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Mems technology
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Micro electro mechanical systems

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here is a presentation on mems, its fabrication process and some of its applications...

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Micro electro mechanical systems

  1. 1. MEMS-Micro Electro Mechanical Systems - A way to miniaturize our life style BY- K.ANEESHA RANI K.SREE NAVYA Y.ANUSHA 2ND YEAR ECE DR.L.B.COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING (FOR WOMEN)
  2. 2. What is MEMS?• Mems is a technology of very small devices. It is a combination of mechanical functions and electrical functions on the same chip using micro fabrication technology.• MEMS are made up of components between 1 to 100 micrometers in size• MEMS devices generally range in size from 20 micrometers to a millimeter
  3. 3. Fabrication of mems Deposition Patterning EtchingPhysical Chemical Lithography Dry Wet Photolithography Electron beam lithography Ion beam lithography Ion track technology X-ray lithography.
  4. 4.  Deposition – Physical deposition : Physical deposition consists of a process in which a material is removed from a target, and deposited on a surface Chemical deposition : Chemical deposition techniques include chemical vapor deposition, in which a stream of source gas reacts on the substrate to grow the material desired. Patterning –• Patterning of mems is the transfer of a pattern into a material.• Lithography is a widely used process in patterning of mems .• Examples of lithography are– Photolithography, Electron beam lithography, Ion beam lithography, Ion track technology, X-ray lithography.
  5. 5. Etching Wet Etching : Dry Etching :• Wet chemical etching • Dry etching can be done in consists in selective removal three ways and they are – of material by dipping a a) Reactive ion etching (RIE) substrate into a solution b) Sputter etching that dissolves it. c) Vapor phase etching.• The chemical nature of this etching process provides a good selectivity
  6. 6. Applications of mems
  7. 7. • In medicine• A MEMS is a device that can be implanted in the human body.• MEMS surgical tools provide the flexibility and accuracy to perform surgery. • Biomems • Bio-mems are used to refer to the science and technology of operating at the micro scale for biological and biomedical applications.
  8. 8. • In automotives : Heavy use of mems is found in air bag systems, vehicle security system, inertial brake lights, rollover detection, automatic door locks etc. • As gyroscope: Inexpensive vibrating structure gyroscopes manufactured with mems technology have become widely available. These are packaged similarly to other integrated circuits and may provide either analog or digital outputs.
  9. 9. • In microphones:The mems microphone also called asmicrophone Chip is widely used inthe present day communicationworld. • In military : Micro-electro mechanical system (MEMS) technology help projectiles to reach their targets accurately .
  10. 10. • In accelerometers:• MEMS accelerometers are widely used in cars for airbag deployment and in consumer electronics applications such as smart phones, gaming devices for sensing motion • In sensors: • A sensor is a device which receives and responds to a signal when touched.A micro sensor reaches a significantly higher speed and sensitivity compared with microscopic approaches.
  11. 11. • Apart from these applications mems are also used in many fields in the present world• They are used to detect earth quakes, in gas shut off, in shock and tilt sensing• Inkjet printers and micro scanners also involve the use of mems.• Mems is used in Optical switching technology in which, switching technology and alignment for data communications is done.
  12. 12. Advantages and disadvantages Minimize energy and  Farm establishment materials. requires hugeImproved investments. reproducibility.  Micro-components are Improved accuracy and costly compared to reliability. macro components. Increased selectivity  Design includes very and sensitivity. much complex procedures
  13. 13. Conclusion• This enabling technology promises to create entirely new categories of products.• Mems will be the indispensible factor in advancing technology• As with all emerging technologies had been predicted to revolutionize technology and our lives
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here is a presentation on mems, its fabrication process and some of its applications...


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