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Co-creating customer relationships by Wim Rampen



Value co creation canvas by wim rampen

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Value co creation canvas by wim rampen

  1. 1. VALUE CO-CREATION CANVASVALUE PROPOSITION KEY RESOURCES CUSTOMER’S CUSTOMER’S DESIRED RESOURCES OUTCOMES All (network and/or eco-system) resources Offered or endogenous (including e.g. partner- CUSTOMER’S resources leveraged by resources) required by the Customer on her EXPERIENCE journey. E.g. touch- the company to support Customers effectively in points, channels, meeting their desired knowlegde & skills, The best proxy for outcomes When both “total social networks, etc Customer needs is the T h e C u s t o m e r ’s Customer engagement functional, social and/or perception of the value” and “Customer emotional outcomes she company’s promise of value-in-use” are desires. These goals Customer value (in-use) KEY CAPABILITIES CUSTOMER’S JOURNEY highly depend on the to be created.. created - by Companies WITH Customers context in which they Understanding the exist or surface C u s t o m e r ’s d e s i re d Sequence of events outcome, her resources (over a lifetime of using leveraged on her the product and/or Journey and how to service) driven by the leverage this Customer and/or understanding to externally as part of the develop her own key Customer’s attempt to resources to improve meet her desired t h e C u s t o m e r ’s outcome experience The Customer’s perception of the The sum of Customer’s Lifetime realized outcome in comparison to Value, Network Value, Referral TOTAL CUSTOMER Value and other intangible forms of CUSTOMER VALUE the desired and expected outcome. Based on an emotional ENGAGEMENT VALUE value, such as Customer Feedback, (IN-USE) CREATED evaluation of her journey and the Knowledge and Expertise..(as effort required to get to the defined by V.Kumar et all) perceived state Version 0.8 - Distribute, use and alter freely, but please respect the Creative Commons license ( and acknowlegde credits in all such cases to Wim Rampen ( and “Based upon the Business Model Canvas by A. Osterwalder et all.”
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