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Dating Brian

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Dating Brian

  1. the assignment: make something famous with $1000 in 10 weeks
  2. but seriously. what is fame? one definition we liked: the condition of being talked abo ut by many people, especially on acco unt of notable achievements. but who’s doing the talking?
  3. there are different types of fame depending on WHO thinks you’re famous stupid fame niche fame local fame kenji fame the WORLD is to a specific those in a you are screaming your INTEREST certain AREA mentioned by name (just your GROUP, think you're @kenjisummers first name) you are god  the shit
  4. setting t he finish line: s uccess metrics we hoped we'd hit: niche fame + local fame 500 followers on twitter 300 fans on facebook some covera ge in pop culture/trends blogs
  5. start with a foundation crafted the hook | newsworthiness + tight explanation considered the timing | we had 4 weeks, and understood the speed at which this could move and activate interest considered our resources/talent | brian was free & willing considered the audience | one that reacts to, participates in and even alters a story as it's unfolding build an ongoing autonomy | crowd engagement is sprinkles, the content stands alone
  6. did we get famous? we got coverage we got community we got copied
  7. 1,571 4,140 3 twitter followers active users times recognized on facebook in public 1 55,022 283 kiss received website visits date applications & nominations 745 135 3 facebook fans countries reached copycats 30+ 59,761 5 blogs covering total views radio interviews the story on youtube
  8. the good stuff we learned al ong the way what
  9. getting lucky is awesome. but we couldn't depend on that.  everything was thoughtfully crafted along the way. from the start, the project was built for attention and constructed of tags and keywords that would enhance chatter and encourage sharing. 
  10. we had a mission. make the bacon of social media projects.
  11. we learned things. we figured shit out. 1. cherry-pick the components 2. people still care about big stories old school 3. there are still unknown variables VS. 4. create tiers of participation #NEWSCHOOL 5. collaborating should be messy 6. remember to feed the sharks 7. fight the good fight  
  12. school old holy shit. we need to reinvent the wheel and create matter fr om dark, empty nothing.
  13. #NEWSCHOOL cherry-pick the components
  14. school old the web has destroye d the epic tale. everybody only cares about the little digital bites.
  15. #NEWSCHOOL people still care about big stories yes, stories are becoming increasingly bite-sized.  and we're snacking all day long, pulling from different channels. but people still appreciate a big-ass burger of a story.  a story that puts you into a blissful food coma.
  16. school old this social media stuf f is like science. just plug in x, y, and z.
  17. #NEWSCHOOL go with the flow everybody was freaking out about capris. some things are unplanned. you never know what people are going to care about. euro-men's fashion is apparently one of them.
  18. school old there will be one awesome, targeted way that people will engage with us.
  19. #NEWSCHOOL create tiers of participation let people choose. applying by building matchmaking in different levels of engagement,  voting, suggesting you can keep  RTing, liking, sharing a wider audience  engaged and active. following on twitter & facebook watching, checking it out, reading
  20. school old insert static art and copy here and then forget about it.
  21. #NEWSCHOOL remember to feed the sharks keep the content coming. even if you’re exhausted. you don’t want to lose any limbs.
  22. school old account management ? that corner. planning? you’re in the back. creatives? go to your cave.
  23. #NEWSCHOOL collaboration should be messy
  24. school old your audience is there to be sold to
  25. #NEWSCHOOL love your audience stay true to your audience by m aking project p romises early  and k eeping them. promises we m ade: • keep clean cho ice architecture: make it easy for the crowd to be in control • keep the focus on brian • keep it organic , no exceptions
  26. what’s next? the experiment continues: brian still has 8 more dates. the ending is undetermined.
  27. thanks. @datin gbrian datingbrian.c om
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