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A talk I gave at Welsh ICE (as part of their Friday ICE talks) on 31st January 2014. As the slides are all pictures, here are the notes to go with them:

Slide 2 – Search
- If you Googled it…
- Not Hargreaves Services plc or Henoch-Schönlein Purpura (thank goodness!)

Slide 3 – Books
- No, I meant Highly Sensitive Person or Highly Sensitive People!
- Two books: one more general, the other more work-related

Slide 4 – Crying
- And no… Don’t just mean I’m touchy
- Not just about emotions – environmental stimuli, too

Slide 5 – Five
- It affects 1 in 5 people
- 20% of this room could be affected

Slide 6 – Women & Men
- Affects men & women equally, 50/50
- Harder for men to accept/distinguish

Slide 7 – Family
- This may not apply to you, but…
- If not, think of your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, mum, dad, brother, sister, children
- Books dedicated to raising highly sensitive children, etc.

Slide 8 – Employees
- Not just family, but think of your employees
- HSPs may respond differently to how they’re treated compared to non-HSPs

Slide 9 – Bright
- We’re more easily affected by environmental stimuli
- Bright lights, glare, background noises…
- It affects us more than non-HSPs – attracts our attention and draws our energy

Slide 10 – Overwhelmed
- We’re more easily overwhelmed
- Non-HSPs might be able to handle stressful situations better

Slide 11 – Crowd
- Also overwhelmed by crowded places
- I think it makes a difference if we can easily escape, e.g. music festivals (tent nearby)

Slide 12 – Hugs
- Now onto some positives…
- We tend to be more empathetic
- We respond to people’s moods

Slide 13 – Moods
- Speaking of which, we are good at sensing people’s moods
- E.g. we might pick up on someone who’s upset when other people can’t
- And we can ask “hey, are you ok?”

Slide 14 – Detail
- We are also good at tasks that require attention to detail
- Very well suited to HSPs – might be boring for non-HSPs, but we (can often) relish them

Slide 15 – Spelling
- We are good at picking up on minor details
- This is good for noticing differences between different documents, or spelling mistakes
- We make good proofreaders!

Slide 16 – Concentration
- We often tend to be better to concentrate
- (So long as there’s no environmental stimuli to distract us, that is!)

Slide 17 – Creativity
- We tend to be creative people
- Writers, artists, musicians…
- You often hear the phrase “sensitive soul” around creatives

Slide 18 – Free Lance
- HSPs are better suited at self-employment
- A chapter in one of the books is dedicated to freelancing
- One of the reasons I went self-employed!

Slide 19 – Start
- Applies to startups, too

Slide 20 – Box
- I spoke to someone about how I was a self-diagnosed HSP recently and they said:
- “Why do you want to put yourself in a box?”
- I found it liberating when I realised
- Box me up…!

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