will need to create
immersive experiences, not just
photos or gifs!
•  This is ...
Lessons from Pro’s!
1.  The Medium Is The Message: continuous push
and pull between content, narrative, and
A baby step!
•  Play with the technology via Google
Cardboard (~$10)!
•  Experiment with Haptics: “Touch is
the most power...
Artificial Intelligence!
Will AI replace humans?!
Friendly AI: Meet Pepper!
What does this mean for brands?!
•  It’s not the future, AI has arrived!
•  Extremely advanced data
processing to reveal i...
New Influence!
Social media was the great democratizer!
“In the world of
social everyone can
be a celebrity or a
critic... It's the great...
Some influence is positive: eSports!
Other influence is not!
What does this mean?!
•  Brands must navigate the influencer 2.0 territory carefully!
•  Tech brands have a role in prevent...
Revitalized Medium: Audio!
Live Audio Apps!
What does this mean?!
•  Audio content is not dead!
•  Especially useful for B2B
brands !
Healthy Tech!
Healthy living enablement!
Healthy living enablement!
Do Good Tech: 3D printing for children without limbs!
What does this mean?!
•  The health tech movement is not dying: it’s becoming more practical !
•  Could you partner with o...
Our Top Picks!
Hannah Law"
Vice President, Regional"
Peter Fasano
Global Consulting Principal,
What does this mean for
What does this mean for
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What does this mean for SXSW 2016: The Need To Knows

What does this mean for brands?!
•  It’s not the future, AI has arrived!
•  Extremely advanced data
processing to reveal insights,
patterns and relationships!
•  Enables advanced marketing
•  Could you partner to create new
services and products? !

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