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CISA's Privacy Facts
CISA's Privacy Facts
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5 Reasons to Support Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA)



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5 Reasons to Support Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA)

  2. 1The Select Committee on Intelligence passed CISA on March 17 by a strong bipartisan vote of 14 to 1. Industry welcomes the Obama administration’s support for two House-passed bills, which are similar to CISA and passed with strong bipartisan support 307–116 and 355–63. WWW.CYBERSECURITYADVOCACY.COM | @CYBERSECURITY | #VOTECISA BI-PARTISAN:
  3. 2CISA would create a voluntary program, strengthening businesses’ protection and resilience against cyberattacks. WWW.CYBERSECURITYADVOCACY.COM | @CYBERSECURITY | #VOTECISA VOLUNTARY
  4. 3Limited liability, disclosure, and antitrust provisions would constructively influence businesses’ decisions to share cyber threat data and defensive measures more quickly and frequently. WWW.CYBERSECURITYADVOCACY.COM | @CYBERSECURITY | #VOTECISA PROTECTIONS:
  5. 4CISA would complement the administration’s cybersecurity executive order and the new framework. COMPLEMENTARY WWW.CYBERSECURITYADVOCACY.COM | @CYBERSECURITY | #VOTECISA
  6. 5The bill includes appropriate safeguards for privacy and civil liberties. The bill is designed to enhance the situational awareness of companies, thus increasing the security of data maintained on company networks and systems. WWW.CYBERSECURITYADVOCACY.COM | @CYBERSECURITY | #VOTECISA PROTECTS PERSONALINFO: