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Shorcut tricks to remember general knowledge tanbircox
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Bangla bakaron mcq for bcs tanbircox

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Bangla bakaron mcq for bcs tanbircox

  1. 1. Sure Success Sure Success Sure Success Sure Succes H„LÓ¤¢pi °ehÑÉ¢š²L p¡−Sn¾pH„LÓ¤¢pi °ehÑÉ¢š²L p¡−Sn¾pH„LÓ¤¢pi °ehÑÉ¢š²L p¡−Sn¾pH„LÓ¤¢pi °ehÑÉ¢š²L p¡−Sn¾p e¨vKiY Ask cÖ_g cwi‡”Q` fvlv fvlvi msÁv 1. gvbyl wb‡Pi †KvbwUi mvnv‡h¨ m¤•Y©fv‡e g‡bi fve cÖKvk Ki‡Z cv‡i? [h. Õ04] K A½-cÖZ¨‡½i Bw½‡Zi mvnv‡h¨ G KÉaŸwbi mvnv‡h¨ M wPÎv¼‡bi mvnv‡h¨ N †Nvl I A‡Nvl aŸwbi mvnv‡h¨ 2. fvlv wK‡mi Øviv m„ó nq? [e. Õ08] A_ev, gvby‡li fvlv wK‡mi mvnv‡h¨ m„wó nq? [Kz. Õ08] K g‡bi mvnv‡h¨ L A½-cÖZ¨‡½i mvnv‡h¨ M †Vuv‡Ui mvnv‡h¨ G evMh‡ši mvnv‡h¨ 3. evsjv fvlvi gj Drm Kx? [Xv. Õ06; Kz. Õ07] K wnw›` fvlv G ˆew`K fvlv M Kvbvwo fvlv N Abvh© fvlv 4. †Kvb fvlv n‡Z evsjv fvlvi Rš§ nq? [Xv. Õ93; Kz. Õ07; wm. Õ03] K cvwj L wnw›` M Dwoqv G e½Kvgiƒcx 5. g‡bi fve cÖKv‡ki cÖavb evnb †KvbwU? [Xv. Õ96; h. Õ07] G fvlv L wPÎ M Bw½Z N AvPiY 6. wbw`©ó cwi‡e‡k gvby‡li e¯‘ I fv‡ei cÖZxK †KvbwU? G kã L evK¨ M c` N A¶i 7. evsjv‡`k Qvov Avi †Kvb A‡ji gvby‡li me©Rbxb fvlv evsjv fvlv? [Kz. Õ10; e. Õ06] K Avmvg G cwðge½ M ¸RivU N DËi cÖ‡`k 8. fvlv Kx? [Xv. Õ05] K D”Pvi‡Yi cÖZxK L K‡Éi D”PviY G fve cÖKv‡ki gva¨g N aŸwbi mgwó 9. evsjv fvlv I mvwn‡Z¨i cÖvPxb wb`k©b †KvbwU? [Xv. Õ08, Õ04, Õ92, Kz. 2000; wm. Õ09; mKj Õ98] K gnvfviZ G Ph©vc` M ivgvqY N R½bvgv 10. evsjv fvlv I mvwn‡Z¨i ga¨hy‡Mi cÖ_g wb`k©b †KvbwU? [iv. Õ03] K gaygvjZx L wmKv›`ibvgv G kÖxK…òKxZ©b N ˆeòe c`vewj 11. gvby‡li KÉ wbtm„Z evKms‡K‡Zi msMVb‡K Kx e‡j? [iv. Õ02; h. Õ04; Kz. Õ05, Õ03; wm. Õ09, Õ07; e. Õ05] K aŸwb L kã M evK¨ G fvlv 12. wK‡mi †f‡` fvlvi cv_©K¨ I cwieZ©b N‡U? [Xv. Õ10; P. Õ09] K †`k I Kvj‡f‡` L †`k, Kvj I e¨w³‡f‡` M Kvj, cwi‡ek I e¨w³‡f‡` G †`k, Kvj I cwi‡ek‡f‡` 13. GK GK †Mvôxi g‡a¨ wbqg-k„LjvRvZ aŸwbcyćK Kx e‡j? K aŸwb L kã M eY© G fvlv 14. eZ©gv‡b c„w_ex‡Z fvlv cÖPwjZ Av‡Q — [Kz. Õ02; wm. Õ08, Õ04] K `yB nvRvi L cuvP nvRv‡ii Ici G mv‡o wZb nvRv‡ii Ici N mv‡o mvZ nvRv‡ii Ici 15. evsjv‡`k Qvov wb‡Pi †Kvb A‡ji gvby‡li fvlv evsjv? G Dwol¨v L Zvwgj M bvMcyi N wgRyivg 16. fvlvfvlx‡`i w`K †_‡K c„w_ex‡Z eZ©gv‡b evsjv fvlvi ¯’vb KZZg? [iv. Õ10; h. Õ10; wm. Õ05; e. Õ04] A_ev, fvlvi RM‡Z evsjvi ¯’vb †Kv_vq? [Xv. 2000; h. Õ08; wm. Õ05; e. Õ07] A_ev, RbmsL¨vi w`K w`‡q evsjv c„w_exi KZZg e„nr gvZ…fvlv? [Kz. Õ10] G PZz_© L cÂg M lô N mßg 17. evsjv M`¨ †Kvb hy‡Mi fvlvi wb`k©b? K cÖvPxb hyM L ga¨hyM M AÜKvi hyM G AvaywbK hyM evsjv fvlvixwZ 18. evsjv fvlvi ixwZ KqwU? [h. Õ03] G `yBwU L wZbwU M PviwU N cuvPwU 19. c„w_exi AwaKvsk fvlvq KqwU iƒc j¶ Kiv hvq? A_ev, fvlvi KqwU iƒc †`Lv hvq? [P. Õ10] K 1wU G 2wU M 3wU N 4wU 20. mvay I PwjZ ixwZ evsjv fvlvi †Kvb iƒ‡c i‡q‡Q? [iv. Õ06] G †jL¨ L K_¨ M AvÂwjK N Dcfvlv 21. fvlvi †Kvb ixwZ Z™¢e kãeûj? [e. Õ06] K mvayixwZ L AvÂwjK K_¨ ixwZ M mvay Ges PwjZ Dfq ixwZ G PwjZ ixwZ 22. †Kvb ixwZ Zrmg kãeûj? G mvayixwZ L PwjZ ixwZ M K_¨ixwZ N †jL¨ixwZ 23. fvlvi †Kvb ixwZ bvU‡Ki msjvc I e³…Zvi Abyc‡hvMx? [Xv. Õ06; P. Õ02] A_ev, evsjv fvlvi †Kvb ixwZ bvU‡Ki msjvc I e³…Zvi Rb¨ Abyc‡hvMx? [e. Õ09] K PwjZ ixwZ L K_¨ ixwZ G mvayixwZ N AvÂwjK ixwZ 24. K_v-evZ©v, e³…Zv I bvU‡Ki msjv‡ci Rb¨ †Kvb fvlv Dc‡hvMx? [Xv. Õ08, Õ03; iv. Õ06; h. 2000] G PwjZ L mvay M wgkÖ N DcRvZxq 25. e³…Zvq fvlvi †Kvb ixwZi e¨envi Kiv evÃbxq? K mvay G PwjZ M K_¨ evsjv N AvÂwjK 26. mvwn‡Z¨i GKgvÎ †Kvb gva¨gwU‡Z fvlvixwZi wgkÖY `lYxq bq? K Dcb¨v‡m L bvU‡K M M‡í G KweZvq 27. fvlvi †Kvb ixwZ‡Z me©bvg I w qvc` GK we‡kl MVb c×wZ †g‡b P‡j? [e. Õ05] K PwjZ ixwZ G mvayixwZ M AvÂwjK ixwZ N meKwU 28. fvlvi PwjZ ixwZ Abym„wZ Kómva¨ †Kb? [iv. Õ02] K G ixwZ K…wÎgZvewR©Z e‡j G G ixwZi wjwLZ †Kv‡bv e¨vKiY †bB e‡j M G ixwZ‡Z Z™¢e k‡ãi cÖvavb¨ _v‡K e‡j N G ixwZ cwieZ©bkxj e‡j 29. ga¨hy‡M evsjv †jL¨ mvayixwZi mvgvb¨ bgybv cvIqv hvq — [P. Õ02] A_ev, ga¨hy‡Mi evsjv M‡`¨ mvayixwZi mvgvb¨ bgybv †Kv_vq cvIqv hvq? [Xv. 07] K Kve¨mvwn‡Z¨ G `wjj-`¯v‡e‡R M cuyw_ mvwn‡Z¨ N wPwVc‡Î 30. evsjv M`¨ mvayiƒ‡ci weKvk N‡U KLb? K cÖvPxb hy‡M L ga¨hy‡M M AvaywbK hy‡M G Bs‡iR‡`i AvMg‡bi ci 31. evsjv †jL¨ mvayixwZi cÖK…Z evsjv M`¨iƒc KLb weKvk jvf K‡i? K ga¨hy‡Mi ïi“‡Z L Bs‡iR‡`i AvMg‡bi Av‡M G Bs‡iR‡`i AvMg‡bi c‡i N ga¨hy‡M 32. Ô¸i“PÊvjx †`vlÕ Kv‡K e‡j? [iv. Õ03] G mvay I PwjZ ixwZi wgkÖY‡K L PwjZ I AvÂwjK ixwZi wgkÖY‡K M mvay I AvÂwjK ixwZi wgkÖY‡K N PwjZ I Dcfvlvi wgkÖY‡K 33. mvay I PwjZ fvlvi gj cv_©K¨ †Kvb c‡` †ewk †`Lv hvq? [iv. Õ07, Õ04; h. 2000; P. Õ05] A_ev, mvay I PwjZ fvlvi †Kvb †Kvb c` we‡kl ixwZ †g‡b P‡j? [Xv. Õ10] A_ev, mvay I PwjZ ixwZi cÖavb cv_©K¨ †Kv_vq? [Kz. Õ09] K we‡kl¨ I we‡klY G w qv I me©bvg M we‡kl¨ I w qv N we‡klY I w qv 34. evsjv fvlvq PwjZ ixwZi cÖeZ©b K‡ib †K? [Kz. Õ07; wm. Õ05; e. Õ07; w`. Õ09] K c¨vixPuv` wgÎ L wMixkP›`ª †mb G cÖg_ †PŠayix N iex›`ªbv_ VvKzi
  2. 2. 35. wb‡Pi †Kvb e¨w³ PwjZ fvlvi †¶‡Î Abb¨ Ae`vb †i‡L‡Qb? [iv. Õ09; e. Õ10] K iex›`ªbv_ VvKzi L KvRx bRi“j Bmjvg G cÖg_ †PŠayix N Ck¦iP›`ª we`¨vmvMi 36. mvayfvlvi ˆewkó¨ †KvbwU? [Xv. Õ03; iv. Õ10; h. Õ02] G ¸i“-M¤¢xi L ¸i“PÊvjx M A‡eva¨ N `y‡e©va¨ 37. PwjZ fvlvixwZi †¶‡Î †Kvb ˆewkó¨ cÖ‡hvR¨? [Xv. Õ02; P. Õ04] K ¸i“M¤¢xi L K…wÎg G cwieZ©bkxj N Zrmg kãeûj 38. PwjZ fvlvq w qvc` I me©bvg c` cwiewZ©Z iƒc jvf K‡i G K_vwU  K wfwËnxb L Aev¯e M AvswkK mZ¨ G m¤•Y© mZ¨ 39. fvlvi †Kvb iƒc e¨vKiY AbymiY K‡i P‡j? [Kz. Õ2000] K PwjZ G mvay M AvÂwjK N cÖvK…Z 40. †Kvb fvlvixwZi c`web¨vm mywbqwšZ I mywbw`©ó ev AcwieZ©bxq? [Xv. Õ09, Õ04; iv. Õ05; h. Õ06, Õ05] K K_¨ ixwZ L †jL¨ ixwZ G mvayixwZ N PwjZ ixwZ 41. mvayfvlv †Kv_vq Abyc‡hvMx? [wm. Õ04] K KweZvi cOw³‡Z L Mv‡bi Kwj‡Z M M‡íi eY©bvq G bvU‡Ki msjv‡c 42. evsjv fvlvq PwjZ ixwZi we‡kl ˆewkó¨ †KvbwU? [Xv. Õ01] K AvwfRvZ¨cY© L c`web¨vm mywbw`©ó G K…wÎgZvewR©Z N KvVv‡gv AcwieZ©bxq 43. wb‡Pi †KvbwU PwjZ fvlvi wbR¯^ we‡kl ˆewkó¨? 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Õ08] K †`kxq fvlv L gjfvlv G AvÂwjK fvlv N evsjv fvlv 51. †Kvb fvlvi Dcfvlv Av‡Q? K evsjvi L Bs‡iwRi M wnw›`i G me fvlvi 52. fvlvi †Kvb ixwZ‡Z ˆewPΨ j¶ Kiv hvq? K mvayixwZ L PwjZ ixwZ G AvÂwjK ixwZ N cÖwgZ ixwZ 53. me fvlviB †Kvb iƒ‡ci ˆewPΨ _v‡K? G AvÂwjK iƒ‡ci L PwjZ iƒ‡ci M mvay iƒ‡ci N ˆjwLK iƒ‡ci 54. mvay fvlvixwZi evK¨ †KvbwU? [P. Õ05] G Rbbx-Rš§f‚wg ¯^M©v‡c¶v †kÖô L Mvb †M‡q Zix †e‡q †K Av‡m cv‡o M avb KvUv nj mviv N †`‡L Gjvg Zv‡i 55. †Kvb k㸔Q mvayfvlvi D`vniY? [P. Õ01] G Zzjv, mwnZ L Ry‡Zv, gv_v M cwoj, †`‡L N ey‡bv, Zz‡jv 56. PwjZ ixwZi D`vniY †KvbwU? [wm. Õ09; e. Õ05] K eb¨ G ïK‡bv M Zzjv N ﮋ 57. PwjZ ixwZi kã †KvbwU? [P. Õ09] K Zzjv L ïKbv GGGG Zz‡jv N cwoj 58. Ô¸wjÕ kãwU fvlvi †Kvb ixwZ‡Z e¨eüZ nq? K K_¨ixwZ L AvÂwjK ixwZ M AvaywbK ixwZ G mvayixwZ 59. weï× PwjZ fvlv †KvbwU? [e. Õ01] K mvg‡b GKUv euvk evMvb coj GGGG mvg‡b GKwU euvk evMvb coj M mvg‡b GKwU euvk evMvb cwoj N m¤§y‡L GKUv euvk evMvb coj 60. Ôeb¨Õ k‡ãi PwjZ iƒc †KvbwU? [wm. Õ08] K eyb G ey‡bv M eb N eb 61. †Kvb ixwZ ¸i“M¤¢xi bq? K mvayixwZ G PwjZ ixwZ M †jL¨ ixwZ N K_¨ ixwZ 62. wg_¨v −−−− k‡ãi mwVK PwjZ iƒc Kx? K wg‡Q L wg‡Ë G wg‡_¨ N wgQv evsjv fvlvi kã m¤¢vi 63. evsjv M`¨iƒc KLb weKvk jvf K‡i? [Xv. Õ07; h. Õ01] K cÖvPxb hy‡M L ga¨hy‡M G Bs‡iR AvMg‡bi c‡i N ¯^vaxbZv hy‡×i c‡i 64. Drm ev DrcwË Abymv‡i evsjv fvlvi kãmgn‡K KqwU cÖavb fv‡M fvM Kiv hvq? [Xv. Õ09; h. Õ10, Õ03; Kz. Õ09; P. 2000; e. Õ07] A_ev, k‡ãi DrmgjK †kÖwYwefvM KqwU? [w`. Õ09] K wZbwU L PviwU G cuvPwU N QqwU 65. evsjv M`¨ †Kvb hy‡Mi fvlvi wb`k©b? [Xv. Õ10; wm. Õ03] K cÖvPxb hy‡Mi L ga¨hy‡Mi M AÜKvi hy‡Mi G AvaywbK hy‡Mi 66. Zrmg k‡ãi ÔZrÕ †KvbwU †evSvq? [iv. Õ96] G ms¯‹…Z L evsjv M cÖvK…Z N Amgxqv 67. †h k㸇jv evsjv fvlvq AweK…Z i‡q‡Q †m¸‡jv [P. Õ96] A_ev, ms¯‹…Z fvlv †_‡K AvMZ AcwieZ©bxq kãmg‡ni bvg Kx? [P. Õ08] G Zrmg kã L Z™¢e kã M †`wk kã N we‡`wk kã 68. ÔZrmgÕ A_© ÔZvi mgvbÕ-GB ÔZviÕ wK‡mi? K evsjvi L cÖvK…‡Zi G ms¯‹…‡Zi N Bs‡iwRi 69. wb‡Pi †KvbwU Zrmg kã? [iv. 2000, Õ96; e. Õ07] G P›`ª/ag© L wMbœx M wW½v N Cgvb 70. Zrmg kã †KvbwU? [iv. Õ94; h. Õ92; Kz. Õ99, Õ93; e. Õ07] K Pv L †Pqvi G ag© N Kvb 71. ÔP›`ªÕ †Kvb k‡ãi D`vniY? [h. Õ06] G Zrmg L Z™¢e M †`wk N we‡`wk 72. Zrmg kã †KvbwU? [mKj Õ98; Kz. 2000; P. Õ06] K ˆeòe/Puv` G b¶Î M Cgvb N Pvgvi 73. wb‡Pi †KvbwU Zrmg kã? [iv. 2000; h. 2000] K nvZ L SvUv G P›`ª N evwo 74. wb‡Pi †KvbwU Zrmg k‡ãi D`vniY? K †evóg G †`k M MÄ N †K”Qv 75. wb‡Pi †KvbwU Zrmg kã? [h. Õ01; Kz. Õ09] K Puv` G feb M Kzjv N Pvgvi 76. ÔfebÕ †Kvb †kÖYxi kã? [Kz. Õ10] K cvwifvwlK kã L †hŠwMK kã G Zrmg kã N Z™¢e kã 77. ÔKzrwmZÕ †Kvb fvlvi kã? K †`wk G Zrmg M dviwm N ZzwK© 78. †KvbwU Zrmg k‡ãi D`vniY? [h. Õ99] K Kzw”QZ L †eMg M wMbœx G n¯/cÎ 79. †Kvb¸‡jv Zrmg kã? [iv. Õ01] K AvR, Avjbv, AvU‡cŠi, ISv, KvR G AÂj, A`¨, Kg©, ¶wZ, Mgb, N„Z M Kvgo, Kqjv, †bKv, †cqvjv, b¶Î N †Pnviv, PvKi, PvKwi, R½j, R½x 80. ÔAk¦Õ kãwU †Kvb kã? [e. Õ02] K cvwifvwlK kã L †hŠwMK kã G Zrmg kã N Z™¢e kã 81. Zrmg kã †Kvb¸‡jv? [iv. Õ01] K cÎ, †K÷, Wve, mgy`ª L †Uvci, emyÜiv, b¶Î, Abj G AvKvk, e„¶, ag©, g¯K N mh©, P›`ª, mvc, wMbœx 82. evsjv fvlvi †Kvb k㸇jv‡K LuvwU evsjv kãI ejv nq? [e. Õ06] K Zrmg G Z™¢e M Aa© Zrmg N †`wk 83. Z™¢e †Kvb ai‡bi kã? [wm. Õ01] G cvwifvwlK L ms¯‹…Z M wnw›` N AvÂwjK 84. ÔnvZÕ kãwU †Kvb †kÖYxi? [Xv. Õ03; iv. Õ05] K †`wk L Zrmg G Z™¢e N we‡`wk
  3. 3. 85. †KvbwU Z™¢e k‡ãi D`vniY? [h. 2000; Kz. Õ99] K Kg© L wMbœx G nvZ/Kvbœv N B¯‹zj 86. †KvbwU LuvwU evsjv k‡ãi D`vniY? K WvMi G nvZ M Kzjv N me¸‡jv 87. wb‡Pi †Kvb ¸”Q Z™¢e kã? [Xv. Õ10] K P›`ª, mh©, MÖn, b¶Î L AvBb, Av`vjZ, `v‡ivMv cywjk G †PvL, bvK, Kvb, gv_v N jvj, bxj, meyR, L‡qix 88. ms¯‹…Z ÔPg©KviÕ kãwUi Z™¢e ÔPvgviÕ Gi cÖvK…Z iƒc †KvbwU? [wm. Õ08] K P¤§Kvi L P¤§Ki G P¤§Avi N P¤§vi 89. †KvbwU Aa©-Zrmg kã? [Xv. Õ93; h. Õ94; Kz. Õ06, Õ96] K mh© L mybvg M Revb G †R¨vQbv 90. †KvbwU Aa©-Zrmg k‡ãi D`vniY? [P. Õ02] G Kzw”QZ L feb M gbyl¨ N ˆeòe 91. ms¯‹…Z k‡ãi wKwÂr cwiewZ©Z iƒ‡c e¨eüZ kã †Kvb¸‡jv? [Kz. Õ04] K Zrmg kã L Z™¢e kã G Aa©-Zrmg kã N †`wk kã 92. ÔwMbœxÕ †Kvb †kÖYxi kã? [h. Õ92; Kz. Õ92] K LuvwU evsjv L †`wk M we‡`wk G Aa©-Zrmg 93. evsjv‡`‡ki Avw`g Awaevmx‡`i fvlv I ms¯‹…wZi wKQz wKQz Dcv`vb evsjv fvlvq iw¶Z n‡q‡Q, Gme kã‡K Kx e‡j? [iv. Õ06] G †`wk kã L msKi kã M gyÊvwi kã N cvwifvwlK kã 94. wb‡Pi †KvbwU LuvwU evsjv kã? [wm. Õ06] K †R¨vQbv G Pvgvi M PvKz N †XuwK 95. †KvbwU †`wk k‡ãi D`vniY? [iv. Õ06; Kz. Õ08; e. Õ01] K jyw½ G †LvKv M mv‡eK N mgªvU 96. †KvbwU †`wk kã bq? [P. Õ99] K †cU L PvOvix G Ni N †VvOv 97. †KvbwU †`wk kã bq? K Kzjv L †XuwK G nvZ N wWwO 98. †KvbwU †`wk kã? [e. Õ03] G †XuwK L KvMR M Avbvim N DwKj 99. †KvbwU †`wk kã? [wm. Õ04] K niZvj L Pvwn`v M PvKi G Kzjv 100. †KvbwU †`wk kã? [e. Õ09] GGGG wW½v L kÖv× M Pvgvi N wPwb 101. Abvh© RvwZi e¨eüZ kã‡K Kx kã e‡j? [P. Õ96] G †`wk kã L we‡`wk kã M Zrmg kã N evsjv kã 102. †KvbwU †`wk k‡ãi D`vniY? [iv. Õ96] K mh© G Kzwo M Pv N ag© 103. †KvbwU we‡`wk kã bq? [P. Õ06] G cÎ L †`vqvZ M K‡jR N AvBb 104. evsjv‡`‡k †Kvb we‡`wk‡`i AvMg‡bi d‡j cÖPzi Aviwe I dviwm kã evsjv fvlvq ¯’vb K‡i wb‡q‡Q? K cZz©wMR I Bs‡iR AvMg‡bi d‡j L wPbv I Rvcvwb AvMg‡bi myev‡` M divwm I Ij›`vR AvMg‡bi d‡j G ZzwK© AvMgb I gymwjg kvmb cˇbi my‡hv‡M 105. evsjv‡`‡k ZzwK© AvMgb I gymwjg kvmb cˇbi my‡hvM ‡g †Kvb †Kvb fvlvi cÖPzi kã evsjv fvlvi wbR¯^ m¤•‡` cwiYZ n‡q‡Q? G Aviwe I dviwm L ZzwK© I wnw›` M ZzwK© I dviwmN dviwm I wnw›` 106. ÔPvbvPziÕ †Kvb †`wk kã? K Pxbv G wnw›` M Aviwe N dviwm 107. ÔgnKzgvÕ kãwU †Kvb fvlv †_‡K G‡m‡Q? [wm. Õ02] K ZzwK© L dviwm M cZ©ywMR G Aviwe 108. ÔevwKÕ-†Kvb fvlvi kã? K dviwm L divwm G Aviwe N cZ©zwMR 109. wb‡Pi †KvbwU Aviwe kã? [iv. Õ96] K bvgvh L †ivhv M †Lv`v G nR 110. †KvbwU Aviwe kã? G †Mvmj L †ivhv M †e‡nkZ N bvgvh 111. Mv‡qe, DwKj G¸‡jv †Kvb fvlvi kã? K dviwm kã G Aviwe kã M Bs‡iwR kã N ¸RivwU kã 112. Aviwe fvlvi kã wb‡Pi †KvbwU ? K `ievi L †`ŠjZ G †`vqvZ N `dZi 113. wb‡Pi †KvbwU Aviwe fvlvi kã? G Av`vjZ L KvZz©R M Av`wg N Pvwe 114. †KvbwU cÖkvmwbK kã? [P. Õ07] G bvwjk L bgybv M K‡jR N ißvwb 115. †KvbwU dviwm fvlv †_‡K AvMZ kã? K nvjvj G †eMg M e¨vM N Mv‡qe 116. ÔAvg`vwbÕ †Kvb fvlvi kã? K Aviwe G dviwm M cZz©wMR N divwm 117. Ô†e‡n¯Õ †Kvb fvlvi kã? K we‡`wk L Aviwe G dviwm N cZz©wMR 118. ÔZvwiLÕ †Kvb fvlvi kã? [wm. Õ06] G dviwm L Aviwe M ZzwK© N cZz©wMR 119. †KvbwU dviwm kã? K hvKvZ L DwKj M cqM¤^i G Pkgv 120. †KvbwU ag©ms vš dviwm kã? [Xv. Õ06, Õ02; wm. Õ07] K KziAvb G †ivhv/hvKvZ M bvwjk N C` 121. †KvbwU cÖkvmwbK I mvs¯‹…wZK dviwm kã? G `dZi, `¯LZ L RvbœvZ, †Mvmj M Avg`vwb, ißvwb N Av`vjZ, Kvbyb 122. ÔPkgvÕ †Kvb fvlvi kã? [Kz. Õ10; P. Õ03] K Aviwe G dviwm M cZ©ywMR N Ij›`vR 123. ÔbgybvÕ kãwU †Kvb fvlv †_‡K G‡m‡Q? K Aviwe L cZz©wMR G dviwm N divwm 124. Ô†cvkvKÕ †Kvb fvlv †_‡K AvMZ kã? [h. Õ03] G dviwm L evsjv M ms¯‹…Z N D`©y 125. †KvbwU ag©ms vš dviwm kã? K KziAvb L Cgvb M nvw`m G †d‡ikZv 126. Ô†d‡ikZvÕ †Kvb fvlv †_‡K AvMZ kã? G dviwm L evsjv M ms¯‹…Z N D`©y 127. evsjv fvlvq AvMZ dviwm k㸇jv cÖavbZ Kq fv‡M wef³? [iv. Õ02] K `yB fv‡M G wZb fv‡M M Pvi fv‡M N cuvP fv‡M 128. wb‡Pi †Kvb k㸔Q dviwm fvlv †_‡K AvMZ? K Avjwcb, Avbvim, evjwZ, †c‡iK L KvZz©R, K…cY, wW‡cv, †i‡¯viuv G KvMR, bgybv, nv½vgv, †cvkvK,N Kjg, wnmve, ivq, †gvKÏgv 129. Ô†g_iÕ †Kvb fvlvi D`vniY? G dviwm cÖkvmwbK L dviwm ag©ms vš M Aviwe cÖkvmwbK N dviwm wewea 130. †KvbwU BD‡ivcxq fvlvi kã bq? G †`vKvb L KvZz©R M B¯‹vcb N Avjwcb 131. †KvbwU cwiewZ©Z D”Pvi‡Yi Bs‡iwR kã? K cvDWvi L b‡fj G †evZj N †Pqvi 132. cwiewZ©Z D”Pvi‡Y Bs‡iwR kã †KvbwU? [P. Õ08; e. Õ05] G nvmcvZvj L b‡fj M dzUej N ¯‹zj 133. ÔnvmcvZvjÕ †Kvb fvlvi kã? [e. Õ03] G Bs‡iwR L dviwm M ZzwK© N cZ©ywMR 134. wb‡Pi k㸇jvi g‡a¨ †KvbwU Bs‡iwR kã? [h. Õ03] K wKZve G †cbwmj M nvwKg N Avbvim 135. ÔnvmcvZvjÕ †Kvb †kÖYxi kã? [P. 2000; e. Õ03] K LuvwU D”Pvi‡Yi Bs‡iwR kã G cwiewZ©Z D”Pvi‡Yi Bs‡iwR kã M cvwifvwlK kã N cZ©ywMR kã 136. ÔAvvwdgÕ †Kvb fvlvi kã? G Bs‡iwR L dviwm M ZzwK© N cZz©wMR 137. wb‡Pi †Kvb¸‡jv cZz©wMR kã? [wm. Õ04] G Avjgvwi, ¸`vg L Pvwn`v, wkL M Pvb, wPwb N Kzcb, wW‡cv 138. ÔcvDi“wUÕ kãwU †Kvb fvlvi? [Xv. Õ06; Kz. Õ99; w`. Õ10] G cZ©ywMR L divwm M ¸RivwU N cvÄvwe 139. ÔPvweÕ †Kvb fvlv †_‡K AvMZ kã? K Ij›`vR L dviwm M divwm G cZz©wMR 140. ÔAvjwcbÕ †Kvb fvlvi kã? [h. Õ05] G cZz©wMR L Ij›`vR M ¸RivwU N ZzwK© 141. ÔevjwZÕ kãwU †Kvb fvlv †_‡K G‡m‡Q? [wm. Õ01] K divwm G cZ©ywMR M ¸RivwU N Ij›`vR 142. †KvbwU cZ©ywMR kã? [Xv. Õ01] G evjwZ L `v‡ivMv M Pvwn`v N bvwjk 143. divwm kã †KvbwU? [Xv. 2000; wm. Õ10] A_ev, divwm fvlvi k‡ãi D`vniY †KvbwU? [Xv. Õ09] K niZvj L cvw`ª M †Zvc G Kzcb
  4. 4. 144. ÔKzcbÕ †Kvb fvlv †_‡K M„nxZ kã? [h. 2000] K Bs‡iwR G divwm M dviwm N Ij›`vR 145. ÔKvZz©RÕ †Kvb fvlvi kã? [iv. Õ03] K Bs‡iwR L Rvcvwb M Ij›`vR G divwm 146. Ô†i‡¯vivuÕ †Kvb fvlvi kã? [h. Õ96] K Bs‡iwR L Rvcvwb M Ij›`vR G divwm 147. ÔniZvjÕ †Kvb fvlvi kã? [Xv. Õ07; iv. Õ01; h. 07; Kz. Õ07] K Ij›`vR L ZzwK© M wnw›` G ¸RivwU 148. ¸RivwU k‡ãi D`vniY †KvbwU? [h. Õ06] A_ev, †KvbwU ¸RivwU kã? [w`. Õ09] G niZvj L jyw½ M wi·v N PvKz 149. wb‡Pi †KvbwU gyÛvix fvlvi kã? [Xv. Õ10] K PvKz G Pzjv M wPwb N PvKi 150. †KvbwU cvÄvwe kã? G Pvwn`v/wkL L †Zvc M PvKi N †Kv‡bvwUB bq 151. Zvwgj fvlvi kã †KvbwU? [e. Õ02] G †cU L Kzjv M Pzjv N Kzwo 152. wb‡Pi †Kvb¸‡jv cvÄvwe fvlvi kã? K KvZz©R, †i‡¯viuv G Pvwn`v, wkL M Kzcb, wW‡cv N wi·v, nvwiwKwi 153. ÔPvwn`vÕ kãwU †Kvb fvlv †_‡K †bIqv n‡q‡Q? [wm. Õ03] A_ev, Pvwn`v †Kvb fvlvi kã? [P. Õ10] K cZ©ywMR L Pxbv G cvÄvwe N ZzwK© 154. cZz©wMR fvlvi kã bq †KvbwU? [iv. Õ08] K Avbvim L Avjgvwi M ¸`vg G Pvwn`v 155. PvKi, PvKz, `v‡ivMv−−−− G k㸇jv †Kvb fvlv †_‡K evsjv fvlvq G‡m‡Q? [iv. Õ09] K Ij›`vR G ZzwK© M divwm N ¸RivwU 156. †KvbwU ZzwK© kã? [Kz. Õ09] K wi·v L Pvwn`v G `v‡ivMv N LÏi 157. Ôdzw½Õ k‡ãi A_© Kx? K jyw½ L MvgQv G †eŠ× mbœ¨vmx N evwg©R 158. Ôwi·vÕ †Kvb fvlvi kã? [h. Õ04; e. Õ03] K ¸RivwU L cvÄvwe M ZzwK© G Rvcvwb 159. ÔnvwiwKwiÕ k‡ãi A_©  K nviv‡bv L wi·v G AvÍnZ¨v N AvÍi¶v 160. †KvbwU Bs‡iwR kã bq? K e¨vM L Awdm M dzUej G ev`kvn 161. ÔAvwdgÕ- †Kvb fvlvi kã? K Ij›`vR L dviwm M ¸RivwU G Bs‡iwR 162. ÔIj›`vRÕ kãwU †KvbwU? K niZb L i“BZb M Avjgvwi G K I L 163. ÔniZbÕ, Ôi“BZbÕ k㸇jv †Kvb fvlvi kã? [e. Õ10] G Ij›`vR L cZz©wMR M divwm N Rvcvwb 164. Ôc‡KUgviÕ kãwU †Kvb †kÖYxi? [iv. Õ04; Kz. Õ06] K Zrmg L †`wk M we‡`wk G wgkÖ 165. Ôc‡KUgviÕ k‡ã †Kvb †Kvb fvlvi kã i‡q‡Q? K Bs‡iwR+dvwm© L Bs‡iwR+Zrmg G Bs‡iwR+evsjv N Bs‡iwR+Aviwe 166. †KvbwU wgkÖ kã? [Xv. Õ08, Õ06, 2000; h. Õ96] K ev`kv-†eMg G †nW-†gŠjfx M P›`ª-mh© N PvKi-evKi 167. ÔWv³viLvbvÕ wgkÖ kãwU‡Z †Kvb †Kvb k‡ãi wgkÖY N‡U‡Q? K Bs‡iwR + Aviwe G Bs‡iwR + dviwm M Bs‡iwR + evsjv N Bs‡iwR + wnw›` 168. †KvbwU wgkÖ kã? [h. Õ01] K Pv-wPwb G †PŠ-nÏx M bvgvh-†ivhv N ¯‹zj-K‡jR 169. †KvbwU wgkÖ kã? [mKj Õ98; Xv. Õ04; Kz. 2000; P. 2000; e. Õ03] K bvgvh-†ivhv L Pv-wPwb G nvU-evRvi N †KZve-Kjg 170. ÔnvU-evRviÕ †Kvb RvZxq wgkÖ kã? [Kz. Õ09] K evsjv + Bs‡iwR L Bs‡iwR + evsjv M Zrmg + dviwm G evsjv + dviwm 171. ivRv-ev`kv (Zrmg+dviwm) — [Kz. Õ02] K dviwm kã L Bs‡iwR kã M Aviwe kã G wgkÖ kã 172. wb‡Pi †KvbwU wgkÖ kã? K Avjwcb L gv÷vi M Rv‡bvqvi G wLªóvã 173. †KvbwU wgkÖ kã bq? [P. Õ02] K c‡KUgvi L †PŠ-nÏx M wLªóvã G †nWgv÷vi 174. Ô†PŠ-nÏxÕ kãwU †Kvb ai‡bi? [wm. Õ02] K Zrmg L Z™¢e M Aa©-Zrmg G wgkÖ 175. Ô†PŠ-nwÏÕ wgkÖ kãwU †Kvb †Kvb fvlvi k‡ãi wgj‡b MwVZ n‡q‡Q? [P. Õ09] K wnw›` + Aviwe G dviwm + Aviwe M evsjv + dviwm N Zrmg + divwm 176. Ô†egvjygÕ k‡ã ÔgvjygÕ kãwU †Kvb fvlvi kã? K wnw›` G dviwm M evsjv N Aviwe 177. wb‡Pi †KvbwU cvwifvwlK kã? G øvZK L `v‡ivMv M KviLvbv N nvivg 178. †Kvb kã ˆØZwU‡Z dviwm kã †bB? K nvU-evRvi L Wv³viLvbv M †nW-†gŠjfx G c‡KUgvi 179. evsjv fvlvq cÖPwjZ we‡`wk k‡ãi fvevbyev`gjK cÖwZkã‡K Kx e‡j? [Xv. Õ09, Õ07; iv. Õ03; Kz. 2000 e. Õ08, Õ02] K AwcwbwnwZ G cvwifvwlK kã M iƒwp kã N Zrmg kã 180. we‡kl A‡_© e¨eüZ kã‡K  e‡j| G cvwifvwlK L †jL¨ M K_¨ N mvay 181. †KvbwU cvwifvwlK kã? [Xv. Õ05, Kz. Õ01; wm. Õ06; e. Õ08,Õ02] K Bbmvb L †Uvci G wek¦we`¨vjq N Wv³viLvbv 182. †KvbwU cvwifvwlK kã? [h. Õ02; Kz. Õ05] K gmwR` L nvmcvZvj G mgxKiY N niZb 183. †KvbwU cvwifvwlK kã? [iv. Õ99; h. Õ02; Kz. Õ10] G we`¨vjq/mgxKiY L K‡jR M ¯‹zj N Bbw÷wUDkb 184. wb‡Pi †KvbwU cvwifvwlK kã? K jyw½ L wKZve G øvZ‡KvËi N Avbvim 185. 'Oxygen'−−−−Gi fvevbyev`gjK cÖwZkã †KvbwU? [wm. Õ08] K D`hvb L mnhvb G AèRvb N Aw·‡Rb 186. †KvbwU cvwifvwlK kã? [h. Õ08] G †eZvi L evjwZ M ˆeòe N †evZj 187. wb‡Pi †KvbwU cvwifvwlK kã? G mvgwqKx L wi·v M LÏi N evjwZ 188. wb‡Pi †Kvb kãwU cvwifvwlK kã? K nvwiwKwi L †nWcwÊZ G mgvwß N wPwb 189. Secretary-Gi cwifvlv Kx? G mwPe L m`m¨ mwPe M mvaviY m¤•v`KN m¤•v`K 190. cvwifvwlK kã wb‡Pi †KvbwU? K †Zvc L PvKi G bw_ N dzUej 191. evsjv fvlvq cÖPwjZ †Kvb KwVbZi kãwUi evsjv cwifvlv m„wó wb®•Ö‡qvRb? K †UwjMÖvd L †Uwj‡dvb M †iwWI G meKwU 192. †Kvb k‡ãi KwVbZi evsjv cwifvlv m„wó wb®•Ö‡qvRb? G m¨v‡UjvBU L Aw·‡Rb M g¨v‡bRvi N ¯‹zj wØZxq cwi‡”Q` evsjv e¨vKiY I Gi Av‡jvP¨ welq e¨vKiY 193. (cZz©MxR fvlvq) evsjv e¨vKiY cÖ_g iPbv K‡ib †K?[Xv. Õ92; Kz. Õ07] K DBwjqvg †Kix K W. gyn¤§` knx`yj−vn M W. mybxwZKzgvi P‡Ævcva¨vq G gby‡qj `¨ Avmmy¤• muvI 194. (Bs‡iwR fvlvq) evsjv e¨vKiY cÖ_g iPbv K‡ib †K? [Xv. Õ09] K W. mybxwZKzgvi P‡Ævcva¨vq G wg. Gb. we. n¨vj‡nW M DBwjqvg †Kix N W. gyn¤§` knx`yj−vn 195. (evsjv fvlvq) evsjv e¨vKiY MÖš’ cÖ_g †Kvb evOvwj iPbv K‡ib? [Xv. Õ94] K ivgivg emy L ivgbvivqY ZK©iZœ M Ck¦iP›`ª we`¨vmvMi G ivRv ivg‡gvnb ivq 196. evsjv e¨vKiY cÖ_g †Kvb evOvwj evsjv fvlvq iPbv K‡ib? [Xv. Õ10] K W. mybxwZ Kzgvi P‡Ævcva¨vq G ivRv ivg‡gvnb ivq M W. gyn¤§` knx`yj−vn N W. Gbvgyj nK 197. Ô†MŠoxq e¨vKiYÕ †KvbwU? K Gb.we. n¨vj‡nW iwPZ e¨vKiY L W. mybxwZKzgvi iwPZ evsjv e¨vKiY G ivRv ivg‡gvnb ivq iwPZ evsjv fvlvi e¨vKiY N Ck¦iP›`ª we`¨vmvMi iwPZ evsjv e¨vKiY
  5. 5. 198. ivRv ivg‡gvnb iv‡qi iwPZ evsjv e¨vKi‡Yi bvg Kx?[Xv. Õ94; P. Õ96] G †MŠoxq e¨vKiY L gvMaxq e¨vKiY M gvZ…fvlvi e¨vKiY N fvlv I e¨vKiY 199. †KvbwU cÖvPxb evsjv e¨vKiY? K e¨vKiY gÄix L AvaywbK evsjv e¨vKiY G A Grammar of the Bengali Language N mij fvlvcÖKvk evsjv e¨vKiY 200. e¨vKi‡Yi KvR Kx? [Xv. Õ06, Õ94, Õ93; iv. Õ07, Õ92; Kz. Õ99; e. Õ03] K fv‡jv e³v ˆZwi Kiv L fv‡jv Awf‡bZv ˆZwi Kiv M `ª“Z †jLv †kLv‡bv G fvlvi Af¨šixY k„Ljv Avwe®‹vi Kiv 201. Ôe¨vKiYÕ k‡ãi mwVK A_© †KvbwU? [Xv. Õ92; iv. Õ94; Kz. Õ96; P. Õ06, Õ99] A_ev, Ôe¨vKiYÕ k‡ãi ey¨rcwËMZ A_© Kx? [iv. 09; wm. Õ06] K we‡klfv‡e wefvRb G we‡klfv‡e we‡k−lY M we‡klfv‡e we‡qvRb N we‡klfv‡e ms‡hvRb 202. e¨vKi‡Yi gj wfwË Kx? K aŸwb G fvlv M kã N evK¨ 203. Kx Kvi‡Y e¨vKiY cv‡Vi cÖ‡qvRb? [Xv. 2000] K fvlv wk¶vi Rb¨ G fvlvi ï×vïw× wbY©‡qi Rb¨ M fvlv wel‡q Ávb `v‡bi Rb¨ L fvlvi weKv‡ki Rb¨ evsjv e¨vKi‡Y Av‡jvP¨ welq 204. evsjv e¨vKi‡Yi cÖavb Av‡jvP¨ welq KqwU? [Xv. Õ04; iv. 2000; Kz. Õ06; wm. Õ07, Õ01; e. Õ10] A_ev, me fvlviB e¨vKi‡Y cÖavbZ KqwU wel‡qi Av‡jvPbv Kiv nq? [e. Õ09] K 2wU L 3wU G 4wU N 5wU 205. Av‡jvPbvi welqe¯‘ Abymv‡i evsjv e¨vKiY‡K KqwU As‡k wef³ Kiv n‡q‡Q? [wm. Õ09; e. Õ06] K 2wU L 3wU G 4wU N 5wU 206. cÖ‡Z¨K fvlviB PviwU †gŠwjK Ask _v‡K| Ask¸‡jv Kx Kx? [Xv. Õ08, 2000; iv. Õ08, Õ03, 2000; Kz. 2000] G aŸwb, kã, evK¨, A_© L kã, mwÜ, mgvm, aŸwb M AbymM©, DcmM©, kã, mwÜ N aŸwb, kã, eY©, evK¨ 207. wb‡Pi †KvbwU fvlvi †gŠwjK Ask? K Zrmg kã G A_© M mwÜ N c` cÖKiY 208. cÖ‡Z¨K fvlvi KqwU †gŠwjK Ask _v‡K? [Xv. Õ05; h. Õ09; P. Õ04; wm. Õ09; e. Õ05] G PviwU L cuvPwU M QqwU N `kwU 209. e¨vKi‡Yi Av‡jvP¨ welq PviwU Kx Kx? [e. Õ03] G aŸwbZË¡, iƒcZË¡, evK¨ZË¡ ev c` g, A_©ZË¡ L aŸwbZË¡, kãZË¡, fvlvZË¡, evK¨ZË¡ M iƒcZË¡, c` g, fvlvZË¡, kãZË¡ M evK¨ZË¡, fvlvZË¡, aŸwbZË¡, kãZË¡ 210. †Kvb welqwU e¨vKi‡Yi Avbylw½K Av‡jvP¨ welq? [iv. Õ99] K aŸwb L KviK G Q›` N evK¨ 211. fvlv‡K iƒc`vb Ki‡Z wK‡mi mvnvh¨ wb‡Z nq? [Kz. Õ99] K evMavivi L A½-cÖZ¨‡½i G evMh‡ši N P¶z I K‡Y©i 212. mwÜ e¨vKi‡Yi †Kvb As‡ki Av‡jvP¨ welq? [Xv. Õ96; iv. Õ07; h. Õ10, Õ05; Kz. Õ07, Õ99; P. Õ10, Õ03; wm. Õ03] K iƒcZË¡ G aŸwbZË¡ M c` g N evK¨ cÖKiY 213. YZ¡ I lZ¡ weavb evsjv e¨vKi‡Yi †Kvb As‡k Av‡jvwPZ nq? [Xv. Õ01; iv. Õ10; Kz. Õ07, Õ05] K iƒcZË¡ G aŸwbZË¡ M fvlvZË¡ N evK¨ZË¡ 214. mwÜ, YZ¡ I lZ¡ weavb, e‡Y©i web¨vm BZ¨vw` wK‡mi Av‡jvP¨ welq? K evK¨ZË¡ L A_©ZË¡ G aŸwbZË¡ N iƒcZË¡ 215. aŸwbZ‡Ë¡i Av‡jvP¨ welq Kx Kx? [Xv. Õ05] K mwÜ, mgvm, YZ¡ I lZ¡ weavb L evK¨ MVb I D”PviY M mwÜ, DcmM© I cÖZ¨q G eY© I e‡Y©i D”PviYvw` 216. e¨vKi‡Yi ÔaŸwbZË¡Õ As‡k Av‡jvwPZ nq [wm. Õ02] G eY©, mwÜ, YZ¡ weavb, lZ¡ weavb L kã, c`, wj½, ePb, KviK, mgvm, cÖZ¨q M evK¨ cÖKiY, evP¨, evMaviv BZ¨vw` N Dc‡ii meKqwU 217. evsjv e¨vKi‡Yi †Kvb As‡k e‡Y©i web¨vm Av‡jvwPZ nq? [Xv. Õ03; e. Õ07] K evK¨Z‡Ë¡ G aŸwbZ‡Ë¡ M kãZ‡Ë¡ N iƒcZ‡Ë¡ 218. †Kvb welqwU aŸwbZ‡Ë¡ Av‡jvwPZ nq? [w`. Õ09] K evMaviv L mgvm M KviK G mwÜ 219. k‡ãi ¶z`ªZg GKK †KvbwU? [e. Õ09] K A¶i G aŸwb M avZz N cÖK…wZ 220. k‡ãi ¶z`ªvsk‡K Kx ejv nq? K c` G iƒc M kãgj N aŸwb 221. GK ev GKvwaK aŸwbi A_©‡evaK mwš§j‡b Kx ˆZwi nq? K iƒc L evK¨ M A_© G kã 222. ev‡K¨i ¶z`ªZg GKK Kx? [Xv. Õ96; h. Õ05; wm. Õ05] A_ev, ev‡K¨i Acwinvh© A½ †KvbwU? [e. Õ07] A_ev, ev‡K¨i †gŠwjK Dcv`vb †KvbwU? [iv. Õ08] G kã L eY© M aŸwb N wPý 223. ePb, wj½, KviK, mgvm e¨vKi‡Yi †Kvb As‡ki Av‡jvP¨ welq? [iv. Õ03; h. Õ09, Õ01, 2000; P. Õ02; wm. Õ01] A_ev, ePb e¨vKi‡Yi †Kvb As‡ki Av‡jvP¨ welq? [P. Õ06] A_ev, ePb I wj½ e¨vKi‡Yi †Kvb As‡ki Av‡jvP¨ welq? [Xv. Õ08; iv. Õ09] K aŸwbZË¡ L fvlvZË¡ G iƒcZË¡ N evK¨ZË¡ 224. w qvi Kvj I cyi“l e¨vKi‡Yi †Kvb As‡k Av‡jvwPZ nq? [h. Õ02; P. Õ01] A_ev, w qvgj, w qvi Kvj I cyi“l BZ¨vw` e¨vKi‡Yi †Kvb As‡ki Av‡jvP¨ welq? [Kz. Õ01, 2000; P. 2000] K A_©Z‡Ë¡i G iƒcZ‡Ë¡i M evK¨Z‡Ë¡i N aŸwbZ‡Ë¡i 225. cÖZ¨q I mgvm e¨vKi‡Yi †Kvb As‡k Av‡jvwPZ nq? [Xv. Õ09; iv. Õ01] K evK¨Z‡Ë¡ L aŸwbZ‡Ë¡ G kãZ‡Ë¡ N fvlvZ‡Ë¡ 226. e¨vKi‡Yi ÔiƒcZË¡Õ As‡k Av‡jvwPZ nq — [Xv. Õ01; iv. Õ96] K evK¨, evK¨ cÖKiY, evMaviv BZ¨vw` L eY©, mwÜ, YZ¡ weavb, lZ¡ weavb BZ¨vw` G kã cÖKiY, c` cÖKiY, wj½, ePb, kãiƒc, w qvi Kvj, cyi“l, avZziƒc, c` cwieZ©b N Dc‡ii †Kv‡bvwUB bq 227. iƒcZ‡Ë¡i Av‡jvP¨ welq bq †KvbwU? [Kz. Õ09] GGGG mwÜ/YZ¡wewa L cÖZ¨q M mgvm N KviK 228. ÔavZziƒcÕ e¨vKi‡Yi †Kvb As‡k Av‡jvwPZ nq?[Xv. Õ99; h. Õ99; wm. Õ10] K aŸwbZË¡ G iƒcZË¡ M evK¨ZË¡ N Q›`ZË¡ 229. iƒcZ‡Ë¡i Aci bvg Kx? [wm. Õ02] K evK¨ZË¡ G kãZË¡ M aŸwbZË¡ N c` g 230. Ôc` cÖKiYÕ e¨vKi‡Yi †Kvb As‡ki Av‡jvP¨ welq? [Xv. Õ05] G iƒcZ‡Ë¡i L aŸwbZ‡Ë¡i K evK¨Z‡Ë¡i N A_©Z‡Ë¡i 231. evK¨Z‡Ë¡i Aci bvg Kx? [Xv. Õ07; wm. Õ08, Õ01; e. Õ10] K fvlv L cÖvwZcw`K G c` g N mvwaZ kã 232. Ôc` gÕ †Kvb Z‡Ë¡i bvg? K aŸwbZË¡ G evK¨ZË¡ M iƒcZË¡ N A_©ZË¡ 233. ÔevMavivÕ e¨vKi‡Yi †Kvb As‡k Av‡jvwPZ nq? K aŸwbZ‡Ë¡ L kãZ‡Ë¡ G evK¨Z‡Ë¡ N Q›` I Aj¼v‡i 234. e¨vKi‡Yi ÔevK¨ZË¡Õ As‡k Av‡jvwPZ nq — K aŸwb, eY©cÖKiY, eY©web¨vm, mwÜ BZ¨vw` G evK¨ cÖKiY, evK¨ we‡k−lY, ev‡K¨i MVbcÖYvwj, evMaviv BZ¨vw` M kã cÖKiY, c` cÖKiY, wj½, ePb, kãiƒc, avZziƒc BZ¨vw` N Ic‡ii me¸‡jvB 235. cÖK…wZ Kq cÖKvi? K wZb cÖKvi L Pvi cÖKvi G `yB cÖKvi N cuvP cÖKvi 236. ev‡K¨i Ašfz©³ c`¸‡jvi ms¯’vcb I iƒc cwieZ©b welqK Av‡jvPbv e¨vKi‡Yi †Kvb As‡k n‡q _v‡K? [iv. Õ02] K aŸwbZË¡ As‡k L iƒcZË¡ As‡k G evK¨ZË¡ As‡k N Awfavb ZË¡ As‡k 237. wecixZv_©K kã e¨vKi‡Yi †Kvb As‡k Av‡jvwPZ nq? K iƒcZ‡Ë¡ L evK¨Z‡Ë¡ M Q›`Z‡Ë¡ G A_©Z‡Ë¡ evsjv e¨vKi‡Yi Av‡jvPbvq e¨eüZ KwZcq cvwifvwlK kã 238. wefw³nxb bvg kã‡K Kx ejv nq? [Xv. Õ06, Õ03, Õ96, Õ93; iv. Õ96; h. Õ07, Õ03, Õ01, Õ96; Kz. Õ02, Õ93; P. Õ10, Õ08; wm. Õ08, Õ04; e. Õ09, Õ07, Õ04, Õ02; w`. Õ09] K AvbycvwZK L Avbylw½K G cÖvwZcw`K N cÖZ¨qvwšK 239. cÖvwZcw`K Kx? K wefw³hy³ c` L wefw³nxb kã M wefw³hy³ bvg kã G wefw³nxb bvg kã w w w /tanbir.ebooks
  6. 6. 240. †Kvb AwefvR¨ ¶z`ªZi Ask‡K ejv nq−−−− K AbymM© G cÖK…wZ M cÖvwZcw`K N Dcfvlv 241. kãgj †KvbwU? [P. Õ06] G bvg cÖK…wZ L cÖZ¨q M wefw³ N w qv wefw³ 242. k‡ãi AwefvR¨ Ask‡K Kx ejv nq? G cÖK…wZ L mvwaZ kã M bvgkã N cÖZ¨q 243. evsjv kã MV‡b Kq cÖKvi cÖZ¨q cvIqv hvq? G `y cÖKvi L wZb cÖKvi M Pvi cÖKvi N cuvP cÖKvi 244. †Kvb †RvowU mv`„k¨cY©? K bvg cÖK…wZ I w qv cÖK…wZ G †gŠwjK kã I cÖvwZcw`K M †gŠwjK kã I mvwaZ kã N cÖK…wZ I mwÜ wØZxq Aa¨vq cÖ_g cwi‡”Q` aŸwbZË¡ evsjv fvlvi aŸwb I eY© cÖKiY 245. fvlvi gj Dcv`vb Kx? [Xv. Õ09; Õ06; w`. Õ10] K A¶i G aŸwb M eY© N kã 246. aŸwbi m„wó nq wK‡mi mvnv‡h¨? K mvDÛ e‡·i Øviv L †Vuv‡Ui mvnv‡h¨ G evMh‡ši Øviv N gyLweei 247. aŸwb D”Pvi‡Yi Drm †KvbwU? [h. Õ06] K KÉ L k¦vmbvjx M ¯^iZšx G dzmdzm 248. aŸwb Drcv`‡bi †¶‡Î gyLwee‡i D”Pvi‡Yi gj DcKiY ev D”PviK nj−−−− K dzmdzm I Iô L `uv‡Zi cvwU I AvjwRf G wRnŸv I Iô N big Zvjy I wRnŸv 249. aŸwb wK‡mi Øviv m„wó nq? K dzmdzm L wRnŸv G evMhš N KÉaŸwb 250. †Kvb aŸwb D”Pvi‡Yi mgq dzmdzm ZvwoZ evZvm gyLwee‡ii †Kv_vI bv †Kv_vI evav cvq? [h. Õ93; e. Õ08] K KɨaŸwb L ¯^iaŸwb G e¨ÄbaŸwb N Bs‡iwR aŸwb 251. wb‡Pi †KvbwU mw q evKcÖZ¨½ bq? K KÉ L wRnŸv G `š N Iô 252. †KvbwU evK¨cÖZ¨½ bq? K Zvjy L bvwmKv M `š G jjvU 253. aŸwb wb‡`©kK wPý‡K Kx e‡j? [h. Õ10; wm. Õ09, Õ06; e. Õ07] A_ev, aŸwbi cÖZxK ev ms‡KZ‡K Kx e‡j? [h. Õ03; Kz. Õ99] A_ev, aŸwb‡`¨vZK wjwLZ mvs‡KwZK wPý‡K Kx e‡j? [w`. Õ09] K A¶i G eY© M eY©gvjv N wPý 254. ÔKÕ aŸwb‡K ÔKÕ A¶i ej‡Z PvB‡j †Kvb aŸwb †hvM K‡i wb‡Z nq? [wm. Õ10] K ¯^iaŸwb L e¨Äb aŸwb G ÔAÕ aŸwb N ÔAvÕ aŸwb evsjv eY©gvjv 255. †h‡Kv‡bv fvlvq e¨eüZ eY©mgwó‡K †m fvlvi Kx e‡j? [P. Õ96] K eY© G eY©gvjv M e¨ÄbeY© N ¯^ieY© 256. Symbol A_© Kx? G cÖZxK L kã M evK¨ N eY© 257. evsjv eY©gvjvi Drm Kx? [Xv. Õ07] K ms¯‹…Zwjwc G eªvþxwjwc M wZeŸZxwjwc N †`ebvMixwjwc 258. evsjv wjwci Drm Kx? K Aviwewjwc L ms¯‹…Zwjwc G eªvþxwjwc N Pxbvwjwc 259. evsjv eY©gvjvq cY©gvÎv, Aa©gvÎv I gvÎvnxb e‡Y©i ms h_v ‡g— [iv. Õ06; h. Õ96; P. 2000] G 32, 8, 10 L 32, 7, 11 M 30, 8, 12 N 32, 7, 9 260. evsjv eY©gvjvq Aa©gvÎvi eY© KZwU? [Kz. Õ10; w`. Õ09] K ewÎkwU L `kwU G AvUwU N GMviwU 261. evsjv fvlvq gvÎvnxb eY© KqwU? [Xv. Õ09, Õ04; iv. Õ08; Kz. Õ08; h. Õ04, Õ01; e. Õ07; w`. Õ10] K 7wU L 8wU G 10wU N 9wU 262. Aa©gvÎvhy³ ¯^ieY© KZwU? K 4wU L 6wU G 1wU N 2wU 263. evsjv eY©gvjvq gvÎvnxb e¨ÄbeY© KqwU? K 07wU G 06wU M 05wU N 04wU 264. evsjv e¨Äbe‡Y© Aa©gvÎvi eY© KqwU? G 7wU L 8wU M 10wU N 32wU 265. evsjv eY©gvjvq †gvU KZwU mij ev Amshy³ eY© Av‡Q? [iv. Õ02] A_ev, evsjv eY©gvjvq †gvU KqwU eY© i‡q‡Q? [P. Õ04] K GMviwU L EbPwj−kwU M EbcÂvkwU G cÂvkwU 266. evsjv fvlvq A¶ihyy³ e‡Y©i msL¨v KqwU? K 11wc L 25wU M 40wU G 50wU 267. †KvbwU †gŠwjK ¯^iaŸwb? [P. Õ99] K J G B M H N meKqwU 268. evsjv fvlvq ¯^iaŸwbi msL¨v KqwU? [h. 2000] K 10wU L 12wU M 13wU G 11wU 269. evsjv ¯^ie‡Y© †gŠwjK ¯^iaŸwb KqwU? K `ywU L PviwU M QqwU G mvZwU 270. evsjv eY©gvjvq e¨Äbe‡Y©i msL¨v KZwU? [wm. Õ04] K 13wU L 11wU M 49wU G 39wU 271. evsjv eY©gvjvq AbybvwmK eY© KqwU? K 4wU L 5wU M 6wU G 7wU ¯^i I e¨Äbe‡Y©i msw¶ß iƒc 272. ¯^ie‡Y©i cY©iƒc †jLv nq KLb? [P. Õ07] K ¯^iaŸwb hLb e¨ÄbaŸwbi mv‡_ hy³ nq G ¯^ieY© hLb ¯^vaxb ev wbi‡c¶fv‡e e¨eüZ nq M e¨Äbe‡Y©i c‡e© e¨eüZ n‡j N e¨ÄYe‡Y©i c‡i e¨eüZ n‡j 273. ¯^ie‡Y©i cÖv_wgK iƒc Kv‡K e‡j? [wm. Õ03] G ¯^ie‡Y©i ¯^vaxb e¨envi‡K L k‡ãi Avw`‡Z ¯^ie‡Y©i e¨envi‡K M msw¶ß AvKv‡i ¯^ie‡Y©i e¨envi‡KN hyM¥-¯^ie‡Y©i e¨envi‡K 274. ¯^ieY© msw¶ßvKv‡i e¨Äbe‡Y©i m‡½ hy³ n‡j Zv‡K Kx e‡j? [h. Õ99; Kz. Õ93] K djv G Kvi M †iLv N hy³eY© 275. ¯^ie‡Y©i msw¶ß iƒc‡K ejv nq — [Xv. Õ08; iv. 2000; wm. Õ01] A_ev, ¯^ie‡Y©i msw¶ß iƒc‡K Kx e‡j? [wm. Õ09] K Av-Kvi L B-Kvi M C-Kvi G Kvi 276. †hme e¨Äbe‡Y© ¯^iaŸwb mshy³ nq bv Zv‡K e‡j  K DòaŸwb L AícÖvY aŸwb M Ašt¯’ aŸwb G nmš aŸwb 277. †Kv‡bv ¯^iaŸwb †Kvb AvKv‡i e¨ÄbaŸwbi mv‡_ hy³ n‡q D”PvwiZ nq? [Xv. Õ94; Kz. Õ94] K cÖmvwiZ AvKv‡i G msw¶ß AvKv‡i M Aa©cÖmvwiZ AvKv‡i N Aa©msw¶ß AvKv‡i 278. †Kvb ¯^ie‡Y©i msw¶ß iƒc †bB? [Xv. Õ03; iv. Õ03] A_ev, evsjv fvlvi †Kvb ¯^i aŸwbwUi msw¶ß iƒc †bB? [iv. Õ07] G A L Av M B N G 279. e¨Äbe‡Y©i msw¶ß iƒc‡K Kx ejv nq? [Xv. Õ06; iv. Õ05, Õ93; h. Õ94; Kz. Õ08, Õ94, Õ92; wm. Õ02; e. Õ10, Õ02] K Kvi G djv M gvÎv N Kwl 280. evsjv eY©gvjvq djv KqwU? [Kz. Õ07; e. Õ05] G cuvPwU L AvUwU M `kwU N GMviwU 281. e¨Äb e‡Y©i c‡e© I c‡i †Kvb Kvi¸‡jv hy³ nq? K Av-Kvi, B-Kvi L D-Kvi, E-Kvi G I-Kvi, J-Kvi N G-Kvi, H-Kvi D”Pvi‡Yi ¯’vb‡f‡` e¨ÄbaŸwbi wefvM 282. kix‡ii †Kvb A½wU‡K aŸwb ˆZwii hš ejv nq? [wm. Õ05] K †VuvU L dzmdzm M `uvZ G wRnŸv 283. Phoneme A_© Kx? G aŸwbgj L kãgj M evK¨gj N c`gj 284. aŸwb Drcv`‡bi †¶Î I D”Pvi‡Yi gj DcKiY †KvbwU? [iv. Õ93; h. Õ93] K gyLweei I wRnev L KÉ, Iô I wRnev M `š I Iô G gyLweei, wRnev I Iô 285. aŸwb Drcv`‡bi gj DcKiY ev D”PviK †KvbwU? [Kz. Õ04] K KÉ I wRnŸv G wRnŸv I Iô M wRnŸv I Zvjy N Zvjy I bvwmKv 286. †Kvb eY©¸‡jvi D”PviY ¯’vb AMÖ `š¨gj? G b, j, m L k, l, S M h, i, p N g, e, c 287. wb‡æi †Kvb¸‡jvi D”PviY ¯’vb AMÖZvjy? G T, k, h, q L U, V, W, p M M, N, e, f N a, b, j, m Updated Bangla e-books(pdf): Any kind of e-book Software :
  7. 7. 288. ÔcÕ eMx©q aŸwb¸‡jvi D”PviY ¯’vb Abyhvqx bvg Kx? [h. Õ08] K KɨaŸwb L Zvje¨aŸwb M ga©b¨aŸwb G Iô¨aŸwb 289. evsjv e¨vKi‡Yi civkÖqx eY© †Kvb¸‡jv? [wm. Õ07; e. Õ09] K O, T, g G t, s, u M R, h, r N k, l, m 290. †Kvb eY©¸‡jv KLbI k‡ãi Avw`‡Z e‡m bv? K F, t, T, j L n, Y, O, s M P, b, o, p G t, O, T, Y 291. LÊ Z (r) cÖK…Z cÖ¯v‡e †Kvb e‡Y©i LÊ iƒc? [Kz. Õ95] K ÔLÕ e‡Y©i L Ô`Õ e‡Y©i G ÔZÕ e‡Y©i N ÔaÕ e‡Y©i 292. evsjv eY©gvjvq civkÖqx eY© KqwU? [e. Õ10] K 2wU G 3wU M 4wU N 5wU 293. evsjv e¨vKi‡Y civkÖqx eY©hy³ kã †Kvb¸‡jv? [Kz. 2000] K Avgª, e„nr, wgTv G is, Puv`, `ytL M Avqbv, nwiY, FY N wkDwj, DwPZ, e„l 294. c‡`i g‡a¨ †KvbwU _vK‡j cieZx© e¨Äb wØZ¡ nq? G t L r M s N i 295. Bs‡iwR, Aviwe I dviwm fvlvq n«¯^ I `xN© D”PviY wVKg‡Zv bv Ki‡j A_© Kx nq? [Xv. Õ93; iv. Õ94] K `xN© nq G e`‡j hvq M ms‡¶c nq N Miwgj nq 296. GK A¶i wewkó kã memgq — [Xv. Õ07, Õ94; e. Õ01] K n«¯^ nq G `xN© nq M n«¯^ nq bv N `xN© nq bv 297. cvkvcvwk `y‡Uv ¯^iaŸwb _vK‡j `ª“Z D”Pvi‡Yi mgq Zv GKwU mshy³ ¯^iaŸwbiƒ‡c D”PvwiZ nq- Giƒc ¯^iaŸwb‡K Kx e‡j? [wm. Õ02] K †gŠwjK ¯^i G †hŠwMK ¯^i M mvwaZ ¯^i N Aí ¯^i 298. evsjv fvlvq †hŠwMK ¯^iaŸwbi msL¨v KqwU? [h. Õ10; Kz. Õ01] K GMviwU G cuwPkwU M Pwj−kwU N cÂvkwU 299. evsjv fvlvq mvܨ¶i KqwU? K 50wU G 25wU M 32wU N 2wU 300. †hŠwMK ¯^iaŸwbi cÖZxK †KvbwU? [h. Õ94, 93; Kz. Õ96, Õ94, 92; P. Õ96] G H L F M C N A 301. evsjv eY©gvjvi †hŠwMK ¯^iÁvcK eY© KqwU? [iv. Õ07] K 11wU L 25wU M 39wU G 2wU 302. evsjv eY©gvjvq †hŠwMK ¯^iÁvcK `y‡Uv eY© Kx Kx? [Xv. Õ05, Õ01; P. Õ02] K B Ges D L A Ges G G H Ges J N Av Ges I 303. ÔHÕ hyM¥ ¯^iaŸwbwU‡K we‡k−lY Ki‡j wb‡Pi †KvbwU cvIqv hvq? K G+H G A+B M A+D N G+B aŸwbi D”PviY wewa 304. D”Pvi‡Yi mgq gyLweei Dš§y³ _v‡K e‡j cÖavbZ Av-†K Kx aŸwb ejv nq? [Xv. Õ05] K m¤§yL aŸwb L cðvr aŸwb M ¯^iaŸwb G †K›`ªxq ¯^iaŸwb 305. ¯^iaŸwbi D”PviY¯’vb KqwU? K cuvPwU G mvZwU M QqwU N AvUwU 306. †Kvb aŸwbi wee„Z D”Pvi‡Y †Pvqvj †ewk duvK nq? [iv. Õ08] A_ev, †Kvb aŸwb D”Pvi‡Y †Pvqvj †ewk duvK nq? [Kz. Õ10] K Av aŸwbi G A aŸwbi M B aŸwbi N D aŸwbi 307. †Kvb aŸwbi D”Pvi‡Y wRnŸv mvaviYZ kvwqZ _v‡K? [Kz. Õ09] K ÔAÕ aŸwb G ÔAvÕ aŸwb M ÔBÕ aŸwb N ÔDÕ aŸwb 308. B, C, G, A¨v-aŸwbi D”PviY wRnŸv GwM‡q m¤§yLfv‡M `uv‡Zi w`‡K Av‡m e‡j Zv‡K e‡j- G m¤§yL ¯^iaŸwb L cðvr ¯^iaŸwb M D”P m¤§yL ¯^iaŸwb N ga¨vew¯’Z cðvr ¯^iaŸwb 309. ÔGÕ I ÔIÕ-Gi D”PviYMZ Ae¯’vb wRnŸvi †Kvb g‡j? G D”Pga¨¯’‡j L wbæga¨¯’‡j M D”P¯’‡j N wb毒‡j 310. D”Pga¨ cðvr ¯^iaŸwb †KvbwU? K B L C G I N G 311. mse„Z D”PviY‡K †KvbwU ejv nq? K wee„Z L A¯^vfvweK M AcÖK…Z G ¯^vfvweK 312. †KvbwU ga¨vew¯’Z cðvr ¯^iaŸwb? [w`. Õ09] GGGG I L A M G N D 313. k‡ã †Kvb aŸwbi `yiKg D”PviY cvIqv hvq? G A aŸwb L Av aŸwb M B aŸwb N H aŸwb 314. ÔAÕ aŸwb wee„Z ev ¯^vfvweK D”PviY n‡q‡Q †Kvb kãwU‡Z? K Aa¨¶ L Ki“b GGGG AbvPvi/K_v N cÖPzi 315. ÔAÕ aŸwbi †Kvb D”Pvi‡Y †Pvqvj †ewk duvK nq? K mse„Z L Aa©mse„Z GGGG wee„Z N Aa©wee„Z 316. †Kvb †Kvb aŸwb D”Pvi‡Yi mgq wRnŸv wcwQ‡q Av‡m? K B, D L B, C M B, D G D, E 317. k‡ãi Avw`‡Z bv-†evaK ÔAÕ aŸwbi D”PviY †Kgb nq? K mse„Z G wee„Z M wØZ¡ N †Nvl 318. wb‡Pi †KvbwUi Avw` ÔAÕ aŸwb mse„Z? [e. Õ01] G Ai“Y/Ki“Y L ARMi M Amgq N Abvnvi 319. cieZx© ¯^i mse„Z n‡j k‡ãi Avw` ÔAÕ Kx nq? [Xv. 2000; Kz. Õ10] K wee„Z L ¯^vfvweK M Awee„Z G mse„Z 320. wb‡Pi †Kvb k‡ã ÔAÕ aŸwbi mse„Z D”PviY n‡q‡Q? [Kz. Õ05, Õ04; e. Õ05] A_ev, †Kvb kãwUi Avw` ÔAÕ-Gi D”PviY mse„Z? [w`. Õ09] K Z…Y L †gŠb G AwZ/Ki“Y/AZzj N Agvwbkv 321. wb‡Pi †Kvb kãwU‡Z ÔAÕ aŸwbi wee„Z D”PviY cvIqv hvq? K †gŠb L Z…Y G Agvwbkv N AwZ 322. Zi, Zg, Zb cÖZ¨qhy³ we‡klY c‡`i Aš ÔAÕ Kx nq? [Xv. Õ99; iv. Õ09; h. Õ06; Kz. Õ96; P. 2000] K wee„Z nq L cÖK…Z nq G mse„Z nq N AcÖK…Z nq 323. ÔAÕ aŸwbi wee„Z D”PviY †KvbwU? K cÖwZfv L cÖPzi G cÖZ¨q N wcÖqZg 324. GKv¶i k‡ãi ÔBÕ Ges ÔCÕ `y‡UvB †Kvb aŸwb nq? [h. Õ94] K n«¯^ nq G `xN© nq M n«¯^ I `xN© nq N cÖvwšK nq 325. evsjv eY©gvjvq n«¯^¯^i I `xN©¯^i _vK‡jI D”Pvi‡Yi cv_©‡K¨i Rb¨ Kx nq? [Xv. Õ94] K A‡_©i ZviZg¨ N‡U G A‡_©i ZviZg¨ N‡U bv M A_© †evaMg¨ nq bv N A_© m¤•Y© e`‡j hvq 326. †Kvb aŸwbi wee„Z D”PviY †Kej k‡ãi Avw`‡ZB cvIqv hvq? K A G G M C N H 327. ÔGÕ aŸwbi D”PviY †Kvb ai‡bi nq? G mse„Z I wee„Z L wee„Z M mse„Z N Aa© mse„Z 328. Ôbvg I †ivj bs h_vh_fv‡e ciY K‡i e„Ë fivU Ki‡eÕ−−−− G ev‡K¨ ÔK‡iÕ k‡ã ÔAÕ aŸwbi D”PviYÑ K n«¯^ L `xN© G mse„Z N wee„Z 329. †Kvb kãwU‡Z ÔGÕ aŸwbi wee„Z D”PviY N‡U‡Q? [iv. Õ99] K †K L †ejyb M †Kke G †`Ii 330. wb‡Pi †Kvb k‡ã ÔGÕ aŸwbi wee„Z D”PviY n‡q‡Q? K †m L †h_v M †Kó G †LgUv 331. ce©¯^‡ii m‡½ wgj †i‡L ¯^im½wZi Kvi‡Y wee„Z ÔAÕ-Gi D`vniY Kx? [Xv. Õ94] G Kjg, hZ L Aaxi, AZzj M Agi, A‡bK N Agvwbkv, AbvPvi 332. wb‡Pi †Kvb †¶‡Î ÔGÕ aŸwb wee„Z nq? [h. Õ01] K c‡`i A‡š L ÔBÕ Kvi ev ÔDÕ Kvi c‡i _vK‡j G LuvwU evsjv k‡ã N `y-A¶i wewkó me©bvg ev w qvc‡` 333. LuvwU evsjv k‡ã G aŸwbi D”PviY †Kgb nq? G wee„Z L mse„Z M n«¯^ N `xN© 334. ÔGÕ aŸwbi wee„Z D”PviY †Kej k‡ãi †Kvb As‡k cvIqv hvq? [Xv. Õ05; h. Õ93; wm. Õ09, Õ07; e. Õ06] K †k‡l L g‡a¨ G Avw`‡Z N Avw`-A‡š 335. †Kvb k‡ãi Avw` ÔGÕ ¯^iaŸwb mse„Z? K †`L L GK G †Kó N †Psov 336. ÔnÕ wKsev AvKviwenxb hy³aŸwb c‡i _vK‡j ÔGÕ aŸwbi D”PviY †Kgb nq? G mse„Z L wee„Z M n«¯^ N `xN© 337. ÔGÕ aŸwbi mse„Z D”PviY nq †KvbwU‡Z? K GLb L †Zjv‡cvKv M GKZjv G †Kn 338. GKv¶i me©bvg c‡`i ÔGÕ Kxiƒc nq? K wee„Z L Amse„Z M we¯…Z G mse„Z 339. †Kvb `y‡Uv ¯^‡ii wgwjZ aŸwb‡Z ÔHÕ aŸwbi m„wó nq? [iv. Õ94] K ÔIÕ Ges ÔBÕ L ÔGÕ Ges ÔBÕ G ÔAÕ Ges ÔBÕ N ÔKÕ Ges ÔBÕ 340. evsjv GKv¶i k‡ã I-Kvi Kx nq? [iv. Õ08] K wee„Z nq L mse„Z nq M n«¯^ nq G `xN© nq w w w /tanbir.ebooks
  8. 8. 341. ÔKÕ n‡Z ÔgÕ ch©š eY©¸‡jv‡K Kx eY© ejv nq? [wm. Õ05] K gnvcÖvY eY© G ¯•k© eY© M Iô¨ eY© N †Nvl eY© 342. D”PviY ¯’v‡bi w`K †_‡K ÔKÕ †_‡K ÔgÕ ch©š aŸwb¸‡jv‡K KqwU ¸”Q ev e‡M© fvM Kiv n‡q‡Q? G cuvPwU L PviwU M QqwU N `yBwU 343. D”PviY ˆewkó¨ Abyhvqx ¯•k© e¨ÄbaŸwb¸‡jv‡K cÖ_gZ KÕfv‡M fvM Kiv hvq? K `yB L wZb M Pvi G cvuP 344. K †_‡K g ch©š 25wU e‡Y©i bvg −−−− G ¯•„ó aŸwb L Ašt¯’ aŸwb M cvwk¦©K N wRnŸvgjxq aŸwb 345. K L M N O-Gi D”PviY ¯’vb nj — [Xv. Õ04; h. Õ07] K AMÖZvjy G wRnŸvgj M cðvr `šgj N AMÖ `šgj 346. wRnŸvgjxq eY© †KvbwU? [h. Õ09] K P L Z M c G O 347. wRnŸvgj †_‡K D”PvwiZ aŸwbmg‡ni bvg Kx? [P. Õ06] K ga©b¨aŸwb L `š¨aŸwb G KɨaŸwb N Zvje¨ aŸwb 348. †Kvb¸‡jv KɨaŸwb? [iv. Õ06, Õ03, Õ92; h. Õ93; Kz. Õ93; P. Õ01; wm. Õ04 G K L M N O L P Q R S T M U V W X Y N Z _ ` a b 349. D”Pvi‡Yi myweavq evsjv e¨Äbe‡Y© †Kvb †`¨vwZZ aŸwbwU †hvM K‡i D”PviY Kiv nq? [Xv. Õ92] K ÔPÕ ¯^iaŸwb L ÔUÕ ¯^iaŸwb G ÔAÕ ¯^iaŸwb N ÔMÕ ¯^iaŸwb 350. KqwU e¨ÄbeY© k‡ãi Avw`‡Z KL‡bvB e‡m bv? G 6wU L 7wU M 8wU N 9wU 351. ÔKÕ aŸwb‡K ÔKÕ A¶i ej‡Z PvB‡j Zvi m‡½ Kx †hvM Ki‡Z nq? [iv. Õ94] G ÔAÕ aŸwb L ¯^iaŸwb M nm wPý N e¨ÄbaŸwb 352. ÔKÕ e‡M©i aŸwbmg‡ni D”PviY ¯’vb †KvbwU? [Kz. Õ04] G wRnŸvgj L AMÖZvjy M cðvr `šgj N AMÖ `šgj 353. D”PviY¯’vb Abyhvqx †Kvb e¨ÄbaŸwbi eY©mgn Zvje¨ eY©?[iv. Õ05; P. Õ96] K c d e f g L K L M N O G P Q R S T k h q N U V W X Y i o p 354. P, Q, R, S, T-G cuvPwU Zvje¨ aŸwbi Aci bvg Kx? K cðvr ZvjyRvZ aŸwb L cðvr `š¨gjxq aŸwb G AMÖ ZvjyRvZ aŸwb N AMÖ `š¨gjxq aŸwb 355. D”PviY ¯’vb Abymv‡i ÔUÕ eMx©q aŸwbmg‡ni bvg Kx? [Kz. Õ05] A_ev, cðvr `šgj †_‡K D”PvwiZ aŸwbmg‡ni bvg Kx? [P. Õ08] K KɨaŸwb L Zvje¨ aŸwb G ga©b¨ aŸwb N `š¨ aŸwb 356. †Kvb e‡M©i eY©¸‡jv cðvr `šgjxq? [Kz. Õ03] K Z eM© G U eM© M P eM© N K eM© 357. †Kvb e‡M©i eY©¸‡jv `šgjxq? [e. Õ08] K U eM© G Z eM© M P eM© N K eM© 358. †Kvb¸‡jv `š¨aŸwbi D`vniY? K K, L, M G Z, _, ` M c, d, e N P, Q, R 359. †Kvb¸‡jv Iô¨aŸwb? [h. 2000] K P Q R S T L U V W X Y M Z _ ` a b G c d e f g 360. †Kvb¸‡jv ¯•k©aŸwb? [Xv. Õ93] K ÔAÕ †_‡K ÔXÕ ch©š L ÔPÕ †_‡K ÔkÕ ch©š G ÔKÕ †_‡K ÔgÕ ch©š N ÔUÕ †_‡K ÔqÕ ch©š 361. ¯•k© eY© †KvbwU? G g L k M m N l 362. †Kvb aŸwbwUi D”PviY Mv¤¢xh©nxb I g„`y n‡e? G U L j M Y N S 363. evsjv ¯•k© e¨Äb¸‡jv‡Z KqwU bvwmK¨ eY© Av‡Q? [P. Õ03] K 3wU L 4wU G 5wU N 7wU 364. P I R−−−− Gi c‡i bvwmK¨ aŸwb Kx nq? [iv. Õ08] G Zvje¨ L `š¨ M ga©b¨ N Iô¨ 365. P−−−−eMx©q aŸwbi Av‡M ÔTÕ _vK‡j, Gi D”Pvi‡Yi ˆewkó¨ Kx iKg _v‡K? [wm. Õ08] K nvwi‡q hvq G eRvq _v‡K M Rxeš _v‡K N mnR nq 366. †h aŸwb D”Pvi‡Yi mgq evZv‡mi Pv‡ci ¯^íZv _v‡K Zv‡K Kx aŸwb ejv nq? K †Nvl aŸwb L A‡Nvl aŸwb M gnvcÖvY aŸwb G AícÖvY aŸwb 367. †Kvb aŸwb D”Pvi‡Yi mgq evZv‡mi Pv‡ci AvwaK¨ _v‡K? [Xv. Õ03; iv. Õ06, Õ02; h. Õ93; Kz. Õ06, Õ94; P. Õ96 K AícÖvY aŸwb L A‡Nvl aŸwb G gnvcÖvY aŸwb N k¦vm aŸwb 368. wb‡Pi †Kvb kãwU‡Z ÔTÕ-Gi D”PviY ˆewkó¨ eRvq _v‡K? [P. Õ09] GGGG LÄ L Ávb M weÁvb N msÁv 369. †Kvb aŸwb D”PviY Ki‡Z ¯^iZšx †ewk AbyiwYZ nq? [Xv. Õ10; h. Õ05, Õ94; P. Õ08; e. Õ02] G †Nvl aŸwb L A‡Nvl aŸwb M AícÖvY aŸwb N gnvcÖvY aŸwb 370. A‡Nvl gnvcÖvY Zvje¨aŸwb †KvbwU? [P. Õ09] K L L S G Q N d 371. A‡Nvl gnvcÖvY Iô¨ eY© †KvbwU? [Xv. 2000] K U L e G d N a 372. †Kvb eMx©q eY©¸‡jv gnvcÖvY aŸwb? K 1g I 2q L 2q I 3q M 3q I 4_© G 2q I 4_© 373. wb‡Pi †Kvb eY©Øq gnvcÖvY aŸwbi D`vniY? [iv. Õ04] K K, O L K, L M P, R G L, S 374. †h aŸwb D”Pvi‡Yi mgq ¯^iZšx AbyiwYZ nq bv Zv‡K Kx e‡j? [e. Õ04] K †NvlaŸwb G A‡Nvl aŸwb M D®§aŸwb N cvk¦© aŸwb 375. K, L, P, Q-G ¸‡jv Kx aŸwb? K AícÖvY L gnvcÖvY M †Nvl G A‡Nvl 376. e‡M©i wØZxq I PZz_© aŸwb¸‡jv D”Pvi‡Y evZv‡mi Pv‡ci AvwaK¨ _v‡K e‡j G¸‡jv  [wm. Õ10] K A‡Nvl aŸwb L †NvlaŸwb M AícÖvY aŸwb G gnvcÖvY aŸwb 377. †Kvb `ywU †Nvl gnvcÖvY aŸwb? [h. Õ06] K K, P L L, Q M M, R G N, S 378. †Kvb `ywU bvwmK¨ eY©? K K, L L Z, _ G b, g N `, a 379. h, i, j, e G PviwU eY©‡K e‡j [Xv. Õ06] K ¯•k© eY© L D®§ eY© G Ašt¯’ eY© N Zvje¨ eY© 380. ÔhÕ aŸwbwU †Kvb ¯’vb ¯•k© K‡i D”PvwiZ nq? K wRnŸvgj G m¤§yL Zvjy M cðvr Zvjy N cðvr `šgj 381. †KvbwU K¤•bRvZ aŸwb? [Kz. Õ03; P. Õ03; wm. Õ08] G i L o M M N Y 382. †Kvb eY©¸‡jvi D”PviY¯’vb AMÖ `š¨gj? [P. Õ02] G b, j, m L k, l, S M h, i, p N g, e, c 383. ÔOÕ-Gi D”PviY ¯’v‡bi bvg Kx? K `š¨gj G Kɨ M Iô¨ N bvwmKv 384. evsjv †Kvb †Kvb e‡Y©i †`¨vwZ‡Z aŸwbi g‡a¨ †Kv‡bv cv_©K¨ cwijw¶Z nq bv? G O Ges s L Z Ges r M Z Ges _ N b Ges Y 385. evsjv eY©gvjvq eMx©q ÔeÕ Ges Ašt¯’ ÔeÕ-Gi wK‡m †Kv‡bv cv_©K¨ †bB? [h. Õ93] K web¨v‡m G AvK…wZ‡Z M Ae¯’v‡b N kã e¨env‡i 386. †Kvb `ywU eY©‡K Ašt¯’ eY© ejv nq? [P. Õ96; wm. Õ01] K l Ges m L k Ges n M b Ges g G h Ges e 387. ¯•k© I D®§e‡Y©i gvSvgvwS eY©‡K Kx ejv nq? G Ašt¯’ eY© L ZvobRvZ eY© M AbybvwmK eY© N A‡Nvl eY© 388. †Kvb `y‡Uv eY©‡K Ašt¯’ eY© e‡j? [Kz. Õ09] K h Ges m L h Ges e M h Ges g N h Ges i [we. `ª. L I N DfqB mwVK|] 389. K¤•bRvZ aŸwb †KvbwU? K p L j G i N o 390. wb‡Pi †Kvb kãwU‡Z K¤•bRvZ aŸwb Av‡Q? G ivnvZ L jjbv M weo¤^bv N `„pZv 391. cvwk¦©K aŸwb †KvbwU? K c G j M i N b 392. ÔjÕ Gi D”PviY ¯’vb †Kv_vq? K AMÖZvjy L wRnŸvgj M cðvr `šgj G AMÖ`šgj 393. k, l, m, n G PviwU e‡Y©i bvg Kx? [Xv. Õ06; h. Õ07; e. Õ07] A_ev, k, l, m−−−− G wZbwU †Kvb eY©? [Kz. Õ06] G D®§ eY© L eM©xq eY© M Kɨ eY© N cðvr `šgjxq eY© 394. ms¯‹…Z I cÖvPxb evsjvq †Kvb wZbwU aŸwbi c„_K e¨envi wQj? [iv. Õ01] G k, l, m L i, o, p M b, Y, j N m, l, n 395. †Kvb PviwU eY©‡K D®§eY© ejv nq? [h. Õ02; Kz. Õ01, Õ96; P. Õ96; wm. Õ10] K K, P, U, Z L L, Q, V, _ G k, l, m, n N M, N, O, P 396. D®§eY© †KvbwU? [Kz. Õ99] K R G k M T N P Updated Bangla e-books(pdf): Any kind of e-book Software :
  9. 9. SureSuccessSureSuccessSureSuccessSureSuccessSureSuccessSureSuccessSureSuccessSureSuccessSureSuccessSureSuccessSureSuccessSureSuccessSureSuccessSureSuccessSureSuccessSureSuccessSureSuccessSureSuccessSureSuccessSureSuccessSureSuccessSureSuccessSureSuccessSureSuccessSureSuccessSureSuccessSureSuccessSureSuccessSureSuccess 397. D®§e‡Y©i ÔkÕ e‡Y© †`¨vwZZ aŸwbi D”PviY¯’vb †Kv_vq? [Xv. Õ95] K I‡ô L wRnŸvq M `šg‡j G cðvr `šg‡j 398. ÔmÕ Gi m‡½ †Kvb †Kvb eY© hy³ n‡j ÔmÕ Gi D”PviY `š¨ nq? K i, j, b, U L L, i, e, P G L, i, Z, _ N Z, _, g, T 399. X, o, p-G wZbwUi D”PviY¯’vb †KvbwU? [iv. Õ01] K Iô G cðvr `šgj M AMÖZvjy N AMÖ `šgj 400. †Kvb `ywU e¨Äbe‡Y©i mv‡_ hy³eY© wn‡m‡e D”PvwiZ n‡j `š¨ ÔmÕ ga©b¨ ÔlÕ †Z cwiewZ©Z nq? [Kz. Õ05] G U, V L F, i M h, e N K, c 401. ÔnÕ e‡Y© †`¨vwZZ aŸwbwU KÉbvjx‡Z Drcbœ nq e‡jB gjZ G‡K— [Xv. Õ99] K wkk aŸwb e‡j L A‡Nvl aŸwb e‡j G D®§ †NvlaŸwb e‡j N A‡Nvl AícÖvY aŸwb e‡j 402. t nj n Gi D”Pvi‡Y cÖvß aŸwb| n Gi D”PviY †Nvl n‡j t Gi D”PviY †KvbwU? G A‡Nvl L †Nvl M n«¯^ N `xN© 403. ÔnÕ aŸwbwU D”Pvi‡Yi mgq Dš§y³ K‡Éi ga¨ w`‡q evZvm Kxfv‡e wbM©Z nq? G †Rv‡i L ax‡i M ga¨g †e‡M N G‡Kev‡iB wbM©Z nq bv 404. n-Gi gh©v`v AR©bKvix eY© †KvbwU? K r L F M T G t 405. ÔAvnŸvbÕ-Gi cÖK…Z D”PviY †KvbwU? [Xv. Õ02] K Avnevb L Avnevb G AvIfvb N Avenvb 406. †KvbwU A‡Nvl ÔnÕ Gi D”Pvi‡Y cÖvß aŸwb? [P. Õ01] K ¶ G t M s N u 407. ÔoÕ I ÔpÕ aŸwb `ywU‡K Kx aŸwb e‡j? [Xv. Õ07; e. Õ01; m. Õ98] K †NvlaŸwb L wkkaŸwb M KíbvRvZ aŸwb G ZvobRvZ aŸwb 408. ZvobRvZ aŸwb †KvbwU? [P. Õ04; e. Õ04] A_ev, wb‡Pi †Kvb `ywU ZvobRvZ aŸwb? [iv. Õ09] K e, j L i, f M Z, L G o, p 409. c‡`i g‡a¨ wemM© _vK‡j cieZx© e¨Äb-Gi D”PviY †Kgb nq? [iv. Õ10] K mse„Z L wee„Z G wØZ¡ N `ª“Z 410. c‡`i g‡a¨ †KvbwU _vK‡j D”Pvi‡Y cieZx© e¨Äb wØZ¡ nq? K r L s G t N b 411. c‡`i g‡a¨ wemM© _vK‡j cieZ©x e¨Äb Kx nq? K jyß nq L eRvq _v‡K G wØZ¡ nq N En¨ _v‡K mshy³ e¨ÄbaŸwb I hy³ e¨ÄbaŸwb 412. ÔweÁvbÕ k‡ãi ÔÁÕ †Kvb eY©Ø‡qi mgš^‡q N‡U‡Q? [h. Õ06] K T + R G R + T M M + M N M + T 413. mwVK mshy³ eY© we‡k−lY †KvbwU? G Á = R + T L Á = T + R M Á = T + P N Á = O + M 414. wb‡Pi †Kvb djvwU k‡ãi cÖ_g e‡Y© _vK‡j D”PviY nq bv? K h-djv G g-djv M i-djv N j-djv 415. ÔDòÕ k‡ãi hy³v¶iwU †Kvb †Kvb e‡Y©i mgš^‡q MwVZ? [Xv. Õ10; wm. Õ06] A_ev, ÔDòÕ k‡ãi hy³e‡Y©i we‡k−lY †KvbwU? [e. Õ10] G l + Y L l + b M h + O N h + T 416. mwVK mshy³ eY© we‡k−lY †KvbwU? [e. Õ06] K Á = T + R G Á = R + T M Á = O + M N Á = T + P 417. ÔÁÕ-Gi mwÜwe‡”Q` †KvbwU? K R + M G R + T M R + Y N R + R 418. Ô¶Õ hy³ eY©wUi ¯^iƒc Kx? [Kz. Õ05] G K + l L l + K M n + g N l + Y 419. kx‡Zi mÂq PvB — ÔmÂqÕ k‡ã hy³eY© — [P. Õ05] K P, T L T, R G T, P N T, Q 420. †Kvb k‡ã wZbwU e¨Äbe‡Y©i hy³ iƒc Av‡Q? [wm. Õ03] K ¯•k© L cËb G ivóª N BZ¨vw` 421. AÄbv, LÄbv, gÄylv k㸇jvi g‡a¨ hy³eY©wUi iƒc Kx? [h. Õ08; Kz. Õ01] K b + R L Y + R G T + R N O + R 422. mshy³ e‡Y©i †Kvb iƒcwU mwVK? [Kz. Õ08, 2000] K O + M = N L n + Y = ý M R + T = Ä G K + l = ¶ 423. mshy³ e‡Y©i †Kvb iƒcwU mwVK? [iv. Õ96] G l + Y = ò L n + Y = ý M l + T =ò N K + g = ¶ 424. ÔAvÍxqÕ k‡ãi hy³ e¨ÄbwU‡Z †Kvb `ywU eY© mshy³ Av‡Q? [P. Õ08] K Z + b L Z + Y G Z + g N Z + Z 425. ÔmvqvýÕ k‡ã ÔýÕ †Kvb †Kvb e‡Y©i wgwjZ iƒc? G n + b L n + Y M b + n N Y + n 426. ÔþÕ GB hy³e‡Y©i mwVK we‡k−lY †KvbwU? [P. Õ09] GGGG n + g L l + n M l + g N K + l 427. ÔeªþcyÎÕ k‡ãi ÔþÕ hy³eY©wU †Kvb †Kvb e‡Y©i mshy³ iƒc? [h. Õ10] K g + n GGGG n + g M K + l N l + Y 428. wb‡Pi †Kvb kãwUi D”PviY mwVK? K f`ª (f`i) GGGG f`ª (f`‡iv) M mZ¨ (mBË) N MÖx®§ (wMÖk‡gv) 429. Ô·Õ hy³ eY©wUi ¯^iƒc Kx? G K + m L K + h-djv M K + i-djv N K + Q 430. †Kvb k‡ãi djv D”PvwiZ n‡”Q bv? K m¤§vb GGGG k¥kvb M eªvþ¥Y N ewý 431. ÔïK¬Õ k‡ãi D”PviY †Kgb? K ïKj G ïK‡jv M ïK‡jv N ïKj wØZxq cwi‡”Q` aŸwbi cwieZ©b 432. aŸwbi cwieZ©‡bi mv‡_ m¤•„³ †KvbwU? K k‡ãi cwieZ©b L A‡_©i cwieZ©b M aŸwbi cwieZ©b G fvlvi cwieZ©b 433. Ô¯‹zj B¯‹zjÕ aŸwb cwieZ©b cÖw qvq Gi bvg Kx? [Kz. Õ05] G Avw` ¯^ivMg L ¯^i‡jvc M ga¨¯^ivMg N Aš¨¯^ivMg 434. Prothesis-A_© nj? K ga¨¯^ivMg G Avw` ¯^ivMg M Aš¨¯^ivMg N AwcwbwnwZ 435. †Kvb¸‡jv Avw` ¯^ivMg? [Xv. Õ94; iv. Õ96] K †ønwm‡bn, `k©b `wikb L iZœ iZb, ag© aig G ¯x B¯x, ¯‹zj B¯‹zj N MÖvg †Mivg, †cÖK †c‡iK 436. Ôga¨¯^ivMgÕ−−−−Gi Aci bvg Kx? [wm. Õ06] K AmgxKiY L welgxfeb G wecÖKl© N mgxfeb 437. wecÖK‡l©i Aci bvg Kx? K Aš¨¯^ivMg G ga¨¯^ivMg M m¤•ÖKl© N ¯^i‡jvc 438. ¯^ifw³i Aci GK bvg Kx? [P. Õ96] G wecÖKl© L AwfkÖ“wZ M Aš¨¯^ivMg N AwcwbwnwZ 439. †KvbwU ga¨¯^ivMg ev wecÖK‡l©i D`vniY? [P. Õ01] G ¯^cœ¯^cb L mZ¨mBZ¨ M wejvZwewjwZ N acac acvac 440. †KvbwU wecÖK‡l©i D`vniY? K wejvwZ wewjwZ G nl© nil M djvnvi djvi N jvd dvj 441. wecÖK‡l©i D`vniY †Kvb¸‡jv? G ¯^cœ¯^cb, wK¬cwKwjc L †k−vK†kvjK, gwigvBi M mvaymvD, å“fzi“ N Dc‡ii me¸‡jvB mwVK 442. †KvbwU ¯^ivM‡gi D`vniY? [Kz. Õ01] G wcwiwZ L wewjwZ M emwZ N Dowb 443. †KvbwU ¯^ifw³i D`vniY? K wewjwZ G wcwiwZ M emwZ N Rvbvjv 444. †K¬k wK‡jk, cÖxwZ wcwiwZ, M−vm †Mjvm G¸‡jv wK‡mi D`vniY? [h. Õ02] K AwcwbwnwZ L Avw`¯^ivMg G ga¨¯^ivMg N Aš¨¯^ivMg 445. wKwjc, †k−vK, å“ G¸‡jv wK‡mi D`vniY? K Avw` ¯^ivMg L cÖYZ G ga¨¯^ivMg N Ab¨vb¨ 446. †Kv‡bv †Kv‡bv mgq k‡ãi †k‡l AwZwi³ ¯^iaŸwb Av‡m, Giƒc ¯^i‡K ejv nq — [h. Õ03] K AwcwbwnwZ L AmgxKiY M ¯^im½wZ G Aš¨¯^ivMg w w w /tanbir.ebooks
  10. 10. s 447. c‡ii B-Kvi Av‡M D”PvwiZ n‡j wKsev hy³ e¨ÄbaŸwbi Av‡M B-Kvi ev D-Kvi D”PvwiZ n‡j Zv‡K Kx e‡j? [Xv. Õ09; iv. Õ06] A_ev, c‡ii ÔBÕ Kvi I ÔDÕ Kvi Av‡MB D”PvwiZ nIqvi ixwZ‡K Kx e‡j? [Xv. Õ07, Õ01; iv. Õ99; h. Õ06, Õ04, Õ99; e. Õ01] K wecÖKl© L ¯^ivMg M AwfkÖ“wZ G AwcwbwnwZ 448. mZ¨ mBZ¨-wK‡mi D`vniY? K Avw` ¯^ivMg L ga¨¯^ivMg G AwcwbwnwZ N AwfkÖ“wZ 449. GKB ¯^‡ii cybive„wË `i Kivi Rb¨ gvSLv‡b ¯^iaŸwb hy³ nIqv‡K Kx e‡j? [Kz. Õ94] K civMZ L m¤•ªKl© M ¯^im½wZ G AmgxKiY 450. Sg + Sg SgvSg−−−− GwU aŸwbi †Kvb ai‡bi cwieZ©b? [P. Õ08] K AwcwbwnwZ G AmgxKiY M welgxfeb N mgxfeb 451. †KvbwU AmgxKi‡Yi D`vniY? K Kuv`bv Kvbœv L ïwbqv ï‡b M e` + RvZ e¾vZ G Uc + Uc UcvUc 452. GKwU ¯^iaŸwbi cÖfv‡e k‡ã Ab¨ ¯^iaŸwbi cwieZ©b NU‡j Zv‡K Kx e‡j? [P. Õ99; wm. Õ05; e. Õ01; w`. Õ10] K ¯^i‡jvc L mgxKiY M Ašt¯^i‡jvc G ¯^im½wZ 453. Avw`¯^i Abyhvqx Aš¨¯^i cwiewZ©Z n‡j Zv‡K †Kvb mim½wZ e‡j? K Avw` ¯^im½wZ L civMZ ¯^im½wZ G cÖMZ ¯^im½wZ N ga¨ ¯^im½wZ 454. †KvbwU cÖMZ ¯^im½wZi D`vniY? [P. 2000] K wejvwZ wewjwZL †`wk w`wk M evK¨ evBK¨ G gyjv gy‡jv 455. †KvbwU cÖMZ ¯^im½wZ? K wMjv †Mjv L gyov gy‡ov G wkKv wk‡K N †`wk w`wk 456. Aš¨¯^‡ii Kvi‡Y Av`¨¯^i cwiewZ©Z n‡j Zv‡K Kx e‡j? K mgxfeb L cÖMZ ¯^im½wZ M A‡b¨vb¨ G civMZ ¯^im½wZ 457. †`wk w`wk-GLv‡b aŸwbi Kx ai‡bi cwieZ©b n‡q‡Q? K cÖMZ ¯^im½wZ L ga¨MZ ¯^im½wZ M A‡b¨vb¨ ¯^im½wZ G civMZ ¯^im½wZ 458. †Kvb kãwU A‡b¨vb¨ ¯^im½wZi D`vniY? [iv. Õ99] K wewjwZ L gy‡ov M wk‡K G gy‡Rv 459. ¯^i‡jv‡ci D`vniY †Kvb¸‡jv? [Kz. 2000] K evK¨ evBK¨, mZ¨ mBZ¨ L kixi kixj, jvj bvj G emwZ emwZ, Rvbvjv Rvbjv N KevU KcvU, †avev †avcv 460. `ª“Z D”Pvi‡Yi Rb¨ k‡ãi Avw`, Aš¨ ev ga¨eZx© †Kv‡bv ¯^iaŸwbi †jvc‡K Kx e‡j? [wm. Õ02] K welgxfeb L mgxfeb M ¯^im½wZ G m¤•ªKl© 461. RvbvjvRvbjv-GwU wK‡mi D`vniY? G m¤•ÖKl© L AmgxKiY M ¯^im½wZ N mgxfeb 462. k‡ãi g‡a¨ `y‡Uv e¨vćbi ci¯•i cwieZ©b NU‡j Zv‡K Kx e‡j? K AwcwbwnwZ L AmgxKiY G aŸwb wech©q N welgxfeb 463. ÔwiKmv wimKvÕ wK‡mi D`vniY? [h. Õ10; Kz. Õ03, Õ93] K e¨Äb weK…wZ G aŸwb wech©q M welgxfeb N wecÖKl© 464. †KvbwU aŸwb wech©‡qi D`vniY? K KevU KcvU G jvd dvj M dvêyb dv¸b N kixi kixj 465. ÔwckvP, wcPvk, jvd dvjÕ G¸‡jv wK‡mi D`vniY? K wØZ¡ e¨Äb L e¨Äb weK…wZ G aŸwb wech©q N m¤•ÖKl© 466. aŸwb wech©‡qi D`vniY †KvbwU? K B¯‹zj G wimKv M emwZ N wewjwZ 467. aŸwb wech©q-Gi D`vniY †KvbwU? [Xv. Õ06, 2000] K gyov gy‡o G evKm evmK M †gvRv gy‡Rv N †`wk w`kx 468. aŸwb wech©‡qi D`vniY †KvbwU? [Xv. Õ05] K AvwR AvBR G wckvP wcPvk M cvKv cv°v N ¯‹zj B¯‹zj 469. kãga¨¯’ `y‡Uv wfbœ aŸwb G‡K Ac‡ii cÖfv‡e Aí-we¯i mgZv jvf Kiv‡K Kx e‡j? [iv. Õ93] G mgxfeb L AmgxKiY M ga¨¯^i †jvc N civMZ mgxfeb 470. ÔjMœ jMMÕ †Kvb mgxfeb? [Xv. Õ02] G cÖMZ L civMZ M ga¨MZ N A‡b¨vb¨ 471. ce© aŸwbi cÖfv‡e cieZ©x aŸwbi cwieZ©b N‡U −−−−Ggb D`vniY wb‡Pi †KvbwU ? K Avkv Avk L Rvbvjv Rvbjv M wejvwZ wewjwZ G P PKK 472. hLb ci¯•‡ii cÖfv‡e `y‡Uv aŸwbB cwiewZ©Z nq ZLb Zv‡K Kx e‡j? K welgxfeb L cÖMZ mgxfeb M civMZ mgxfeb G A‡b¨vb¨ mgxfeb 473. Dr + gyL Dš§yL wK‡mi D`vniY? K cÖMZ L ga¨MZ M A‡b¨vb¨ G civMZ 474. `y‡Uv mge‡Y©i GKwUi cwieZ©b‡K Kx e‡j? [Xv. Õ08; iv. Õ10, Õ07, Õ93; h. Õ07, Õ05; Kz. Õ09, Õ95; wm. Õ04, Õ01] A_ev, `ywU mge‡Y©i GKwUi AcwieZ©b‡K Kx e‡j? [Xv. Õ10] K mgxfeb G welgxfeb M e¨ÄbwØZ¡Zv N e¨ÄbweK…wZ 475. welgxfe‡bi D`vniY †KvbwU? [e. Õ10] K MÖvg †Mivg L wejvwZ wewjwZ M †avev †avcv G jvj bvj 476. `y‡Uv mge‡Y©i GKwUi cwieZ©b‡K welgxfeb e‡j-Gi D`vniY †KvbwU? G jvjbvj L jMœjMM M KijvgKj−vg N wckvPwcPvk 477. Ôkixi kixjÕ- aŸwbi cwieZ©‡b GwU wK‡mi D`vniY? K mgxfeb L Ašn©wZ M e¨ÄbPz¨wZ G welgxfeb 478. †Kvb¸‡jv wØZ¡ e¨Äb? [h. Õ92] K c° cKK, cÙ cÏ G cvKv cv°v, mKvj m°vj M Rš§ R¤§, Kuv`bv Kvbœv N ivabv ivbœv, M„wnYx wMbœx 479. ÔKevU KcvUÕ-wK‡mi D`vniY? K wØZ¡ e¨Äb G e¨Äb weK…wZ M myi weK…wZ N ¯^ifw½ 480. †avev†avcv wK‡mi D`vniY? G e¨Äb weK…wZ L e¨ÄbPz¨wZ M aŸwb wech©q N aŸwb weK…wZ 481. eDw`w` eDw`, eo`v`v eo`v †Kvb wbq‡g cwiewZ©Z n‡q‡Q? [wm. Õ08] G e¨ÄbPz¨wZ L e¨Äb weK…wZ M welgxfeb N mgxfeb 482. c‡`i g‡a¨ †Kv‡bv e¨ÄbaŸwb †jvc n‡j Zv‡K Kx e‡j? [P. Õ02] K AwfkÖ“wZ L welgxfeb M ¯^i‡jvc G Ašn©wZ 483. ÔAvjvwn`v Avjv`vÕ wK‡mi D`vniY? K e¨ÄbPz¨wZ L e¨Äb weK…wZ M mgxefb G Ašn©wZ 484. †KvbwU Ašn©wZi D`vniY? G dvj¸bdv¸b L †eŠw`w`†eŠw` M KevUKcvU N wi·vwimKv 485. AwcwbwnwZ A_ev wech©¯ ¯^iaŸwb ce©eZx© ¯^iaŸwbi mv‡_ wg‡j †M‡j Ges Z`bymv‡i cieZx© ¯^iaŸwbi †h cwieZ©b NUvq Zv‡K Kx e‡j? [iv. Õ93; h. Õ94] K bvgavZz L Ašn©wZ G AwfkÖ“wZ N †hvMiƒp kã 486. AwcwbwnwZi c‡ii avc †KvbwU? G AwfkÖ“wZ L ¯^i‡jvc M welgxfeb N mgxfeb 487. gvQyqv †gQv−−−− †Kvb wbqg? G AwfkÖ“wZ L AckÖ“wZ M Ašn©wZ N m¤•ÖKl© 488. Òcy‡ivwnZ cyi“ZÓ wK‡mi D`vniY? K e¨Äb Pz¨wZ G n-Kvi †jvc M Ašn©wZ N e¨Äb weK…wZ Z…Zxq cwi‡”Q` YZ¡ I lZ¡ weavb YZ¡ weavb 489. Zrmg k‡ãi evbv‡b ÔYÕ Gi mwVK e¨envi Gi wbqgB  [Kz. Õ02; P. Õ04] K lZ¡-weavb G YZ¡-weavb M DcmM© N cÖZ¨q 490. ÔYÕ-Z¡ I ÔlÕ-Z¡ weavb †Kvb †kÖYxi k‡ã Abym„Z nq? [Xv. Õ96, wm. Õ06] A_ev, wb‡Pi †Kvb ai‡bi k‡ãi †Kej ÔYÕ cvIqv hvq? [P. Õ03, 2000] A_ev, †Kvb RvZxq k‡ãi ga©b¨ Y−−−−Gi e¨envi nq? [e. Õ08] K †`wk L we‡`wk G Zrmg N LuvwU evsjv 491. †Kvb RvZxq k‡ã ÔYÕ-Gi e¨envi nq bv? [wm. Õ01] K †gŠwjK k‡ã L Zrmg k‡ã M Aa©-Zrmg k‡ã G LuvwU evsjv I we‡`wk k‡ã Y e¨env‡ii wbqg 492. ÔFÕ, ÔiÕ, ÔlÕ Gi c‡i Kx nq? [iv. Õ05; h. Õ05; Kz. Õ02] G Y L b M bœ N Y¨ Updated Bangla e-books(pdf): Any kind of e-book Software :
  11. 11. 493. ÔFÕ-Kvi I ÔiÕ-Gi ci ÔYÕ nq| wb‡Pi †Kvb k‡ã G weavb Kvh©Ki n‡q‡Q? [wm. Õ10] K Abyl½ L hZb G Z…Y N wÎ-bqb 494. F, i, l- Gi ci Zrmg k‡ã ga©b¨ (Y) e¨eüZ nq — G m‡Îi evB‡ii D`vniY †KvbwU? [iv. Õ02] K K…ò G nwiY M we‡klY N e¨vKiY 495. U eMx©q aŸwbi Av‡M †KvbwU e¨eüZ nq? K b G Y M bœ N b¨ 496. F, i, l-Gi c‡i ¯^iaŸwb _vK‡j cieZx© ÔbÕ gab©¨-ÔYÕ nq| Gi D`vniY †KvbwU? K KviY L K…cY G nwiY N fxlY 497. †Kvb evbvbwU mwVK? [P. Õ09] K ga¨vnœ G ce©vnœ M mvqvnœ N Acivý 498. Y-Z¡ weav‡bi wbqg Abyhvqx †Kvb kãwU Aï×? G ivgvqb L `ywb©evi M wbgv©Y N `yb©xwZ 499. †KvbwU‡Z ¯^fveZB Y n‡q‡Q? [iv. Õ10] K K…cY L Ac©Y G AvcY N ivgvqY 500. ÔYZ¡Õ weav‡bi (wbq‡gi) evB‡i ÔYÕ-Gi e¨envi n‡q‡Q †Kvb k㸇jv‡Z? [Xv. Õ07; Kz. 2000] K NÈv, jyÉb, fvÊ L Z…Y, eY©, SY©v M K…cY, ivgvqY, eªvn G †eYy, AYy, Kj¨vY 501. ¯^fveZB Ôga©b¨-YÕ-Gi e¨envi n‡q‡Q †KvbwU‡Z? [Kz. Õ10; P. Õ06] K KviY L KvÊ G evY/Z‚Y N ivgvqY 502. ¯^fveZB Ôga©b¨ (Y)Õ-Gi e¨envi n‡q‡Q †Kvb k‡ã? [P. Õ05] G evYx L giY M NÈv N e¨vKiY 503. ¯^fveZB ÔYÕ n‡q‡Q †Kvb kãwU‡Z? [e. Õ05] K FY L Z…Y M Ac©Y G fwYZv 504. wb‡Pi †Kvb k‡ã ¯^fveZB ÔYÕ-Gi e¨envi n‡q‡Q? [h. Õ01] K Z…Y L eY© M ivgvqY G cvwY 505. wb‡Pi †Kvb k‡ã ¯^fveZB ÔYÕ nq? [Kz. Õ09] K KviY L eªvþY M fvlY G jeY/evwYR¨ 506. †KvbwU ¯^fveZB ÔYÕ Gi D`vniY? [iv. 2000; h. 2000; P. Õ96] G KwYKv/jveY¨/MYbv L nwiY M FY N ivgvqY 507. wb‡Pi †Kvb k‡ã ¯^fveZB ÔYÕ Gi e¨envi n‡q‡Q? [h. Õ10] K KviY L K…cY M Kl©Y G Kj¨vY 508. ¯^fveZB ÔYÕ n‡q‡Q †Kvb kãwU‡Z? [e. Õ04] K we‡klY G KwYKv M KÈK N MÖnY 509. ¯^fveZB ga©b¨ ÔYÕ bq †KvbwU? G i“w·Yx L †eYx M cY N dYx 510. mgvme× k‡ã `y c‡`i A‡_©i cÖvavb¨ _vK‡j ÔYÕ Z¡ weavb Lv‡U bv, Giƒc †¶‡Î ÔbÕ nq−−−− Zvi D`vniY †KvbwU? [iv. Õ07] K Abyl½ G me©bvg M iZb N hZb 511. Òmgvme× k‡ã mvaviYZ Y-Z¡ weavb Lv‡U bvÓ-Gi D`vniY †KvbwU? K ›`b L MÖš’ M †÷kb G wÎbqb 512. `yb©xwZ, `yb©vg, `ywb©evi, me©bvg−−−− cÖf…wZ k㸇jv‡Z ga©b¨ ÔYÕ e¨eüZ nq wb †Kb? [iv. Õ06] K Zrmg kã e‡j L †`wk kã e‡j M we‡`wk kã e‡j G mgvme× kã e‡j 513. ÔZÕ eM©xq e‡Y©i Av‡M KLbI  nq bv| [h. Õ06] K b G Y M m N k 514. †Kvb eMx©q e‡Y©i Av‡M KLbI ga©Y¨ nq bv? [wm. Õ05] A_ev, †Kvb eMx©q e‡Y©i m‡½ hy³ ÔbÕ KLbI ÔYÕ nq bv? [P. Õ09; wm. Õ09; e. Õ06] K K-eM© L P-eM© M c-eM© G Z-eM© 515. mgvme× k‡ã `y c‡`i A‡_©i cÖvavb¨ _vK‡j YZ¡ weavb Lv‡U bv| Giƒc †¶‡Î b nq| Gi D`vniY †KvbwU? [P. Õ01] K Abyl½ L hZb M iZb G wÎbqb 516. †Kvb evbvbwU fzj? K eªvþY L wcYvK G wÎYqb N `ybx©wZ 517. †Kvb k‡ã mvaviYZ Y-Z¡ weavb cÖ‡hvR¨ bq? [iv. Õ09] G mgvme× k‡ã L Ae¨qhy³ k‡ã M mwÜhy³ k‡ã N cÖZ¨qhy³ k‡ã 518. PvYK¨ gvwYK¨ MY −−−−−−−− MYbv wcYvK cY¨ evY −−−− KweZvq †gvU KqwU kã? G 42 L 40 M 50 N 45 lZ¡ weavb 519. †Kvb k‡ã ÔlÕ-Gi e¨envi nq? [Kz. Õ09; w`. Õ10] K we‡`wk L Z™¢e M †`wk G Zrmg 520. †Kvb RvZxq k‡ã ÔlÕ-Gi e¨envi nq bv? [Xv. Õ09, Õ04, Õ03, Õ99; iv. Õ07, Õ05, Õ03, Õ99; Kz. 2000; P. Õ96 e. Õ07; m. Õ01] K Zrmg L we‡`wk M ms¯‹…Z N Z™¢e [we. `ª. L I N `yÕwU DËiB mwVK] 521. †Kvb RvZxq k‡ã ÔlÕ e¨envi nq bv? [wm. Õ09] GGGG we‡`wk L Zrmg M ms¯‹…Z N Aa© Zrmg 522. LuvwU evsjv fvlvq mvaviYZ †Kvb aŸwbi e¨envi †bB? [h. Õ09, Õ03] K `š¨ b aŸwb L Zvje¨ k aŸwb M ¯^iaŸwb G ga©b¨ l aŸwb 523. we‡`wk Ges Z™¢e k‡ãi evbv‡b †Kvb e‡Y©i e¨envi cvIqv hvq bv? [h. Õ09, Õ03] K k G l M m N n l e¨env‡ii wbqg 524. ÔBÕ Kvivš I ÔDÕ Kvivš Dcm‡M©i ci KZK¸‡jv avZz‡Z Kx nq? [Xv. Õ94] K ÔmÕ nq L ÔDÕ nq G ÔlÕ nq N ÔBÕ nq 525. ms¯‹…Z ÔmvrÕ cÖZ¨qhy³ k‡ã †KvbwU e¨envi nq bv? G l L Y M m N k 526. lZ¡ weavb Abyhvqx †Kvb evbvbwU fzj? [P. 2000] G Abym½x L mylg M Awfkvc N welg/K…wó 527. ÔFÕ-Kvi I ÔiÕ Gi ci e¨eüZ nq| [Kz. Õ02] K ÔmÕ L ÔkÕ G ÔlÕ N ÔoÕ 528. †Kvb evbvbwU mwVK? [Kz. Õ06; wm. Õ04] K bkU L K…kK M K÷ G Iô 529. †Kvb `ywU e‡Y©i mv‡_ hy³ n‡j `š¨ m ga©b¨ l nq? [Kz. Õ03] K Z, _ L i, l G U, V N W, X 530. U eMx©q aŸwbi Av‡M ÔbÕ _vK‡j Zv Kx nq? [P. Õ96] A_ev, ÔUÕ eMx©q aŸwbi Av‡M †KvbwU e¨eüZ nq? [Xv. Õ01] K l G Y M m N ”Q 531. KZK¸‡jv k‡ã ¯^fveZB ÔlÕ nq, Gi D`vniY †KvbwU? [wm. Õ08] K fvlv, Kl©Y L fvl¨, Kl©Y M Kl©Y, †cvlY G fvlv, fvl¨ 532. KZK¸‡jv k‡ã ¯^fveZB ga©b¨ ÔlÕ nq| Gi evB‡i †KvbwU? G mylgv L Avlvp M †Øl N fvlY 533. †Kvb k‡ã ¯^fveZB ga©b¨ ÔlÕ nq? [P. Õ07] K cÖwZ‡laK L Fwl G Avlvp N Kó 534. lZ¡ weav‡bi ¯^vfvweKfv‡e ÔlÕ n‡q‡Q †Kvb k‡ã? [Xv. 2000; wm. 07] G gvbyl L el©v M bó N welq 535. †KvbwU ¯^fveZB ÔlÕ Gi e¨envi? [P. Õ08] K el©Y L cÖwZôvb M DrK…ó G gvbyl 536. †Kvb¸‡jv lZ¡ weav‡bi D`vniY? [Xv. Õ94; Kz. Õ96; P. Õ96; wm. Õ10] K wÎbqb, me©bvg L Kwim, †`wk M †cvkvK, gv÷vi G Avlvp, Elv 537. †Kvb k‡ãi evbv‡b ¯^fveZB ÔlÕ nq? [P. Õ02] K Z…òv G †Øl M `„wó N el©Y 538. †KvbwU ¯^fveZB ga©b¨ ÔlÕ-Gi D`vniY? [Xv. Õ08, Õ02] K Kvô L welq M K…lK G lohš 539. wb‡Pi †Kvb kãwU‡Z l-Z¡ weav‡bi evB‡i ÔlÕ n‡q‡Q? K K…lK L DrK…ó G lUP N fwel¨r 540. ¯^fveZ ÔlÕ-Gi e¨envi n‡q‡Q †Kvb k‡ã? [h. Õ04] K Abyl½ L Awf‡lK M Abyôvb G Awfjvl 541. ¯^fveZB ga©b¨-l Gi D`vniY †KvbwU? K Kó L Iô M mylgv G mwilv 542. wb‡Pi †Kvb k‡ãi evbv‡b ¯^fveZ ÔhÕ e¨eüZ n‡q‡Q−−−− K K…lK L K…ò G wKlvY N e„wó 543. wbcvZ‡b wm× ÔlÕ-Gi e¨envi n‡q‡Q †KvbwU‡Z? [Kz. Õ01] K gygly© L Abyl½ M el©Y G f‚lY 544. A, Av Ab¨ ¯^iaŸwb Ges K I e c‡i `š m _vK‡j Zv ga©b¨ ÔlÕ nq-Gi D`vniY †KvbwU? K cÖwZ‡laK L Awfjvl G fwel¨r N lohš 545. ¯^fveZB ÔlÕ Gi e¨envi n‡q‡Q †Kvb k‡ã? K welg G wel M mylg N mylgv w w w /tanbir.ebooks
  12. 12. ÁvZe¨ 546. †Kvb evbvbwU Aï×? [h. Õ07; wm. Õ03] K NiwY L myeY© M Abyl½ G d‡Uvó¨vU 547. †Kvb evbvbwU ï×? [Xv. Õ10; e. Õ09] A_ev, †Kvb evbvbwU lZ¡ weav‡bi wbq‡g ï×? [Kz. Õ10] K gvóvi G †cvkvK M wRwbl N †cvó Awdm 548. †Kvb evbvbwU mwVK? K welb¨ L welbœ G welYœ N wembœ 549. †Kvb evbvbwU ï×? K wewfwlKv L wewflxKv M wefxlxKv G wefxwlKv 550. ms¯‹…Z ÔmvrÕ cÖZ¨qhy³ c‡`−−−− [Kz. Õ08] K ÔlÕ nq G ÔlÕ nq bv M ÔYÕ nq N ÔYÕ nq bv 551. YZ¡ weavb I lZ¡ weav‡bi wbqgvbymv‡i wb‡Pi †Kvb evbvbwU mwVK? [iv. Õ04] G fvlY/fxlY L fvlb M cyi®‹vi N Avwe¯‹vi 552. †Kvb k‡ãi evbvb ÔlZ¡ weavbÕ Abymv‡i ï×? [Kz. Õ04] K Bóvb© L AwMœlvr M Abym½ G gygly© 553. †Kvb eY© `yÕ‡Uvi ci Y I l nq? [w`. Õ09] GGGG F, i L U, V M B, D N Z, _ PZz_© cwi‡”Q` mwÜ mwÜi D‡Ïk¨ 554. †Kvb †¶‡Î mwÜ Kivi wbqg †bB? [wm. Õ09; e. Õ05] K Avqv‡mi jvNe n‡j G aŸwb gvayh© iw¶Z bv n‡j M kÖ“wZgayi n‡j N ¯^vfvweK D”Pvi‡Y mnRcÖeY n‡j 555. †KvbwU mwÜi D‡Ïk¨? [Xv. Õ09, Õ04; h. Õ03] K k‡ãi wgjb L e‡Y©i wgjb G aŸwbMZ gvayh© m¤•v`b N kãMZ gvayh© m¤•v`b 556. mwbœwnZ `y‡Uv  wgj‡bi bvg mwÜ| G aŸwbi L e‡Y©i M k‡ãi N c‡`i 557. mwÜi cÖavb myweav Kx? [Xv. Õ03] K covi myweav L †jLvi myweav G D”Pvi‡Yi myweav N †kvbvi myweav 558. mwÜi cÖavb D‡Ïk¨ [iv. Õ05; Kz. Õ99] G ¯^vfvweK D”Pvi‡Y mnRmva¨ L D”Pvi‡Yi `ª“ZZv M AvÂwjK fvlvi gvayh© i¶v N ¯^ieY© I e¨Äbe‡Y©i wgjb 559. †h †¶‡Î D”Pvi‡Y Avqv‡mi jvNe nq A_P aŸwb gvayh© iw¶Z nq bv, †m †¶‡Î wK‡mi weavb †bB? [e. Õ04] K mgv‡mi L cÖZ¨‡qi G mwÜi N eP‡bi evsjv k‡ãi mwÜ 560. cÖK…Z evsjv e¨ÄbmwÜ−−−−Gi wbq‡gB n‡q _v‡K| kb¨¯’v‡b Kx n‡e? G mgxfeb L welgxfeb M AmgxKiY N aŸwb wech©q 561. †KvbwU LuvwU evsjv e¨ÄbmwÜ? K gv_v+G = gv_vi L Zv+Gi = Zvi G †Nvov+†`Šo = †Nvo‡`Šo N gv+G = gv‡q 562. Ôhv+B”Qv+ZvB = hv‡”QZvBÕ GLv‡b †Kvb aŸwb †jvc †c‡q‡Q? K Av L A G B N G 563. Ò¯^iaŸwbi c‡i e¨Äb aŸwb G‡j ¯^iaŸwbwU jyß nqÓ−−−− Gi D`vniY †KvbwU? G KuvPv+Kjv = KuvPKjv L wZb+GK = wZ‡bK M b`x+Gi = b`xi N myc+Aš = meš‘ Zrmg k‡ãi mwÜ 564. Zrmg mwÜ Kq cÖKvi? [Kz. Õ09; P. Õ07] G wZb L `yB M Pvi N cuvP 565. †Kvb cÖKv‡ii mwÜ gjZ eY© ms‡hv‡Mi wbqg? [e. Õ09] GGGG Zrmg mwÜ L evsjv mwÜ M ¯^imwÜ N e¨ÄbmwÜ ¯^imwÜ 566. ¯^iaŸwbi m‡½ ¯^iaŸwbi wgj‡b †Kvb mwÜ nq? [Kz. Õ02] K e¨Äb mwÜ L wemM© mwÜ M Aby¯^vi G ¯^imwÜ 567. wgZv + Avwj = wgZvwj −−−− GwU †Kvb mwÜ? [Xv. Õ10] K LuvwU evsjv e¨Äb mwÜ L LuvwU evsjv ¯^imwÜ G Zrmg ¯^imwÜ N Zrmg e¨Äb mwÜ 568. †KvbwU ¯^imwÜi D`vniY? [e. Õ09] K KuvPv + Kjv = KuvPKjv L bvwZ + †eŠ = bvZ‡eŠ M e` + RvZ = e¾vZ G iƒcv + Avwj = iƒcvwj 569. Ôwe`¨vjqÕ mw܇Z †Kvb m‡Îi cÖ‡qvM n‡q‡Q? [h. 2000] K A + A L A + Av G Av + Av N Av + A 570. Av + Av = Av nq — GB m‡Îi cÖ‡qvM †KvbwU‡Z n‡q‡Q? [wm. Õ04] G m`vb›` L K_vg„Z M †`evjq N cÖvYvwaK 571. Av + Av = Av nq −−−−GB m‡Îi cÖ‡qvM †KvbwU‡Z n‡q‡Q? [Kz. Õ10] K cÖvYvwaK L K_vg„Z M iZœvKi G gnvkq 572. ÔAv + C = GÕ G wbq‡gi evB‡i †KvbwU? [h. Õ06] K g‡nk L i‡gk M Xv‡Kk¦ix G M‡Yk 573. g‡n›`ª−−−− Gi mwÜ †KvbwU? K g‡n + B›`ª G gnv + B›`ª M gvnv + C›`ª N gn + B›`ª 574. Ôc‡Y©›`yÕ †Kvb mwÜ? [e. Õ02] G ¯^imwÜ L e¨ÄbmwÜ M wemM© mwÜ N wbcvZ‡b wm× mwÜ 575. A-Kvi wKsev Av-Kv‡ii ci B-Kvi wKsev C-Kvi _vK‡j Df‡q wg‡j [Xv. Õ93, Õ92; Kz. Õ04] K C-Kvi nq L E-Kvi nq M I-Kvi nq G G-Kvi nq 576. Ôh‡_óÕ k‡ãi mwVK mwÜwe‡”Q` †KvbwU? K h_ + Bó L h_v + Gó G h_v + Bó N h_v + U 577. ¯^imwÜi †¶‡Î ÔAÕ-Kv‡ii ci ÔBÕ-Kvi _vK‡j Dfq wg‡j ÔGÕ-Kvi nq| †hgb−−−− G ï‡f”Qv L h‡_ó M g‡nk N AZxZ 578. A-Kvi wKsev Av-Kv‡ii ci F-Kvi _vK‡j Dfq wg‡j Kx nq? K Gi L Avi M i G Ai 579. ÔkxZvZ©Õ kãwUi mwVK mwÜwe‡”Q` †KvbwU? [h. Õ09, Õ03; Kz. Õ09] G kxZ + FZ L kxZ + AvZ© M wkZ + FZ N wkZ+ AZ© 580. Ôm`v + GeÕ Gi mwVK mwÜ nj [w`. Õ09] K me©`v L me©Î G m‰`e N m‰e©e 581. Ôwn‰ZlxÕ k‡ãi mwÜwe‡”Q` †KvbwU? K wnZ+Hkx G wnZ+Glx M wn‰Z+lx N wnZv+Hlx 582. Ôg‰ZK¨Õ k‡ãi ï× mwÜwe‡”Q` †KvbwU? [P. Õ08] K gZ + GK G gZ + HK¨ M gZt + GK N gZt + HK¨t 583. ÒA-Kv‡ii ci J-Kvi _vK‡j Df‡q wg‡j J-Kvi nqÓ Gi D`vniY †KvbwU? [h. Õ96] K g‡nŠla L e‡bŠlwa G ci‡gŠla N ci‡gŠlwa 584. Ôiex›`ªÕ-Gi mwÜwe‡”Q` †KvbwU? [h. Õ09] K ie + B›`ª L iex + B›`ª G iwe + B›`ª N iwe + C›`ª 585. B + C = C-Gi D`vniY †KvbwU? [P. Õ10] G cix¶v L AZxZ M mZx›`ª N mZxk 586. B-Kv‡ii ci C-Kvi wg‡j †h C-Kvi nq Zvi D`vniY †KvbwU? [iv. Õ94] K w`j−xk¦i L iex›`ª G cix¶v N AZxZ 587. Ôcix¶vÕ-Gi mwÜwe‡”Q` †KvbwU? [iv. Õ07; h. Õ10, Õ07; wm. Õ04] G cwi + C¶v L cix + C¶v M cix + B¶v N cwi + B¶v 588. †KvbwU ¯^imwÜi D`vniY? [P. Õ06] K D×vi L cyi¯‹vi M m¾b G AZxZ 589. B-Kvi wKsev C-Kv‡ii ci B-Kvi wKsev C-Kvi wfbœ Ab¨ ¯^iaŸwb _vK‡j B ev C Kx nq? [P. 2000] K e G h/ ¨ djv M t N G 590. ÔAZ¨šÕ-Gi mwVK mwÜwe‡”Q` †KvbwU? [iv. Õ96] K AZ¨ + Aš L AwZ + Aš¨ M AwZ + š G AwZ + Aš 591. Ôch©šÕ-Gi mwÜwe‡”Q` †KvbwU? [e. Õ01] K ch© + š G cwi + Aš M ch© + Aš N c + hš 592. Ôch©UbÕ-Gi mwÜwe‡”Q` †KvbwU? K ch©+Ub L ch©+AbU M ci+Ub G cwi+AUb 593. ÔcÖZ‚¨lÕ k‡ãi mwVK mwÜwe‡”Q` †KvbwU? [Xv. Õ96] K cÖZ¨ + Dl L cÖZ¨ + El M cÖwZ + Dl G cÖwZ + El 594. Ôgm¨vaviÕ−−−− Gi mwVK mwÜwe‡”Q` †KvbwU? [iv. Õ08; wm. Õ08] K grm + AvaviL grm¨ + Avavi G gmx + Avavi N gwm + Avavi 595. ÔZš^xÕ k‡ãi mwVK mwÜ-we‡”Q` Kx? [w`. Õ10] G Zby + C L Zby + B M Zš^x + C N Zbx + e 596. Dcwi + Dcwi mwÜ mvwaZ kã †KvbwU? [h. 2000] G Dch©ycwi L Dch©cwi M DcwiDcvi L cybiwc Updated Bangla e-books(pdf): Any kind of e-book Software :
  13. 13. 597. Dcwi + D³ mwÜ mvwaZ kã †KvbwU? K DcwiD³ L Dc_©cwi G Dchy©³ N cybiwc 598. Ôcï + AagÕ-Gi ï× mwÜ Kx? [Xv Õ04, Õ02] G ck¦ag L ck¦vag M cïag N ckvag 599. wX‡jwg mwVK mwÜwe‡”Q` †KvbwU? K wX‡j+wg G wX‡j+Avwg M wXjv+Avwg N wXjv+wg 600. ÔMvqKÕ-Gi mwÜwe‡”Q` †KvbwU? [h. Õ07; Kz. Õ06, 2000; P. Õ06; e. Õ03; m. Õ98] K Mv + AK G ˆM + AK M Mvq + K N Mv + qK 601. ÔM‡elYvÕ k‡ãi mwVK mwÜwe‡”Q` †KvbwU? [h. Õ08; wm. Õ06] K Me + GlYv G †Mv + GlYv M †Mv + lYv N M + †elYv 602. wb‡Pi †KvbwU ¯^imwÜi D`vniY? K lovbb L K_v”Q‡j M cwi®‹vi G n¯vši 603. ÔbvweKÕ-Gi mwÜwe‡”Q` †KvbwU? [wm. Õ02] K bv + BK L †bv + BK M bv + weK G †bŠ + BK 604. J + D = Ave + D — GB mÎ cÖ‡qv‡M mwÜ n‡q‡Q †KvbwUi?[e. Õ04] K cveK L bvweK G fveyK N MvqK 605. wb‡Pi †Kvb wbqgwU mwVK bq? K B+A=h+A L D+A=e+A G J+E=Ae+D N Av+Q=”Q 606. †KvbwUi wbqgvbymv‡i mwÜ nq bv? [Xv. Õ09, Õ94; iv. Õ08; h. Õ94, Õ93; e. Õ04] K MvqK G KzjUv M cðvag N wYRš 607. wbcvZ‡b wm× mwÜ Kq cÖKvi? K cuvP L Pvi M wZb G `yB 608. †Kvb mwÜwU wbcvZ‡b wm×? [Xv. 2000] K evK + `vb = evK`vb L Dr + †Q` = D‡”Q` G ci + ci = ci¯•i N mg + mvi = msmvi 609. †KvbwU wbcvZ‡b wm× mwÜi D`vniY? [Xv. Õ03; P. Õ02; w`. Õ10] G †lvok L ZrKvj M ivÁx N lô 610. †KvbwU wbcvZ‡b wm× ¯^imwÜi D`vniY? K cÖ‡Z¨K L ivÁx G gvZ©Ê N MvqK 611. wbcvZ‡b wm× ¯^imwÜi D`vniY †KvbwU? G Mev¶ L gbxlv M †lvok N cwi®‹vi 612. wbcvZ‡b wm× ¯^imwÜi D`vniY−−−− K cZÄwj G †cÖŠp M cwi®‹vi N GKv`k e¨ÄbmwÜ 613. e¨Äbe‡Y©i m‡½ ¯^ieY© wg‡j †Kvb mwÜ nq? [Kz. Õ94; e. Õ03] K ¯^imwÜ G e¨ÄbmwÜ M wemM© mwÜ N wbcvZ‡b wm× mwÜ 614. e¨ÄbmwÜ KZ cÖKvi? K †Kv‡bv cÖKvi‡f` †bB L `yB cÖKvi G wZb cÖKvi N Pvi cÖKvi 615. cÖK…Z evsjv e¨ÄbmwÜ †Kvb wbq‡g n‡q _v‡K? [w`. Õ09] K welgxfeb G mgxfeb M AmgxKiY N ¯^im½wZ 616. njš aŸwbi mv‡_ ¯^iaŸwb hy³ n‡j ¯^iaŸwbwU Kx nq? K wØZ¡ nq L msw¶ß nq M jyß nq G jyß nq bv 617. ÔmwÜÕ-Gi mwÜwe‡”Q`  G mg + wa L mg + wa M mg + wÜ N mb + wa 618. ÔZ`ewaÕ k‡ãi mwÜwe‡”Q` †KvbwU? [P. Õ07] K ZZ + ewa L Zr + ewa M Z` + Aewa G Zr + Aewa 619. nvZ + Qvwb = nvZQvwb kãwU †Kvb mwÜi D`vniY? G evsjv e¨ÄbmwÜ L Zrmg e¨ÄbmwÜ M we‡kl wbq‡g mvwaZ mwÜ N wbcvZ‡b wm× e¨ÄbmwÜ 620. †KvbwU e¨Äb aŸwb + ¯^iaŸwbi mwÜ? [wm. Õ05] K GK”QÎ L cweÎ G w`Mš N m¾b 621. w`Mš = [Kz. Õ02; P. Õ04] K w`M + Aš G w`K + Aš M w`K + Aš N w`M + Aš 622. ¯^iaŸwbi c‡i e¨Äb aŸwb G‡j mw܇Z Kx ai‡bi cwieZ©b nq? K ¯^iaŸwb wØZ¡ nq L e¨ÄbaŸwb †jvc nq G e¨ÄbaŸwb wØZ¡ nq N ¯^iaŸwb †jvc nq 623. ¯^iaŸwbi ci †KvbwU _vK‡j Zv Ô”QÕ nq? K ` L P M S G Q 624. ÔgyL”QweÕ kãwU mwÜi †Kvb wbq‡g c‡o? [Xv. Õ93; Kz. Õ92] G ¯^iaŸwb + e¨ÄbaŸwb L e¨ÄbaŸwb + e¨ÄbaŸwb M e¨ÄbaŸwb + ¯^iaŸwb N e¨ÄbaŸwb + wemM© mwÜ 625. ÔGK”QÎÕ-G †Kvb †Kvb aŸwbi mwÜ n‡q‡Q? K ¯^iaŸwb+¯^iaŸwb L e¨ÄbaŸwb+¯^iaŸwb G ¯^iaŸwb+e¨ÄbaŸwb N e¨ÄbaŸwb+e¨ÄbaŸwb 626. Z/` Gi ci P/Q _vK‡j Z/` Gi ¯’v‡b ÔPÕ nq| Gi D`vniY †KvbwU?[P. Õ09] K m¾b G m”QvÎ M D”Q¡vm N wew”Qbœ 627. Dr + †Q` = [Kz. Õ02] G D‡”Q` L Dr‡Q` M D‡Q¨` N DrQv` 628. ÔbvRRvgvBÕ k‡ãi mwÜwe‡”Q` †KvbwU? [P. Õ07] K bvwZ + RvgvB L bvwZb + RvgvB M bvR + RvgvB G bvZ + RvgvB 629. ÔbvZ + RvgvBÕ-Gi mwVK mwÜiƒc †KvbwU? [P. Õ09] K bvwZRvgvB L bvZRvgvB G bvRRvgvB N bvZwbRvgvB 630. ÔRM¾xebÕ kãwU mwÜi †Kvb wbqg Abymv‡i n‡q‡Q? [Xv. Õ92; iv. Õ93; h. Õ92; Kz. Õ96] K Z + S G Z + R M ` + R N ` + S 631. Z Gi c‡i j _vK‡j mw܇Z Z Ges j wg‡j †KvbUv nq? [Xv. Õ94; iv. Õ09; Kz. Õ94] K W L × M j¦ G j− 632. ÔlohšÕ kãwUi mwVK mwÜwe‡”Q` †KvbwU? [iv. Õ05] K lo + hš G lU + hš M mr + hš N ¯^Z + hš 633. g Gi c‡i †h‡Kv‡bv eMx©q aŸwb _vK‡j g aŸwbwU †mB e‡M©i bvwmK¨ aŸwb nq| Gi D`vniY †KvbwU? [iv. Õ10] K hÁ L Zš§‡a¨ G mÂq N ivÁx 634. ÔmÂqÕ k‡ãi mwVK mwÜ †KvbwU? [Kz. Õ01; wm. Õ07] K mb + Pq G mg + Pq M mO + Pq N ms + Pq 635. P I R Gi c‡i bvwmK¨ aŸwb Kx nq? K `š¨ L ga©b¨ M Iô¨ G Zvje¨ 636. P I R-Gi c‡i bvwmK¨ aŸwb Zvje¨ nq| Gi D`vniY †KvbwU? G hR + b = hÁ L mg + Zvc = mšvc M Z` + Kvj = ZrKvj N Dr + †”Q` = D‡”Q` 637. A‡Nvl AícÖvY I †Nvl AícÖvY Zvje¨ aŸwbi c‡i bvwmK¨ aŸwb Zvje¨ aŸwb nq| Gi D`vniY †KvbwU? [Xv. Õ93] K Zr + iƒc = Z`ª“c L mg + Zvc = mšvc G ivR + bx = ivÁx N Z` + Kvj = ZrKvj 638. ÔivÁxÕ-Gi mwÜwe‡”Q` †KvbwU? [Xv. Õ06; wm. Õ10] G ivR + bx L ivM + bx M ivR + wM N ivRb + wM 639. mw܇Z †Nvl aŸwbi ce©eZ©x A‡Nvl aŸwbwU Kx nq? G †Nvl nq L A‡Nvl nq M AícÖvY nq N gnvcÖvY nq 640. ÔK…wóÕ k‡ãi mwVK mwÜ we‡”Q` [h. Õ03; P. Õ03; e. Õ08] K K… + w³ G K…l + wZ M K…t + wZ N K…l + wU 641. Ôe„wóÕi mwÜwe‡”Q` †KvbwU? [Kz. Õ99; wm. Õ01] K e„m + wZ L e„k + wU G e„l + wZ N e„l + wU 642. ga©b¨ wkl aŸwb ÔlÕ Gi ci A‡Nvl gnvcÖvY Ô_Õ aŸwb _vK‡j Df‡q wg‡j Kx nq? [Xv. Õ02] K j¥ G ô M ó N T 643. ÔlôÕ-Gi mwÜwe‡”Q` †KvbwU? [h. Õ04] K lU + _ G ll + _ M ll + U N ll + V 644. †KvbwU we‡kl wbq‡g mvwaZ mwÜi D`vniY? [P. Õ02; e. Õ07] K ci¯•i L msi¶Y G cwi®‹vi N Dj−vm 645. we‡kl wbq‡g mvwaZ mwÜ †KvbwU? K Z¼i G DÌvb M eb¯•wZ N GKv`k 646. we‡kl wbq‡g mvwaZ mwÜi D`vniY †KvbwU? K Av+Ph© = Avðh© L lU+`k = †lvok G cwi+Kvi = cwi®‹vi N †Mv+c` = †Mv®•` 647. †KvbwU we‡kl wbq‡g mvwaZ mwÜ? [Xv. Õ06; h. Õ01] K Zrmg L Z¯‹i M ci¯•i G ms¯‹vi 648. †Kvb¸‡jv we‡kl wbq‡g mvwaZ e¨ÄbmwÜ? G DÌvb, ms¯‹vi, ms¯‹…Z L Avðh©, e„n¯•wZ, ci¯•i M GKv`k, cZÄwj, †lvok N kxZvZ©, gi“`¨vb, g‡bvig 649. Ôms¯‹viÕ kãwUi mwÜwe‡”Q` †KvbwU? [iv. Õ04] K mt + Kvi G mg + Kvi M ms + Kvi N mr + Kvi 650. Òmsev`Ó k‡ãi mwÜ-we‡”Q` Kx? [P. Õ10] G mg + ev` L mt + ev` M ms + ev` N mr + ev` 651. wbcvZ‡b wm× mwÜ †KvbwU? [Xv. Õ07; iv. Õ06, Õ03, Õ96; h. Õ01; P. Õ04, 2000; wm. Õ10, Õ08; e. Õ02] G GKv`k/Mev¶ L cybivq M cwi®‹vi N g‡bvni w w w /tanbir.ebooks
  14. 14. 652. wb‡Pi †KvbwU wbcvZ‡b wm× mwÜi D`vniY? G GK+`k=GKv`k L wbt+Pq=wbðq M cwi+Kvi=cwi®‹vi N ll+_=lô 653. †h mwÜ †Kv‡bv wbqg gv‡b bv, Zv‡K e‡j [Kz. Õ06] K e¨ÄbmwÜ L ¯^imwÜ G wbcvZ‡b wm× mwÜ N wemM© mwÜ 654. wb‡Pi †KvbwU wbcvZ‡b wm× mwÜ? [wm. Õ06] K cwi®‹vi L DÌvb M ms¯‹vi G e„n¯•wZ 655. †Kvb mwÜwU wbcvZ‡b wm× mwÜ? [h. Õ96; e. Õ06] K †cŠ + AK = ceK L ivR + bx = ivÁx M mr + wPšv = mw”Pšv G e„nr + cwZ = e„n¯•wZ 656. Ô†lvokÕ k‡ãi mwVK mwÜwe‡”Q` †KvbwU? [h. Õ05] K †lvo + k L lo + Ak M lV + `k G lU + `k 657. wbcvZ‡b wm× mwÜ †KvbwU? [Kz. Õ05] K mšvc L cwi”Q` M c×wZ G †cÖŠp/†lvok 658. wbcvZ‡b wm× mwÜ wb‡Pi †KvbwU? K cwi+Kvi L GK+QÎ M myc+Aš G eb+cwZ 659. †Mv¯•` -Gi mwÜwe‡”Q` Kx n‡e? [iv. 2000] K †Mvi + c` G †Mv + c` M †MŠ + c` N †MŠi + c` 660. ÔgbxlvÕ †Kvb mwÜi D`vniY? K ¯^imwÜi L e¨Äb mwÜ G wbcvZ‡b wm× mwÜ N wemM© mwÜ 661. ÔgbxlvÕ-Gi mwÜwe‡”Q` †KvbwU? [iv. Õ09; h. Õ03; wm. Õ09; e. Õ10, Õ05] G gbm + Clv L gbt + Clv M gbk + Blv N gwb + Clv 662. Ôeb¯•wZÕ-Gi mwÜwe‡”Q` †KvbwU? [Xv. Õ01; h. Õ10] K ebt + cwZ L eb + ¯•wZ M ebm + cwZ G eb + cwZ 663. Ô`y¨‡jvKÕ-Gi mwÜwe‡”Q` †KvbwU? [Xv. Õ08; wm. Õ05; e. Õ07] G w`e + †jvK L `xe + †jvK M `y¨j + AK N `yj + IK 664. †KvbwU wbcvZ‡b wm× mwÜi D`vniY? [iv. Õ10; h. Õ08] K cwi®‹vi G ci¯•i M cyi¯‹vi N cwi”Q` 665. ÔgvZ©ÊÕ †Kvb mwÜmvwaZ kã? K ¯^i L e¨Äb M we‡kl wbqg G wbcvZb 666. wb‡Pi †KvbwU wbcvZ‡b wm× mwÜ? K ms¯‹vi L cwi®‹vi G Z¯‹i N ms¯‹…Z wemM© mwÜ 667. wemM© mwÜ e¯‘Z †Kvb mwÜi AšM©Z? [e. Õ08, Õ06] G e¨ÄbmwÜi L ¯^imwÜi M wbcvZ‡b wm× e¨Äb mwÜi N wbcvZ‡b wm× ¯^imwÜi 668. ms¯‹…Z mwÜi wbq‡g c‡`i Ašw¯’Z i I m A‡bK †¶‡Î Kxiƒ‡c D”PvwiZ nq? K A‡Nvl AícÖvY aŸwb G A‡Nvl D®§aŸwb M A‡Nvl gnvcÖvY aŸwb N †Nvl gnvcÖvY aŸwb 669. wemM©‡K Kq fv‡M fvM Kiv n‡q‡Q? [P. Õ05] K 5 fv‡M G 2 fv‡M M 4 fv‡M N 3 fv‡M 670. LuvwU evsjvq †Kvb mwÜ †bB? [wm. Õ01] K ¯^imwÜ L e¨ÄbmwÜ G wemM© mwÜ N evsjv mwÜ 671. ÔAÕ aŸwbi ciw¯’Z wem‡M©i ci ÔAÕ aŸwb _vK‡j G ÔAÕ aŸwb wg‡j †Kvb aŸwb nq? K G G I M i N A 672. †KvbwU wemM© mwÜ? [Xv. Õ01; P. Õ96] G Z‡ZvwaK L we`¨vjq M w`Mš N cwi”Q` 673. †KvbwU wemM© mwÜi D`vniY? G bg¯‹vi L cwi®‹vi M ci¯•i N eb¯•wZ 674. ÔcÖvZtivkÕ-Gi mwÜwe‡”Q` Kx n‡e? K cÖvZ+ivk L cÖvZt+ivk G cÖvZt+Avk N cÖvZ+Avk 675. Ô`y‡h©vMÕ-Gi mwÜwe‡”Q` Kx? [Xv. 2000] K `ynt + †hvM G `yt + †hvM M `yi+†hvM N `yn + †hvM 676. Ôabyó¼viÕ k‡ãi mwÜwe‡”Q` †KvbwU? G abyt+U¼vi L aby+U¼vi M abym+U¼vi N abyl+U¼vi 677. Ôwb®‹iÕ kãwUi mwÜwe‡”Q` †KvbwU? [h. Õ06; P. Õ96] K wbl + Ki L wbm + Ki G wbt + Ki N bxt + Ki 678. ÔbxieÕ k‡ãi mwÜwe‡”Q` †KvbwU? K bx+ie L wb+ie G wbt+ie N wbi+Ae 679. D-Kv‡ii ci wemM© (t) Ges Zvi c‡i ÔKÕ _vK‡j †Kvb e¨ÄbaŸwb e‡m? [h. Õ92] K m G l M k N h 680. ÔAninÕ-Gi mwÜwe‡”Q` †KvbwU? [Xv. Õ10] K Ant + in G Ant + An M Ant + Ant N An + in 681. Anwb©k −−−− mwVK mwÜwe‡”Q` †KvbwU? K An+wbk L A‡nv+wbkv G Ant+wbkv N Ani+wbk 682. mwÜi wemM© †jvc nq †Kvb mwÜwU‡Z? K cÖvZt + Kvj G wkit + †Q` M wkit + cxov N gbt + Kó 683. †KvbwU wemM© mwÜ? K cwi®‹vi L we‡”Q` M eb¯•wZ G m‡`¨vRvZ 684. wemM©‡hv‡M mvwaZ mwÜe× kã bq †KvbwU? K bg¯‹vi L Avkxev©` M cybivq G cwi®‹vi 685. †KvbwU we‡kl wemM© mwÜi D`vniY? K Anin L `yt¯’ G fv¯‹i N bg¯‹vi Z…Zxq Aa¨vq cÖ_g cwi‡”Q` cyi“l I ¯xevPK kã cyi“l I ¯xevPK kã 686. cyi“l ev ¯x wb‡`©kK mÎ‡K e¨vKi‡Y Kx ejv nq? [h. Õ08, Õ96] K ePb G wj½ M cyi“l N evP¨ 687. LuvwU evsjv ¯xevPK k‡ã we‡klYwU †Kgb nq? [Kz. Õ01] K ¯xevPK nq G cyi“levPK nq M wbZ¨ cyi“levPK nq N wbZ¨ ¯xevPK nq 688. †KvbwUi ¯xwj½ wfbœ kã? [wm. Õ01] K †R‡j G weØvb M bvbv N †KvwKj 689. evsjv e¨vKi‡Y †Kvb c‡` ms¯‹…Z wj‡½i wbqg AbymiY K‡i bv? [Xv. Õ03; iv. Õ09, Õ94] A_ev, evsjv fvlvi †¶‡Î ms¯‹…Z e¨vKi‡Y wj½vš‡ii wbqg gvbv nq bv †Kvb c‡`? [Kz. Õ09] G we‡klY L Ae¨q M me©bvg N we‡kl¨ evsjvq cyi“l I ¯xevPK kã 690. evsjvq cyi“l I ¯xevPK kã gjZ Kq fv‡M wef³? [P. Õ04] G `yB L wZb M Pvi N cuvP 691. cZœxevPK A‡_© ¯xevPK kã †KvbwU? [e. Õ06] K bb` L gyiwM M LyKx G Rv/fvex 692. †KvbwU cZœx A‡_© ¯xevPK kã? [Xv. Õ04, Õ96, Õ92; iv. Õ07; h. 2000, Õ93; Kz. Õ08, Õ96, Õ93; e. Õ07] K QvÎx G `vw`/PvwP/gvwg M Avqv N mrgv 693. †KvbwU cwZ I cZœx A‡_© e¨eüZ n‡q‡Q? [Xv. Õ03] G b›`vB-bb` L cvMj-cvMwjbx M fvB-†evb N †`ei-bb` evsjvq ¯x cÖZ¨q 694. Ô†e½gvÕ k‡ãi ¯xevPK kã †KvbwU? [wm. Õ08] G †e½gx L †e½gvbx M †eOvwg N †e½x 695. †KvbwU ÔCÕ cÖZ¨q †hv‡M MwVZ ¯xevPK kã? [Kz. Õ92] G †e½gx L KvOvjx M VvKzix N gRyix 696. †Kvb kãwU ÔCÕ cÖZ¨q †hv‡M MwVZ ¯xevPK kã? K †R‡jbx G K…lvYx M PvKivbx N mvwcbx 697. †Kvb cÖZ¨qwU hy³ n‡j ¯xevPK k‡ã KLbI KLbI AeÁvi fve cÖKvk cvq? [P. 01] K Avbx G bx M Bbx N C 698. ÔbxÕ ¯x cÖZ¨q †hv‡M MwVZ kã †KvbwU? [h. Õ03; e. Õ01] A_ev, bx cÖZ¨q hy³ †Kvb k‡ã AeÁvi fve cÖKvk cvq? K bbw`bx G Wv³vibx M PvKivbx N VvKzivbx 699. †KvbwU ÔbxÕ cÖZ¨qhy³ ¯xevPK kã? [P. Õ08] G wfLvwibx L KvOvwjbx M †Mvqvwjbx N bvwcZvbx 700. cyi“levPK k‡ãi †k‡l ÔCÕ _vK‡j ¯xevPK k‡ã ÔbxÕ nq Ges ÔCÕ B nq−−−− Gi D`vniY †KvbwU? K bvwcZvbx L evwNbx G wfLvwibx N †avcvbx 701. ÔAvbxÕ ¯x cÖZ¨q †hv‡M MwVZ ¯xevPK kã †KvbwU? [iv. Õ05] K evwNbx G PvKivbx M fvMbx N †R‡jbx Updated Bangla e-books(pdf): Any kind of e-book Software :
  15. 15. 702. †KvbwU ÔAvbxÕ cÖZ¨q †hv‡M MwVZ ¯xwj½? [iv. Õ96] K ¸YeZx L K‡cvZx G VvKzivbx N †R‡jbx 703. ÔBbxÕ- ¯x cÖZ¨q †hv‡M MwVZ ¯xevPK kã †KvbwU? [iv. Õ02; Kz. Õ07] K †R‡jbx L PvKivbx G KvOvwjbx N Wv³vibx 704. evsjvq KZK¸‡jv Zrmg ¯xevPK k‡ãi c‡i Avevi ¯xevPK cÖZ¨q e¨eüZ nqÑ †Kvb cyi“levPK k‡ãi †¶‡Î GwU cÖ‡hvR¨? K AfvMv L bb`vB M †Nvl G K I L wbZ¨ ¯xevPK kã 705. †KvbwU wbZ¨ ¯xevPK evsjv kã? [Xv. Õ95; iv. 2000, Õ94; P. Õ07; wm. Õ04; e. Õ04] G mZxb L weavZv M mcZœx N wecZœx 706. wbZ¨ ¯xevPK Zrmg kã †KvbwU? [iv. Õ08, Õ01; P. Õ02] K gRyivbx L VvKzib G mrgv N gwjbv 707. †KvbwUi Av‡M ¯xevPK kã †hvM K‡i wj½vši Ki‡Z nq? [iv. Õ06; Kz. 2000, Õ92; P. Õ06; mKj Õ98] K †bZv L `vZv G Kwe N ev`kv 708. †k‡l cyi“l ev ¯xevPK kã †hvM K‡i wj½vši Kiv hvq †KvbwU‡Z? [h. Õ94; Kz. 94, Õ93] K AR L †LvKv M wkíx G †evb 709. ÔïKÕ kãwUi wecixZ wj½ †KvbwU? [Xv. Õ03; iv. Õ07] G mvix L kvwo M mvox N †Kv‡bvwUB bq ms¯‹…Z ¯x cÖZ¨q 710. †KvbwU Av-cÖZ¨q †hv‡M mvwaZ ¯xevPK kã? [Xv. Õ05] A_ev, ÔAvÕ — cÖZ¨qvš ¯xevPK kã †KvbwU? [P. Õ05] G AvaywbKv L MvwqKv M bvwqKv N evwjKv 711. ÔAvÕ cÖZ¨qvš ¯xevPK kã †KvbwU? [Kz. Õ06] K MvwqKv L †mweKv M evwjKv G gwjbv 712. †KvbwUi ¯xevPK kã ÔAvÕ cÖZ¨q †hv‡M MwVZ nq? [h. Õ92] K ei G bexb M beve N wmsn 713. †Kvb kãwU ÔCÕ cÖZ¨q †hv‡M MwVZ ¯xevPK kã? [h. Õ06] K †R‡jbx G K…lvYx M PvKivbx N mvwcbx 714. ms¯‹…Z ¯x cÖZ¨q †hv‡M MwVZ kã †KvbwU? [Kz. Õ05] K fvMbx L †R‡jbx G wK‡kvix N evwNbx 715. ms¯‹…Z fvlvq ÔiRKÕ k‡ãi ¯xevPK kã †KvbwU? [h. Õ05] K iRwK G iRKx M iRwKbx N iRKvBb 716. k‡ã e¨eüZ ÔBKvÕ cÖZ¨q¸‡jvi g‡a¨ †KvbwU ¯x cÖZ¨q bq? [Kz. Õ04] K †mweKv G MxwZKv M evwjKv N MvwqKv 717. ÔbvwUKvÕ †Kvb A‡_© ¯xevPK kã? [Xv. Õ93; h. Õ02; Kz. Õ94; wm. Õ10, Õ06; e. Õ10, Õ04] K mgv‡_© L e„n`v‡_© G ¶z`ªv‡_© N wecixZv‡_© 718. bvUK bvwUKv Kx A‡_© e¨eüZ nq? [P. Õ09] K ¯xevPK A‡_© L cyi“levPK A‡_© G ¶z`ªv‡_© N e„n`v‡_© 719. ÔgvjvÕ k‡ãi ¯xwj½ †KvbwU? [Xv. 2000] G gvwjKv L gvjweKv M gvjvbx N gvwjbx 720. ÔBKvÕ †Kvb A‡_© e¨eüZ nq? G ¶z`ªv‡_© L AK ¯’‡j M e„nr A‡_© N ga¨g A‡_© 721. ¶z`ªv‡_© ¯xevPK kã †KvbwU? [Xv. Õ10; h. Õ96; Kz. Õ08; P. Õ06; e. Õ08] A_ev, ¶z`ªv‡_© ÔBKvÕ ¯x cÖZ¨‡qi e¨envi †KvbwU? [h Õ10] K bexbv G gvwjKv M Kwbôv N evwjKv 722. e„nr A‡_© wj½všwiZ nq †Kvb k‡ã? K gvjv L Mixqvb M gynZvwig G AiY¨ 723. †KvbwU‡Z e„n`v‡_© ¯xevPK cÖZ¨q hy³ n‡q‡Q? [P. Õ03] A_ev, †KvbwU e„n`v_©K ¯xevPK kã? [iv. Õ92; e. Õ05] K wngvbx L cyw¯Kv G AiY¨vbx N MxwZKv 724. †Kvb cÖZ¨q‡hv‡M MwVZ ¯xevPK k‡ã †Kvb †Kvb mgq A‡_©i cv_©K¨ N‡U? [iv. Õ01] G Avbx cÖZ¨q L Cbx cÖZ¨q M AvBb cÖZ¨q N BwZ cÖZ¨q 725. ÔgvjxÕ k‡ãi ¯xwj½ †KvbwU? [Xv. Õ92; h. Õ08; Kz. Õ93] K gvjv L gvwjKv M gvjxbx G gvwjbx 726. ms¯‹…Z ¯x cÖZ¨q †hv‡M MwVZ ¯xevPK kã †KvbwU? G †gavwebx L wfLvwibx M †g_ivbx N KvOvwjbx 727. cyi“levPK kã †KvbwU? [w`. Õ09] K iRKx L ˆeòex G gvqvex N †kÖvÎx 728. cyi“levPK k‡ãi D`vniY bq †KvbwU? K gvqvex L †hvMx M gvjx G k`ªv 729. †hme cyi“levPK k‡ãi †k‡l ÔZvÕ i‡q‡Q ¯xevPKZv eySv‡Z †mme k‡ã Kx nq? [P. 2000; e. Õ06] K Zx G Îx M Z N eZx 730. we‡kl wbq‡g MwVZ ¯xevPK kã †KvbwU? [P. Õ10] G bi-bvix L evjK-evwjKvM `ytLx-`ytwLbx N Lvb-Lvbg 731. we‡kl wbq‡g mvwaZ ¯xevPK kã †KvbwU? [wm. Õ02] G †bÎx L wngvbx M Aa¨vwcKv N gwjbv 732. we‡kl wbq‡g MwVZ ¯xevPK kã †KvbwU? K †Rbvbv L Amh©¤•k¨v M mcZœx G evÜex 733. wb‡Pi †Kvb¸‡jv we‡kl wbq‡g mvwaZ ¯xevPK kã? K KznwKbx, k`ªvYx L Aa©vw½bx, KzjUv M Kzgvix, gqix G KÎx©, hyewZ 734. cyi“levPK k‡ãi †k‡l ÔCqvbÕ _vK‡j ¯xevPK k‡ã Kx nq? [h. Õ05] K Bqvbx L Bqmx G Cqmx N Cqvbx 735. wb‡Pi †KvbwU we‡kl wbq‡g mvwaZ ¯xevPK kã? [h. Õ01; wm. Õ07] K †gavwebx L gvbex M mvix G Mwiqmx 736. †KvbwU we‡kl wbq‡g mvwaZ ¯xevPK kã bq? K †kÖvÎx L ïkÖ“ M Mwiqmx G mvix 737. †Kvb cyi“levPK kã‡K we‡kl wbq‡g ¯xevPK Kiv hvq? [Kz. Õ96] K Kzgvi L iRK M bZ©K G ivRv 738. †Kvb †Kvb cyi“levPK k‡ãi †_‡K we‡kl wbq‡g ¯xevPK kã MwVZ nq| Gi D`vniY †KvbwU? K cy¯K-cyw¯Kv L kÖxgvb-kÖxgwZ M gi`-†Rbvbv G ¯^vgx-¯x 739. †Kv‡bv †Kv‡bv cyi“levPK kã we‡kl wbq‡g ¯xevPK kã MwVZ nq| Gi D`vniY †KvbwU? G mgªvÁx L k`ªv M †NvlRvqv N B›`ªvbx 740. †KvbwUi ¯xevPK kã we‡kl wbq‡g MwVZ? [h. Õ93] K Aa¨vcK L evjK G mgªvU N QvÎ 741. ÔmgªvÁxÕ †Kvb wbq‡g mvwaZ ¯xevPK kã? [Xv. Õ96] G we‡kl wbq‡g L m-eY© †hv‡M M mvaviY wbq‡gN wbZ¨ ¯xevPK 742. we‡kl wbq‡g mvwaZ ¯xevPK kã †KvbwU? K bvbv L Am¤•Y© M bvbx G evÜex 743. Ôgi`Õ Gi ¯xevPK kã †KvbwU? K gi`x L giw`bx G †Rbvbv N †Rbvbx wbZ¨ ¯xevPK Zrmg kã 744. †KvbwU wbZ¨ ¯xevPK kã? [h. Õ09, Õ07] K M„nx L weavZv G mcZœx N Kv½vwjbx 745. wbZ¨ ¯xevPK Zrmg kã †KvbwU? [Xv. Õ04; h. Õ04; wm. Õ03; e. Õ10, Õ03] K evÜex L weavÎx G KzjUv N weiwnbx 746. wbZ¨ ¯xevPK kã †KvbwU? [iv. Õ96] K ûRyivBb L VvKziY M cvMjx G WvBbx 747. Zrmg wbZ¨ ¯xevPK kã †KvbwU? [iv. Õ10] K `vB L maev G weaev N mrgv 748. wbZ¨ ¯xevPK Zrmg kã †KvbwU? K myjZvbv G Ai¶Yxqv M Lvbg N maev 749. wb‡Pi †KvbwU wbZ¨ ¯xevPK kã bq? K Ai¶Yxqv L maev G Mixqmx N Aa©vw½bx `ªóe¨ 750. Ôivó«cwZÕ †Kvb wj½? [Kz. Õ07] K cys wj½ L ¯x wj½ M wbZ¨ wj½ G Dfq wj½ 751. †Kvb evsjv kãwU Øviv cyi“l I ¯x `yÐB †evSvq? K mZxb G Rb M †mweKv N XvwK 752. †Kvb kãwU cyi“l I ¯x `y-B †evSvq? [h. Õ96; w`. Õ10] K mZxb L mrgv G mšvb N maev 753. cyi“l I ¯x `y-B †evSv‡”Q bv †Kvb kã? K cvwL L mšvb M wkw¶Z G AK…Z`vi 754. †Kvb kãwU Øviv ¯x I cyi“l `y‡UvB †evSvq? [Kz. Õ09] K †bÎx L ï`ª G ¸i“ N cyw¯Kv 755. wbZ¨ cyi“levPK kã †KvbwU? [wm. Õ02; e. Õ09, Õ01] G XvwK/K…Z`vi L ¸i“ M mZxb N wcZv 756. †KvbwU wbZ¨ cyi“levPK kã bq? K KweivR L XvKx M K…Z`vi G maev 757. wbZ¨ cyi“levPK kã †KvbwU? [P. Õ05; e. Õ07] K KzjUv L ï`ª M PvZK G KweivR w w w /tanbir.ebooks
  16. 16. 758. †Kvb k‡ãi wj½vši nq bv? [wm. Õ05] K gvbx L †bZv M cwZ G K…Z`vi 759. †KvbwUi wj½vši nq bv? [Xv. Õ07, Õ01, Õ94; Kz. Õ08, 2000, Õ96] A_ev, wb‡æi †Kvb kãwUi wj½vši nq bv? [Xv. Õ09] K †eqvB L mv‡ne G KweivR N m½x 760. †Kvb ¯xevPK k‡ãi `ywU cyi“levPK kã i‡q‡Q? [Xv. Õ08, Õ95, Õ93; iv. Õ02; h. Õ05, 2000; Kz. Õ96; wm. Õ09; e. Õ05] G bb` L `vw` M Avqv N fvex 761. †Kvb cyi“levPK kãwUi GKvwaK ¯xevPK iƒc nq? [Kz. Õ10] K ûRyi G VvKzi M ivRv N Kzgvi 762. †KvbwU †ckv A‡_© ¯xevPK kã? [iv. 2000; h. Õ96] G wk¶wqÎx L †R‡jbx M evÜex N eÜzcZœx 763. †KvbwUi `ywU ¯xevPK kã Av‡Q? [Xv. Õ94] K ïK G †`ei M †LvKv N MvqK 764. †KvbwU RvwZ A‡_© ¯xevPK kã? K g„Zv L cÖ_gv M bexbv G Kzgvix 765. wb‡Pi †Kvb cyi“levPK k‡ãi `y‡Uv ¯xevPK kã i‡q‡Q? [h. Õ03] K Ly‡ov L Lvbg M mZxb G eÜz 766. mvaviY A‡_© ¯xevPK kã †KvbwU? [Xv. Õ03] K bvwb L `vw` G wkw¶Kv N gvwg 767. Ô†NvlRvqvÕ †Kvb A‡_© ¯xevPK kã? G cZœx A‡_© L Kb¨v A‡_© M ¯x RvZxq A‡_© N ¶z`ª A‡_© 768. evsjv ¯xevPK k‡ãi we‡aq we‡klY Kxiƒc nq? [P. Õ09] K ¯xevPK G ¯xevPK nq bv M we‡kl¨ ¯’vbxq N me©bvgRvZ 769. Ôwe‡aq we‡klY A_©vr we‡k‡l¨i cieZx© we‡klYI ¯xevPK nq bvÕ- Gi D`vniY †KvbwU? K my›`i †Q‡j my›`i †g‡q G †g‡qwU cvMj n‡q †M‡Q M †gR Ly‡ov-†gR Lyox N ¸i“-wk‡l¨ Ni nq bv 770. wb‡Pi †Kvb kãwU Kzj Dcvwai †¶‡Î ¯xevPKZv cÖKvk K‡i? [Xv. Õ05] G †NvlRvqv L bvwqKv M bZ©Kx N MvwqKv 771. ÔKzwjÕ k‡ãi wj½vši Kx n‡e? [Kz. Õ07; wm. Õ05] K Kvwgbx L Kzwjbx G Kvwgb N Kvgxwb wØZxq cwi‡”Q` wØi“³ kã wØi“³ kã 772. wØi“w³i Av‡iK bvg Kx? [Kz. Õ08] K wØZxq Dw³ L Aby³ kã G kã ˆØZ N kãhyMj 773. wØi“³ k㸇jv †Kvb ai‡bi A_© cÖKvk K‡i? [w`. Õ09] K Kvjwbi‡c¶ L wecixZv_©K M wbi_©K G we‡kl ev m¤•ÖmvwiZ 774. ÒAvgvi R¡i R¡i jvM‡QÓ †Kvb k‡ãi D`vniY? [Xv. Õ04, Õ02; iv. Õ07; P. Õ04; e. Õ07] G wØi“³ kã L †`wk kã M Z™¢e kã N Zrmg kã 775. wØi“³ kã Kq cÖKv‡ii? [P. Õ01, Õ96; wm. Õ02] K `yB G wZb M Pvi N cuvP k‡ãi wØi“w³ 776. Ômgv_©KÕ kã‡hv‡M wØi“³ n‡q‡Q †KvbwU‡Z? [h. Õ08; Kz. Õ96, Õ94, Õ92; iv. Õ92] K fv‡jvg›` L †Zvo‡Rvo G ab-†`ŠjZ N Avwgi-dwKi c‡`i wØi“w³ 777. wØZxq c‡`i AvswkK aŸwbMZ cwieZ©b N‡U wKš‘ c` wefw³ AweK…Z _v‡K G wbq‡gi D`vniY †KvbwU? [h. Õ03] K N‡i N‡i †jLvcov n‡”Q L †dvUv †dvUv cvwb co‡Q M Avgvi mšvb †hb _v‡K `y‡a fv‡Z N †Pvi nv‡Z-bv‡Z aiv c‡o‡Q [†bvU : M I N `yÕwU DËiB mwVK] 778. c‡`i wØi“w³ Kq cÖKv‡i mvwaZ nq? G 2 cÖKvi L 3 cÖKvi M 4 cÖKvi N 5 cÖKvi 779. ÒAvgvi mšvb †hb _v‡K `y‡a fv‡ZÓ−−−− evK¨wU‡Z Ô`y‡a fv‡ZÕ wK‡mi D`vniY? K k‡ãi wØi“w³ G c‡`i wØi“w³ M AbyKvi wØi“w³ N aŸb¨vÍK wØi“w³ c‡`i wØi“w³i cÖ‡qvM 780. AvwaK¨ eySv‡Z we‡kl¨ kãhyM‡ji we‡klYiƒ‡c e¨envi †KvbwU? [Kz. Õ05; e. Õ07] G ivwk ivwk avb L Kvj Kvj †gN M wSi wSi evZvm N Do~ Do~ gb 781. Ôivwk ivwk avbÕ †Kvb A‡_© wØi“³? [iv. Õ05; wm. Õ07] G AvwaK¨ A‡_© L mvgvb¨ A‡_© M ZxeªZv A‡_© N avivevwnK A‡_© 782. ÒAvwg AvR R¡i R¡i †eva KiwQÓ GLv‡b wØi“³ kã Øviv Kx eySv‡bv n‡q‡Q? [Xv. Õ08; iv. 2000; h. Õ07; Kz. Õ06] A_ev, ÔAvgvi R¡i R¡i jvM‡QÕ−−−− ev‡K¨ †Kvb A‡_© wØi“³ k‡ãi e¨envi n‡q‡Q? [h. Õ10] G mvgvb¨ L AvwaK¨ M AvwZkh¨ N avivevwnKZv 783. Ò†`‡LQ, Zvi Kwe Kwe fve|Ó−−−− G ev‡K¨ Kx eySv‡Z wØi“w³ e¨eüZ n‡q‡Q? [wm. Õ06] K AvwaK¨ eySv‡Z L AvMÖn eySv‡Z M mwVKZv eySv‡Z G mvgvb¨Zv eySv‡Z 784. AvwaK¨ A‡_© wØi“³ n‡q‡Q †KvbwU‡Z? [wm. Õ03; e. Õ01] K R¡i R¡i L kxZ kxZ G avgv avgv N UK UK 785. ÔivwkÕ k‡ãi wØi“w³‡Z †Kvb A_© cÖKvk cvq? [Xv. Õ92] K mvgvb¨ G AvwaK¨ M kb¨ N AvwZkh¨ 786. wØi“³ wbY©‡q †KvbwU wVK? [iv. Õ01] K Ôevi evi †mB Kvgvb MR©bÕ- fv‡ei MfxiZv L wcjmy‡R evwZ R¡‡j wgwUi wgwUi - aŸwbi e¨Äbv G Kv`v Kv`v gvV- mvgvb¨ N †jvKwU nv‡o nv‡o kqZvb- mZK©Zv 787. wØi“w³ wbY©‡q †KvbwU mwVK? [Kz. Õ10] K e„wói SgSgvwb Avgv‡`i Aw¯’i K‡i Zzj‡Q − fv‡ei MfxiZv L bvwgj b‡f ev`j QjQj †e`bvq −we‡kl¨ M wPKwPK K‡i evwj †Kv_v bvwn Kv`v−w qv G †_‡K †_‡K wkïwU Kuv`‡Q−Kv‡ji we¯vi 788. ÒZzwg evwo evwo †nu‡U Puv`v Zz‡jQÓ Ôevwo evwoÕ †Kvb A_© cÖKvk Ki‡Q? [wm. Õ02] K AvMÖn L mvgvb¨Zv M fv‡ei MfxiZv G avivevwnKZv 789. Ônv‡U nv‡U wewK‡q †Zvi fiv AvcYÕÑ G ev‡K¨ †Kvb wØi“w³i cÖ‡qvM N‡U‡Q? K hyM¥ixwZ L Ae¨‡qi M aŸb¨vÍK G c`vÍK 790. ÔZzwg w`b w`b †ivMv n‡q hv”Q|Õ−−−−G ev‡K¨ Ôw`bw`bÕ Kx A_© cÖKvk Ki‡Q? K Abyiƒc wKQy G avivevwnKZv M mvgvb¨ N w qv we‡klY 791. ÒKwe Kwe fve, wKš‘ Q‡›`i AfveÓ G ev‡K¨ ÔKwe KweÕ Kx A‡_© e¨eüZ n‡q‡Q? [iv. Õ99] K fv‡jv A‡_© L Kwei gZ A‡_© G Dcnvm A‡_© N cybive„wË A‡_© 792. Òjvj jvj dzjÓ ev‡K¨ Kx A‡_© wØi“³ n‡q‡Q? [Xv. Õ96; Kz. Õ92] K kb¨ L GKePb G eûePb N Clr 793. AvwaK¨ eySv‡Z wØi“w³i e¨envi n‡q‡Q †Kvb ev‡K¨? G †QvU †QvU Wvj †K‡U †dj L Kvj Kvj †Pnviv M big big nvZ N †W‡K †W‡K nqivb n‡qwQ 794. mvgvb¨Zv eySv‡Z we‡klY wn‡m‡e e¨envi n‡q‡Q †KvbwU‡Z? [Xv. Õ02] G Kv‡jv Kv‡jv †Pnviv L Kwe Kwe fve M ivwk ivwk ab N Mig Mig wRjvcx 795. wcjmy‡R evwZ R¡‡j wgwUi wgwUi−−−− †Kvb A‡_© wØi“w³? [P. Õ10] K fv‡ei MfxiZv G we‡klY eySv‡Z M aŸwb e¨Äbv N mvgvb¨Zv 796. wb‡Pi †Kvb wØi“w³wU we‡klYi“‡c e¨eüZ n‡q‡Q? K gwi gwi Kx my›`i mKvj L †h‡Z †h‡Z †`Ljvg M gy‡L gy‡L LeiwU Qwo‡q †Mj G Si Si Swi‡Q kÖveY aviv 797. †Kvb ev‡K¨ w qv we‡kl‡Yi wØi“³ n‡q‡Q? [wm. Õ03] K Kvj Kvj †Pnviv L †Zvgvi †bB †bB fve †Mj bv G Nywg‡q Nywg‡q ïb‡j Kxfv‡e N †dvovUv UbUb Ki‡Q 798. †Kvb kãwU‡Z w qvc‡`i wØi“³ N‡U‡Q? [P. Õ95] K Kv‡K Kv‡K L hvi hvi M †Kgb †Kgb G †n‡m †n‡m 799. †Kvb ev‡K¨ w qvevPK k‡ãi wØi“³iƒ‡c e¨envi n‡q‡Q? [Kz. Õ01] K e„wó c‡o Uvcyi Uzcyi L wkïwU ax‡i ax‡i hvq G †W‡K †W‡K nqivb n‡qwQ N wPKwgK K‡i evwj Updated Bangla e-books(pdf): Any kind of e-book Software :
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