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Business strategies of football clubs


Funding In Football

How do people make money out of football?

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Funding In Football

  1. 1. Funding in football... Football is not just a sport, it’s a business… Watch this slideshow… List down the different ways that football clubs can make money. List down the different ways that businesses can make money from football .
  2. 13. Funding in football... How many did you spot? Here come the answers… … Get ready!
  3. 14. Pitchside advertising – clubs sell advertising space on boards
  4. 15. Pitchside advertising – Larger companies will advertise at bigger games.
  5. 16. Television fees – Clubs sell TV rights to companies so they can broadcast matches. Companies make this money back from sponsorship and advertisement while the game is on.
  6. 17. Deals with kit suppliers. Sponsorships on kits.
  7. 18. Team sponsors will have a place on a matchday programme. The programme will also sell off advertising space.
  8. 19. Advertising even at training sessions of big clubs/teams.
  9. 20. Big companies will sponsor whole events.
  10. 21. Money is made by selling tickets, and by the fans buying merchandise at the stadium.
  11. 22. Clubs and teams will have merchandise to sell, including replica kits.
  12. 23. Clubs make money by selling players, (and by buying the right players also…)
  13. 24. These players like Beckham and Roberto Carlos are famous enough to be a marketing company’s dream. (Real Madrid didn’t just buy Beckham for his skills, you know!)
  14. 25. Funding in football... Why all this? Because football is one of the biggest sports in the world. It was estimated that 1.1 billion people watched the final between Brazil and Germany in 2002. Now that you have some ideas, write a paragraph about how clubs and businesses can make money from football. S.Rackley (Apr 2005)
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How do people make money out of football?


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