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thinkLA Automotive Breakfast 2015 - Ipsos Presentation

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thinkLA Automotive Breakfast 2015 - Ipsos Presentation

  1. 1. What’s Driving Consumer Conversations? Censydiam Social for Automotive 1
  2. 2. Today’s Presenters 2 Janet Thompson US Automotive Lead, Ipsos Janet.Thompson@Ipsos.com Andrew Leary CEO, Ipsos Social Media Exchange Andrew.Leary@Ipsos.com Douwe Rademaker CEO, Ipsos MarketQuest Douwe.Rademaker@Ipsos.com
  3. 3. The New Auto Consumer 80 Million Millennials of new car sales 26% in the next 5 years 40% 1 43 times a day use social media 43 shop for cars online 95% hours of online car research 18 visit two car dealerships 63% 3Source: Toyota/J.D. Power 2015
  4. 4. Brands need to be publishers, going beyond volume to create content that resonates on each unique social channel.
  5. 5. And gen Z is next… 5 We saw similar traits with Millennials, but Gen Z consumers — being much more connected and aware of the options available to them — are the global go-getters who have a link to each of our 10 micro-trends for 2015. -- Sheryl Connelly, Ford Global Consumer Trend and Futuring Manager
  6. 6. How do we understand this new consumer and harness the power of social media to truly impact sales?
  7. 7. Lexus NX and Acura RDX
  8. 8. Sentiment in Consumer Discussion 8 Our two models show little difference in regards to consumer sentiment, but sentiment alone does not tell us much… Organic Discussion Timeline: 11/1/14-3/14/15. Data derived from random sample of online discussion analyzed through manual coding process - N=172 56% 12% 17% 15% NX 56% 15% 21% 9% RDX
  9. 9. Ideal Performance 75 9 Brand Discussion Lexus 65.5 Acura 15.1 Note that the current calculation set up allows for additional points beyond 80 for exceptional performance. Brand Strength on Owned Channels Social performance scores may differ more markedly, but they also don’t complete the story… Overall Social Performance Across 3 Key Channels “Reach” and “Action” on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  10. 10. Understanding the emotions and motivations behind social conversations is critical to understanding the path to purchase.
  11. 11. Censydiam Social allows us to take a deeper look at consumer motivations to ensure that brands are delivering the right content and communication.
  12. 12. 12 ENJOYMENT CONVIVIALITY SECURITYRECOGNITION VITALITY CONTROL BELONGINGPOWER What Is Censydiam? Ipsos’ Censydiam Framework allows brands to understand the deep-seated human motivations and needs in your category, allowing you to grow your brand and be invited into people’s lives. People first All decisions are made with fundamental consumer needs at the heart Precise Granularity of description opens up those needs not yet identified Universal Comparison possible across markets PERSONALDIMENSION SOCIAL DIMENSION
  13. 13. 13 30 Years of Client Work… 50 Categories Including… Brand Positioning Redefining a Category Portfolio Management White Space Development Communicating to Target Groups Identifying Trends Automotive Healthcare Media Banking Travel Personal Care Shopper
  14. 14. Previous Case Study on Social… 14 2011 2014 Auto-Coded 250,000 mentions Validated by human experts with 90% agreement Brand effectively shifted, and tracked, its emotional profile in the desired direction.
  15. 15. How does Censydiam play out for Automotive? 15 SOCIALIZE A harmonious way to enjoy my social life. RESPONSIBLE CARE A responsible environment for my family. SECURITY A safe bubble that helps me cope with the dangerous driving environment. PLAY A car is a gadget, a toy to live life to the max. EXPERIENCE Having a real passion for driving. SHOW OFF A symbol of my success. BE UNIQUE A sign of my individuality. TRANSPORT Nothing more than a tool that takes me from A to B.
  16. 16. Censydiam Social Process 16 Research Design and Data Identify relevant conversations (discussion about Lexus NX & Acura RDX) Filter and segment the dataset (consumer vs. brand generated content) Analytical Frameworks Score the dataset against the eight Censydiam dimensions Insights and Results Understand consumer conversation Evaluate brand communications Inform brand strategy to optimize impact
  17. 17. Funny as I was driving my NX a couple times for 2 weeks now and dropping off my son to school, drivers of X3, Q5, QX60, SRX and RDX are looking at the car and I just smile at them. SHOW OFF
  18. 18. I ended up getting a great deal on an Acura RDX. It's not as fun as the car, but for a SUV, it's a blast (Turbo and AWD). It scoots and corners better than most things I've driven. EXPERIENCE
  19. 19. We set out to uncover… What motivates online consumer discussion about the Lexus NX and the Acura RDX? 21How are Lexus and Acura positioning these models in their brand communications? 3 What can we learn from consumer motivations to inform brand strategy and social communication?
  20. 20. Social media allows brands to expand their communications.
  21. 21. How are the NX and RDX positioned in brand communications? 21 Brand Discussion •  Lexus NX marketing falls most squarely in the “Show Off” attribute, emphasizing the distinctive look and car prestige. •  By contrast, Acura messaging is highly focused on “Experience.” PLAY SOCIALIZE SECURITY BE UNIQUE EXPERIENCE TRANSPORT RESPONSIBLE CARE SHOW OFF
  22. 22. Brand Discussion SHOW OFF Lexus NX is highly focused on being a status symbol “Be Seen. Be Heard. Make Some Noise.” This is all about the user grabbing attention from the crowd.
  23. 23. Brand Discussion Acura RDX messaging is highly focused on the driving experience “Take It To The City Limit” “Free Range Luxury” Emphasis is on rugged driving, exploring outdoors, and pushing the limits. EXPERIENCE
  24. 24. Positioning Should Focus on a Single Emotion But, We Need to Fulfill More Emotions to Drive Sales… Source: Ipsos ASI Data-base 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 definitely + probably will buy definitely will buy NUMBER OF EMOTIONS FULFILLED PURCHASEINTENT% 24
  25. 25. Let’s take a look at consumer conversation through the eyes of the framework…
  26. 26. Lexus NX Motivation Organic Discussion Timeline: 11/1/14-3/14/15 - N=150 PLAY 14% SOCIALIZE 5% RESPONSIBLE CARE 7% SECURITY 11% EXPERIENCE 21% SHOW OFF 37% BE UNIQUE 2% TRANSPORT 3% 26
  27. 27. CONSIDERATION PURCHASEAWARENESS Shifting Motivations for Lexus NX 27 Organic Discussion Timeline: 11/1/14-3/14/15 - N=150 SHOW OFF EXPERIENCE SHOW OFF PLAY SECURITY EXPERIENCE Image and status draw NX into awareness and consideration, but the “Show Off” motivation begins to dissipate post purchase, giving way to a focus on “Experience” and “Security.”
  28. 28. Acura RDX Motivation 28Timeline: 11/1/14-3/14/15 - N=150 PLAY 19% SOCIALIZE 3% RESPONSIBLE CARE 5% SECURITY 14% EXPERIENCE 25% SHOW OFF 17% BE UNIQUE 2% TRANSPORT 14% Organic Discussion
  29. 29. 29 Organic Discussion Timeline: 11/1/14-3/14/15 - N=150 Shifting Motivations for Acura RDX CONSIDERATION PURCHASEAWARENESS PLAYPLAY SHOW OFF EXPERIENCE SHOW OFF EXPERIENCE SECURITY SHOW OFF EXPERIENCE Acura’s balanced consideration continues throughout the path to purchase, with more emphasis on “Security,” “Socialize” and “Responsible Care” in the consideration phase and post purchase. SOCIALIZE CARE
  30. 30. Security WordstoIncorporate: Consumer Conversations about NX: “Don't mind spending medium bucks up front. Hate high maintenance costs. I'm eyeing the new Lexus nx hard.” “The cornering fog lights are really neat and actually really help to light up turns. Overall just a fantastic suv, and I am in love with it.” Model and Competitor Examples: “Are you looking for a new reliable vehicle for you and your family? The Acura #RDX has you covered!” - @SterlingAcura “Power and efficient dynamics. You can have it all. Click here to explore the BMW #X3” -@BMW_SA Peace MitigateSafety Brake Maintain Road Safe Sturdy Reliable Consistent “The NX’s advanced safety technologies provide an all-around safer driving experience” - Lexus International Youtube
  31. 31. What’s Next? Take a deep dive into your social media communications strategy… Do you really know how people are talking about your brand and models through different stages of the purchase funnel? How well does this align with your overall communications strategy?
  32. 32. Thank You

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